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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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this week. ............ we'll get plenty of cloud cover with chances for valley rain and mountain snow with each passing system. and those clouds at night will keep morning lows much milder than normal - like this morning - where lows were in the mid 40s for most neighborhoods. ............. and temps are slow to rise and fall when clouds keep the temperature of the air from changing very quickly. we are just now approaching 50 degrees in a lot of areas. ............ the radar has been busy with scattered to isolated showers across the desert... and there is more on the way up from the south. this system headed down to southern california and northern baja before turning inland so a south to north flow will stay in place until midnight. ................ that will keep possible showers coming our way until early evening. a look at the timing of the next storms in your full forecast./// ((brian loftus)) > the f-b-i is monitoring an armed militia- style group that's vowing to occupy several federal buildings
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the group set up camp saturday after a march in a nearby town in support of two ranchers. dwight hammond and his son steven were convicted of setting fires on federal land in 2001... and in 2006 served jail time. they say it wasn't arson, but controlled burns to protect their property. in october - a judge added four more years to their sentence. ammon bundy is leading the occupation. he says they're fighting back against the government's expansion of the over 100- year-old federal wildlife refuge -- at the expense of local ranchers. (((ammon bundy/rancher) there have been some tremendous abuses. they used the courts to prosecute and to basically take the land and resources away from the people. )) ((brian loftus)) > back in 2014, bundy's father cliven, was involved in a dispute with federal officials over grazing rights on federal land in nevada. that escalated into an armed confrontation. in a statement, the hammonds' attorney reports they're not associated with bundy's group. dwight and steven hammond are on their way to southern california to surrender to authorities and
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((brian loftus)) > president obama says he's moving forward on new gun control measures - without congress. the planned executive action has already created backlash from republicans who say mr. obama is acting more like a king than a president. mark albert has the latest from the white house. >president obama is back from his hawaiian vacation and he's not wasting any time to use his executive powers to push for new gun control measures. (president obama) "my new year's resolution is to move forward on our unfinished business, as much as i can." the president is working on details of the new policy which reportedly will focus on closing loopholes that allow small gun dealers to avoid performing background checks and making it more difficult for convicted domestic abusers to buy firearms. the move is in response to the latest mass shooting where terrorists killed 14 people in san bernardino with guns that were legally purchased. (president obama) "we know we can't stop every act of violence. but what if we tried to stop even one?" (mark albert/cbs news/the white house) the president won't lay out the details of his plan until later this week - but the move has already sparked criticism from
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hoping to replace him. monday morning - donald trump became the latest presidential candidate to rip the plan. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate/courtes y: cnn "new day") "well pretty soon you won't be able to get guns." "you're supposed to get together and pass a law. he doesn't want to do that because it's too much work." the house and senate also get back to work this week - and they're vowing to fight the president's proposal. mark albert, cbs news, the white house./// ((brian loftus)) > house speaker paul ryan issued a statement calling the president's plan a dangerous executive overreach and says the country will not stand for it./// ((brian loftus)) > the man convicted of the deadly strip shooting... which lead to a fiery car crash back in 20-13 was formally sentenced to death today. (( "the jury spoke and determined that you should be sentenced to death for the first degree murders of mr. mrs. wasman and mr. cherry))
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sentenced to death for the crash that killed three people. harris appeared in in a clark county courtroom this morning and heard his full sentence. besides the death sentence, he was also sentenced on 8 other charges, including attempted murder, discharging of a firearm in a vehicle, and out of a vehicle. harris' defense team now has 30 days to appeal the death sentence, which they plan to do. /// ((brian loftus)) > metro police are investigating the first deadly traffic accident in their jurisdiction this year. they say just after nine last night a 56 year-old woman was jaywalking near durango and edna when she was hit by a jeep. medical personnel arrived and tried to save the woman but she passed away at the scene. metro's fatal detail says accidents like are not a good start to the new year. (( "here we are again, it's january 3rd, last year we didn't have our first fatal metro detail until january 5th.. so we are starting out sooner than we did last year, and we are starting out with an autopedistrian collision."))
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not hurt and remained on the scene to speak with police. police do not believe the driver was impaired or speed was a factor./// ((brian loftus)) > in two days c-e-s will take over las vegas. but some exciting things are already happening at the electronics convention. the startup electric car company, faraday future is expected to reveal their concept tonight... they're not not saying much about the details.. only that it's inspired by their design and engineering vision. the state just held a special session... offering faraday 215- million dollars in tax credits and publicly finance 120- million dollars in infrastructure. faraday is building a 1- billion dollar factory in north las vegas./// ((brian loftus)) > a chronic lung disease that restricts people from simple, everyday activities. (( "my daughter had to be here or my granddaughter before i'd get in the shower or the bath. i'd get in the tub and was afraid i wouldn't be able to get out because i couldn't breathe." )) > coming up, researchers are testing a procedure to help those with advanced emphysema
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four-million americans have emphysema. the chronic lung disease makes it impossible to take a full breath. major surgery to remove the damaged part of the lung, or a lung transplant, used to be the
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now, doctors at 17 sites nationwide are testing a minimally invasive procedure that may save lives. paula francis has more in medical breakthroughs. (( )) < (clang, clang, "c'mon sweetie.") ((paula francis)) just aafew months ago, 58- year-old cindy ross found it nearly impossible to care for her tropical birds. cindy ross "i could only do it for a few minutes at a time, and then i'd have to come out cause i couldn't breathe." ((paula francis)) emphysema had badly damaged her lungs. cindy ross "i knew it. i knew i was going to die." ((paula francis)) with emphysema, patients have difficulty exhaling, so air gets trapped, and the diseased lung stays inflated. instead, doctor frank sciurba (sher-bah) is testing a minimally invasive method as part of the liberate trial. using a bronchoscope, pulmonologists insert tiny valves into the airways. frank sciurba, md "they allow air to go out, but not go back into the lobe." ((paula francis)) the valves cause the damaged lobe to deflate, and the healthier lobe fills its space.
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with the greatest level of heterogeneity, the most destruction in one lobe are the most responsive." ((paula francis)) cindy had the procedure in august, and since then; the breathing machine that used to be always within reach is barely used. cindy ross "i was doing this four or five times a day. now i do it once a week, maybe, if that." ((paula francis)) and she doesn't have to think twice about grabbing up her aging toy poodle for a hug. ("before, i couldn't walk around with her because i couldn't breathe.") now she has the strength. and air for lots of love. paula francis 8 news now. > ((brian loftus)) > researchers first tested endo-bronchial valves several years ago in the "vent" trial. doctor sciurba (sher-bah) says the current "liberate" trial used the lessons learned to identify which patients are the best candidates for lung valves. for more information, call 702-792-8888, ask for paula, and leave your full name and address. mention the report, "- emphysema -" ((brian loftus)) > if you're looking to start the new year clear of your unwanted clutter... we got you covered.
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about the event happening this month that can help you get rid of everything everything from unwanted unneeded medication and electronics./// ((brian loftus)) > you have a the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle,
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now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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chance to kick off the new year by helping the future of our planet. our 5th annual super recycle event is happening january 23rd at the thomas and mack center., and you have a ton of options to get rid of unnecessary junk that may be cluttering your home. republic services will be accepting co- mingled reclables care coalition will also collect and destroy unused and expired medicine. goodwill will be on hand to collect clothing items and blind center of southern nevada will take your unused or outdated electronics. and shred-it will be on hand to destroy you're documents.///
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on this first monday of the new year. rain always seems like good news in the desert, but with el nino on everyone's minds this year our neighbors to the west are just a little nervous about these warmer systems. ........ temps are in the low 50s at the airport with light winds and more humidity now after some light showers earlier this morning. .......... those showers have passed to the
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but there is more to the south of us and it's coming our way later this afternoon. .............. temps outside the valley are mostly in the 50s right now... with cooler 30s up north. ............ we are looking at cloudy skies off and on all week with the prospect of rain with each system that moves through and mountain snow with maybe a foot of it in the higher elevations. ............... temps will stay in the mild mid 50s most of the week with the chance of showers lasting all week. ................ there were some interesting weather events last year to look back on - including snow in summerlin... an extra mild winter... and the hottest june on record. ............ the drought continues and utah's horrific flash flooding. ........ look for rain and snow coming
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> a night at the museum... for grown-ups. up next we sit down with the organizers of a local event that's giving adults the chance to let their hair down and explore their inner child.. while also helping out some
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((brian loftus)) > the discovery children's museum isn't just for kids anymore. next weekend adults are invited to explore their inner child while also helping out some amazing local non- profits. i'm joined here with katy campo with the junior league of las vegas and diana morgan with the discovery children's museum.
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the museum? (denyce) -what has the museum been up to recently? (katy)
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connected to the museum? (denyce) -how will the event help the community? (katy) -what can our viewers do to participate? ((brian loftus))
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museum fundraiser is happening next friday january 15th at the discovery children's museum. it goes from 7- 10 p-m. tickets are 40 dollars but will go up to 50 on the 11th. you must be over 21 to attend. for information on where you can get tickets just head to our website las vegas now dot com and click on the links we mentioned tab.///
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an extra 400- million dollars to start off the new year? that's
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winner could possibly win this week. on saturday, three- contestants each won a million dollars.....and someone else won two-million. many others won smaller prizes......but no one bought the grand prize- winning ticket. the next chance to win is wednesday. officials say the chances of winning the big prize is about one in 300- million. the largest powerball ticket was won in 2013. that person, a floridian, took home more than 590-million./// > that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter. have a great afternoon.///
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