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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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he will be back in court next month for a preliminary hearing./// ((kirsten joyce)) > since last fall, we've learned of several arrests of area officers... plus the indictment of a former officer. bryce jones and robert moore were both arrested on charges of soliciting prostitutes... moore is accused of paying the prostitutes with crack. and former officer richard scavone was indicted this week... in a case where police say body camera footage shows him throwing a woman in cuffs to the ground, dragging her, and then slamming her head into the hood of his car. counselor ron lawrence says a high stress job like that plays a role.. but so does the power that comes with the position: ((ron lawrence/communit y counselor: "when our power differential becomes disaligned and all of the sudden we would succumb to things that give us power and that's usually when our boundaries become weak.")) ((kirsten joyce)) in the case of scavone, we have put in several requests for the body camera footage from last january's violent arrest, but metro has denied all of our requests. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > it is still a mystery as to who is walking
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night's powerball numbers were announced. the winning numbers are 4- 8-19-27-34 and powerball 10... and officials say there are three winners who will be splitting the one point 6 billion dollar prize. danielle nottingham is in chino hills, california... where one of the winning tickets was sold. (natz cheering) word spread fast in chino hills that this 7-11 sold a winning powerball ticket. "my grandma lives up the street and we heard the news so we came down here to see who the winner was, yeah it's not us (laughs)" the winner has not yet come forward, but that didn't stop the celebration. this morning, it was back to business as usual. some customers already were already buying tickets for saturday's drawing. (danielle question: do you think this is now a lucky spot for buying tickets?) rey goco/chino hills resident: i think so, now that i know where to go. yeah. the owner of this store also has good reason to celebrate...he gets a one million dollar cut. balvar atwal, store owner it's
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another winning ticket was sold at a supermarket near orlando and the third ticket was sold in munford, teenessee.not far from memphis. each winning ticket is worth almost $529 million dollars before taxes. danielle nottingham, cbs news, ((kirsten joyce)) california, tennessee, and florida all have state laws that require the winners names be released. so we will eventually find out who these new multi millionaires are... and there was a smaller jackpot sold to someone in primm..someone has a ticket worth one million dollars.... another one million dollar ticket was sold to someone in littlefield, arizona./// ((kirsten joyce)) > an international company is planning a major development in las vegas.. and they are looking to hire more than 800 people. check this out... topgolf... is opening a 4 story entertainment venue at the m- g-m in late may. it will obviously showcase golf... but in a hip environment with 5 bars... a pool and room for private events. they are looking for everything from bar tenders to golf instructors.
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just go to las vegas now dot com, and it is under the links we mentioned section. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > anyone flying with jet blue today... may want to head to the airport earlier than normal. jetblue airways says they are having intermittent network issues because of a power outage at their data center. the problem can cause travelers to have to wait for the network to get back up.. so mccarran officials are advising those people to arrive earlier to prepare./// ((kirsten joyce)) the race for the democratic nomination is getting tighter. a new poll shows the race in iowa.. could go either way. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by just 2 points in the des moines register/bloomb erg poll. clinton led that same poll last month by 9 points. the two will face off on sunday at their next debate in charleston south carolina./// ((kirsten joyce)) > that comes as the top republican candidates head to charleston tonight.. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich are taking part in fox business network's prime-time
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mike huckabee, rick santorum and carly fiorina will face off in the earlier debate. rand paul was bumped from the main event.. and is now protesting taking part in the undercard./// ((kirsten joyce)) > republican candidate carly fiorina is coming to las vegas. on sunday... she will hold a town hall event at the siena community association ballroom... near town center drive and flamingo... from 11 a-m to noon. then on monday, you can have "coffee with carly" from 8 a-m to 9 a-m... at the peppermill restaurant on the boulevard near convention center drive. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > italian police have arrested a man in connection with the murder of florida native ashley olsen. the 35- year- old had moved to florence more than 2 years ago... to be close to her father and start over after a divorce. she had been at a nightclub.. and was seen entering her apartment with the man police say killed her. the suspect is tidiane cheik diaw...a man from senegal with no criminal record. he worked distributing flyers for local nightclubs..
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evidence that points to him being responsible./// ((kirsten joyce)) > get ready for your car... to collect data of you.. we're taking you to the showroom floor... to explore the future of technology behind the wheel... with the top auto makers. ((sherry swensk)) we had a really cold start to our thursday... with clear skies overnight. dropped down to freezing and below again for several neighborhoods, so the sunshine feels great! now more clouds are on the horizon and we'll see those move in throughout the afternoon... as storms continue to bring rain and snow to the west. when is our next chance for some
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take a look in ou((kirsten joyce)) > cars are on display this week... after a record breaking year... where 17 and a half million vehicles were sold in the u-s. kris van cleave takes us to the north american international auto show in detroit. it has the feel of a fashion show- but the models are measured in tons. and the designs - think metallic chic. unveiled this week - the return of lincoln's famed continental.
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"we're using the lincoln continental to really express what we call quiet luxury, lexus wasn't being quiet with this debut. volvo and mercedes are pushing safety. (mercedes handout) the e- 300 sedan can even do much of the driving for you. "concept cars like this one from buick are fan favorites. part of the reason more than 800,000 people come to this show. but also on display this year are fundamental changes going on in the auto business." "this is so nice." (tim stevens/cnet editor at large) "they're seeing the writing on the wall, that as autonomy comes out, as ultimately people are sharing more and more cars, they're going to be interacting and they may not even be purchasing cars, it's going to be a whole differently world for them." gm designed it's new fully electric chevy bolt for that different world. it can travel more than 200 miles on a charge. and costs under 30 grand. getting a slice of the 5.3 billion transportation services pie, means smarter cars... collecting your personal data. (mark fields) "we're a technology company and more and more we're becoming an information company." kvc: "are you talking about tracking where
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mf: "this is not about tracking individual customers, this is about customers electing to share their data with us so that in the aggregate, we can discern patterns there." patterns in a business where everything is changing. kris van cleave, cbs news, detriot michigan. ((kirsten joyce)) and all eyes will be on nevada as the future of cars evolves... with both tesla and faraday futures making us the home battery operation for their cars./// ((kirsten joyce)) > now might be the time you want to finally tie yourself down... and buy a home. the interest rate drop that could lock more people into a mortgage.
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> now nevada's first choice foj@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo.
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and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. stock market roller coaster has
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the side effect is lower interest rates for home buyers. we are on the second straight weekly decline for the rate on the key 30 year loan... the average rate is at 3-point-92 percent. while that rate is higher than the low of 3- point- 66 we saw last year... it is still well below the historic average of 6 percent. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > a new report suggests nevadans need a lesson on managing money. credit cards dot com says we're 6th worst in the nation.. when it comes to finance.s the study compared every state's average credit score with its median income. the report also found nevada has the second lowest average credit score and a median income that's 10 percent lower than the national average./// ((sherry swensk)) we started out super cold this morning with
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temps... now the high clouds are sliding in as we expected. ............. temps around the valley right now are moving out of the 40s and getting into the low 50s. winds are light and that could create some moderate air quality for the afternoon. ................ it was good to have sunshine early today and that will give us a chance to maybe hit some mid 50s by mid afternoon. those morning lows have been so very cold... with freezing temps and even 20s again this morning. ............... temps near 50 outside the valley... with mid 50s in laughlin and chilly 30s hanging on in pioche and rachel. ............ morning lows about 10 degrees below normal in some spots and it will be nice to get those numbers warmer.
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and sunset later at 4:47. ........... more high clouds today and winds return to the mountains tonight and friday. then even cloudier skies return to the valley for the weekend with a slight chance of snow showers in the mountains. trying to get temps back to 60 during the weekend. ..................... here come the high clouds sliding in and rain and snow into northern california... with wind in the southern sierra getting gusty tonight and friday. .......... look for more snow in the northeast and gusty cold winds... while we hope to warm up a little into the weekend./// < ((weather toss))> ((kirsten joyce)) > just into the newsroom...
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woman accused of kidnapping and killing a 10- year- old girl... just pleaded guilty.... brenda stokes- wilson pled guilty to murder with a deadly weapon and first degree kidnapping... among other charges. back in 2012... stokes- wilson stabbed 10 -year -old jade morris... the girl was the daughter of her ex-boyfriend. her body was found dumped in the construction area of a new home project. her sentencing is set for march 9.///
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entertainment world is mourning the loss of another famed performer. alan rickman.. known for his roles in harry potter.. and love actually..
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rickman was a trained shakespearean actor.. who performed both classical and modern roles.. including on stage with the royal shakespeare company. he also won a bafta.. which is the british equivalent of the oscars... for his roll as the sheriff of nottingham in 1991's robin hood prince of thieves. rickman was battling cancer. and died surrounded by family and friends./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the list is out.. we now know who is up for oscar. the nominees were announced this morning in hollywood. the revenant leads the pack.. with 12 nominations including best picture, best actor and best director. there are 7 other films going for the best picture... including mad max fury road.. which got 10 nominations. as well as the big short.. brooklyn... spotlight... the martian.. and bridge of spies. one nomination in particular had the crowd cheering when it was announced: ((academy: and slyvester stallone in creed. wooo!! )) stallone was nominated for best supporting actor.. is his reprisal his of rocky balboa in "creed." it comes nearly 40 years after he was nominated for an oscar for
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((kirsten joyce)) > and another classic... is returning to t- v... the much wanted... and much denied reunion of a t-v show favorite is happening... when you can catch the friends special. ///
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four... there will be more troopers patroling mount charleston this weekend. how n-h-p hopes to clear up some /// and we'll sit down to talk with man who's company made the sign. what the co- owner of yesco has to say about his apperance on /// ((kirsten joyce)) > you may not
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lucky person 25-hundred dollars richer. it's part of our super bowl giveaway... all you have to do is go to las vegas now dot com... enter to win.. and then tune into our special broadcast super bowl evening at 8 pm... to find out if you won./// ((kirsten joyce)) > and talk about some must see t-v... this next one has been in the works... talked about and denied for years... but now we know... the original cast of the hit t-v show friends... just signed on a for a reunion! the 2 hour special will air next month on n-b-c. we're told it's not going to be quite like the original.. but everyone will be a part of it. it's set to pay tribute to the show's director. this will be the first friends reunion since the show ended in 2004./// > that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter. have a great afternoon./// > just into the newsroom...
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>> brooke: [ breathing heavily ] oh, what are we doing? >> bill: following our instincts.
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