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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm PST

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agents and investigators at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. - and hiring more than 230 additional fbi employees to help process background checks. (president obama) "that's why we're here, not to debate the last mass shooting but to try to prevent the next one." barbara and andy parker were invited to the white house to attend the ceremony. "this is a wonderful start." their daughter - allison was gunned down on live t-v in august along with her photographer adam ward. they are now advocates for stricter gun laws. (andy parker/father of gun victim) "we still have work to do but i like what i see from the package he's offering because it encompasses not only gun legislation but beefing up the atf, mental health. it's all the components in a recipe for success." the president says he's taking action because of people like the parkers. but this gun store owner says mass shootings are the reason he's selling more guns. (keith savage/owner, braverman arms) "people are just afraid. just afraid." republicans say these new measures infringe upon second amendment rights - and they will fight to overturn the president's plan./// ((brian loftus)) > president
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constitutional right to take the action bringing about more background checks./// ((brian loftus)) > a foggy morning in the valley. you're looking at video of one of our producers brian friesen heading up to lee canyon. he tells us visibility was less than 100 yards and as you can see the mountains are completely covered by the fog. ((brian loftus)) > so sherry...when will the fog lift and when is the rain coming? ((sherry swensk)) > the national weather service issued a dense
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now at the noon hour. it mainly affected areas up in the mountains like lee canyon and kyle canyon roads... along u.s. 95 up to indian springs and east and south along the low-lying areas of the colorado river. .............. the air is very saturated and the moisture with light winds was sitting right on the ground. some areas couldn't see beyond 100 feet or more. but the fog is lifting now and the rain is moving through california and heading our way. ................. it looks like it might take a couple more hours before we start to see some isolated showers... then we expect those to turn to steady rain showers through the afternoon and evening. and some of that could be moderate to heavy at times. ................ snow levels will start out around 6000 feet and higher... then drop to about 5000 feet by tonight. if the air was colder - the snow would be lower. and the snow will add up to maybe a foot in the highest elevations. ..............
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and temps in the low 50s. ................ ((brian loftus)) > tomorrow one the most massive electronics show will take over the las vegas convention center. the international consumer electronics show features more than 36 hundred companies showcasing their most cutting edge products. we stopped by this morning for a preview of some of the cool gadgets you can expect to find there.. (( allie fried spokeswoman, ces
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products are expected to be launched across all diferernet kinds of catagories wearable drones automotive healtha nd fitness bbig ticket items like that so well see what's in store")) ((brian loftus)) to event is expected to make a 220 million dollar economic impact in our city c-e-s kicks off tomorrow at 10 a-m and goes until the ninth./// ((brian loftus)) > the two suspects accused of fatally shooting a man in the parking lot of a 24- hour fitness made their first court appearance morning. 19-year-old megan hippie and her boyfriend, 27-year-old kyle staats face several charges.. including murder for the death of 42- year-old neil gandler. today a judge set a preliminary hearing date for the two which is set for january 20th. hippie reportedly admitted to police that she and staats were burglarizing vehicles on december 29th... when they came across the victim who was sleeping in his car... and that's when she says staats shot him./// ((brian loftus)) > metro police say false information was among the many reasons an officer shot and killed an unarmed suspect.
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assisted u-s marshals who had told them 23- year- old keith childress was on the run for attempted murder. turns out he was actually wanted on several counts of aggravated assault, armed robbery and body cam video shows officers giving repeated warnings for more than 2- minutes.. but he did not do what the officers were asking. police shot and killed childress when he walked towards officers.. mistaking his cell phone for a gun. ((undersheriff kevin mcmahill: an individual that's being challenged by armed police officers and continues to walk toward them during that certainly lends you to believe the fact that he absconded from arizona to come to las vegas and he potentially didn't want to face the music for the charges down in arizona. )) ((brian loftus)) metro says another factor in the shooting was childress' violent criminal past... including kidnapping and armed robbery. police are also looking into why one of the officers who opened fire... failed to turn on his body cam. both officers who shot childress are on paid administrative leave during the investigation. we spoke to childress' brother...
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a lawsuit against metro./// ((brian loftus)) > today.. rooftop solar company solarcity plans to announce how many nevadans' jobs the company will cut.. solarcity installers will also begin dismantling their las vegas training center that opened last month. solarcity says the p-u-c effectively shut them down with the plan to raise rates over a five-year period. governor sandoval has previously slammed solarcity... calling the actions a bullying tactic in an attempt to influence the decision./// ((brian loftus)) > meanwhile, electric rates for nv energy customers decreased... at the start of the year. the overall decrease is just over 5-percent because of lower costs associated with fuel production and the company's generating stations../// ((brian loftus)) > a standoff in oregon is not showing any signs of budging as the occupation of a wildlife refuge continues to support a father and son facing an extended prison sentence. how the local community is speaking out against the occupation.///
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monitoring the armed occupation of an oregon wildlife refuge. an anti- government group is protesting the sentence of a father and son for setting fires on federal land. they returned to prison monday. john blackstone is at the malheur national wildlife refuge, where there's no sign of
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>(david ward, sheriff of harney county oregon) (:05-:09, covered at top) "this began as a peaceful protest. it took an unfortunate turn when some of those folks broke off and began an armed occupation of the malheur national wildlife refuge." there was not a single law enforcement officer to be seen for miles in the wilderness that surrounds the wildlife refuge headquarters. but harney county sheriff david ward had a message for those occupying it. (david ward, sheriff of harney county oregon) "you said you were here to help the citizens of harney county, that help ended when a peaceful protest became an armed occupation. the hammonds have turned themselves in, it's time for you to leave our community." they refused to say how many have joined the group they call "citizens for constitutional freedom they're demanding an inquiry into why ranchers dwight and steven hammond were ordered back to prison for setting fires on federal land after they had already served prison time. (ammon bundy/protestor) "it has been left to us to decide whether we allow these things to go on or whether we make a
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but many in the area who support the hammonds, oppose the occupation. (john o'keeffe/ president, oregon cattlemen's association) (1:11- 1:18, partially covered) it's so imperative that we find ways to address these issues that are peaceful, that are legal, and that are productive, so that kind of leaves occupiers out. john blackstone, cbs news, burns, oregon./// ((brian loftus)) > up next we're going to tell you how 25 hundred dollars could soon be yours, and all you have to do is sign up and watch t-v. > taking a live look outside southern nevada is looking more like london today. ((brian loftus)) > super bowl
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news now giving away 25 hundred dollars to one lucky viewer. to enter all you have to do is go to our website at las vegas now and click on the contest link. you can also sign up on our facebook page. the winner will be announced on our newscast following the super bowl./// ((sherry swensk)) looking out from our stratosphere camera right now... we can finally see the strip...
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earlier this morning with the fog. ................... at least the fog is lifting... we got some good photos from chase buchanan in the far northwest valley up near grand teton and shaumer. ................ again the low level moisture had settled into the valley and low-lying areas after some showers yesterday and last night... but the rainfall was not that impressive. we officially picked up just
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airport. we are looking for a lot more later today and tonight... maybe a quarter to a half-inch of rain in some areas. ..................... let's go up to the mountain where we're taking a look from lee canyon's webcam and it's been a busy day up there for snowboarders and skiiers. ............... a winter storm warning is in place for the spring and sheep mountains until wednesday morning... so if you're heading up to hit the slopes... be safe! winter driving conditions on the roads will increase as the day goes on. .............. the air is very saturated and the moisture with light winds was sitting right on the ground. some areas couldn't see beyond 100 feet or more. but the fog is lifting now and the rain is moving through california and heading our way. ................. in a couple more hours we should start to see some isolated showers around southern
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then we expect those isolated and spotty showers to turn to steady rain through the afternoon and evening. and some of that could be moderate to heavy at times. ................ snow levels will start out around 6000 feet and higher... then drop to about 5000 feet by tonight. if the air was colder - the snow would be lower. and the snow will add up to maybe a foot in the highest elevations. .............. ............... and temps in the low 50s. more rain and snow by thursday and then a drier weekend with cooler temps expected./// < ((weather toss))> ((brian loftus)) > it's being
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up next we take a look at faraday's future's recently revealed concept car. and how this is building on the excitement for a future factory
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((brian loftus)) no longer a mystery this afternoon. the "f-f zero one" was revealed at c- e-s last night. dubbed "an extreme tablet on wheels"... developers say the car has flexible battery lines... features two or four wheel drive... internet connectivity... and autonomous driving. there's no word on how much it's going to cost. we spoke to the mayor of north las vegas.. who says he is thrilled about the company coming to his city: (( nlv mayor, john lee: the "what happens in vegas' is still a great moniker but "what's built in north las vegas goes throughout the world." i'm very excited about that. i think we put ourselves on the map, not only as an entertainment capital of the
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area of the nation and i'm excited )) f-f plans to break ground on their north las vegas factory in a few weeks. they've committed to investing over a billion dollars... and will bring thousands of jobs to southern nevada./// ((brian loftus)) > it's time to go back to the jungle baby! up next where you can catch one of the most anticipated hard rock reunions... and if we have a chance of this epic show coming to our neck of the woods./// ((brian loftus)) > the wait is
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rocks most famous duos are reuniting for the first time in more than 20 years. we're talking about the
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from guns n' roses. the two will take the stage in april as one of the headlining acts for this years coachella music festival in indio, california. it's the first time two will share the stage since their bitter split in 1993. we're still waiting to find out if guns n' roses will make a stop in las vegas. the band is reportedly scheduled to be one of the first acts to play at the new las vegas arena after it opens in april.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans.
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funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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