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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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future is here for tech company faraday. their big reveal of the vehicle they think will revolutionize the auto industry... starting right here at their plant in southern nevada./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 11" > ((paula francis)) > metro police explain why officers fatally shot a suspect on thursday. thank you for joining us, i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier... police fault an incorrect report that the suspect might be dangerous... along with their belief that he had a weapon and did not comply with their demands. ((paula francis)) and police are releasing more evidence tonight that they say supports their claim. vanessa murphy is live in the newsroom with more. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) dave and paula, metro police admit a few things went wrong here. as you mentioned - officers received false information about the suspect, they then mistook a cell phone for a gun...and one officer at the scene failed to turn on his body camera. ((officer robert bohanon/metro police: get on the ground! )) ((vanessa murphy)) sergeant
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video shows his repeated warnings to 23 year old keith childress for more than two minutes. ((hands up, hands up!)) ((vanessa murphy)) this was december 31st... ((drop the gun! )) ((vanessa murphy)) metro police were called to help us marshals....who told officers childress was on the run out of arizona for attempted murder. (( if you advance us, you will be shot )) ((vanessa murphy)) but when he walks toward officers - police shoot and kill him. turns out what bohanon refers to as a gun - was a cell phone childress was holding. we've also learned - childress was not an attempted muder suspect...... and one of the officers at the scene failed to turn on his body camera... all problems which undersheriff kevin mcmahill says are being investigated. ((undersheriff kevin mcmahill: any time an unarmed individual is shot in today's environment, it's a big deal, but it's not a bigger deal to anybody than this police department.)) ((vanessa murphy)) on monday - metro police released this audio to
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false information from u-s marshals that childress was an attempted murder suspect. ((audio )) ((vanessa murphy)) mcmahill also pointed to the suspect being a fugitive, his violent criminal past and his failure to comply with officers. ((mcmahill: an individual that's being challenged by armed police toward them during that certainly lends you to believe the fact that he absconded from arizona to come to las vegas and he potentially didn't want to face the music for the charges down in arizona. )) ((vanessa murphy)) we talked with the brother of childress by phone. nicholas mann is not ruling out a lawsuit against metro. ((nicholas mann: i feel that these officers are trying to hide behind a badge and hide behind slandering keith childress for their justification in that.)) ((vanessa murphy)) both officers who shot childress are on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.
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is the officer who failed to turn on his body camera... that is part of the investigation. back to you. ((dave courvoisier)) vanessa, any feeling on whether mcmahill thinks this shooting was justified or not? ((vanessa murphy)) dave, it's too early to tell - but he did say he believes it's clear officers thought childress had a gun... and that a taser wouldn't have been an option because the distance between childress and the officers was too far./// ((paula francis)) > we had a damp monday across the valley... and the unusually wet weather will have an encore .. or two.. this week. ashley conroy is in for tedd tonight... she joins us with a first check of your weather. ashley? ((ashley conroy)) that's going to be looking like an encore all week long -- today was our first rain of 2016 -- the first of multiples throughout the week. when we look at our satellite radar map -- you can see we have general precipitation, including rain and wintry mix all throughout the western region of the u-s. ........ ................. we had some showers through
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through southern nevada -- you can also see we have some snow happening in the mountains to the west and north of the valley. ............................. we're expected to continue to see more showers and here's why -- we have two low pressure systems in the pacific -- this one right here that's already starting to make it's way on land going into the pacific northwest and northern california -- and this one back here, that's headed our way later this week. ........................ it's not just rain we're seeing, but there's actually winter storm watches and warnings -- in multiple counties throughout the southern nevada, and eastern california -- i'll have more on that later in the newscast -- paula back to you. ((paula francis)) > thank you, ashley. a warning tonight.. for people going up to mount charleston this week. the mount charleston winter alliance says.. with snow predicted every day this week for the mountain -- including lee canyon -- that everyone making the trek needs to be prepared for severe winter conditions. that includes being aware of driving conditions, meeting chain requirements, and watching for road closures. you can access that information
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when you go to las vegas now dot com... click on "links we mentioned" then "mount charleston safety and traffic tips"./// ((dave courvoisier)) > technology company faraday future got a jump on c-e-s tonight... unveiling their concept vehicle that they promise will redefine the future of mobility. meet the "f-f zero one" -- or as it was termed tonight -- "an extreme tablet on wheels". faraday future, which prefers that we refer to them going forward as simply "f-f," says the vehicle has flexible battery lines... features two or four wheel drive... internet connectivity... and autonomous driving. there are many customization options for the concept car... which they expect will make it to market in just a few years. f-f says they have the tools to achieve ambitious goals: (( nick sampson/senior vp, faraday future: "number one, we have an amazing world-cass team. two, we have a transformative vision. three, we have incredible alliances. and four, we're moving very fast." ))
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nods to tesla and apple as innovative companies they aspire to be like, in terms of creating and bringing new ideas to market. they also credited north las vegas mayor john lee and governor brian sandoval for their work in bringing faraday to nevada. f-f breaks ground on their north las vegas plant in a few weeks. they've committed to investing over a billion dollars... and will bring thousands of jobs to southern nevada. no price for the f-f zero one was announced... that's not expected until it's close to market. ((dave courvoisier)) > c-e-s officially kicks off tomorrow morning... and remember, there will be some extra cars on the roads with over 100- thousand people in town for the convention. c-e-s is not open to the general public. if you are credentialed to go inside this year, there are some new rules. no luggage may be brought into the venues. smaller bags are o-k, but they will be searched. clear bags are encouraged. everyone will be subject to metal detector screening and body pat downs. bulky clothing is discouraged. also make sure you have your
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government- issued photo i-d before entering show venues./// ((paula francis)) > a newly released arrest report is shedding new light on the mysterious murder of a man in the parking lot of a 24 hour fitness location. 19-year-old megan hippie reportedly admitted to police that she and her boyfriend, 27- year-old kyle staats, were burglarizing vehicles on december 29-th when they happened upon 42-year-old neil gandler sleeping in his car outside the gym. hippie claims that staats got out of the car with a gun... and heard the victim plead with staats. the next thing she said she heard was a gunshot. hippie says she and staats left.. and stole a vehicle at another location. both of them were arrested on saturday and now face murder charges. we looked into staats' past and he has a lengthy rap sheet including felony battery and drug trafficking charges. friends of the victim, neil gandler, tell us he was in town for c-e-s... and he was an accomplished man in the technology field.
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father and an older brother./// ((paula francis)) > and bizarre new details emerging in the case of a unlv senior... accused of killing his father. a police report says that the wife of 68-year- old mbayi ngeza called metro police after she couldn't locate her husband at home... and then found a bloody pillow in her car. the woman gave police permission to search their henderson home... and police reported seeing the dead man's feet sticking out from underneath 21 year-old eugene tshiyombo's bed. officers pulled back the mattress to find the man's head wrapped in a blanket -- he had apparently been shot once in the head. the young man told detectives he doesn't have any friends and that caused friction with his father. he then said he wanted to talk with a lawyer. police have booked him on an open murder charge./// ((dave courvoisier)) > president obama announced today that he is moving ahead -- without congress -- on plans to require background checks for guns purchased from dealers even if they're bought online or at gun
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the white house revealed the executive action aimed at curbing gun violence despite opposition in congress to new gun laws. the actions have four major bullet points... first the expanded background checks. president obama will also include funding for 200 new a-t-f agents in his 20-17 budget proposal... to help enforce gun laws. the white house is also proposing 500- million dollars to increase access to mental health care. along with a directive to the the departments of defense, justice, and homeland security to research gun safety technology. today, mister obama explained his decision to move forward without congress: (( president obama: "we have tens of thousands of people every single year who are killed by guns. we have suicides that are committed by firearms at a rate that far exceeds other countries. we have a frequency of mass shootings that far exceeds other
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((dave courvoisier)) democrats were quick to praise the president's announcement... but many leading republicans, including those on the presidential campaign trail, were quick to slam the unilateral move: (( sen. ted cruz/(r- tx) presidential candidate: "he has a phone and he has a pen but if you live by the pen you die by the pen - and my pen has an eraser!" gov. chris christie/(r-nj) presidential candidate: "it's not constitutional and i'm confident the courts will reject his attempts to do that." )) ((dave courvoisier)) house speaker paul ryan issued a statement calling the president's plan a dangerous executive overreach and says the country will not stand for it. president obama conceded today that the move cannot stop all gun violence, but believes the action will help reduce it./// ((paula francis)) > the father- and- son ranchers convicted of setting fire to federal grazing land have reported to prison... but a standoff protesting their treatment continues tonight at an oregon wildlife refuge. dwight hammond and steven hammond are being housed at a federal correctional facility in california. they were convicted three years ago of starting fires that burned federal land.
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but an appeals court judge ordered them to serve about four more years each. an armed group is now occupying the federal wildlife preserve... saying the hammonds are being treated unfairly: (( ammon bundy/protester: "we will not forget about how important each person is and how that person has the right to live here on this earth and has the right to live here in liberty." )) ((paula francis)) that was ammon bundy... a name that should sound familiar. his father, cliven, was involved in a dispute over grazing rights on federal land in nevada in 20- 14 that brought self-styled militiamen out to protect him. the younger bundy says he has no intention of using violence, but he's asking others to join his cause. the fbi says it is monitoring the occupation./// ((dave courvoisier)) > professional football in los angeles... is starting to look like a whole lot more than just talk. the major development tonight to bring the nfl back to l-a. donald trump is making his push. the first real ad dollars he's
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has the political world talking./// music
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but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. season... republican presidential front runner donald trump is getting more aggressive in courting voters... releasing his first t-v ad
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with familiar messages: (( donald trump political ad: "the politicians can pretend it's something else, but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. that's why he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states, until we can figure out what's going on. he'll quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil. and he'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that mexico will pay for." )) ((dave courvoisier)) trump's campaign says he plans to spend two million dollars per week on the ad... set to begin airing tomorrow across iowa and new hampshire. the trump team has acknowledged tonight that the video in the ad of people streaming freely across a border is not in fact mexico, but rather the north african country of morocco. they say that fact does not change the message of border security./// ((paula francis)) > two of the three democratic presidential candidates are planning campaign stops in southern nevada this week. former senator hillary clinton will be at sun city anthem in henderson for a grassroots organizing event. that's wednesday at noon.
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the m-g-m grand conference center for a democratic party "battle born" dinner. clinton will also tour the culinary academy in what will be her seventh visit to nevada this election cycle./// ((paula francis)) > former maryland governor martin o'malley will also attend the battle born dinner on wednesday... then he'll make a speech to the economic club of las vegas in the caesars palace ballroom. that's scheduled for thursday at 9 a-m./// ((dave courvoisier)) > rooftop solar company solarcity plans to announce how many nevadans' jobs they will cut after the public utilities commission decision on the rate structure for solar companies. the announcement will be made tomorrow. solarcity installers will also begin dismantling their las vegas training center that opened just last month. solarcity says the p-u-c effectively shut them down with the plan to raise rates over a five-year period. governor sandoval has previously slammed solarcity... calling the actions a bullying tactic in an attempt to influence the decision.///
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electric rates for nv energy customers decreased... effective on january first. the overall rate decrease is just over 5- percent thanks to decreases in costs associated with fuel production and the company's generating stations. combined with rate decreases in july and october of 20- 15... nv energy says the typical family's bill has gone down nearly 13- dollars since july./// ((ashley conroy))
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here's what we're looking at this week -- a rainy start to 2016 -- temps are near normal for early january -- compared to what we saw last week with temps 10 degrees or more below average. we do have those winter storm watches and warnings... and look for snow in higher elevations. ............................. our satellite radar map -- and i've taken off the cloud coverage, because i really wanted to highlight where that precipitation has been happening -- off the coast of california, in arizona and here in southern nevada. ............................... ..... now here's where we're looking at those watches and warnings -- winter storm watch for inyo, esmerelda, ny, lincoln, clark, and mohave counties -- starting tonight and going into wednesday morning for elevations above 55- hundred -- if you have to travel in that area, make sure to take extra precautions -- we also have a winter storm warning for inyo -- and southern lincoln county -- so try to avoid traveling if you can. ...........................
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winds -- winds are going to be calm tomorrow during the day, but picking up in the colorado river valley and at mount charleston by tomorrow evening -- then tappering off a little bit on wednesday earlier in the day -- but picking up again by the afternoon -- we'll be looking at winds in the teens here in the valley -- 35 miles per hour at mount charleston -- which with the snow, could almost create blizzard like conditions -- ............................... .... here's what we're seeing the valley -- tonight -- 43 degrees -- 40 percent chance of showers. tomorrow 54 is our high -- 80- percent chance of showers -- and again gusty at night. ............................... our highs around the valley -- mostly 50's -- summerlin at 49..... ................. regionally pahrump you're at 42 -- searchlight 49 -- in the 30's in tonopah -- rachel, pioche for tomorrow. .................. at mount charleston -- you are under a winter storm warning starting tomorrow at 7- am and going through wednesday morning at 6am. -- sustained winds of 15 to 22 miles per hour, but gusts could be upwards of 30 miles per hour
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like conditions with the snow. ......................... with all this snow -- you can always go to m click on sections and check out all the latest ski conditions in the mountain west. .............................. here's our 7-day -- rain showers for the next three days -- breezy conditions starting tomorrow night -- and 50's for the week -- we also have the potential for showers this weekend. a great rainy start to 2016. dave paula back to you. > ((dave courvoisier)) > a big college basketball game with a former unlv coach on the sideline. ((paula francis)) former rebel coach lon kruger digging deep into his bag of coaching skills. chris maathuis with more on a nail biting game., ((chris maathuis)) any time you've got number one versus number two... it has the potential to be huge. and how about triple overtime huge for lon kruger, looking to beat the number one team.
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the sidelines. plus... why wouldn't top rank's bob arum say much about a possible pacquaio- mayweather rematch? perhaps the less he says the better. more next here on 8 news now. "from 8 news now, this is sports
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((chris maathuis)) this is a huge week for the runnin' rebels. after dropping that home game to fresno state, they travel to colorado state on wednesday and wyoming on saturday. they've got to get a split and their best chance might be at laramie on saturday afternoon. rams are pretty good, cowboys are not. this is now a time to regroup, focus and leave distractions off the court. stephen zimmerman/unlv freshman center: "once we come in here it needs to be 100 percent about basketball and about unlv and i think people bring their off court issues onto the court, it' snot good for the team right now, it's a maturity the court we're still close and stuff, but on the court we've got to be able to take constructive crisitism and
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will be a big thing for us going forward. both games are on cbs sports network. wednesday's tip at 7:00 and saturday's at 3:00. of course the big game tonight had top ranked kansas facing 2nd ranked oklahoma. and since he did so much to revive the rebel program, it's fun to follow former unlv coach lon kruger. (( )) lon kruger/oklahoma head coach: "we've got to come out and have a lot more energy than they've got, they're going to come out and play on emotion right here, we've got to have more then they've got, more then they've got right here. they got a transition on us because we weren't ready, run back, run back run back." lon's a gem and so was the game. both teams hitting big shots... tied after regulation, after the first and second ot. what about a 3rd overtime... lon kruger using all his coaching abilities... trailing one, sooners turn it over on the inbounds, led to free throws that led to a kansas 109-106 triple overtime win. classic 1 vs. 2, it's going to be hard to beat that game the rest of the
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((chris maathuis)) it's going to be hard to top what the ufc did in 2015, but already in 2016, fans witnessed possibly the fight of the year from last saturday. then coming up this summer at ufc 200 with perhaps ronda rousey and holly holm in a rematch. conor mcgregor will be back. and today... daniel cormier tweets out that he's going to fight jon jones. he says he has a date, but won't reveal it. jones defended the title vs. cormier, but was stripped after being charged for a hit-and-run in new mexico. cormier went on to claim the belt with a victory over anthony johnson. my best guess is the two fight this spring in los angeles. last week we learned that manny pacquiao will fight timothy bradley for a third time. should be a good fight, the first two were exciting. bradley is working with a new trainer. pacquiao is working on preparing for the fight, becoming a senator in the philippines and maybe looking ahead to a rematch with floyd mayweather. bob arum/top rank: "i know manny can't stop talking about a rematch, he may stay retired, if he continues losing betting on jets, he may have to come back sooner then later..
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i'm not going to get my hopes up, if i suggested to floyd that he should come out of retirment, that's the sure way i think that floyd stays retired." aside from boxing... bob says take a look at the minnesota vikings in the nfl post season... they're a long shot at plus 35-hundred to win the super bowl. first day to officially file nfl relocation applications and the rams, raiders and chargers all filed. the three submitted their apps today. it's strange because plans and polls have come and gone over the years, but this is the first formal request to move into the l-a market. it's a little strange since the rams and raiders, both left l-a in 1994 and now they want back. there are two stadium plans, one in inglewood and the other in
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((dave courvoisier)) > we're
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the flu virus. it's a really big deal. and with fever, aches, and chills, mom knows it needs a big solution: an antiviral. don't kid around with the flu, call your doctor within the first 48 hours of symptoms and ask about prescription tamiflu. attack the flu virus at its source with tamiflu, an antiviral that helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu in liquid form is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days.
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if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. ((dave courvoisier)) > governor brian sandoval was in town today... seeing off hundreds of national guard members. they were at the mandalay bay
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as family and friends sat in the audience for the "mobilization ceremony." the "17-th sustainment brigade" will be sent to the middle east... with a main focus in kuwait: ((sgt. christopher cargill: i'm feeling great, a little pumped up, a little anxious i've never been deployed before but everything should go smoothly we have a great unit we all get along really well. )) ((dave courvoisier)) the national guard members... mostly from the reno area... say they were surprised by the warm welcome they received here in las vegas... and by m-g-m resorts./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven. ((paula francis)) samuel l jackson is on the late show with stephen colbert. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families
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opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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