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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  January 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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to our other top story of the
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a valley family brutally beaten in a home invasion. the victims shared their story with our own mauricio marin who joins us now live. mauricio ... ((mauricio marin)) the violent home invasion happened in this quiet west side neighborhood yesterday. the man who lives at the house is shaken up. and says he won't likely be able to relax again until the suspects are caught. ray kilcoyne says he got a busted lip, bruises and a broken hand after four guys stormed into his house with guns and a knife looking for a safe. it happened saturday night while making dinner with friends over. he says it was a horrifying experience especially with his 11 year old son sleeping upstairs. ray says the men threatened to kill his son after tying up everyone inside the house because they didn't know the combination to the safe. ray's girlfriend was upstairs and managed to hide.
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all the commotion downstairs. ((ray kilcoyne/home invasion victim: "they all ran and scattered and threw their guns down. one was jumping out the window. i grabbed him. had him by the shirt and underwear grabbing him caught my hand and that's how i hurt my hand. but they all got away every single one of them.")) ((mauricio marin)) metro police have not released possible suspect descriptions. ray says the four guys may have known his girfriends' 17- year old son who was at the house at the time. and believes they followed him back to the house after finding out there was safe inside the house which turned out to be empty. police searched the area saturday night but no suspects were caught. ((mauricio marin)) again--this is an going investigation. if you have any information about this case call metro police. or call crime stoppers. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((michelle mortenson)) ((ashley conroy)) ((ashley conroy)) a beautiful
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live look from our boulder cam at the linq -- ......................... currently it's 50 on the las vegas strip -- 54 in green valley -- centennial hills, you're almost 10 degrees colder at 45 -- 48 in mountain's edge and seven hills. ....................... 46 in pahrump -- jean you're at 42 degrees -- laughlin at 50 --
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hour -- 39 degrees -- in the 20's for the midsection of the state. ......................... here's what we can expect for tomorrow- - plenty of sunshine -- a high of 54 degrees -- those daytime temps from 7 in the morning to 5 at night anywhere from 38 to 49 -- also staying dry and cool for the week -- i'll have the full forecast and what those temps are looking like in the full weather coming up. ((michelle mortenson)) > an s-u-v went off an overpass on the 1-15 near cary and lossee this morning killing both people in side. police say the red chevy was speeding when it happened. (( "it appeared that that the driver attempted to make or negotiate the median in some way and struck it so unknown at this time if that cause some sort of imbalance with the vehicle and that's something that investigators are defiantly looking into but at some point the driver had some sort of correction that he was attempting to make and that's when it left the roadway" )) ((michelle mortensen)) > no word if the driver was impaired. this is the first deadly crash
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((michelle mortenson)) > and overnight ... several lanes of 1-15 were shut down after a 43-year-old man crashed his car into the back of a semi truck. the driver of the cadillac c- t-s died but the truck driver was not hurt. the crash had southbound i-15 lanes shut down for several hours./// ((michelle mortensen)) > the man behind the bunnyranch ... says he wants to be a senator. dennis hof is running for nevada state senate ... according to the reno gazette- journal. they broke the story that the brothel owner is running for office as a libertarian. he's going after an open seat in reno. hof owns several brothels in the state ... including the love ranch... where lamar odom .... overdosed on cocaine and other drugs... last year./// ((michelle mortensen)) > the future of auto technology is coming alive in the valley after the big reveal of faraday future's new sportscar... we take a look at what else the company has in the works. ((michelle mortenson)) > tonight...
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the auto design from farad
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the sleek sportscar is described as "an extreme tablet on wheels" because of all of the digital features that can be included. faraday future, which wants to be called f-f, says it has a cutting edge machine. a 1000 horsepower sports car known as the ff zero one. however, as george knapp of the i-team tells us... the sports model is only a hint of what's to come. (( )) < music playing > richard kim/faraday-head of global design: ...a showcase for what ff stands for, inside and out, the design and user experience seen here is a preview of our dna and our ff products to come.... the faraday future folks have a future in promotions if this car thing doesn't work out. for months, they've driven the auto world crazy guessing what their vehicles would look like, and the big reveal in front of invited guests monday night was appropriately dramatic..follo
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dropping ultra powerful sports model that could jump from zero to 60 in three seconds.... and forever change the public view of electric cars. the company was inspired by more advanced modes of transportation ... richard kim: the ufo line that runs around the vehicle is a subtle design cue that this car is not quite of this world. this ufo line will be a signature design element in all future faraday products. okay, you had us at ufo. one common reaction to the new design was this...haven''t i seen this car somewhere before? "batman".... there is more than a passing resemblance to the original batmobile, but bruce wayne never had a vehicle like this one. the most important feature is its versatility. the company plans to use this same flexible platform for every
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a billion dollar plant at the apex site in north las vegas. animated videos released by ff hint of designs still to come....vehicle with multiple engines....a pickup truck...a compact car...a soccer mom mini van..all with the ability to drive themselves..digi tal co- pilots...augment ed reality...and the most advanced interactive personal technology available...on this planet anyway. nick sampson/vice president of faraday future: we are able to change the size and shape of the vehicle to virtually anything we want. with vpa, we can easily create multiple drive configurations. for example, we can change the number motors for a particular vehicle giving one greater range or another more acceleration and horsepower, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive... north las vegas mayor john lee, who initiated the effort to lure ff to nevada, had to sign a non disclosure agreement months ago but is finally able to comment on what other techno-goodies might be coming along for the ride.
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vegas i've seen two different concept cars now. both are jaw dropping. when you see the cars, you forget what the future is going to look like, you know, how streetlights will talk to vehicles, cars talk to cars, how people will travel in a whole different fashion in the future. so the car's exciting but i think the transportation we're seeing will take place is the most exciting thing for our country. ((michelle mortenson)) mayor lee told the i-team that the other prototypes he saw over the summer for the non-sports-cars were quote awesome. and governor sandoval announced that his economic development office will create a center for the development of autonomous vehicles./// ((michelle mortensen)) > a major shake up at u-n- l-v up next our sports anchor ron futrell has the detials on the resignations of u-n-l-v's head coach dave rice. ((michelle mortensen)) > before
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she'll get the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vegas ... they held one final event for our community. an electronics recylcing drive. since they just showcased the best and greatest new technology available they wanted to give you a chance to get rid of your outdated and unused tech in a safe and responsible way. (( walter alcorn vp environmental affairs and industry sustainability at ces "since this is the day after we wanted to give the community a chance to recycle the old electronic to complement all the new electronics that we see at ces .")) ((michelle mortensen)) > and if you missed out on that event ... don't worry .. because our living green super recycling event is right around the corner. it's happening saturday, january
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thomas and mack. it starts at 8 am and goes until 3 pm. we will take electronics.... plus medicine... paperwork ... household items... and much more. for the complete list... head over to las vegas now dot com./// sharie johnson ((ashley conroy))
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than it is there. we'll see temperatures generally below average for our region -- and we'll be staying dry and cool for this week -- a different start than our week, last week. ....................... here's our future windcast and here's where you can see those winds pick up tomorrow around noon down in the colorado river valley -- winds staying calm throughout the las valley over the next few days -- but still even going into tuesday, those winds will keep up around searchlight and laughlin in the teens and 20's -- any high profile vehicles and motorcyles, you'll want to be careful traveling in that area. ..................... our satellite radar map -- we had some showers off the southern california coast -- which of course is significant because they've had flooding in the san diego area along with
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...................... here in southern nevada -- we did have those high clouds all around the region today -- we saw some snow to the west of us over the spring mountain range -- and to the north in the sheep mountain range -- but no precip reaching our valley. ..................... speaking of precipitation -- how about all of this snow up at lee canyon ski resort -- truly looks like a winter wonderland there -- they saw 33 inches - that's nearly 3- feet of snow just this past week -- a great time to head up there and catch the slopes. ........................ tomorrow, mount charleston is looking at high around 39 degrees and a low of 14 -- also sunny skies up there -- but those north winds will make it feel a bit colder -- so make sure to bundle up if head up there. .......................... also a great time to mention our ski report -- go to las - click on sections and links -- check out all the latest conditions in the west for skiing and snowboarding. ........................ back in las vegas -- tonight a low of 38, right around our normal low -- mostly clear skies -- calm winds -- tomorrow, plenty of sunshine -- sunny skies, will be a dry day -- saying goodbye to that rain from last week. ........................... here's our 7-day -- for the
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temperatures --but only about 3 degrees below average as our normal high is about 58 degrees -- also a few degrees below average at night -- so whenever you head out at night especially you want to bundle up. mostly sunny skies, we'll see some high clouds, but staying cool and dry. > ((michelle mortensen)) > we are tracking the latest developments out of u-n-l-v where men's basketball head coach dave rice has resigned. ron futrell has been following this story since it first broke about an hour ago he joins us now with the details rebel basketball coach dave rice has resigned --- the announcement came within the hour at unlv. todd simon is the interim coach --- replacing rice. this loss yesterday at wyoming was a hard one to take --- rebels jumped out to a 17 point lead 10 minutes into the game --- then ended up losing by 2 --- rebels are now 0-3 in the
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the rebels started this season with a lot of promise --- anotehr great recuriting class---- they beat two top 15 teams and had a 9-4 record before the three losses in leggue play. rice was in his 5th season at unlv 95 wins --- 54 losses --- with no ncaa tournament wins. he came to unlv after 7 years as an assistant coach at byu. rice was also a unlv grad --- he played on the 1990 team that won the national championship in 1990 -- rice has 3 years left on his contact and will receive his base salary over the next three years. there was a lot of pressure from boosters to make a change --- rice --- no question is a grreat recuriter--- he has brought some great players to unlv. but--- there's no question they have under performed. rebels play tuesday at home against new mexico. sharie johnson > a giant snow octopus has taken over a yard in
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we'll see you again for 8 news
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