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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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but i'm still tom collins -- i'm still the guy who goes out there and works hard for everybody. everyday. )) ((michael stevens)) while this is his most recent run-in with the law... it's not his first. in 20-12... he was cited for firing a gun into a tree stump. the "cowboy commissioner" did not face criminal charges because the attorney general's office declined to prosecute. ((michael stevens)) also that year... a bull escaped from his property injuring a woman. he plead no contest to misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace and livestock at large. ((kirsten joyce)) > michael, did collins mention anything about his plans on running for mayor in north las vegas? ((michael stevens)) kirsten... tom collins said that he will still run for mayor as he had announced after resigning from the county commission in august. ((kirsten joyce)) > the coroner has identified a father killed in his henderson home as 54-
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his son.. 22- year-old daron clanton is in custody for the murder. henderson police say he shot and killed his dad after a fight yesterday afternoon. it happened near russell and whitney ranch. police say they have not been called to the house for any domestic issues in the past./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a fight between a couple may have caused a crash in the southwest valley that left a man fighting for his life. this is cell phone video of the scene provided to 8 news now by richard bornhoeft. he says he saw the couple in this white sedan.. before a crash monday afternoon on warm springs between durango and cimarron. metro police say the car crossed over toward oncoming traffic and hit this pickup truck. (( richard: on the passenger side, the door would open, some stuff would fall out, the car would swerve. then they're go a little ways, the door would open, the car would swerve. then they got behind traffic and shot up the turn lane and cut a whole bunch of people off and ran a red light)) ((kirsten joyce)) the man driving the white car has life threatening injuries after he was trapped and had to be pulled out. the others had moderate
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police are looking at whether the driver was distracted and swerved....or if he swerved intentionally. if you have any information, call crimestoppers./// ((kirsten joyce)) > president obama is polishing up his final state of the union address for tonight. weija jiang is on capitol hill with what you can expect to hear. < president obama is just hours away from his final state of the union address - which aides say will focus on the future of america for generations to come. cbs news political director john dickerson says the president has probably spent a lot of time contemplating his legacy - and can use tonight's speech to highlight his accomplishment s. ( john dickerson/cbs news political director/courte sy: cbs "this morning") "when historians start to look back, if there's something in this speech that frames the obama years, that's probably his best chance for doing something useful tonight." during an interview on nbc's "today" show - the president says he regrets the divisive nature of politics. ( courtesy: nbc "today") "if we can get our politics right it turns out we are not as divided
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people make us out to be." (gfx) but the divide is evident in the president's approval ratings - which a new cbs news - new york times poll shows is split with 46 percent approving and 47 percent disapproving. ( weijia jiang/cbs news/capitol hill) tonight will be the first time congressman paul ryan will sit behind the president as speaker of the house. he says he's keeping his expectations low. ( rep. paul d. ryan/(r-wi) speaker of the house) "this president has continued to kick the can down the road and i see no change in his behavior." the white house says it is still interested in finding areas where it can work with ryan and the republican controlled congress during the president's final year in office. weijia jiang, cbs news, capitol hill. > ((kirsten joyce)) the president's approval rating as a two-term leader is still higher than president bush's ratings entering his last year in office... but below president clinton's you can watch the state of union right here at 6 o'clock. then stay tuned right after for a special edition of 8 newsnow..
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now" team./// ((kirsten joyce)) > performance zones on fremont street meant to corral street performers have been running for about 2 months now. this is video from the first night they went into effect.. today at one o'clock.. the las vegas city attorney is hosting a meeting to get feedback on the ordinance. here is how it works: a nightly lottery is held... and winners can perform in one of 38 designated zones... for a designated period of time. street performers have been against the ordinance.. but the city worked out the agreement after complaints from tourists and people on fremont street./// ((kirsten joyce)) > las vegas paid it's respects to david bowie with video retrospective of his career on fremont street. the vivia vision canopy played several shows to honor the artist last night. bowie played here three times.. including two shows at the hard rock in 2004. the artist died over the weekend of cancer at the age of 69./// ((kirsten joyce)) > and a memorial outside bowie's new york city apartment has been growing. fans were leaving written tributes .. along with flowers and
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((kirsten joyce)) > why not our state? the driving force behind "nevada" not having a lottery.. and how close we have come.. to having one here. and a stolen snake. one reptile bandit is caught on camera stealing from a pet the place he hid it.. that he may want to re- think... ((sherry swensk)) beautiful sunshine with a little haze over the valley this noon... we are finally thawing out after a very cold morning. check out these morning lows down to freezing and even some 20s around town. how much longer will we have to put up with these cold mornings? we'll take a look in neighborhood weather coming up./// <
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tonight without former head coach dave rice. they take on new mexico at the thomas and mack.. tip-off is at 7 pm. on sunday, the university announced the school and rice mutually agreed it was time for a change. rice led the rebels for five seasons. today he also tweeted out to runnin' rebel fans... encouraging them to pack the stadium tonight.
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coach./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the powerball jackpot hit the one morning. and excitement for tomorrow's drawing is spreading outside the u-s. thousands of canadians are pouring over the border to try their luck. they have been traveling across the border from cities like vancouver, toronto, and montreal. which they are legally allowed to do: ((alex traverso/californi a state lottery) "you don't have powerball ticket. // as long as you're buying your tickets at an authorized retail us." )) ((kirsten joyce)) but winners outside the u-s can expect more taxes. the federal government can withhold 30 percent of gambling winnings paid to a foreigner. that's 5% more than for a u.s. resident. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > americans spend more than 70 billion dollars a year on lotteries. and nevada is one of five states without a lottery system. that means nevadans flock to california cities like primm for tickets... creating long lines... like this one in february of 2014 for a 400 million dollar
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california says it has made 200 million dollars in powerball sales since november 17-th. so why don't we have the lottery? they have been banned since nevada became a state in 18-64. the main reason... is casinos oppose it because lottery.. won't be spent on their games. lawmakers have tried to pass a lottery over the years... but it always gets shot down. the closest attempt was in 2009 when a bill passed the assembly.. but not the senate. since then it has only been introduced once.. and didn't even get a hearing./// ((kirsten joyce)) > check out this carcicle! the conditions leaving one car totally encased in ice... and sherry has your full weather forecast... next... <
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news((kirsten joyce)) > one car owner in buffalo woke up to a carcicle! icy water from lake erie.. snow.. rain.. and heavy winds combined to create this problem. the vehicle was spotted near buffalo. the severe weather in the area also canceled classes for several school on monday. ((sherry swensk)) > yes, it was created by what's called the lake snow effect.. which dumped about 2 inches of snow per hour in that area monday morning. ((sherry swensk)) and they could pile up as much as three feet of snow in the next few days! makes us appreciate our sunshine and drier week we have here in the desert. ................ we are just getting up to near 50 in some areas... hanging on to upper 40s in
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and the air is drying out after a soggy week last week. .............. it was so cold this morning... brian said he had some ice on his windshield... and hopefully you are watering in the daytime hours so driveways and sidewalks are not icing over. .............. let's check temps outside the valley. near 50 in many areas... and gusty winds along the colorado river again today. gusts over 30 mph. ............. the normal high is 58 and lows should be near 40 degrees. we are definitely below those numbers. ............. breezy winds along the colorado
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then by tomorrow gusty downslope winds will pick up in the mountains to maybe 30 mph or higher. that will start in the sierra and then head over to our area through the day. ................. the storm track is bringing in storms from the pacific, but those are lifting north quickly as they hit the coast... and taking the clouds with them. the ones making their way into nevada are falling apart before they get to our area. ................ that cold air over the great lakes is heading through the ohio valley and spreading that snow down to the virginias! temps in the 20s and 30s for highs today. ...... our mid 50s turn warmer into the weekend and make it to near 60 by the holiday weekend.//// < ((weather toss))> ((kirsten joyce)) > unusual snake theft:
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manager) "he's lucky it wasn't feeding day, feeding days are on
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and they're very hungry." )) surveillance video shows a man stuffing a python in his pants! the pet store owners message for the thieves... <
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swiped from an oregon pet store. the theif tried to be sneaky and creative.. camera. nora hart shows us the surveillance footage. < (( nora hart/reporter: christin bjugan is all about the animals. from birds to lizards and everything in between, she takes care of them all at "a to z pets" on southwest division street. so it came as a shock when someone swiped one of her rarest reptiles. (christin bjugan, pet store
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dollar black pastel ball python" nora hart/reporter: after getting the call friday that the snake was gone, christin has spent the better part of her saturday reviewing surveillance footage (christin bjugan, pet store manager) "there's cameras everywhere, and you'd think that people would see them" nora hart/reporter: and when she spotted the suspected snake thief on film, (christin bjugan, pet store manager) "this guy right here." nora hart/reporter: she was even more surprised to see what he does after he reaches in the snake tank. (christin bjugan, pet store manager) "then you'll see him put it in his pants. yuck. just drops it right in the front." nora hart/reporter: a short time later, you see him waddle out (christin bjugan, pet store manager) "trying to act like there's not a snake in his pants." nora hart/reporter: christin says she's seen this man in her shop before. but this time he was with a blue-haired woman, who seemed to be in on the theft. (christin bjugan, pet store manager) "he gave her the keys
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(christin bjugan, pet store manager) "anytime anything like this happens, it's very frustrating because we work very hard to run the business and make a living." nora hart/reporter: to find the thief, and the 2-foot python. hristin bjugan, pet store manager) "he's lkit wasn'teding day, feeding days are onndays. and th' very hungry." norahart, go day oregon.((kirsten joe)) > a leforward in the space race. the new plan to create re-
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mpany space- x.((kirsten joyce)) > coming upfour.. remembering amber. the 20 year old unsolved case of a missing 9 year old.. and how it sparked what's known nationwide as the "amber alert".. also the ride sharing business is branching out... to certain patients on the east coast... who need a lift to the doctor. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > private space company space-x says it plans to try and land a rocket on a droneship.
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it's first succesful landing of a rocket on a platform. now it hopes to land on a remote controlled platform on the ocean. landing a rocket upright drastically reduces the cost of space travel.. since the rocket can be re-used. space-x has 20 planned unmanned launches... and united launch alliance has 12 more planned. most of the trips are delivering government satellites.. or dropping supplies off at the international space station./// > that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas
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remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter. have a great afternoon.///
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics
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my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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