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tv   Politics Now  CBS  January 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> we joilg the following program already in progress. >> we're a crork and you've done it here in nevada where do you see those opportunities to first do that if you are lining? >> it's not going to be any different than what i've always done. you build coalitions on the issues that are ponte ant and you solve problems and you focus on what is happening in our country and as well as in nevada and we focus on how we solve that problem and find a solution and we work towards that goal and you don't have to be a different party to understand
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and solving problems that help people in our country that benefit businesses and benefit working families and that's where you start. >> what would be a top priority when you get in to the senate. what is one issue you would prioritize as? >> there are many issues i want to tackle that we're dealing with and particularly here in nevada and working families are struggling and there's got to be an opportunity for t many of us to come together to address thate wages have been flat and for the last 30 years and we've seen unfortunately families struggling and it's type to stop the trug struggle. >> would you sign on to a bill which is tough, would you sign on to a bill to repeel it? >> absolutely. it goes back to the issues of struggling families and giving them all of the opportunities to succeed. >> one more bipartiasan effort we've seen actually too here, i-11 funding, things that are specific to nevada it seems like
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from both sides when you talk about nevada. would you continue to work hardpp with the other side as senator reed did to stop obviously what is going on yucka mountain and to get the funding for the critical projects. >> i've always done that. thorp always bipartiasan coming together to get things done and signed by a republican governor. that's not going to change going to washington d.c. it's focusing on the issues and solving the problems and ensuring that they are to the benefit it majs from people that live here every day. >> we know you have a busy schedule thank you for taking a few minutes with us. >> with you. >> the only question she outright answered concerned raising the minute yum wage and her others are safe so steve does wh does she have to nail down those positions and answer those questions? >> pretty soon. the election isn't that far away and we're not just talking very
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and she's going to be head-to-head against joe heck so sooner rather than later, definitely. >> well the third and final presidential debate here in las vegas is still nine months away but it didn't stop the city from kicking off a year long celebration with its big opportunity. >> the governor, mayor, others guard this week at unlv to talk about the opportunity it presents in true las vegas style. a sea of red, white and blue as unlv celebrates its selection to host the presidential debate leading up to the november election. >> i talk about the fact that las vegas evolved to host people and we do teaser day and we have. >> the center of the debate night october 19th but also in the weeks leading up to the event. the governor hopes the exposure will bring nevada issues in to the spotlight. >> we have a lot of issues are
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paying attention to and some of the issues of sustainable will move to the forefront and public lands is on going in nevada. >> council on presidential debates frank says because the issues are so important, the format of the debate will be different than the two primary debates las vegas hosted towards the end of last year. >> we do not allow cheers, yells, screams, boos as we heard some of the debates that have been held so far. >> reporter: up to 100 million people are expected to tune in for the debate and thousands of members of the media will be based in southern nevada in the days and weeks before the event. it's an opportunity unlv and local leaders are ready to tackle. >> to provide las vegas with external validation of what we've known here and we're the
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>> based on the seating, as many as 120,000 20,000 could event and members of the global media so it will be busy this october at unlv. >> where will i park? [laughter] >> hillary clinton's campaign is attacking arrival bernie sanders over his universal healthcare plan. clinton says he has been coy how he will pay for a sing single-payer because he doesn't want to mention middle-class taxes but he is accused of scheming to get rid of the medicare and the children's health insurance program she and daughter chelsea clinton have made that a campaign trail theme in recent days. of course, sanders' plan would ensure everybody in america would have access to healthcare the way it's done in canada,ur europe, australia and other major industrialized nations and it will cost $15 trillion the costliest.
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healthcare but stops short of a single-payer system. education savings accounts in nevada are on hold. >> two of the three major legal issues went our way. >> why the attorney general and the governor who supports the voucher plan claim this is playing in their hands. >> people are going to arizona and prim and buying their tickets so they're traveling further but it's still gambling. >> we ask our face-off ban he panel if
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stay with us.> (( >> welcome back to "politics now." the public utilities commission last week upheld coopt verbal new rates for rooftop solar power customers. more than a thousand people showed up at the meeting to ask the commission to put off its new rates schedule. but the puc stuck with the decision that they no longer want the subsidized homeowners and raised rates they said were hurting other customers. democratic presidential
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owe malley and bernie sanders have criticized the p.u.c.'s decision saying the sunny state should encourage solar power and incredible hulk actor mark rough a low made an appearance as well. so how big of a campaign issue will it be and who will it help and hurt? >> you don't want to make ruffalo angry that's clear. >> you know what happens. >> this is one of the few marks against brian sandoval on his record and he has been caught up in all of this because solar city and sun run have erchl leah essentially accused him but they made public records that essentially accuse him of colluding with envy energy to raise these rates and soy think this is something that he is going to have difficulty with going forward. >> can you tie that they are appointed rather than elected by people and that's been an argument i've heard quite a bit. >> they have asked him to do something and if he intervened with these appointees it would
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law doesn't allow him to do it and the governor said no i will stay out of it. >> so a state judge in the meantime has granted an injunction to school of choice voucher program. it diverts state school funds which violates the state's constitution. the issue injunction that prevents the program from going in totu effect. 4,000 parents have signed up and they were told the money would begin flowing next month. >> i4, caught up with brian sandoval this week and asked the former federal judge will the injunction. >> i want to ask you about the lawsuits. you have adam laxall, what in the world is going on and this seems like it's a bit of a battle that maybe shouldn't have gotten this far? >> well everybody wants the same thing and they want to make sure that this issue with the constitutionality and the education savings account and gets to the nevada supreme court and that's my priority is inform get it to the supreme court and
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determine once and for all whether the v.s.a.s are constitutional so we can have certainty for the parents and school system. >> would you have like to have seen this handled differently rather than private lawsuits and counter suites and perhaps handled within the executive branch before it gets to this level coming out? >> it was inevitable there was going to be a legal test for the constitutionality and i expected that after i signed the bell and obviously i'm a strong supporter of the education and savings accounts and i'm hopeful that ultimately the court will find it constitutional but again, i knew that this was the path it was going to take and the sooner it gets to the supreme court so it can make its decision the better. >> let's back this up just a little bit. the republican controlled legislature has backed the plan and it's caught the attention of republican presidential candidate jeb bush who is touting it as a model of education reform? >> a third lawsuit with the e.s.a. program is on hold and lieutenant-governor mark hutchinson filed the absolute to
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legality. he was accused by adam laxall of jeopardizing the position to other lawsuits pending against the program but on thursday they sent out a joint press release saying his clients have agreed to put their lawsuit op hold, meanwhile, he said the state is in a good position despite loosing the fight over that preliminary injunction. >> there was an opinion that was handed down two days ago now and i said in a statement that two of the three major legal issues went our way and the court did grant an injunction on the problem of funding so we're looking at it and figuring out our next state but the fight is not over and we're working very hard to defend this law and it was passed by our legislature and signed by our governor. >> and can you see kind of where i was going with the governor we're talking about same team, guys, they're having a a hard time
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february when the payouts were supposed to begin? >> we're talking about the preliminary injunction and the justice is because there's sove much attention on this and so many people are looking to get a resolution they're going to fast track this but next month, that is pretty tight when you talk about supreme court it's not like you can roll up to the drive threw window and get a ruling handed out. >> they have to work through the system and it's part of the process and design. >> absolutely. >> the school choice program is on hold so at that point whatam about twhoaz have signed up? >> it's going to harm those parents and families the most. >> well our face-off panel weighs in on where they think the program goes schmear who it hurts and who is helps.. plus -- >> the constitution has not changed.
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most from the debate showdown.face off.. where our panel talks about the biggest issues of the week... from the left and from the >> this is face-off where at the talk about the left to the rights we sat down with adrian ais martinez, executive district orv better education today and from the left, alan stock and we talked about school choice and if nevada will get a lottery. >> i want to talk about how this is all played off and we've seen the attorney general. >> well the jufnlg said we have to stop this and let's keep in mind clark county doesn't have
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private education and public funds are for public schools period that's what this was made for and this gives every child in our country in our state of nevada the opportunity to go to school there's no way can you say i'm going to take $5,000 to go to private school when it cost $10,000 in an impoverished areao where you can't buy a gallon of milk or get to work without gas in your tank and i can't imagine having to pay for transportation, books x uniform and five to 10,000 there's no i'm glad this is taking place and i'm happy they're doing this and the fight conditions. >> when you look at that you talk about people who have put the plans in motion to pull the kids from school and so the things were going in motion now it's all on hold. >> it will harm those parents and families the most because they've already begun the process and the nevada lawrence
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the treasure's office countered the other arguments saying the state constitution encouraged education quote, by all suedst able means end of quote and that means is that they can use any means necessary and there are aspects of what you say and i understand that you have eight, nine, $10,000 to go to a school and you get $5,100 how do you get the rest of it having sent our twin daughters to private school six years when they were going through school i can tell you that we couldn't afford a lot and i had to mitigate some of the dollar by participating, i was the president of the p.t.a. for all those six years doing everything i could to work off a lot of the extra amount of money so if parents are interested, regardless of the economic platform they're on they can get involved in the schools that can mitigate some of the addictional dollars and send their kids to school and
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constitutional and ghoaz to effect you will see a lot more kids from the lower income bracket participating as well. >> will nevada pass the lottery? >> probably not because we get the pressure from the casino industry and it's too bad because they can participate and sell them these lottery tickets through the casino's and we get so much of a kickback so there's an argument out there that the lottery is a tax on the poor and i mean it's not a tax at all it's up to you as an individual person whether or not you want to throw your money away or whether you want to invest your money however you want to look at it so i don't see us getting it and we have so much gaming here and the casino want to protect so much i don't think it's going to happen. >> the last bill didn't make it out of committee to try to bring it here, do you see any effort
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>> they have it every session itt fails and i'm bewildered as far as gaming wanting to keep it so guess what, people are going outside to arizona, they're going to prim and they're buying their tickets so there's this traveling. >> they're giving money to california and arizona and the t money california gets was going to go for education and that's another whole story but yeah, we could have some of those dollars we sold it go to education. >> the closest the lottery has come to passing here was in 2009 when it passed through the assembly but it did not make it out of the state senate and a lottery bill has been proposed two dozen times in the last three decades. >> thank you, patrick. this is a race now where we go to the top stories of the week and president.
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optimistic in the union and pledge to go do all co during his last year in office. >> voices that help us see ourselves not first and for most as black and white and asian and not as bay gay or straight, immigrant or native born and not democrat or republican. but as americans first and bound by a common creed. >> when they did get bipartisan a plow the challenge to cure cancer within 60 years. the state of the union had the fewest number of viewers in 15 years. donald trump and ted cruise went cruz went toe-to-toe and trump defended his hometown after cruz called new york values. >> they are socially liberal or
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>> when the world trade center went down i saw something no place on earth could have handled more beautifully or humanly than new york. >> cruz is running neck-and-neck with trump in iowa and he demonstrated strength for challenging trump when trump suggested cruz may not be eligible to serve as president because he was born in canada to an american mom and a cuban dad. there's just one more republican debate before the iowa caucus february 1st. up next, coming to nevada. candidate carlie fee or even a is making her first trip to las vegas.
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where where we bring you up to speed with what will be happening next week. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is in las vegas campaigning. she is holding an event at >> carlie fiorina is in las vegas campaigning and hold holding an assent at 8:00 a.m. at pepper
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she's had sur owe surrogates in town but this is her first trip since october. the bundy led standoff in oregon pressure now mounting as this drags on and the bundies have claimed to be forming a common law grand jury in order toen diet federal officials. the longer it drags on the more the bundies are able to claim the scenario as victory to their followers and this keepshe continue this saga playing out. >> absolutely. thank you for watching "politics now." you can e-mail us. >> don't forget we are your election head quarters for the next year, stay up-to-date
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>> glor: one big step closer
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