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tv   8 News Now at 4 AM  CBS  January 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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> and it's not the golden nugget... but close enough. how much gold is sprinkled on top of this expensive doughnut. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. metro police are investigating their second traffic fatality this year.. after a woman was struck and killed. ((brian loftus)) it happened near cheyenne and las vegas boulevard last night. police say a woman was crossing outside of a crosswalk on las vegas boulevard... but did not have the right of way. that's when she was hit and went into the windshield and over the top of the car. she was transported to u-m-c where she lated died: (( sgt. richard strader/metro fatal detail: "to reiterate, it's not a forcefield, it's not a safe zone completely, you're still dealing with cars speeding down the roadway, so you want to make sure vehicles are stopping when you're in those cross walks.")) ((brian loftus)) the driver was
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and stayed at the scene with police. /// ((brian loftus)) > we're learning new details in the case of corrections officer robert moore.. after he was found with a prostitute by police. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now has obtained his arrest records... which reveal disturbing allegations against him. our vanessa murphy was the first to break this story. she spoke with one woman who's fighting prostitution in las vegas... and says this could demonstrate just how bad it is. < ((jackie poole/youth with a mission: it's extremely unfortunate. it's something we see a lot.)) jackie poole works at youth with a mission.... the faith based organization's building is located at washington and f in las vegas...a hot spot for prostitution. poole reaches out to women selling sex to get them help they may need. ((jackie: a lot of them are fairly open with telling me that they are prostitutes and they'll even interrupt a conversation to go get in a car for 15 or 20 minutes and then come back and restart our conversation.)) on december 2 2rd....accordin g to metro of the men buying sex was one of their own.
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officer robert moore picked up a woman right near poole's ministry.... and they went to this abandoned building a block away. officers say they found moore with the known prostitute with her clothes partially off and a crack pipe in her pocket. the woman told police earlier she and moore read the bible and talked about having intercourse... and moore gave her 55-dollars and a bag of crack for sex. officers say they found a wrapper and condom....and moore told them he put a condom on but never intended on having sex..... then - he was taken to jail. we tried reaching out to moore by phone ernest moore.... )) and visited an address listed for him.... ((door slam )) we were unable to get a comment. ((jackie: that breaks my heart that it was a corrections officer. i mean, it kind of goes to show that it's bigger than we know it is when our own officers are included in the masses who are
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woman's worth through that.)) vanessa murphy 8 news now.> > ((kirsten joyce)) according to the arrest report... moore told officers immediately he was a corrections officer and showed them his badge. a sergeant was called along with vice detectives. officers say moore told them this was not his first time with the woman. he faces a misdemeanor charge for prostitution... and is on paid administrative leave. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk sherry swensk chillier air has moved over southern nevada... and we've got some breaks in the clouds this morning. and the breezes are making it feel colder. ........ yesterday's storm skipped over us with the rainfall, but we are
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mountains. .......... but the chance for showers is not over as this system is spread all over the desert. we still have a chance for some scattered rain showers and the snow will continue. we'll check the winter advisories still in place coming up. ((sherry swensk))
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demetria obilor no freeway crashes. building fire on arrowhead street, which is a residential street, which is a residential road off civic center and carey in north las vegas.spaghetti bowl is practically empty. no delays right now. < >
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((kirsten joyce)) > the las vegas arena officially has a name. a-e-g and m-g-m resorts announced early this morning.. that it will be called the "t- mobile arena". now there's a perk if you're a t-mobile customer. you'll be eligibile to get upgraded seats, v-i-p entry, and exclusive pre- ticket sales. 6- th. /// ((brian loftus)) > rooftop solar company solarcity announced 550 workers will lose their jobs. they blame the cuts on the new net metering rate.. that was approved by the nevada public utilities commission last month. net metering customers of nevada power have seen their monthly service charge climb more than 5- dollars... which will continue to increase. governor sandoval says he's deploying the state's rapid response team... to provide employees who've learned they've been let go with resources to find work. the team is ready to host a job
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it's allowed. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the city of las vegas decided to make it illegal for pet stores.. puppy mills. the new ordinance only impacts two pet stores in las vegas.. puppies. it will bar pet shops from mills... and require them to sell, display, or give away animals only from an animal shelter.. or non-profit rescue animal shelter. the issue fired up animal activists and divided the business community: (( cheryl prader / disc 3 30:05 i have been fighting with af for years and for once animal foundation and i agree this bill needs to be passed. 30:11 butt to: joshua / disc 4 12:11 you guys are here to protect the businesses this cmmty grown and thrive .. to pass a law coud harm our local businesses goes against what else to guys are appointed to do. 12:24 )) ((kirsten joyce)) 110 cities and counties have banned pet stores from selling commercially bred puppies. the new ordinance won't go into effect for 2-years. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > no one is
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following last night's lottery... ((brian loftus)) what the next powerball jackpot is estimated to be.
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the democratic presidential nomination focused on las vegas last night. more than two thousand people welcomed the three democratic candidates to the m-g-m grand conference center. as politics now anchor patrick
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the candidates spoke to a lively crowd. ((nats- vuvuzelas and airhorns)) ((patrick walker)) a chorus of vuvuzelas and airhorns... welcoming the democratic presidential candidates to las vegas. ((sen. harry reid/(d) nevada: "we're here to welcome these three candidates for president, who embody progressive values, will strengthen our economy, and preserve the middle class.")) ((patrick walker)) the room... as in the polls... dominated by hillary clinton and bernie sanders supporters. ((nats)) ((patrick walker)) while all three candidates lashed out at the republican party... each one also made their case as to why they should be president. ((sec. hillary clinton/(d) democratic presidential candidate: "as president, i will be your first line of defense against dangers we face, i will always have your back.")) ((gov. martin o'malley/(d) democratic presidential candidate: "i'm a lifelong democrat and i am running for president of the united states, and i intend to win, and i need your help.")) ((sen. bernie sanders/(i) democratic presidential candidate: "we have to put the american people back to work, and that's why i'm fighting for a trillion dollar infrastructure program."))
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republicans... quick to respond... saying the candidates are a third term for president barack obama. ((assm. derek armstrong/(r) las vegas: "hillary as the frontrunner is also championing a lot of barack obama's same policies, and people are frustrated and they know what the old is, and republicans have new views.")) ((patrick walker)) with three iowa... caucus... the democratic campaigns are in a dead sprint as they fight for voter support patrick walker... 8 news now. ((brian loftus)) senator harry reid co- hosted the event... along with the nevada state democrats running for congressional district four and senate candidate catherine cortez-masto also addressed the /// ((kirsten joyce)) > president yesterday.. sharing some insight into what he'll say in his final state of the union address: (( president obama: "while i'm writing, my team's cooking up new ways you can watch and engage with the speech and i hope you'll all tune in next tuesday night. because this speech will be for
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the state of the union is tuesday, january 12th. news now at 6 p-m... followedimmediately by our regularly scheduled newscast. also today, mayor carolyn goodman will give her state of the city address. speech at 5-pm.. talking about her vision and insight for 2016. coming up at five-am... michael stevens had the chance to talk with her on what she thought of 2015. /// ((brian loftus)) > thousands in california are being evacuated for an environmental disaster. ((kirsten joyce)) what's been spreading into the atmosphere
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now super recycling event is coming up... giving you a chance to get rid of your unwanted stuff in a responsible way. it's happening saturday, january 23-rd from 8 a-m to 3 p-m at the thomas and mack parking lot. you must enter from the swenson street entrance just north of tropicana. here you can recycle all sorts recycle all sorts of electronics. goodwill of southern nevada will also be accepting items. for the full list of information... for the full list of information... just go to our website las vegas now dot com. ///
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governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency.. in the los angeles neighborhood of porter ranch. 2-thousand people were evacuated from their homes due to a massive gas leak. the methane gas has been spewing into the atmosphere since october... at a rate of 70- thousand pounds of gas per hour. crews say a fix to a broken line could take months. experts call it a catastrophic environmental disaster. all state agencies will utilize their personnel, equipment, and facilities to assist in the repairs. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > chicago's downtown traffic had a bit of a hiccup yesterday morning.. because someone built an igloo in the middle of the street. a reddit user posted an image of it online... and it shortly started going viral. the post said that a homeless man built it.. but it was actually a man that lives right across the street. he says one of his hobbies is clearing the sidewalk. he told reporters he spent 15-hours building it... and that he put the big chunks of ice together with a shovel, chisel, and a tarp.
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let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk it's bumpy and chillly. we're still looking for showers today, but we're on the dry side right now. ........ more snow in the mountains today with that winter weather advisory. ......... colder air and the winds aren't
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scattered rain and snow showers across the desert today and then a drier but chilly weekend is heading our way.
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((brian loftus)) > we love our doughnuts here on the morning show... but this one in particular might break the bank a little bit. ((demetria obilor)) this gold doughnut is trending this morning... and it's not like any other one out there. a new york filipino restaurant announced their creation on instagram... calling it "the golden cristal ube donut".
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slathered in cristal champagne.. and topped with 24- karat gold flakes. and it's all yours for just 100 bucks. the restaruant's owner says some people have already ordered a dozen of them. /// ((brian loftus)) ((demetria obilor))
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here's what the north beltway looks ilke right now. this is up by north decatur.
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< >((brian loftus)) > no one is waking up a winner this morning... following last night's winning powerball numbers -- 2, 11, 47, 62, 63 and the powerball 17. ((kirsten joyce)) but the good news is the next jackpot is estimated to be 675 million dollars! brian webb shows us how lottery fever is about to hit new heights. "across the country... get ready everybody this is powerball!" saturday's powerball drawing will be the biggest jackpot in u.s. history. $675 million could be yours for the price of a $2 ticket. lottery machines spit out tickets as fast as they could
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"today's my birthday so i thought it was maybe my lucky day." "tonight's jackpot is worth an estimated $524 million ." but there were no lucky winners last night.. leaving disappointed players dreaming of the good deeds they could've done. "i'm going to pay off my jeep, take a trip maybe give some donations to homeless vets and homeless animals." "i'll take half of it and give the other half to my sister who gave me a kidney three years ago." statistically speaking you may not want to choose your own lucky numbers. up to 80 percent of all jackpots are picked by the computer. (robert mcbride/buying lotto ticket) "i let the machine pick them. i'm no good at numbers so it's a chance if you don't you don't have any chance. i don't play that often but when it's this big you can't afford not to." the chance of winning wednesday drawing was one in 292 million. on saturday your odds will be ever greater.
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_____> the consumer electronics show wrapped up its first day. we'll give you a tour of the hottest electronics we were able to get our hands on. ((brian loftus)) > plus.. the intense el nino storms continue to batter california's coast. the back-to- back storms they'll be getting this weekend... and what this means for us. ((kirsten joyce)) > and checking into your hotel on the strip is getting easier. what caesars entertainment properties is installing to cut back on long waits.
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