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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for joining us, i'm kirsten joyce. loftus. the public outrage over the deaths of almost one hundred dogs and cats at the boulder city animal shelter... played a major role in the resignation of that town's police administrator. ((kirsten joyce)) but the full story hasn't come out until now. the i-team's george knapp has uncovered troubling allegations that have surfaced... and has the exclusive story. vanessa murphy/8 news now would you mind answering some questions for us? bill conger: i'd love to talk to you. you have to talk to the city manager. vm: i can't talk to you separately? bc: no. when bill conger was hired two years ago, he promised transparency and accountability in the boulder city police department but he found it a tough promise to keep in a town not known for either. public anger about the euthanization of animals is perceived as the issue that pushed him out the door, but there's much more to it.
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detectives met with clark county district attorney steve wolfson to hand over a criminal affidavit naming mary jo frazier, former manager of boulder city animal control, on 37 felony counts of animal cruelty. but multiple sources familiar with the story told to the i-team that wolfson got an earful about much more. boulder city officials continue to claim that police administrator conger did the right thing when he allowed mary jo frazier to retire rather than face criminal charges. in april of 2015, conger was told about widespread problems at the animal shelter by animal control employee ann inabnitt. a police investigation identified 91 dogs and cats that had been euthanized by frazier without waiting the required 5 days or getting an outside vet to sign off. documents obtained by the i-team show the actual number of suspicious euthanizations is closer to 1300.
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the city to be embarrassed and decided on his own the case would be tough to prove in court. however, the da was told last week that ann inabnitt initially warned conger about problems at the shelter a full year earlier, in april 2014. in that instance, inabnitt was upset when frazier allegedly came into the shelter with a dog owned by her ex husband. tom finn/former boulder city police chief: mary jo came into the shelter on her day off with her ex husband's dog, which was a dachshund and she stated quote, i'm tired of this dog pissing on the floor and she euthanized it in front of ann, put it in a bag, and threw it in a freezer and said don't put this in the log book and she left. within recent weeks, conger reportedly called inabnitt on the carpet and told her the meeting in 2014 never happened, that she never told him about that incident. something else relayed to the da-- the police investigators
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instructed by conger to omit any reference to other criminal matters..specifi cally allegations that cash and narcotic drugs were missing from the shelter. the da is now aware of those allegations and has requested followup information, according to prosecutors. a third issue hanging over conger's head is one that, like the others, was initially dug up by his predecessor, former chief tom finn, who uncovered this document showing that conger intervened in a dui case involving a family friend. he ordered the release of dianna gibson who'd was arrested in november 2014 for drunk driving. finn notes that conger isn't a peace officer. he was hired by a private contractor to be administrator, not the police chief, a move that was done so he could draw his full retirement along with a police salary. releasing a dui suspect without bail was a surprise to the former chief. finn: as a police chief, i never or'd anybody, it's just something i
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purview of a judge. i never saw this form before that was sent to me in my records request. george knapp 8 news now. ((kirsten joyce)) the only statement we have about why bill conger resigned is something that was posted on the family's facebook page but has since been removed. ((brian loftus)) it said recent events have been a distraction and hindered conger's ability to do his job... so he decided to move on and enjoy his retirement. no charges have been filed against frazier or anyone else, but the matter is still being considered by the d-a. ((kirsten joyce)) however, at least one legal action is underway. yesterday lawyers for boulder city delivered a subpoena to george... ordering him to report for a deposition they want to conduct. we'll of course keep you posted. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk it's another very cold morning... with clear skies and light
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grab a warm coat and some gloves - you'll need them for a while today again. ................. temps are in the 30s and near freezing and we'll stay cold for a while. ........... single digits and even zero in some areas of the west! ... mostly sunny and mid 50s today.
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alternate to merge onto westbound summerlin parkway. no delays through the rainbow curve right now. no < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the city of henderson had its first deadly crash of the year. it happened on lake mead parkway near industrial park... east of the 95. police say a motorcycle crashed into an s-u-v. the driver of the s-u-v was not seriously hurt... but themotorcycle rider was taken to sunrise where he later died. /// ((brian loftus)) > former clark county commissioner tom collins was in court... where he entered a no contest plea for a d-u-i charge. back on december 11th... the 65-year-old was leaving the national finals rodeo before he was involved in a crash at flamingo and koval. collins' attorney says he
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he received a suspended sentenced of 30 days... collins told the judge he takes full responsibility for his actions: ((tom collins // former clark county commissioner: you can't change history. i'm going forward. just like i did when the bulls got out. i still won my election by a landslide -- over there and celebrated independence day... and i still won an election by a north las vegas. i'm very popular in the whole state of nevada. )) ((brian loftus)) in august 2015... collins resigned from his commision seat citing family matters. he says he will still run for mayor as he had announced following his resignation. /// ((brian loftus)) > a teen was at the wrong place at the wrong time when he was fatally shot. ((kirsten joyce)) what happened just moments after he got back from school. ((brian loftus)) > plus -- ride- sharing company lyft is giving certain patients a chance to hitch a ride with them to the doctor's office. ///
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((brian loftus)) > a cincinnati teen is dead after his father confused him for someone trying to break in. police say the teen had skipped and snuck back into his home through the basement. the father heard a noise, grabbed his handgun and went to the basement. that's where police say.. he opened the basemennt door, startled his son... and the handgun went off. a neighbor says the they had a powerful father-son relationship: (( courizma williams/neighbor: "he always made sure that he wasn't out here running around with everybody else and made sure that his head was always clear and stuff. i know his dad is really
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)) ((brian loftus)) the teen was pronounced dead at the hospital. cincinatti police and county prosecutor's are still investigating the incident. /// ((brian loftus)) > the mother of the so-called "affluenza" teen has been released from jail. a judge lowered tonya couch's bond from one- million to 75- thousand dollars. she'll have to wear an electronic ankle monitor and undergo a mental evaluation. prosecutors accuse her of helping her son flee the country... to avoid a probation hearing. ethan couch was sentenced to probation... after killing 4 people in a drunk driving crash back in 2013... where he was only 16- years-old. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > las vegas based allegiant airlines added a new city to its growing itinerary. nonstop flights from las vegas to el paso, texas and knoxville, tennessee are ready to go starting this may. one-way fares for both cities start at 39- dollars. the flights will be twice weekly, year-round. allegiant airlines began their service here in las vegas back in 1999. they currently operate 52- routes to las vegas... bringing in more than 34- thousand visitors to the valley every year. /// ((kirsten joyce))
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city who need a ride to the doctor's office... could end up taking ride- sharing company lyft. the national medtrans network is booking 25- hundred of its 25-thousand weekly rides. the network arranges non- emergency medical rides for people. under the n-y-c test program... metrans operators can book a lyft car and driver by using a web- based dashboard. this partnership is lyft's first step into the medical world. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the state of florida is getting ready for a busy new year. ((brian loftus)) how many rocket launches are expected to fly high up into space.
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((sherry swensk)) > florida is expected to have a busy new year... with dozens of rocket launches expected off the state's coast.
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public what we can expect. space-x has 20 unmanned rocket launches planned for missions including making deliveries to the international space station. united launch alliance has 12 launches set up in cape canaveral... including several military and government satellites. /// ((sherry swensk)) > speaking of the east coast... for the second day in a row, lake effect snow has covered snow has covered multiple states... as a storm system continues to develop up there. parts of western new york already got 2 feet of snow... and the state is using over 900 pieces of equipment to help clear the roads. ///
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at today's weather. sherry swensk cold, cold morning in southern nevada and around the desert on this wednesday... so grab something warm before heading out the door - you'll need it today! ...................... check out the cold temps again today...
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and the south valley right now. ............... rain and snow are moving into the pacific northwest and central california is getting rain now. ............... really cold arctic air diving into the middle of the country and another shot coming late in the week will reinforce the extra cold temps. ............... we'll have more clouds today and warmer by the weekend. ((sherry swensk))
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demetria obilor nhp reporting a very serious !zinjury accident on westbound summerlin parkway near rampart.
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technicians says access from town center was blocked off and traffic attempting to merge west from rampart was blocked off. anasazi looks like your best alternate to merge onto westbound summerlin parkway. police activity on the northbound side of i-15 at the sahara exit. < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the countdown is on to super bowl 50! you can watch the big game right here on channel 8 february 7th. ((brian loftus)) and stick around because 8 new now is giving away 25- hundred dollars during our special newscast after the game! to enter.. just head to las vegas now dot com and click the banner at the top. while you're there check out our newly launched super bowl page... just click the sports tab. you'll find great information on nfl stats, past games, as well as game day recipes. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > all eyes were on the runnin' rebels as they hit the court ... ((brian loftus)) how they did in their first
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city girls went to the country for this week's wednesday's child. dave courvoisier introduces us to them... and their hope to find a new home. [dave courvoisier] the mckee ranch south of town is a mini-microcosm of farm animals...goats, pigs, horses, sheep, and lots of chickens. oddly enough, it was the "chickens" part that concerned our two sisters the most.
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were about the most scary things they'd ever seen... once we got past the fear of the roosters and hens, though, these two were able to enjoy all the other fun things about the mckee ranch. cici is the older sister at 9, but she's not always the one in charge. [cally, case worker] "it depends. sometimes bretta acts like the older one. i think they do an amazing job of taking care of each other." [dave courvoisier] "bretta" is labretta...the younger of the two at seven. they're both very active...they like sports and school, and especially going to the park. they love being together. [cally, case worker] they do, you can tell when they are together, their bond is really strong. they feed off each other a lot of the time with emotions all that. [dave courvoisier] right now cici and retta are in stable foster care, but they talk to callie all the time about adoption. [cally, case worker] we have had so many conversations about adoption and family. they've been really perfect about giving me tons of feedback. they are open to little siblings big siblings lots of different types of parents and family systems. so there really going to do well.
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would need a placement that going to nurture and direct them. [cally, case worker] so i'm looking for a single or a two- parent home.. i definitely feel very structured home would be able to set clear boundaries, but a fun family that's going to take them out, they're going to be active, enrolled in sports everyday after school. ((brian loftus)) > you can start the process by calling the adoption exchange -- 702- 436-6335. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > our living green super recycling event is saturday, mack. you can recycle all sorts of electronics... get rid of your unused and expired medicine... shredding. goodwill will also be collecting household items. just go to our website las vegas now dot com...
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former metro officers... facing serious charges.. the investigation into two separate incidents.. including one involving the justice department. ((kirsten joyce)) > plus... leaving the nation with one final state of the union.. the president's agenda for his last year in the white house. ((michael stevens)) < michael stevens is talking about the powerball drawing > < welcome to a brighter morning,
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