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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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at this point, we don't know the condition of the person hit.... a couple of witnesses tell me a pedestrian was hit here.... at this point, it appears the driver stayed on scene.... so this does not appear to be a hit and run. las vegas boulevard is closed off here at cheyenne. reporting live, vanessa murphy, 8 news now.// ((vanessa murphy)) ((paula francis)) how long do they think the intersection will be closed? ((vanessa murphy)) ((paula francis)) > it was another wet and breezy evening
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but not as wet as yesterday. a winter weather advisory remains in effect for some areas through tomorrow afternoon. tedd florendo is here with a first check of your weather tonight./// ((tedd florendo)) not too impressive with the rain tonight paula. we had rain out there.. yes... but most of it dodged the las vegas valley. take a look at the radar. ............................... ................... plenty of rain came in this early evening as anticipated. however we had one good shot of rain around 7 o'clock this evening. after that it mainly stayed away from the las vegas valley. look at boulder city and the lake getting the bulk of that rain as indicated with the yellow and red cores. rain. ............................... .................. rain tally's show some neighborhoods over to the west and north sections of the valley picked up around .04 of an inche and same for henderson. trace amount most everywhere else. boulder city up to nearly 1/2 an inch this evening. we'll get more specific on whether we're done with the rain the rest of the week. that's straight ahead, dave and
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((dave courvoisier)) > new revelations in the case of a corrections officer who finds himself on the other side of the law. ((paula francis)) 8 news now has obtained arrest records... revealing disturbing allegations against robert moore -- some so graphic we cannot share them on air. ((dave courvoisier)) vanessa murphy was the first to break this story... she spoke with one woman trying to fight prostitution in las vegas... who says this could demonstrate just how bad the problem is. vanessa filed this report before heading to that breaking news./// < ((jackie poole/youth with a mission: it's extremely unfortunate. it's something we see a lot.)) jackie poole works at youth with a mission.... the faith based organization's building is located at washington and f in las vegas...a hot spot for prostitution. poole reaches out to women selling sex to get them help they may need.
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fairly open with telling me that they are prostitutes and they'll even interrupt a conversation to go get in a car for 15 or 20 minutes and then come back and restart our conversation.)) on december 23rd....accordin g to metro ofthe men buying sex was one of their own. this report states corrections officer robert moore picked up a woman right near poole's ministry.... and they went to this abandoned building a block away. officers say they found moore with the known prostitute with her clothes partially off and a crack pipe in her pocket. the woman told police earlier she and moore read the bible and talked about having intercourse... and moore gave her 55-dollars and a bag of crack for sex. officers say they found a wrapper and condom....and moore told them he put a condom on but never intended on having sex..... then - he was taken to jail. we tried reaching out to moore by phone (( i am trying to reach robert
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)) and visited an address listed for him.... ((door slam )) we were unable to get a comment. ((jackie: that breaks my heart that it was a corrections officer. i mean, it kind of goes to show that it's bigger than we know it is when our own officers are included in the masses who are purchasing women and negating a woman's worth through that.)) vanessa murphy 8 news now.> > ((paula francis)) according to the arrest report, moore told officers immediately he was a corrections officer and showed them his badge. a sergeant was called along with vice detectives. officers say moore told them this was not his first time with the woman. he faces a misdemeanor charge for prostitution... and is on paid administrative leave./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the massive powerball jackpot reached over 524-million dollars this evening... and it's going even higher. there were no jackpot winners tonight... so the jackpot rolls over to 675-million to be drawn again on saturday.
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eleven... 47... 62... 63 and a powerball of 17. powerball tickets are sold in 44 states -- not including nevada, so... many people drove to the arizona and california state lines to play./// music ((paula francis)) > the race for the democratic presidential nomination focused on las vegas tonight. more than two thousand people welcomed the three candidates to the m-g-m grand conference center. as politics now anchor patrick walker shows us... the candidates spoke to a lively crowd. ((nats- vuvuzelas and airhorns)) ((patrick walker)) a chorus of vuvuzelas and airhorns... welcoming the democratic presidential candidates to las vegas. ((sen. harry reid/(d) nevada: "we're here to welcome these three candidates for president, who embody progressive values, will strengthen our economy, and preserve the middle class.")) ((patrick walker)) the room... as in the polls... dominated by hillary clinton and bernie sanders supporters. ((nats)) ((patrick walker)) while all three candidates lashed out at the republican party...
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to why they should be president. ((sec. hillary clinton/(d) democratic presidential candidate: "as president, i will be your first line of defense against dangers we face, i will always have your back.")) ((gov. martin o'malley/(d) democratic presidential candidate: "i'm a lifelong democrat and i am running for president of the united states, and i intend to win, and i need your help.")) ((sen. bernie sanders/(i) democratic presidential candidate: "we have to put the american people back to work, and that's why i'm fighting for a trillion dollar infrastructure program.")) ((patrick walker)) republicans... quick to respond... saying the candidates are campaigning for what amounts to barack obama. assemblyman derek armstrong: ((assm. derek armstrong/(r) las vegas: "hillary as the frontrunner is also championing a lot of barack obama's same policies, and people are frustrated and they know what the old is, and republicans have new views.")) ((patrick walker)) with three weeks until the first caucus in iowa... and 6 weeks until the nevada caucus... the democratic campaigns are in a dead sprint as they fight for voter support patrick walker...
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((paula francis)) senator harry reid co- hosted the event... along with the nevada state democratic party. democrats running for congressional district four and senate candidate catherine cortez masto also addressed the crowd. /// ((dave courvoisier)) > as the field of 12 republicans ramp up for the iowa caucuses... the top two are locked in a new battle. donald trump insinuated that ted cruz's citizenship could be a problem for the texas senator in his pursuit for the white house. cruz was born in canada to an american mother. legal scholars widely agree that makes him a natural born u-s citizen and eligible for the presidency... but trump, echoing similar sentiments to those of president obama's eligibility, suggests that cruz's status could imperil the g-o-p: (( donald trump/(r) presidential candidate: "the problem is, is that if the democrats bring a lawsuit, the lawsuit could take years to resolve. how do you have a candidate where there's something over the head of the party and that individual?" )) ((dave courvoisier)) cruz said he isn't losing any sleep over it and it letting his lawyers handle it.
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entirely settled. the supreme court has never weighed in, but past g-o-p nominees john mccain and barry goldwater were also born outside the u-s to american parents... and neither faced a legal challenge./// ((dave courvoisier)) > an update to that bad crash at charleston and the boulevard. vanessa murphy joins us live on the scene with new details. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) ((paula francis)) > metro police tracking down a man...
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say ripped off several people around the valley with fake house rentals. they say this man, 62-year-old robert vito comito listed rentals on craigslist, trulia, and other websites. he would reportedly post rentals for properties he did not own... take money from the victims... then disappear: (( officer larry hadfield/metro: "any individuals who are anything for that matter, and sure you're on a reputable website for one thing and make sure if you're shopping on craigslist or things like that, that you verify or vet the person that you're dealing with." )) ((paula francis)) in a criminal complaint, one woman said comito took 18- hundred dollars for her then didn't follow through on the rental. he is wanted on multiple felony charges. if you have any information on his whereabouts... call crime stoppers... or metro's financial crimes section at 702- 828-3483.///
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solar company solarcity announced today that 550 of their workers will lose their jobs. they blame the cuts on the new net metering rate approved by the nevada public utilities commission last month. net metering customers of nevada power have seen their monthly service charge climb more than 5- dollars... which will continue to increase. governor sandoval says his office is involved tonight... deploying the states rapid response team to provide employees who've learned they've been let go with resources to find work. the team is ready to host a job fair at solarcity as soon as it is allowed to do so./// ((paula francis)) > a 47-year-old man has been arrested and charged in the beating death of another man. tracy morrison faces one count of first degree murder. metro police say morrison entered a tent in a desert area near south decatur and charleston and beat the victim with his fists. that man died at the hospital. his identity has not yet been released... and no possible motive has been
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((paula francis)) > and a 21- year-old pahrump man is jailed on an attempted murder charge. the nye county sheriff's office says paul applegate fired shots into an occupied home on new year's day. investigators say they've learned that applegate's mother's dog was killed by the victim's dog in november of 20-14... and that applegate's mother was still very upset about it. applegate reportedly confessed to the shooting... saying it was retaliation for the dog attack./// ((dave courvoisier)) > california's governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in ..the los angeles neighborhood of porter ranch. two-thousand people have been evacuated from their homes there, due to a massive gas leak. the methane gas has been spewing into the atmosphere since october... at a rate of 70- thousand pounds of gas per hour. crews say a fix to a broken line could take months. by declaring a state of emergency, all state agencies will utilize their personnel, equipment, and facilities to assist in the repairs. experts call it a catastrophic
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((dave courvoisier)) > the runnin' rebels on the road... trying to break the curse. could dave rice and unlv earn a win at colorado state? chris maathuis is just ahead with sports. cool concepts on display at c- e-s... so what does the future look like for our cars? automakers' new ideas... that are just around the bend./// <
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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and dave courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now." > ((dave courvoisier)) > faraday future got a jump on c-e-s by unveiling their ff-zero-one car... but today felt like the official day of the car at the las vegas show. microsoft showed off their smart car's abilities: (( samuel burke/cnn: alright, so we're coming up to a stop light that's red. how does the car know it's red, cause it has a camera? (lars eggenstein/iav) no, the traffic light is communicating through wi-fi with the car. )) ((dave courvoisier)) microsoft's self-driving car communicates with the environment around it... which requires smart technology everywhere... so the rest of the world will have to catch up./// ((dave courvoisier)) > volkswagen introduced two new concept vehicles. its "budd-e" is fully electric and boasts a driving range of 233 miles between charges. it takes about 30 minutes to charge 80% capacity. the car's doors open by voice
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the "e-golf touch" is also fully electric and relies on voice commands./// ((dave courvoisier)) > can you imagine driving a car with no rear-view mirrors? b-m-w's new concept car thinks that's the future.. the b-m-w i-8 uses three cameras instead of rear and side-view mirrors. the video from the cameras is married together to provide an extra wide view of the road. the footage is displayed on a would be. b-m-w says the technology eliminates blind spots and improves fuel efficiency. right now it would be illegal to drive in the u-s because federal safety rules require vehicles to have rear-view mirrors./// ((paula francis)) > as promised... the mountain got a bunch of snow last night. sixteen inches in fact! the fresh powder is certainly welcome in lee canyon where they're already having a much better season than last year... but they have to keep the snow fresh. it's less dangerous and much better for skiing and snowboarding. if you're driving up to mount
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you are still encouraged to drive carefully. you can get the latest conditions any time on our website... las vegas now dot com./// ((tedd florendo)) < cool outside but not cold thankfully. many locals int he high 40's with some neigbhoorhoods in the high 40's still. cold up in mount charleston however and way below the freezign mark. mid 40's for some areas to south valley and henderson. ............................... ................... regional temps also around the mid 40's from mesquite all the way down to laughlin in the 50's as well. cooler in boulder city and cold already in the central sections of the state from tonopah all the way to pioche.
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the high today reached 55 degrees and the low dropped to 45 by morning. our normal is 57 this time of year and the record on this date is 74 degrees set back in 1962. ............................... ..................... plenty of precip coming in from the southwest however most of that dodged the valley today, compared to yesterday. snow however continued today and still continues at this hour in the higher terrain. look at where most of rain was tonight, in boulder city with rain in mesquite too. ............................... ...................... are we done? we'll this is the back edge of that big moisture. we're done for the most part with slight shower chances at least until early morning. ............................... ........................ futurecast shows slight chances again tomorrow but that's only a 20 percent chance all the way until tomorrow afternoon. friday drier, but chances returning again on saturday and sunday. ............................... ............................ don't forget the ski report on our website at las vegas now- dot-com. weather. then find your ski report at the bottom of the screen. ............................... ............................... tonight mostly cloudy skies and showers ending.
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breezes. tomorrow 50 for the with plenty of clouds with slight shower chances tomorrow. maybe some snowflakes or flurries over the northwest sections of the valley. ............................... .................. extended forecast shows chances again on saturday and maybe sunday morning. staying in the low 50's next week and cold in the morning back in the 30's > ((dave courvoisier)) > metro officers will once again start showing up at car crashes... even if no one is injured. back in february of 20- 14... the department announced it did not have enough officers to respond to property damage only
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today the department announced the change... crediting the "more cops bill" ... which will allow them to increase the traffic department to 135 officers. if you're in a serious injury accident you should still always call 9-1- 1... but for minor scrapes there's a different procedure: (( deputy chief gary schofield: "if you're involved in a property damage only... a fender bender for lack of a better term, we want you to dial 311 because it's not an emergency." )) ((dave courvoisier)) officer responses will place a priority on responding to injury- related crashes first./// ((paula francis)) > for the first time, both houses of congress have approved approved legislation that would repeal the affordable care act. the republican- led house passed the measure today. the house has voted to repeal or redue the affordable care act more than 60-times, but this is the first time the senate has joined in. the measure would also bar any federal money for planned parenthood. president obama says he will veto the legislation... so it has no chance of becomingg law.///
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rebels in fort collins for a key league game. ((paula francis)) another nailbiter for unlv... chris maathuis here to share the highlights. ((chris maathuis)) each team deficits... only unlv possible time... rebels. see... plus... the commissioner of major league baseball in las vegas.. and he talks about the las vegans. that's an exclusive coming up here on 8 news now.
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d what a game... back and forth... up and down. unlv trailed 33-29 at the half... but then went on a run. lets pick it up in the second half... after trailing double digits, unlv shoots themselves into the lead on the jordan cornish three ball. back to back three's its jalen poyser, unlv on a 16-2 run... it's 48-43. the rebels would maintain the lead... ben carter inside, two of his team high 16. rebels leading five.. then patrick mccaw comes up with
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he's been quiet, but made some noise today.. and he's racing in for the layup and the foul. this is what rebel fans want to see... the team playing up to its potential... they lead by 10 points. later in the half.. just over 7 to play, rebs still leading by 10, cornish in for a pair. under seven to play... derrick jones inside off the glass and it's 59-49 thinking rebels got this. rams make a little dent in the lead.. .but unlv by 8 with just over 4 to play... zimm with the dunk... he had 9. down... rams hit their shots... and unlv starts turning the ball over. they turned the ball over in 5 of their last 8 possessions... just mental mistakes shot clock violation leading five with under a minute to go. check out this huge turnover... leading three with 47 seconds to play, carter and mccaw not on the same page. so the rams...
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csu's paige over the big fella's and suddenly it's a one point game. 23 seconds to go rebs by one.. big zim misses the one and one. paige again gives the rams the lead with 11 seconds to play, plus he's fouled. unlv implodes down the stretch... trailing two with under 10 seconds to go. mccaw drives and scores and its tied at 65. perhaps overtime. five seconds left... stop the ball, stop the ball... gllion goes at the way to the hoops and he's fouled... the best free throw shooter in the country misses one, but hits the other for a one point advantage... and even the inbounds unlv fumbles away and the rams rally from 10 down to beat the rebels 66-65. first time in 15 years csu beats unlv in back to back games. ((chris maathuis)) baseball is moving into china in a big way. so big that officials from the far east flew all the way to las
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with the commissioner of major league baseball to announce the deal.... more then 125 games will be shown in china on the internet. and to have baseball commissioner rob manfred in las vegas made it fun... in an exclusive to channel 8... we asked the commish about las vegas and expansion. rob manfred/mlb commissioner: "were interested, we see baseball as a growth sport over the long haul as a growth sport we will expand and we're open to any market that's capable of supporting major league baseball and i'm sure at some point las vegas will be a market like that ." we also asked the commissioner about las vegans bryce harper and kris bryant and he said he's proud that the two award winners are giving back to city they grew up in. just recently both were given the keys to the city. ((chris maathuis)) the baseball writers have spoken... and there is a first year selection player going into into the baseball hall of fame. and another who's been on the ballot for the 4th time. ken griffey jr. was a near- unanimous first-year selection, gathering 99.3 percent of the votes. the 13 time all- star was a
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but was never tainted by accusations of drug use. griffey won seven silver slugger awards and hit 630 home runs. the other selection was catcher mike piazza, who got in with 83 percent of the vote. he was a 12-time all-star with the mets and dodgers and leads all catchers with 427 home runs. jeff bagwell and tim raines failed to gain the 75 percent needed for induction. the ceremonies at cooperstown are july 24. ((paula francis)) > we're back right after this.///
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((paula francis)) jerry seinfeld is on the late show with stephen colbert next.
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