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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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going to happen at 11 of m-g-m's properties on the las vegas strip. company leaders says it's to meet the growing demand of added people with cars on the strip coming for food and entertainment. but there may be other reasons to it as well. ((mauricio marin)) parking on the las vegas strip is soon gonna cost you on m- g-m resort properties. that has some people upset. (( gretchen peterson/visitor: "i don't valet and i prefer self parking because i don't want to pay for something like that and there's plenty of space. it's not like they're running out of parking spots." )) ((mauricio marin)) while others understand companies have to turn a profit. ((john anderson/patron: "they gotta do what they gotta do to make money but in the end it wouldn't be nice to have to pay an extra $10 a day to stay here." )) ((mauricio marin)) 10-bucks a night is the maximum m-g-m plans to charge overnight guests starting the 2nd quarter of the year. u-n-l-v center for gaming research director david schwartz says gaming revenue only made up about 35- percent of revenue for hotels and casinos on the strip last year. they're increasingly relying on other ways to bring in cash... like resort fees that started a
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schwartz says time will tell if other hotels on the strip will start charging for parking too. ((david schwartz/unlv center for gaming research: "it's hard to say some things like resort fees start at one or two properties then end up spreading throughout across most of the city other things aren't well received and don't go over so it's really hard to say which one this is going to go." )) ((mauricio marin)) with the added cash---leaders with m-g-m resorts international say enhancements are coming for customers. work will begin on a new parking structure at excalibur. near the t- mobile arena set to open in april. adding 3- thousand parking spots. and improving existing parking areas adding up to about 90-million dollars in total cost. for some the cost to park isn't a big deal. ((john anderson/patron: you're in vegas so you can always make that money back." )) ((mauricio marin)) others say it's going to have them thinking twice about where they stay next time they visit.
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"why would i go to a casino charging for parking when other ones aren't, it's just doesn't make sense they make a lot of money as it is." )) ((mauricio marin)) other hotel and casinos like wynn said they would monitor the situation. las vegas sands corp which runs the palazzo and venentian declined to comment. station casinos...which owns properties off the strip say parking is a free amenity they''re pleased to offer guests. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) they plan to offer discounted parking for locals? ((mauricio marin)) m-g-m is still working to figure out how much they're going to charge people just stopping off for dinner or to hang out on the strip. for those with the companies loyalty card program...they'l l be able to earn free parking. back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) > tonight,
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victim is thanking a metro homicide detective....afte r a major break in the case. vanessa murphy is here with this exclusive story. ((vanessa murphy)) dave, somehow after this tragedy....there' s kind of a bright spot in this connection between the grandmother and detective. the teen's family waited months to hear the news - that the man believed to have killed him was arrested. and during that time - the grandmother and detective developed a bond. ((ruby taylor/grandson killed: i told him make sure you come right back. he said, i am, granny, i'll be right back.)) ((vanessa murphy)) tiyvone taylor mills never returned home. the 16 year old was shot dead last october in the northwest valley. days later... ((ruby: we seen my grandson.)) ((vanessa murphy)) ruby taylor saw this video.... ((ruby: and we seen him get shot.)) ((vanessa murphy)) after metro police released it.... ((ruby: we seen the fire from the gun.)) ((vanessa murphy)) to help catch the killer. ((ruby: we seen his body go over and come back and fall. and the scariest thing, he was left there by hisself.)) ((vanessa murphy)) the grandmother was determined to
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but through the holidays - no arrest. ((detective dolphis boucher: i think we talked almost everyday except the weekends.)) ((vanessa murphy)) dolphis boucher is a metro homicide detective. ((boucher: it just struck me that she didn't give up faith in the process.)) ((vanessa murphy)) in january - police released a second video....referrin g to a person of interest.... detective boucher says ruby played a major role in tracking down information and developing credible tips.... ((boucher: everytime we spoke she said god bless you and i know that you're gonna figure this out and you know we'll keep praying for you.)) ((vanessa murphy)) they became a team... ((boucher: she trusted me.)) ((vanessa murphy)) and this week - as ruby explains it - her prayers were answered. ((ruby: the detective called me and told me that they had arrested him. )) ((boucher: she said umm god is great and she thanked me.)) ((vanessa murphy)) thanks to a tip - 24 year old jimmy robinson, junior was arrested for murder in california. ((boucher: for me, that was the best part was being able to tell ruby.)) ((vanessa murphy)) and for ruby - this metro homicide
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justice for her grandson. ((ruby: that man is amazing. he made sure that this guy was caught. i stayed on him, you gotta catch him, this is my baby, this is my grandson and he did.)) ((vanessa murphy)) and ruby says because of her faith - she has no choice but to forgive the person who killed her grandson.... at the same time - she says she of course won't forget. she plans on attending the court dates for the suspect as well. he's still awaiting extradition. dave? ((dave courvoisier)) vanessa, any motive identified here? ((vanessa murphy)) dave, no - we don't have that information just yet.... but in that video - the first grainy video released - it appears ruby's grandson tiyvone may have been arguing with the suspect beforehand....bu t we may know more next week. ((dave courvoisier)) > six people had to be taken to the hospital today after an apparent getaway attempt resulted in a traffic crash.
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they were pursuing crashed at the cheyenne and rancho intersection the call went out just after one p-m at a home about five minutes down the road. when police stopped the suspect vehicle, it took off... ultimately crashing into another vehicle and hitting a pedestrian. we're told one of the victims is a juvenile. the extent of injuries are not known at this time. no officers were hurt. we returned to the home where the burglary call originated. the homeowners were a little rattled, but seemed to be o- k./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > metro detectives have released a photo of the man they want to talk to in connection with last night's deadly shooting near washington and rancho. police believe that 37 year-old gerardo campos-torres may have valuable information to help with the investigation. the shooting happened outside a house after an argument... and may have been the result of an ongoing dispute. today, the coroner's office identified the first victim as 76 year-old bacilio garcia- vasquez. another man remains in critical
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if you have any information, you are asked to call crimestoppers where you can remain anonymous.// ((dave courvoisier)) > a protester with the armed militia group in oregon was arrested today... in connection with a stolen vehicle belonging to the national wildlife refuge. oregon state police arrested 62 year-old kenneth medenbach on probably cause for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. this is file video of the man. according to court records, the man is also facing charges for illegally camping on federal land. he's filed two lawsuits against the federal government over issues that were dismissed. meanwhile, the group occupying the wildlife refuge did not meet with community members today as planned... and blamed a judge: (( lavoy finicum/arizona rancher: "unfortunately, judge has been most active in squashing (plans) to make sure we have no access to facilities." )) ((dave courvoisier)) a county judge denied the group access to fairgrounds to talk to residents. they say they'll try again monday if they can find a place to meet...
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their position and when they plan to leave./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > an al qaeda group operating in africa has claimed responsibility for a terror attack on an upscale hotel in the capital of burkina fasa. the country is located in western africa. a fire began at the hotel after commandos trying to free 33 hostages used explosives to enter the building. security forces stormed the building more than five hours after it was attacked by jihadists. the attackers set several cars on fire outside as well. the death toll is not known tonight... but it is believed at least 22 people were killed in the hotel. 10 bodies have also been found at a cafe nearby./// ((dave courvoisier)) > one family of winners of the largest powerball jackpot in history came forward today to claim their millions. the johnson family from munford, tennessee traveled to nashville to turn in their winning ticket with their daughter, their dog, and their attorney. their share of the three-way split.... more than 500-million dollars.
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payout of almost 328- million. despite the fact that they could rest comfortably for the rest of their days... the johnsons explained why they are not quitting their day jobs: (( john & lisa robinson / powerball winners: "why not? that's what we've done all our lives is work. uhh... you just can't sit down and lay down and do nothing anymore. i mean, how long you gonna last?" )) ((dave courvoisier)) they said they do have some expenses to pay down and they'll make sure their kids are set for the rest of their lives. the couple added that they've had very little sleep the past two days... and were just ready to get home to get some rest./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > a las vegas man had a pretty nice pay day himself after buying his powerball ticket in primm. e-j felipe's lucky ticket matched the winning numbers... on last saturday's draw -- except for the powerball. he claimed his prize of nearly 780-thousand dollars... which will be split 15 ways in a pool. if he had hit that powerball too, it would have been worth
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e-j said he waited in line for three hours, but it was definitely worth it. he plans to pay off some debt and possibly go to disneyland./// ((dave courvoisier)) > angry solar customers who invested in rooftop panels and are feeling the effects of a new rate hike are suing n-v energy. a class action lawsuit claims the company manipulated nevada public utilities commission regulators into approving the changes. among the allegations made in the suit... that n-v energy reduced solar incentives in order to cut competition and increase their own revenues. n-v energy has not yet commented on the lawsuit./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > attorney general adam laxalt is appealing to the nevada supreme court after a judge put a new school choice program on hold indefinitely. laxalt filed a notice of appeal today, saying a speedy ruling from the high court could give clarity to thousands of families who applied to the education savings account program and
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opponents of the republican- backed program say it unconstitution ally diverts money from public schools. we caught up with governor sandoval on the topic today: ((gov. brian sandoval/(r) nevada: "you know obviously i'm a very strong supporter of the education savings accounts, and i'm hopeful that ultimately the court will find it constitutional, but again i knew this was the path it was going to take.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) opponents of the e-s-a program also have raised issue with the 100-day requirement... expressing concern that private school parents would pull their children and place them in public schools./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the team... in their first game under interim coach todd simon. was it the coaching or the players? ron futrell's breaking it down for us in sports. and clark county students school... and ending up in another. what teachers are seeing in their classrooms and what they think are causing these problems./// ((tedd florendo)) clouds coming in for your saturday, but will they bring some showers? we're
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exactly what to expect. before we head to break, check out your weather out your weather headlines. we'll be back with a detailed look at your neighborhood forecast. <
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watching 8 news now concentrate on learning when learning when their basic needs aren't met. local teachers say they see this every who come to class hungry due to financial
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and as sharie johnson reports, this is resulting in record setting numbers of transient students right here in clark county: ((sharie johnson)) ((tim adams, principal, reynoldo martinez ez it's financial, it's work situations there's a lot of different reasons that stem from this )) ((sharie johnson)) clark county school district's transiency rate is 40%. that's the percentage of students who start the school year at one school... then end up at another school. ((tim adams, principal, reynoldo martinez ez it causes the program that's been moving along without any problems to sputter a little bit and retool and that's a constant process that's always going on )) martinez elementary has a high transiency rate. for the past three years, about 100 new students enroll half way through the year while about 100 existing students leave.. and the biggest reason... poverty. (( christine robinson, school counselor & title one hope liason we're seeing sometimes kids shutting down when they're feeling overwhelmed or
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)) it's why ccsd has case managers and school counselors that figure out students and parents needs, then connect them to those resources. sometimes it's intensive therapy... other times it's the basics like free lunch, school supplies or uniforms. ...teaching students how to change what they can control... like school work... and accept what they can't control. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) ccsd offers these key services through its main programs... "title one: hope" and "communities in schools"./// ((dave courvoisier)) > don't forget... monday downtown las vegas will host the 34-th annual martin luther king junior day parade. it starts at 10 a-m. the parade will run along fourth street from gass to stewart. if you're going to be in the area, be aware of road closures. we have them posted on our website -- las vegas now dot com. and our own sharie johnson and tedd florendo will emcee the parade.///
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this morning and more sunshine later in the day just like we said it would. breezes still around some neigbhorhoods this afternoon with those winds decreasing more late tonight. we're slighly warmer than yesterday at this time. ............................... .......... temps in the high 50's around the region with milder temps over to east side of the valley where we're lower in elevation. staying cool up in mount charleston and the northwest sections of the valley where we're more wind prone with those north breezes. ............................... .................... regional temps also staying cool from mesquite down to laughlin. mild though in laughlin and death valley at this hour. cooler in the central sections of the state and way up in ely already cold by afternoon.
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...................... so the system is tracking now to the east in the four corners region. frontal wind came in and we had a few brief shower/sprinkle s this morning and we knew that wouldn't last. next system already affecting the west coast with rain again in northern california and expect more clouds for us. shower chances very slim over the weekend. ............................... ................... over to the east the low that formed in the gulf of mexico is gaining strength and moving up the eastern seaboard. yes this a nor'easter. but according to futurecast it will mostly stay all rain. with some snow in upstate new york and norther jersey. normally this would be all snow since we're in januarly. it'll change more to snow as it clashes with cooler air in main and vermont. great for the ski resorts. ............................... ........................ so here's the forecast. 38 overnight and chilly with more clouds developing and winds calming overnight. could still see some neighborhoods to the north stay a little breezy. tomorrow look for a high of 57 and mostly clouds light winds expect and near average ............................... ...................... recreation forecast showing 44 up on mount charleston with plenty of clouds.
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very slim tomorrow. ............................... ............. lake mead near 60 tomorrow with mostly clouds and light winds. 61 for laughlin by afternoon. low dropping to the 40's overnight. ............................... ................ extended forecast more sun on sunday. clouds for mlk holiday and tuesday some showers are possible. temps stay about average and slightly above next week ))> > ((dave courvoisier)) > a scientific staellite will launch from vandenberg air force base along the california coast on sunday. space-x will attempt to land the first stage on a ship in the pacific ocean... part of the project to create more affordable, reusable rockets. the launch is scheduled for 10:42 a-m... and should be visible to the miles./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > some encouraging news for our local bald eagle population.
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counted during lake mead's midwinter survey. teams scoured the lake mead national recreation area on tuesday to count the bald eagles. it's all part of an effort to track their populations. 14 more bald eagles were seen this year compared to last january's count... but numbers are still down from the 178 spotted five years ago./// ((dave courvoisier)) > ron futrell is on the sports desk tonight. ((ron futrell)) > yeah and coming up--- the rebels get set for game two with their new coach... we've got a preview of saturday's clash at the mack. and los angeles rams fans meet their new owner --- he even gets a little emotional as he meets them --- sports is next./// "from 8 news now, this is sports."
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first, the early game tomorrow ---kansas city at new england ---- a great matchup --- it's on 8 news now with a 1:35 kickoff --- pregame begins at 1pm --- the patriots are favored by 5 and a half points. the second game tomorrow --- green bay at arizona with a 5:15 kickoff ---the cardinals are now 7 and a half point favorites --- that number keeps climbing --- as for the game here on 8 news now --- the patriots are favored --- but --- ((well the early money's coming on the chiefs and why not because the chiefs are on a winning streak of 11 or 12 games, when you have a team going well ---a team that's clicking, has confidence the players are going to try to side with that team, but they are playing the patriots )) ah yes. they are indeed playing the patriots --- this is always a great weekend for football ---- sports books expect a ton of business ---- we also talked to local bettor vegas dave --- he doesn't have a bet on the kansas city new england game --- but he likes the chiefs defense to help
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one. ((kansas city's defense, those corners you can put them on an island, they can cover anybody -- and their linebackers, they've got three fast linebackers, they can match up with gronk. it's gonna be a good game, if macklin doesn't play it's gonna be tough for kansas city, but 5 and a half points is a lot of points for a good defensive team. like kansas city, but i know better, i don't like to bet against tom brady so that game im just gonna watch. )) ((ron futrell)) you may recall vegas dave is the guy who won $2.5 million dollars with a futures bet on the kansas city royals ---- the la rams future looks bright ---fans showed up at the fabulous forum today ---- former home of the la lakers --- they wanted to meet stan kronke --- he's the guy who moved the team from st louis to los angeles --- the rams will most likely play in the la coliseum for three years, then move to the super stadium in inglewood. it's sort of interesting --- in st louis, kronke rarely talked
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hung out with the fans --- but now he's talking up a storm, shaking hands, meeting and greeting, and even getting emotional when talking about the move. ((the fun part for us starts coming in here today like this is wonderful. --- emotional pause --- fans cheering --- its been a long road, its been a long road, but we made it. )) ((ron futrell)) meanwhile --- a different kind of emotion in st. louis ---- former rams fans were burning their old uniforms -- local restaurants offered free food if fans donated their jerseys, then they gave them away to the homeless ---- so you'll find people on the streets of st louis wearing sam bradford jerseys. ((ron futrell)) the rebels worked out today --- getting set for their second game under interim coach todd simon. that game is tomorrow night --- 7pm at the thomas and mack against air force
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good in simon's first game --- a 12 point win over new mexico. they played a lot more loose --- a lot more free wheeling out there --- and it worked. not sure whether its the difference in coaching styles --- or just the fact that they have an interim coach right now that the guys just went out there and let it go --- but this could be a sign of good things to come --- now --- one game does not a trend make, but there were a lot of positive signs on tuesday night --- we'll see if the rebels can keep it up sat night against air force. ((dave courvoisier)) > we'll be
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news mudots are what astronomers say may be the biggest and brightest supernova ever observed. the stellar explosion was 570-billion times brighter than our sun... and produced light 20 times brighter than all the starts in our milky way galaxy combined. the supernova is nearly four billion light years away from earth./// ((dave courvoisier)) > remember new york city's infamous pizza rat last year? well, it has some company. meet the "pita rats". somebody dropped a pita in a subway station and the two rats struggled to drag it up the stairs. they got it up a few steps, but took plenty of breaks to chow down. they then had a tug of war for the bread./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's
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