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tv   Politics Now  CBS  January 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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((patrick walker)) we sit down wtih bernie sanders and ask him about calling out the president on igio... e bdyed >> we sit down with bernie sanders and ask him aboutor calling out the president on immigration along with the standoff in oregon and thenev prospect of a nuclear northour >> let me say as a native nevadan it's incredibly f embarrassing to export our terrorists to other states. >> our face-off panel weighs in on the latest standoff and landebe in federal hands. >> announcer: from 8 news now, this is "politics now" with stevel sebelius and patrick walker.e >> all three democracy a candidates campaign in las vegas s this week.e good evening, i'm steve sebelius. >> patrick: i'm patrickst walker. we sit downp with bernie sandersat to talk about the immigration raids and the standoff in. oregon. here's the first part to the
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>> the standoff at the wildlife refuge with the bundyies. we saw that in 2014. how do you handle that. you go in? >> obviously what they are doing is illegal and obviously it has to be dealt with. s obviously it has to be dealt with hopefully no violence at all. the u.s. armed people cannoti w take over federal people? >> they are armed. they've gone in armed. do you see this as an act of terrorism? >> thank god nobody has been ca killed. people withve guns cannot be allowed to take over federal property. it has to be dealt with.of it must be prosecuted. i want to see this ended with as minimal sirens. >> you have called to end deportation raids fleeing
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have you heard a response from the president? 2 >> why are these raids going off? favors immigration reform engaged in this behavior? >> i wish i knew the answer.on we strongly disagree with the president on this. these are folks who in many respects are fleeing countriesd where communities are run by drug cortells. there's a likelihood they be killed. they are refugees and shouldat have refugee status. i cannot give you an answer on that. he has taken grief for executiveio orders. but at the same timecam he hastis deported millions of people way more than any previous president. a possibility in your mindine yousp thinke that he wants to be toughhe on immigration to mitt great the t actions he's taking?ve
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not an illogical conclusion. my view is 11 million people undocumented. 99% people who come into the country to try to improve lives for their family. i think we need to provide legal status to the people. we need to moth to citizenship. we need comprehensive immigration reform. >> when you look at the national stage the topic is north korea. saying they tested a hydrogen bomb. regardless talking about a nuclear north korea. how do you handle that and is going to the u.n. appropriate action? does the u.n. need to do more? >> my view is we have to act in coalition. act with the united nations. we have to learn the lesson from the war in iraq that we cannot do everything alone.
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and paranoid government in north korea probably the best ironically we have is china. china has a great deal of tension as well. they are financially and economically than any other country. work with china to make sure north korea does not get a hydrogen bomb. >> the idea of a hydrogen bomb in north korea a scary thought? >> of course, it's a scary thought. when you have a government that is isolated, paranoid and totalitarian that has no people to direct them but a handful of people on top, that is always a dangerous situation no question about it. >> the end of your debate in november, hillary clinton was asked about comments she made back in the 90s which it appeared she supported a
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system that she know no longer supports. and she didn't deny it as say i waited and the revolution never came. that's a direct shot. political revolution. why now do you think there's a possibility to get things out that and is her pragmatism born of this experience the revolution never came? >> i wouldn't agree with that. what makes today different is a growing anger and disgust the average american is working for low wages. 47 million people living in property and new income going to the top 1% we have a grotesque level of inequality and the american people are saying
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we are the only major country and yet we are spending far more per capita on healthcare. the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. one out of five americans can't afford to fill prescriptions their doctors are giving them. this is a crazy situation. so if we want health kay for all in my view medicare falls to the payer system is the way to go. growing support among the american people to do that and move in that >> couldn't have been more clear at that dinner or our he wants to go farther on healthcare, college tuition and other issues and not shy aboute talking about it. >> and spent a lot of time here in las vegas. he could get a house. residency here perhaps more thanil the any other candidates and the c republicans as well.all he has five weeks until the
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contest for him especially ifahe wins new hampshire. has to be an interesting match-up for that third primary. >> a coming up ahead more with bernie sanders. >> a sense we have a corrupt campaign finance system. >> we asked about the 30s ofeav americans who think the government is corrupt.po
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medical leave next.> ((sveebliu) rent >> announcer: welcome back to "politics th75 now." >> a recent gallop pole shows 75% of the governmentwn interview: steve: 31.37 secretary clinton called you the only candidate to raise middle class taxes. bernie: i think that clinton is that i support paid family and
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what it says, is you will pay 1.60 more on average, and you get 3 months of paid leave. i think that is a good investment. the legislation i'm surprise clinton, who talks a lot about paid family leave does not suppor tit. 32.50 s. >> when your family has a baby your wife and you can stay home with the baby. if there's an illness you'll have the legal right to stay home. 2/3 of your salary. i think that is a good investment. i think the american people want it. the legislation that's in the
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legislation. i proudly support it and i'm surprised clinton does not support it. >> recently the gallop organization put out a poll that showed 75% of americans think the federal government is corrupt. how t difficult does it make whatper you are trying to do assembling an coalition of people to change what's going on? >> i'm part of the 75%.ce >> you are among the 75%. >> it's corrupt. when you have the brothers, billionaires spending unlimited sums of money to elect the candidates of their choice you don't need to be a political scientist. these elected officials will be
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not working for the middle class low income people but the wealthy and the powerful whether it is a entirely republican party rejecting science on climate change. why is that? because it has something to do with they are in the fossil fuel industry and exxonmobil and big companies make big campaign contributions. when the american people want to raise the minimum wage the republican leadership refuses to do that. in the sense we have a corrupt system 75% are exactly correct.ti >> talked from the start aboutut how the system is corrupt ands. how we need a politicalwh we'll bring about real changes. >> reporter: this hasn'ts changed much. supporters say the appealing part when you compare to hillary clinton who hasi flip-flopped on issues.
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latest lawsuit filed over the l new education savings account program. here's where the story getshe tricky. that was filed by mark hutchison in the law practice against thesa state.ut suing on behalf of two parents and asking to declare the law constitutional so they can be j assured of getting the moneylaw when the program goes into affect next month. asking the judge to throw outady hutchison's lawsuit. the attorney-general knows thethe issues raised in his complaint are addressed in two separate lawsuits filed against the program and those cases are farte down the line. not only that hutchison represented other clients to defend the program and now an tr ethical conflict because he wasm privy to insider information. hutchison says he's trying to make sure the program will be there for his clients. he'll personally argue his side and challenged to show up in
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oh, and the final irony here/ points out both hutchison were republican and support the program. >> this is one that makes your head spin because it goes through three branches almost. >> absolutely. it's going to be interesting to see when that hearing comes out if they do face off in court.y coming up a fight over federal land. >> not helping my cause which is to get the land back in the hands of the people... >> our face-off panel weighs in on the oregon bundy standoff and de the discussion of federal land. >> as president, i will be your first line of defense against the dangers we i will always have your back.e s >> all three democraticlve candidates speak at a dinner at the mgm grand.
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themselves to the crowd.where we go over the big stories of the week. faraday future reveale'sig degnate-she. >> is a race now where we go over the big stories ofof the of week. the you big design this week after months of teases they showed off this sports car thath has the look of the old school bat mobile.pex a tax incentive at $325 million and an infrastructureat improvement in las vegas during last month's session.t all three democracy candidates were at a dinner hosted by harryll reid wednesday martin o'malley and hillaryle clinton talks about how she d envisions the future. >> my experience as and executive, bringing people together getting things done.
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doing what they could to bust.. unions and set back working families. round up and deport millions of immigrants. but consumers at the mercy of drug companies and predatoryuni lenders. >> reporter: all three heldse candidates as well with hillary( clinton courting the politicallyth powerful union not endorsed to canada. time now for face-off where our panel talks about the biggest issues of the week with perspectives about the left and the right.nt this week executive director of progress and radio host this week. weick: discussed the latest in thea bundy standoff. >> you have a militia in oregon. the second time we've seen a bundy-led group out there. the wildlife refuge. we talked about the underlying issue. federal control of land and who
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opinion firsts quick opinion on them up there and the bundy and company and the underlying issue of land use. >> let me say as a native nevadan it's embarrassing to export our terrorists to otherg states. that's what these people are. the bundys are terrorists overstepping their bounds. they took it for a federalno building. i don't know any other groupa thatc would do that without thewe fbi or somebody coming in and telling them to knock it off and the fact they haven't been takenmes care of yet is frustrating to me. we gaveng, up our land 87% of our land in nevada to become aop state. andat so this notion we should seized land back is fault. if we did seize that land howom would we pay for it if there was a national disaster.)) there's a system in place to sell that land back to the state if it's needed and that system
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these are lawbreakers and they need to be dealt with. >> the system is not working. 87% of the land is in the hands of nevada and nevada had to give up the land to become a state. people controlling what's going on are from the east coast who had no federal land from the federal states compared to what we've given up. we need to give that land back. give it to the hands of the state and developers and allow development to occur. having said that the way theycar are going about it is the wrong way and trying to convince people this is the thing that needs to be done to give land back they are not giving people on that side. if anything they'll turn people off. i wish they would go home. also they're in the helping my cause which is to get the land
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that's making it look foolish. i'm not sure what they are trying to accomplish. the ranchers up there in the middle of the whole brouhaha going on peacefully went to prison. they represent us. bundy folks represent us and the bundys try to say something about the indian land. take land you want but you don't represent us, either. nothing to do with you. why these people have come from not just nevada but all over trying to make an issue that's not their issue that's not their issue. it's the wrong thing and badp p.r. d >> stumping for carly firina. >> i would watch that ony carly would do circles around hillary clinton.hi >> sit down to discuss why the
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right fit for the white house.candidate carly fiorina has not made any appearances of her own in las vegas....
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state party chairwoman are supporting her. we sat dowitam trk >> republican candidate carly fiorina has made one appearance. we sat down with amie to talk about her nevada campaign. >> obviously with at large field,atc that's what stood out with you. what makes her the good choice for the republican base? >> i like the fact she has her conservative principles, she is fixed to them but not a black or white candidate.s she's a good listener. she has a campaign right now called your voice your ad. what that does is the general public can submit their ideas and thoughts to carly fiorina on how they would like to improve government issues such as healthcare with the vaccines and the campaign will put those together and they will issue them out so that way the general public can say i like that person's idea.
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my own and that's important because that's something most mixes are not good at. >> as a former business executive we have a donald trump, a ben karlsson. political outsiders and carly fiorina is another one. >> definitely a political outsider and something the general public is craving. we are so tired of published politicians they go out there and say one thing and do not follow through and you never know what you'll get. someone like carly fiorina who is strong and management experience who has the ceo experience and overcome so many obstacles in a personal life and succeeded that is somebody i would like to have my children look up to. >> maybe hillary clinton on one side and carly fiorina on the other. what would make an independent lean her way as opposed to hilary? >> wonderful to watch karlheinz schreiber and hillary clinton
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i would pay to watch that. carly would do circles around hillary clinton. hillary clinton blows with which way the wind is going that day and struggling with somebody like bernie sanders. i would consider him to be more of the donald trump on the democrat side. somebody who is very vocal, throwing a wrench in hilary's campaign and he is actually very compassionate and sincere with what his beliefs are. i don't agree with the 99% of them but with hilary she has a trust and honesty problem. carly doesn't have that. >> this is what to watch when wefin tell you about the big stories. to watch over the coming president obama's state of the union address is on tuesday. the speech will spotlight the achievements of his presidency and lay out a sweeping vision for the future.
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will be on thursday on the fox business network.s this debate takes place in north charlton, south carolina and/ will focus on international policy issues. the debate will have six candidates. the rest will be in the earlier debate. >> lots to talk about with the north korean developments. how the republicans will handle kim jong-un. >> shocking everybody is nervous about that. with the incomes going on. thanks for watching "politics now."y e-mail us. we are your election
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keep up with us online. >> glor: sean penn's latest
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