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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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a metro officer has been arrested for domestic violence. officer james burt was arrested today for domestic battery by strangulation and first degree kidnapping. he's been with the department since 2005 and is relieved of duty without pay pending investigations./// ((dave courvoisier)) > public outrage over the deaths of hundreds of dogs and cats at the boulder city animal shelter played a major role in the resignation of that town's police administrator... but the full story has yet to be revealed. ((denise valdez)) as 8 news now was first to report, bill conger resigned as head of boulder city's police department after job. city officials haven't said much departure -- ((dave courvoisier)) but the i-team has uncovered some troubling allegations that have surfaced recently. george knapp is here with the exclusive story. ((george knapp)) bill conger had a distinguished, 30-year career with metro police and retired as deputy chief of the department, but he now may be asking himself why he ever came out of retirement to work in boulder city because two years in that town were more than enough. the i-team has learned about
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helped conger make up his mind to bail. vanessa murphy/8 news now would you mind answering some questions for us? bill conger: i'd love to talk to you. you have to talk to the city manager. vm: i can't talk to you seperately? bc: no. when bill conger was hired two years ago, he promised transparency and accountability in the boulder city police department but he found it a tough promise to keep in a town not known for either. public anger about the euthanization of animals is perceived as the issue that pushed him out the door, but there's much more to it. last week, boulder city detectives met with clark county district attorney steve wolfson to hand over a criminal affadavit naming mary jo frazier, former manager of boulder city animal control, on 37 felony counts of animal cruelty. but multiple sources familiar with the story told to the i-team that wolfson got an earful about much more. boulder city officials continue to claim that police administrator conger did the right thing when he allowed mary
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in april of 2015, conger was told about widespread problems at the animal shelter by animal control employee ann inabnitt. a police investigation identified 91 dogs and cats that had been euthenized by frazier without waiting the required 5 days or getting an outside vet to sign off. documents obtained by the i-team show the actual number of suspicious euthenizations is closer to 1300. conger reportedly didn't want the city to be embarrassed and decided on his own the case court. however, the da was told last week that ann inabnitt initially warned conger about problems at the shelter a full year earlier, in april 2014. in that instance, inabnitt was uspet when frazier allegedly came into the shelter with a dog owned by her ex husband. tom finn/former boulder city police chief: mary jo came into the shelter on her day off with her ex husband's dog, which was a dachsund and she stated quote,
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the floor and she euthanized it in front of ann, put it in a bag, and threw it in a freezer and said don't put this in the log book and she left. within recent weeks, conger reportedly called inabnitt on the carpet and told her the meeting in 2014 never happened, that she never told him about that incident. something else relayed to the da-- the police investigators working the case were allegedly instructed by conger to omit any reference to other criminal matters..specifi cally allegations that cash and narcotic drugs were missing from the shelter. the da is now aware of those allegations and has requested to prosecutors. a third issue hanging over conger's head is one that, like the others, was initially dug up by his predecessor, former chief tom finn, who uncovered this document showing that conger
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involving a family friend. he ordered the release of dianna gibson who'd was arrested in november 2014 for drunk driving. finn notes that conger isn't a peace officer. he was hired by a private contractor to be administrator, not the police chief, a move that was done so he could draw his full retirement along with a police salary. releasing a dui suspect without bail was a surprise to the former chief. finn: as a police chief, i never or'd anybody, it's just something i always assumed was under the purview of a judge. i never saw this form before that was sent to me in my records request. ((george knapp)) the only statement we have about why bill conger resigned is something that was posted on the family's facebook page bhut has sicne been removed. it said recent events have been a distraction and hindered conger's ability to do his job, so he decided to move on and enjoy his retirement. no charges have been filed against frazier or anyone else.
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considered by the da. however, at least one legal action is underway. this is a subpoena delivered this morning by lawyers for boulder city ordering me to report for a deposition they want to conduct. ((dave courvoisier)) > former county commissioner tom collins pleaded no contest to a dui charge this morning. the 65-year-old had been at the national finals rodeo back in december of last year... collins' attorney said that collins completed dui school... panel. the judge handed down a suspended sentence of 30 days: (( it's history. you can't change history. i'm going forward. just like i did when the bulls got out. i still won my election by a landslide -- over there and
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and i still won an election by a landslide -- i'm very popular in north las vegas. i'm very popular in the whole state of nevada. )) collins resigned from his commission seat in august 2015... citing family matters./// ((denise valdez)) > the coroner's office has identified the man shot and killed inside a henderson home yesterday. police say 54- year-old kevin clanton was shot by his 22- year-old son daron. clanton was arrested at the home near russell and whitney ranch and now faces one charge of open murder. it's not yet clear what led to the shooting. this is henderson's first year./// ((dave courvoisier)) > we've seen the rush of people over the past few weeks... crossing the state line to buy powerball tickets. the question out there now, could powerball ever end up in nevada? patrick walker joins us live with what's keeping powerball and other lotteries from coming to nevada. ((patrick walker)) dave... to get powerball here to compete with these big casinos behind me... it would take state lawmakers to do it. but... as we know... the legislature has never
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as a result... arizona and california have been cashing in... seeing thousands of customers from nevada cross the state line to buy powerball tickets. lotteries have been banned in nevada since it became a state in 1864. some lawmakers have tried to pass a lottery over the years... but the effort keeps falling short. the closest attempt was in 2009... when a bill passed out of the assembly but died in the senate. the lottery is seen as a threat to casinos... and noted gaming expert dr. david schwartz says in the 3 decades after gambling was legalized in the 1930s... the casino industry became very powerful. even now... with gambling revenues declining in nevada... schwartz says the interest in powerball nationwide is actually a good sign for the gaming industry. ((david schwartz/director, unlv ctr. for gaming research: "i think the success and popularity of powerball shows how much people love gambling today, and it's such a national news item, just the fact that people are gambling, so i think it shows how popular gambling is across the country." )) ((patrick walker)) california
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in powerball sales in the past two months. nationwide... americans spend more than 70 billion dollars on lotteries. ((patrick walker)) lawmakers tried to bring it up again in carson city last year. but history isn't on the lottery's side. a bill last year didn't even make it out of committee. reporting live... patrick walker... 8 news now. /// ((denise valdez)) > stepping outside this morning... you probably noticed the chill in the air. those near freezing overnights are expected to continue. tedd florendo joins us now to explain. < tedd florendo cold and dropping to near freezing overnight. some neighborhoods were in the 30's by midnight. we'll get that same set-up again overniigth with lights winds skies clearing. ............................... ............... right now high clouds with temps cool today and below average again. winds stay light and that will allow to temps to drop even more. we're cooler than yesterday at this time.
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tonight expect some scattered clouds, but mainly clear. temps getting colder by the hour once that sun goes down. chilly 30's by 11 the time we go on for 8 newsnow at 11. we'll get more specific on how cold we'll get coming up. maryland parkway, considered by some to be the regional spine for employment and transit is being targeted for revitalization. planners want to make the road that fronts unlv and runs through some economically challenged neighborhoods -- a place of commerce and connectivity. 8 news now anchor paul joncich is here with some ideas from people who live and work there. ((paul joncich)) the biggest thing you hear is maryland parkway could be so much better. it's a vital stretch of road that connects downtown, unlv and the airport, with hundreds of small businesses, many of which are still caught in the grips of the recession.
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trying to figure out how to bring it back to life. but one of the biggest questions: is where to start? ((trk)) one place you could begin the revitalization of maryland parkway, a neglected shopping center directly across from unlv. wissam alsabah opened his kabob shop here two months ago. business he says, isn't exactly booming. ((12:17:35 wissam alsabah/restauran t owner: "it's not as safe as it used to be.")) you'd think owning a restaurant across the street from a university with 28-thousand students would be a sure thing. but as wissam will tell you, days. graduated in 08 from unlv. and this street used to be but for the last 10 years, 7 happened. something has changed.")) wissam would like to see smoother pavement on the boulevard along with pedestrian bridges, and better lighting. ((12:16:43 "after 5 o'clock it becomes so dark in here and dead and scary.")) barber shop manager "slow mean" agrees.
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intimidated crossing the street. ((12:02:58 barber shop manager: "with the traffic the congestion, alot of times they don't feel like making that trip right there..")) ((nat pop from last week's meeting)) last week, local officials met with u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox. they are hoping for millions of dollars in federal aide to speed the revitalization of the parkway. wissam alsabah is one business owner who's hoping help arrives soon./// ((paul joncich)) tomorrow, the urban land panel institute will bring together officials from several different agencies to talk about what needs to be done on the parkway. they'll conduct a roundtable discussion and the public is welcome. it starts at 8 a-m at the nevada system of higher education building on where else....maryland parkway. obama... preparing for his final address. ((denise valdez)) why tonight's state of the union address... likely won't be like any in
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us.
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obama is less than an hour away from giving his final state of the union speech. review-journal columnist steve sebelius is here with a preview. steve? ((steve sebelius)) the white house has promised this won't be a traditional state of the union speech. with most of his presidency
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to present a list of proposals he'd like to see congress enact, the things he's already accomplished. but there are still some items of unfinished business you should expect to hear about, such as gun control and raising the minimum wage. pundits will be watching the speech closely to see if the president is heckled, as he was in september 2009 when congressman joe wilson of south carolina shouted "you lie!" during an obama address to a joint session of congress. obama was speaking about immigration at the moment he was interrupted. or there was the time during the 2015 state of the union when republicans applauded the president when he said he had no obama paused before reminding the republican side of his audience that he'd won the 2008 and 2012 elections. nevadans will also figure prominently in tonight's event. it will be witnessed by state sen. aaron ford, the minority leader of the state senate, who is attending as a guest of senator harry reid. also invited by reid: unlv
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of the muslim student association. she'll be part of a group of college students who will be in the audience to promote initiatives to reduce student loan debt in america. for his part, reid will once more be a part of the committee of lawmakers chosen to escort obama into and out of the house chamber for his speech. not only that, but vietnam-era u.s. navy hospital corpsman cynthia dias, a registered nurse and advocate for veterans, will sit with first lady michelle obama for the speech. dias will sit in the first lady's box overlooking the house chamber. ((steve sebelius)) the white house says the president's speech will focus on his accomplishment s and suggest how building on them will help the poor and middle class in the country. aides to the president also told the new york times that he'll offer an optimistic vision for the future. ((denise valdez)) who's giving the response to the president's speech? ((steve sebelius)) the republican response will be given by south carolina governor nikki haley, but there's another nevada connection: the tea party response will be given by
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and activist wayne allyn root. ((denise valdez)) > we will broadcast tonight's state of the union address right here on channel 8. it will start at 6 and may last about about an hour and a half. it will be followed by our then n-c-i-s./// ((weather toss)) < tedd florendo > ((dave courvoisier)) > the runnin' rebels... shifting their focus back to the
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the game. ((denise valdez)) a preview of what to expect on the court tonight... in the first matchup without former head coach dave rice./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the
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todd simon will be head coach for the rest of the season. chris maathuis will have the game covered tonight, but joins us with a preview. ((chris maathuis)) it'll be interesting to see if simon makes any changes...
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lineup changes. maybe a little more pressure on the ball but of course the two biggest issues with this team are turnovers and rebounding. if the rebels can cut down on turnovers and fight for a few more rebounds, they'll be fine. it's hard to believe this team has lost 5 of its last six games. but maybe things will change tonight. (( )) todd simon: "it's been a little bit of a whirl wind a lot of people moving to keep this thing together. so there's been communication, we've got 15 games left in this thing there's plenty of season to go and we can do special things." ben carter/unlv; "team has got full support for coach simon and his staff all we're worried about is winnng our next game." ike nwamu/unlv; "biggest thing we've been preaching is staying together, there's no fraction, we're on the same page. we'going to stay together and keep growing as a unit."
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similar losing streak when they lost six of seven at nearly point in the season. in lon kruger first season here, he lost 4 in a row, two on the road and two straight at home. ((chris maathuis)) the rebels and lobos tip off tonight at 7... we'll be there live following the prersident's state of the union address. we'll give ya feel for the atmosphere and see what kind of reception todd simon gets from the fans. someone still believes in unlv... the rebels are 5 1/2 point favorites over new mexico tonight. protesters... refusing to leave. ((dave courvoisier)) why the militia in oregon say they aren't worried about facing any legal action./// ((coming up... the president's final state of the union address, with a nation divided on his performance. we ask bernie sanders about the tightening democratic race. plus meet the young man attending tonight's address. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. )) <
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first choice fo it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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((dave courvoisier)) > the armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in oregon continues this week... and supporters say they aren't worried about facing any legal consequences for what they are doing: ((lavoy finicum//supporter - i think that if they wanted legal action against me, don't you think after me being at the refuge there, they could already have as long a list as they want? if i'm not worried then, why should i start worrying now?)) ((dave courvoisier)) the harney county sheriff says ever since the militia led by family of nevada rancher cliven bundy came in... there's been an uptick in reports of vandalism, harassment and intimidation. the standoff started back on the 2-nd... over what the group calls unfair treatment of ranchers./// ((denise valdez)) > if you're looking to clear out some junk from your home... 8 news now has got you covered. our living green super recycling event is coming up saturday, january 23rd at the thomas and mack. you can recycle all sorts of
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get rid of your unused and expired medicine, and bring paperwork that needs shredded. goodwill will also be collecting household items. for the complete list of what we'll be accepting -- head over to las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((paula francis)) > the cbs evening news is next. /// news music ((dave courvoisier)) > ((denise valdez)) > calling for a rise in >> pelley: iran detains 10 american sailors in the persian gulf and seizes two u.s. navy patrol boats. also tonight, the president on the state of the union, and our new poll on the state of the race to succeed him. >> for many months they basically ignored us. well, guess what? they're not ignoring us right now.
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>> pelley: a clean water
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