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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:07pm PST

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((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((paula francis)) >big crowds are expected this weekend up at mount charleston as the snow continues to fall. ((dave courvoisier)) lee canyon got 7 inches of fresh powder overnight.. bringing the total to 33 inches this week alone eight news now reporter karen castro is live at kyle canyon with how emergency responders are prepared for a busy day ahead. ((karen castro)) >ad lib... and ready to go.. roll q to pkg:and ready to go.. no verbatim.. sat lives.. ((karen castro)) >they also rely on trained volunteer to
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karen castro, 8nn. ((dave courvoisier)) >karen.. we understand there is an avalanche watch by the ski resort.. how is that monitored? ((aren castro)) --karen adlib on avalance watch.. ((paula francis)) tedd... the mountain got 26 inches of snow in a couple of days! are they expecting more this
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>drying outside but staying cool. skycams showing some great snow in the moutains as the valley stayed clear of any raindrops today. chilly outside right now with some north breezes still. ............................... ............... radar showing limited precip out there. mainly terrain driven snow showers today, but elsewhere stayed dry. expected to dry even more come nightfall, but temps drop like a rock. ............................... ................ evening. still some north breezes around. partly to mostly cloudy at time.s temps from the low 50's down to the mid 40's by the time we hit our 11 o'clock newscast. we' ve been talking about rain chances this weekend. is that still in play. we'll let you know coming up
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((paula francis)) > the cluster of el nino storms that slammed california all week are winding down... but first they flooded homes and roads. waves as high as 16 feet battered california's coast all day. four days of relentless rain have opened sinkholes on the roads, like this one in la jolla. despite the damage -- the storms are beginning to refill california's depleted reservoirs. l-a county has collected billions of gallons of rainwater this week: ((marty grimes/ santa clara valley water district)) "the good news is that the watersheds are beginning to be saturated, so we're starting to see more runoff into our reservoirs." )) ((paula francis)) crews are working around the clock to clear streets and protect homes. the current el nino system has tied 19-97 as the strongest on record./// ((dave courvoisier)) > metro police are investigating whether
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sanders campaign offices last night. metro says they got a call from the offices on rainbow and charleston at about midnight. you can see the patch over a hole in the window where the campaign says they found a bullet hole. so far police have not found the bullet.. but they took a report for malicious destruction of property and say they are investigating. it is the same office where the politics now team interviewed bernie sanders yesterday./// ((dave courvoisier)) > tense today... between lawmakers and educators to "reorganize" ccsd. the whole point... and hope... is improving academic achievement. sharie johnson shows us what decision makers did today and how it will help them develop a plan to restructure ccsd. ((sharie johnson)) i want to give you some background first: this spring, lawmakers passed ab394. it calls for an advisory committee to create a plan... to divide ccsd into smaller precincts... but this isn't the first time the district has looked into some type of reorganization. and as we learned today... lawmakers are tired of talking about the same ideas, with
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((senator michael roberson i do think that we're going to need to drill down more in many of these areas and get more information )) ((sharie johnson)) ccsd presented details of how its governed, its types of schools and flexible budgetting. those are crucial details for this advisory committee to figure out the best way to reorganize the district. but the coversation momentarily stalled when lawmakers and educators debated on why we're now... after similar talks in 2011. ((assemblywoman dina neal, district 7 :19 and it upsets me when i found out that a study was paid for, recommendation was given, flaw was stated and yet it was never done or implemented )) ((sharie johnson)) assemblywoman dina neal is talking about a study that offered the path to improving student achievement.. but the superintendent says the plan was too expensive, and wouldn't have benefitted the students. ((ccsd supt. pat skorkowsky can't be anymore blunt than i'm not gonna pay for something that is not quality materials that we're out there and neither is my predeccesor; the materials we're not available and you ask
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