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tv   8 News Now at 6 AM  CBS  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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actually took a year off from performing to help her ailing husband. she returned to the colleseum in august. ((brian loftus)) rene was more than a supportive husband. he discovered her... and was her manager. he brough her to las vegas... where the couple raised their three children. celine was supposed to perform this weekend.. but her shows have since been cancelled. it's un clear if she'll still perform in february./// ((demetria obilor)) > not surpringsly.. rene and celine are trending this morning. their love.. for eachother and music.. spawned decades of hits and performances. last summer.. i had the opportunity to interview celine.. about singing and living here in las vegas.. she said.. her family loves being in the valley. ((celine dion:las vegas has become our primary home. so we are making ourselves very comfortable we love it here, we love the community, we love the support)) ((demetria obilor)) many of you are expressing your sympathy toward celine and her family online. here are some of the tweets you've sent. one user wrote: one of the greatest love stories every told. rest in peace rene
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real and rare love that i want. and another tweet.. bye rene, rest in peace, all my thoughts to celine and her family. you can send your condolences too. just use the hashtage celine dion./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk some clouds overnight keeping temps a little milder this
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clearing, but more clouds coming in today so it will be a short-lived sunny sky when that sun comes up in about an hour. .......... we hit the mid 50s yesterday and we should make it there again and maybe a little warmer this afternoon. ...... more clouds for the weekend with storms rolling out of the pacific and into the west this weekend. back to you! brian loftus > a number of
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neighborhood are on edge after a small dog vanishes... and they say a coyote is to blame. kirsten joyce 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live from henderson this morning. michael, what are neighbors telling you? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... i'm standing off of valle verde and paso verde... and i'm told... verde... and i'm told... the dog was snatched from a backyard of one of these houses that lines the street. street. neighbors in the area say the owner of the dog alerted them via e-mail. i spoke to the owner who says she wanted everyone to know what happened. she told me it was around seven in the morning on christmas eve... when a coyote jumped her 5- foot wall snatched her yorkie -- and leaped back over. the owner says she chased after the wild animal but couldn't find it... she says she then called animal control... but there was nothing they could do. people we spoke to living in the community say they see coyote's pretty often. they suspect they come from the mountains... and travel down a wash... located on the back side of
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((jen morley // henderson resident: you never know what they're going to do. they're wild animals -- so it's just a little alarming when you have small children and pets and things and so you want to make sure everyone's safe walking around the community and the parks. )) ((michael stevens)) i reached out animal control... to ask if there's a coyote problem in the area... and never heard back. i also spoke to the people at project coyote... a national organization that promotes the coexistence between people and wildlife. they say these types of incidents tend to happen because new developments have pushed coyotes away from their dens... and they typically come back to hunt for rodents... or small animals. coming up in our next half hour... i'll tell you what you should do if you ever come in contact with a coyote... and ways to prevent what happened in this neighborhood from happening to you. ((brian loftus)) michael... did the owner say how long it took for the coyote to get away? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... i'm told it was seconds... she said her dog was in the backyard...
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saw the coyote snatch the dog and it instantly... took-off from there. back to you./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor accident on eastbound 215 ramp to i-15 south along the south beltway. no delays out along i-15 and flamingo right now. closures begin sunday in the northwest. that's up next. < > < > back to you! ((brian loftus)) > metro police
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suspect of adeadly shooting. it happened last night outside a home near washington and ranch. police say a group of people were arguing in the driveway when someone opened fire. a 70-year-old man died in the gunfire. another man was hit and taken to u-m-c in extremly critical condition. the suspect took off before police arrived./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the woman who brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend's 10-year-old daughter.. will likely be spared the death penalty. brenda stokes wilson agreed to a plea deal. in 2012.. the 53- year-old killed jade morris... then went on to slash a co- worker with razor blades at the bellagio. as part of the deal.. wilson will plead guilty to first degree kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon, as well as murder with a deadly weapon. she's set to be sentenced in march and is expected to get life in prison./// ((kirsten joyce)) > one group of students.. is finding out.. learning.. can be really fun ((where else in school do you get to play with legos!" )) ((brian loftus)) the robots they are creating..
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it's all coming up in what's cool at school. ((kirsten joyce)) > plus...first it was cones, now the whole road is shutting down. demetria explains why this bridge will close for three months starting monday. in "what's driving you crazy?"
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> happening now.. two astronuats are taking part in a 6 and half hour space walk outside the i-s-s. u-s army colonel timothy kopra and british astronaut timothy peake are replacing a shorted out solar voltage regulator. it's been out of service since last year. the british astronaut is the first from his country to do a spacewalk./// brian loftus > elementary school students designing and developing robots, for competition, in today's "what's cool at school!" ((brian loftus)) fourth-and- fifth graders at twitchell elementary are beyond busy - in full preparation mode for a robotics competition. they need to make sure their robots, or bots, are ready to perform on the big day stacy carpenter co-chair of robotics club "they started with miniscule pieces and parts, and now they have this robot, and it does things, and they've coded
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they've really felt like they accomplished a lot together already." ((brian loftus)) the competition is weeks away, and the goal for the bot is to be able to complete various tasks - like rolling up and down ramps, and using it's claw to pick up a ball, and make a shot collin moxley 5th grade "you have to have the right sensitivity, so you can still make precise adjustments so you're not way off on on one side of the ball or the other." ((brian loftus)) these are student ideas and designs! strategy is utilized as they iron out details, and,the excitement for their bot to maybe stand out, builds with each day... demi lira 5th grade "excited, and nervous...cause i don't know if the robot is going to fall, or if its gonna work properly." ((brian loftus)) those feelings all a part of the preparation process, and it's that process....the collaborative teamwork to achieve a goal, that has impressed their teachers stacy carpenter co-chair of robotics club "they're proud to walk in and say....that's my bot, it may break down today, but boy we had an amazing time trying to get here." demi lira 5th grade "we get to work with different people and we get to
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really fun to work with." samuel chen 4th grade "we all try to make it the best it can be, so when we actually figure it out, we try to make it even better than that." ((brian loftus)) while we were there, one bot briefly malfunctioned. ((brian loftus)) we witnessed students interacting with teachers, and volunteer high-schoolers from coronado, to work through the problem together. they quickly found a fix. collin moxley 5th grade "learning how to program it with the software can effect you to understand actual programming." stacy carpenter co-chair of robotics club "it's a huge learning curve for all of us the teachers and the students, and they've really run with it, and i've just been proud of them for persevering and working through the failures and attempts that havent worked....they're coming along!" ((brian loftus)) this is another example of kids so engaged with the material, so excited about a project...that school becomes fun! collin moxley 5th grade "where else in school do you get to play with legos!" demi lira 5th grade brian: "what is the thing the robot is doing that you're most proud of?" demi: "ugh....that it's actually working!" ((laughing)) ((brian loftus))
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brian loftus > to vote for this program or if you know something that's cool at school juste to las vegasw dot com.. i "sections" in the upper left corner ..d cool at school will be under e "community" tab. sendsnmail... ol at school at las vegas nowt com. the winner will receive 250 bucks for their program./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk get ready for a cloudy
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we've had some clearing overnight and we'll have some sun this morning... but more clouds coming in today. .......... we hit the mid 50s yesterday and we should make it there and a maybe a little warmer this afternoon. ..... let's check temps around the country. ...... more clouds for the weekend with storms rolling out of the pacific and into the west this weekend. highs reaching the low 60s by sunday and monday. back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > it's one of
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documentary series on t-v. and today.. doctor phil is tackling netflix's "making a murderer." the series focuses on the convictions of steven avery. he was first found guilty for a rape he didn't commit, and served 18 years in prison. 2 years after his release, he was arrested for murder, and then sentenced to life in prison. he says he was framed by the police department, after suing for wrongful conviction. doctor phil will talk to several people in case..
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arrested him in the first case. (( phil: when he was released after 18 years did you have any guilt for arresting an innocent man? petersen: no, none what so ever. i was just doing my job. phil: did you ever apologize? petersen: to steven, no. phil: if you were face to face with avery right now today, would you have anything to say to him? petersen: i'd tell him he's exactly where he belongs and he should be there as along as he lives. )) ((kirsten joyce)) doctor phil also talks to h-l-n's nancy grace... and the reporter who first spoke with avery from jail... following his second arrest. doctor phil's two part episode on "making a murderer" airs tonight right here on channel 8.. at 3 pm... followed by our 4 o'clock newscast. the second part will air monday at the same time./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor construction continues in the northwest. the northbound 95 off-ramp to 215 is scheduled to close sunday night and reopen monday morning as part of construction for the
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< > back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > safely getting rid of unused and expired prescription meds.. ((brian loftus)) sherry explains how this year's super recycle event.. will help in the fight.. to keep them off the street. > and it's time for today's facebook contest. register to win on our facebook page. good luck!///
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> our super saturday recycling event is coming up a week from tomorrow and one of our partners this year is the care coalition, an organization commited to properly disposing of unused and expired medicines. with us this morning is karla
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((sherry swensk)) karla banda thanks so much. for more on the super recycle
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visit las vegas now dot com. demetria. let's send things over to you./// demetria obilor > bruce says, "there's a sign posted stating be closed january 18. they've just finished a major repaving of this street and a closure makes no sense. " the stephanie street bridge over us 95 will shut down for 90 days beginning monday, january 18. henderson says drivers will be detoured around the area using russell road and galleria drive. this $18.5 million project started last june and is scheduled to wrap up this april. when all is said and done, there will be a new two-lane bridge on stephanie street over us 95. stufflebeam avenue will be expanded, so it intersects with stephanie. pedestrian and bicyclist access will be improved on both routes, as well.
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send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. back to you. ((kirsten joyce)) > it was the kick.. that ended his team's season. ((brian loftus)) the support this minnesota vikings kicker is getting.. after missing the shot.. that could have advanced them in
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> teachers.. will be getting the pay raise they say they've waited years for. the deal.. the district voted for.. unanimously. plus (( (ted cruz/ republican presidential candidate) "since september the constitution hasn't changed, but the poll numbers have. )) kirsten joyce > the top gop contenders face-off in their sixth debate. the issues they fought over.. and what the experts have to say about their performance ((michael stevens)) > michael stevens is live with
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< welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. this morning.. the republican presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail... one day after squaring off in their sixth debate. ((brian loftus)) seven of the leading candidates took the stage during the primetime event.. but as don champion reports ...much of the spotlight stayed on the two frontrunners.. donald trump.. and ted cruz. don champion: one of donald trump's strongest political moments came when defended his hometown. his clash with ted cruz was one of the most talked about moments of last night's debate. ted cruz/ republican presidential candidate) everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal are pro-abortion are pro game marriage donald trump/ republican presidential candidate) when the world trade center came down, i saw
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could have handled more beautifully than new york ( steve chaggaris/ senior political editor/ cbs news) you had this really heartfelt response from trump, and you don't get a lot of heartfelt responses from trump don champion: cruz is running neck and neck with trump in iowa. pundits say he scored major points for going toe to toe with the billionaire candidate...specific ally on the birther issue: (nancy cordes/ cbs news correspondent) when you go after cruz in a personal way, and you damage someone who they think would make a fine nominee than trump is really on thin ice. don champion: the republican contenders have just one more debate...before the iowa caucus. don champion cbs news. ((brian loftus)) the three democratic presidential contenders - hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley- will square off in their next debate sunday night - in charleston, south carolina./// sherry how's the weather today?
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some clouds overnight keeping temps a little milder this morning and now we have some clearing, but more clouds coming in today. .......... we hit the mid 50s yesterday and we should make it there and a maybe a little warmer this afternoon. ...... more clouds for the weekend with storms rolling out of the pacific and into the west this weekend. back to you! ((brian loftus)) > after months
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negotiations.. clark county teachers are now receiving a new contract. all 7 trustees approved a new 2 year contract at thursday's board meeting. it means more than 18 thousand teachers will received a pay raise. the deal also includes a bump in new teacher's salary. their base pay will now be 40 thousand dollars a year. current teachers will also see an increase in their salary.. based on their education and experience./// ((kirsten joyce)) > nevada schools will be getting more than 160 social workers and
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help with bullying. it's thanks to a new 5 point 6 million dollar grant. the money is part of a broad anti-bullying intiative coordinated by the state's new office for a safe and respectful learning environment. the office says investting in our students' social and mental health will help their academic performance. the social workers will work in 11 districts and 6 charter schools./// morning? demetria obilor big delays in north las vegas after a pair of crashes on southbound i-15 near craig....traffic is getting by in one lane right now, so traffic is going to continue to stack back. accident on eastbound 215 exit to i-15 south. < > < > back to you!
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great in the commercial.. but does it work? ((kirsten joyce)) michelle mortensen goes on your side.. to find out. . in today's try it before you buy it: the toucan can opener. coming up..
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us.
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one local community are blaming a coyote... for attacking a small dog. kirsten joyce it happened last month... now residents are taking action... happened... brian loftus 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live near valle verde and paseo verde where these sighting's are becoming more common. michael, what are people saying out there? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... people i spoke to living out the past... they've heard of a dog being snatched. neighbors in a nearby gated community say they were alerted about the incident via e-mail. the owner of the dog said a coyote jumped her back wall and took her small dog. i reached out to project coyote dot org, a national organization that promotes the coexistence between people and wildlife. people with the organization say negative encounters often happen when coyotes are being intentionally or unintennially fed. they say sometimes people don't
6:30 am
attract them to yards like fruit trees, garbage and compost: ((gina farr // project coyote: they're very, very widespread. and they are natural urbanites because they can find what they need to survive in our cities quite easily. we provide an abundance of food water and shelter. and the food in particular is attractive -- the natural foods that cities produce and suburbs produce are rats. )) ((michael stevens)) the people at project coyote say the best way to keep coyote's from bothering you is to limit any thing like fruit... and bird seed that might attract rodents that then attract coyotes. project coyote adds food bowls for pets, pools and irrigation lines can also attract them. another thing to remember is they are out here... so it's important to watch small children and animals closely when they're outside. they say if you ever do come in contact with a coyote... make yourself visible... and more than likely they'll run away. ((brian loftus)) > michael... is animal control doing anything about these sort of sightings?
6:31 am
kirsten... i reached out to animal control to ask that question... they did not return my call./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk some clouds overnight keeping temps a little milder this morning and now we have some clearing, but more clouds coming in today. .......... we hit the mid 50s yesterday and we should make it there and a maybe a little warmer this afternoon. ...... more clouds for the weekend with storms rolling out of the pacific and into the west this weekend.
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((kirsten joyce)) > when was the last time you thought about a can opener? it's probably been a while. ((brian loftus)) but there's a new one on the market.. claiming to be the world's easier and best.. so michelle mortensen got on your side.. to try it before you buy it. ((you struggle, squeeze and strain your hands but it's such a pain open that can.)) :but not anymore thanks to the toucan. the worlds easiest hands-free can opener )) ((16 just put it on top of the can press the button and in seconds your can is open .. wow! )) (( this thing claims it can do it all. open any can, any jar, and any pull tab plus no razor sharp edges and we're going to put it all to the test.)) we open it up and slap in 4 double aa batters .. and try opening our first can. ((we just place the toucan right
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button.... seems to be doing ...... what?? yeah ... it is not moving. michelle laughs nope .. still not working ((how does it stop? stop! oh my lanta!! is there an off button )) finally!! so that didn't work. but we try again .. after re-reading the directions .. which really aren't that complicated... yet ... (( ok it's attached this time )) and so we help it along... ((maybe it needed help a little guiding )) but in the end ... nope ... that wasn't the case
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more college try (( c'mon buddy you can do it )) turns out third time is a charm ((loook at that. )) but three tries was just 2 too many to be called a deal...this one is a dud. once we got it working the toucan did open the can without any razor sharp edges .. and it also opened jars and pop top lids. it runs about 19.99 and is available online and at most major retailers. ((kirsten joyce)) for any consumer issue you might run into... just call the 8 on your side hotline at 702- 650- 1907./// demetria, how are the roads this morning?
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big delays in north las vegas on southbound i-15 near craig. the crash along the eastbound clearing stages. tow truck on scene. you should have all your lanes back shortly. < > < > back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > it was the kick that ended his season ((blair walsh:"i'll take the blame because i deserve every second of it" )) ((brian loftus)) but a group of supporters.. didn't let the vikings kicker wallow for too long.
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spirits. plus... (((norah) ahead on cbs this morning, charlie talks to sean penn about his interview with el chapo. we'll get a preview of the 60 minutes conversation. whether the actor fears for his life. the news is back in the morning.
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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50! you can watch the big game right here on channel 8 february 7th. 8 new now is giving away 25- hundred dollars during our special newscast after the game! to enter.. just head to las vegas now dot com and click the banner at the top. while you're there check out our newly launched super bowl page./// ((sherry swensk)) > the playoffs continue this weekend.. but one team won't be kicking off.. after a major upset at the end of a game last week. minnesota kicker blair walsh missed a 27-yard field goal... with only seconds left in the fourth quarter. fans.. were obviously upset.. but now walsh is getting some support from an unlikely place. ((student: "dear blair i feel bad for you" student: "you are so so good at football" student: "don't give up- you're still number one" )) ((sherry swensk)) the students at northpoint elementary school outside minneapolis wrote him letters of sympathy and encouragement. they meant so much to walsh..
6:39 am
to thank them. ((blair walsh/minnesota vikings"thank you very much for all the letters you wrote and the cards- very very touching to me. it says a lot about you guys that you were willing to do that" )) ((sherry swensk)) walsh says he plans to keep all the cards and letter the students sent him. sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk
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keeping temps a little milder this morning and now we have some clearing, but more clouds coming in today. .......... we hit the mid 50s yesterday and we should make it there and a maybe a little warmer this afternoon. ...... more clouds for the weekend with storms rolling out of the pacific and into the west this weekend. back to you!
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morning. 2 marine helicopter collided off the coast of oahu. the coast guard says six people were on board both choppers. crews are currently in the midst of a search and rescue mission. a debris field has been spotted coast. no word on what caused the collision of if anyone survived./// ((brian loftus)) > indonesia's national police say the group responsible for thursday's deadly attack.. was funded by isis. five men attacked a starbucks and traffic police booth... killing two and injuring 20. the terrorists were armed with hand-made bombs, guns and suicide belts. all five were killed in the attack./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor delays in north las vegas on southbound i-15 near craig. delays on southbound i-15 and charleston.... monday is mlk day, so expect closures in the late morning
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fourth will close between gass and stewart for the parade. < > < >
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us.
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just opened for the morning and stocks are taking a tumble. the dow is down 350 points. it jumped 227 points yesterday and the nasdaq was up 89./// ((kirsten joyce)) > chipotle will close all of its restaurants next month for a few hours to hold staff meetings about food safety. the company has been in the hotseat this past year... tied to series of disease
6:45 am
salmonella and norovirus. some customers are even suing./// kirsten joyce > from hugh hefner.. to.. not knowing our own names.. it's been an interesting week on 8 news now. brian loftus here's a look at our brighter moments. ((brian loftus)) thanks for being with us it's 630. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten j. kirsten joyce. im still waking up apparently. ((brian loftus)) i'm brian l. ((kirsten joyce)) today the largest jackpot up for grabs in the latest powerball drawing ((michael stevens)) what would you do if you won? man: i'd buy 18 cars so i'd be set for life, nice house, then i'd take care of my family next, then i'd spread the rest through charities woman: i'd give everyone i know a million dollars. if i know 100 people, that's only 100 million ((brian loftus)) get ready for a flurry of text messages going "uh hey dude can you buy me a ticket ((sherry swensk)) michael's buying our tickets right? hey dude, can you buy our tickets? ((kirsten joyce)) did you take down all your holiday decorations this weekend? ((sherry swensk)) we took down a few. ((brian loftus)) i did that the week before last ((kirsten
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((sherry swensk)) already? you've got a little ways to go ((brian loftus)) i like how kirsten looks at the weather like a light switch and i'm turning winter off. ((brian loftus)) and spring on ((sherry swensk)) spring on yes! ((brian loftus)) there are three winning tickets. i always want to play bass during this ((kirsten joyce)) do do do do do do do. all right! ((demetria obilor)) a famous home is up for sale.. but it comes with a roommate. the playboy mansion is up for sale, but there's a catch, the buyer has to let hugh hefner live there, until he passes away ((brian loftus)) you know who's gonna want to buy the house, the husband, honey i found a great home. its a real winner ((kirsten joyce)) with 22 thousand square feet they may not even see each other ((sherry swensk)) i think who ever lives in that house would make it a point to run into hugh, laughter > thanks for joining us. "c-b-s this morning" starts right now.///
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in the west. it is friday, january 15th, 2016. welcome to cbs this morning. sean penn breaks his silence to charlie roosevelt about intervening the world's drug lord. an urgent search and rescue operation off the coast of hawaii after two marine helicopters collided. ted cruz slams donald trump and his new york values in the latest gop debate, plus democratic candidate bernie sanders joins us. >> we begin with a look at
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