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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  January 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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closing the craig and las vegas boulevard location on friday. ((scott welshhons - walmart customer: it's a madhouse in there right now, i mean, a lot of the cold stuff is being put on sale so everybody trying to grab what they can. robert evans - walmart customer: i stocked up on everything. i got enough to last me for quite a while. ((karen castro)) the closure comes as a shocker to many customers who rely on the discount superstore for household goods and food. ((scott welshhons - walmart customer: it's gonna hurt us real bad. me and my mom are both physically disabled and everything else like that, we don't have a car. this is the only grocery store in this area.)) ((karen castro)) there's a number of convenient stores in the area but with limited fresh produce. the nearest walmart is 6 miles away. ((crystal castilio - walmart customer: it sucks because i have to walk to and from walmart. now we have to relocate of going shopping and i have kids and we catch the bus.)) ((karen castro)) the walmart closing for business is located in a "food desert".... defined by the u-s-d-a as an urban neighborhood "without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food." ((thomas durci - walmart customer: my partner and i live over here, rent over here, and its going to affect us a lot because there is no other store around, other than that's
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meanwhile, 10- thousand employees are losing their jobs nationwide, including dozens in las vegas. walmart hopes to relocate some workers to other locations or offer 60 days of pay. some of them will also be eligible for severance. but there aren't many options left for consumers in the neighborhood. ((scott welshhons - walmart customer: we're on limited finances and everything else, i mean, it's hard to us to get around and do anything.)) ((karen castro)) the walmart is very close to the nellis air force base with many military families living in the area. as of now, no word if another company will be moving in to that location. ((sharie johnson)) > karen, do you know why walmart is closing all these stores throughout the country? ((karen castro)) walmart has layout a number of reasons why it's closing 154 stores nationwide including: financial performance and strategic plans. ((sharie johnson)) > a chilly weekend in the valley...but that could soon change this week...
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((ashley conroy)) >here's a live look outside from our strat cam -- we can't see it now, but we had some clouds all around the valley today -- not quite as cloudy as we saw yesterday -- we definitely had some nice sun spots breaking through. .......................... the reason we've those clouds moving through -- you can see we have this weather system moving into california, and the pacific northwest -- we didn't see any showers today from this system... but there is a slight chance we could see a few showers in southern nevada from it tomorrow... i'll have more on this and your full 7-day forecast coming up. sharie. . > a new effort to tackle drunk driving. according to mothers against drunk driving---over 30-percent of traffic deaths on nevada roads were alcohol related. now--the national transportation safety board is pushing for stricter standards against drunk
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breaks down the proposed change. (( )) ((mauricio marin)) it only takes one alcoholic drink to delay motor skills. as many folks wind down from the weekend just finishing up watching football or hanging out with friends---law enformcent is out patrolling around the valley for drunk drivers. this week the national transportation safety board unveiled recommendation s that could impose stricter standards on drivers. they are proposing lowering the legal blood alcohol concentration limit nationally from .08 down to .05. the n-t-s-b says the change could save more lives on the road. metro police know first hand about the dangers of drunk driving. this weekend they worked to educate fans at the runnin rebels game about how quickly impairment begins with the first drink. police say drunk driving puts lives at risk. (( sgt. richard robinson/metro police: "when they drink and get behind the wheel it puts everybody in harms way including themselves. a lot of victims of drunk driving are the driver themselves so they have a vested interest to keep themselves safe." ))
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fatalities have fallen below 10-thousand according to the latest numbers---mothe rs against drunk driving say there's still alot more work to be done to see that number to continue going down. ((mauricio marin)) the n-t-s-b acknowledges the proposed b- a-c level change is only one part to keeping roads more safe because some drivers are getting high with illegal and prescription drugs. mauricio marin. 8 news now./// the n-t-s-b also said distracted driving and drivers falling asleep behind the wheel... continues to be a serious safety issue on the road killing people./// ((sharie johnson)) > g-o-p presidential candidate carly fiorina pounded the pavement today in las vegas. the former h-p c-e-o spoke at town hall meeting at the seina community association. among the topics she talked about... included the the nations economy and unemployment rate. she also described the current state of america... as being at a pivotal and
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carly fiorina (d) presidential candidate "if we don't do something different if we don't have a different kind of leadership in the oval office and a different kind of citizenship throughout our great nation then we will come to a place where we won't be able to take our country back and i'm not willing to sit down and let that happen")) ((sharie johnson)) > this afternoon fiorina also spoke at a town hall in reno . tomorrow she'll be back in las vegas for coffee with carly at the peppermill on the strip. that's happening from 8 to 9 p-m./// sharie johnson > ron futrell is next with sports the latest news with the rebels hunt for a new basketball coach --- now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us.
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the tents go up the tents go down and the search for a rebel basketball coach will go round and round --- as for rick pitino's interst --- we have been told that one of his demands would be for his son to take over when he retires from unlv --- a crazy demand --- don't look for the rick pintino idea to gain much steam --- he makes more than 4 million a year
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come close to matching that (plus, rick likes his horses --- and louisville is the place for that) oh --- meanwhile todd simon just keeps winning --- his second game as interim coach --- rebels, taking on air force --- and the team looks loose and light out there and they are playing very well right now --- --- rebels beat air force 100-64 if todd simon keeps winning --- this could make the search for a new coach even more interesting --- the team has looked good in both victories --- they play at utah state on tuesday --- so the first road test for the "todd simon" rebels. ((ron futrell)) its ufc fight night going on in boston --- tj dillashaw against dominic cruz for the bantamweight title --- also former champ frankie edgar on the card --- highlights at 11- oh , lots of football today --- pittsburgh playing at denver -- in the game you saw here on 8 news now --- broncos peyton manning facing the steelers defense. only td of the first half --- fitzgerald toussant with a great run here --- breaks a couple tackles and dives for the pylon --- is he in??? --- lets go to the pylon camera and see ---- almost --- next play ---
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the first half --- 10-9 pittsburgh at halftime. now--- 3 minutes left --- broncos cj anderson in traffic --- and reaches across the goal line for the game winner - ...broncos come from behind to beat the steelers -- denver by 7 --- they will be home against new england --- patriots favored by 3. the win was a big one for local broncos fans --- celebrating here at the roadrunner lounge --- buffalo and summerlin parkway --- a little bit warmer indoors watching the game instead of freezing at ---- wahtever they call it now -- sports authority field at mile high stadium in denver colorado ---this should be a busy place next sunday --- 12 noon here on 8 noon here on 8 news now --- broncos play the patriots . (don't go there with a tom brady jersey on) earlier today --- seahawks at carolina --- a tale of two halves. all first half for the panthers --- early in the game --- russell wilson throws this pick 6 --- linebacker luke keechley takes it home --- 14-0 panthers then --- cam newton --- looks deep to tight end greg olsen and
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route --- second half --- seahawks storm back --- make it 31-24 --- and trying the onsides kick here thomas davis of the panthers makes the recovery --- 31-24 carolina wins. the panthers will play home against arizona on sunday. panthers favorted by 3 we have some controversey for you tonight --- do you remember the coin toss going into teh overtime last night between the packers and the cardinals ??? the official asked for a do- over on the coin toss --- listen in (nats) clete blakeman is teh officials name --- since the coin did not flip, he did it a second time, arizona won the toss and scored on their first possession to win the game. today the nfl said: "although there is no rule requiring the coin to flip during a legal coin toss, the nfl said blakeman
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rather than a misinterpretati on of protocol.' by the way --- both of the coin tosses went the cardinals way --- so there is really no controversey here ---- we just needed something to fill here at the end --- oh also --- the moral to the story ---- if the coin does not flip you must .... plus, the nfl says we should not blame the coin for this --- but they will be using a new one next sunday for the cardinals home game. sharie johnson > it's being called the world's easiest can opener... but does it really work? our 8 on your side's consumer advocate michelle mortensen... gives it the try it before you buy it test... to see if it's worth all the hype.///
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since you thought about a can opener.. but there's a new can opener on the market that claimes to be the world's easiest and best. so we asked 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen to put it to the try it before you buy it test. < ((you truggle, squeeze and strain your hands but it's such a pain open that can.)) (( 12:00:26:but not anymore thanks to the toucan. the worlds easiest hands-free can opener )) ((16 just put it on top of the can press the button and in seconds your can is open .. wow! ))
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it all. open any can, any jar, and any pull tab plus no razor sharp edges and we're going to put it all to the test.)) ((michelle mortensen)) we open it up and slap in 4 double aa batters .. and try opening our first can. ((we just place the toucan right on the can, and press the button.... seems to be doing ...... what?? ((michelle mortensen)) yeah ... it is not moving. michelle laughs nope .. still not working ((how does it stop? stop! oh my lanta!! is there an off button )) ((michelle mortensen)) finally!! so that didn't work. but we try again ..
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which really aren't that complicated... yet ... (( ok it's attached this time )) and so we help it along... ((maybe it needed help a little guiding )) ((michelle mortensen)) but in the end ... nope ... that wasn't the case ((me laughing )) we give it one more college try ((9:22:17 c'mon buddy you can do it )) turns out third time is a charm ((loook at that. )) but three tries was just 2 too many to be called a deal...this one is a dud. > ((sharie johnson)) > and remember for any consumer issue you might run into... just call the 8 on your side hotline at 702- 650- 1907./// sharie johnson
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live look outside -- we still have some cloudy skies out there tonight and we are going to see those clouds pick up in the overnight hours. .......................... here's our neighborhood temps -- mostly 50's throughout the valley -- 52 on the strip -- 50 north las vegas -- 48 in henderson and at aliante. kyle canyon 44, not too much colder than we are in the valley. ............................... ... our weather headlines -- cloudy skies to start our week -- high temps warmer than average. -- also our low temps will be in the 40's -- feeling much better than those bone chilling morning temps we saw last week. -- we're also going to have some pretty gusty winds at kyle canyon and a good chance of
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........................... our satellite radar map shows we've had a system moving into northern california and the pacific northwest bringing some rain and wintry mix to that area. we're also tracking another potential system off in the pacific that could reach the pacific northwest later this week -- but for now, back here in southern nevada -- there is about a 20- percent chance of showers tomorrow -- ......................... let's also talk about these winds expected to move through here by tomorrow -- up at mount charleston look at this, gusty winds potentially 30- miles per hour or greater -- by tomorrow morning -- also some winds down at primm and the colorado river valley -- winds in the teens there -- and some gusty winds in the teens at boulder city. our winds in las vegas are looking relatively calm -- but expecting some fairly windy conditions all around our area for the next few days. ........................... mount charleston tomorrow -- a high of 44 degrees 40- percent chance of snow -- a lot of you might have the day off since it's a holiday and thinking of heading up there -- if you do make sure to bundle up, be cautious of those windy conditions out there -- sustained winds of 18 to 25 miles per hour -- and gusts that
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............................ if you're looking to check out other ski conditions, you can always go to las -- click on sections, we have all the best ski and snow boarding locations in the west, right on website. ................................ tonight -- 45 degrees, we're about 6 degrees warmer than our normal low temp -- mostly cloudy skies -- winds will be light -- tomorrow -- a high of 62, some clouds and sun -- light south east winds -- our normal high 58. ................................ our 7-day -- martin luther king day tomorrow -- looking at low 60's for our high the next few days -- then getting up to almost to the mid-60's -- by friday, great start to for next weekend -- getting near 70 degrees -- low 40's for the week -- back to you. > ((sharie johnson)) > a major cone zone on a busy stretch of
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traffic reporter demetria obilor has the heads up for what you need to be on the look out for. ((demetria obilor)) > northwest valley, construction on the centennial bowl interchange is underway and that's why you've been seeing cones and construction signs in the area. starting tonight at nine pm, the northbound 95 off-ramp to 215, giving you access to the north beltway (both directions), will shut down for several hours for construction. the ramp is scheduled to reopen five am tomorrow morning. the centennial bowl interchange will create new ramps, connecting us 95 to 215. now moving over to henderson, the stephanie street bridge will close for 90 days beginning monday. there's a been a lot of work happening in this area for an $18.5 million improvement project that includes the
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overpass. detours will be posted. galleria drive and russell road will be your alternates during this closure. i will be reminding you about this all next week. /// sharie johnson > keeping the dream alive the valley event happening
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celebrations of martin luther king jr. day.... and what you need to know to have the best seat in the house./// now, nevada's first choice for
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows
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it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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((sharie johnson)) > tomorrow you're invited to celebrate martin luther king junior day in downtown las vegas... for the 34-th annual m- l-k day parade. it starts at 10 a-m. the parade will run along fourth street from gass to stewart. there are close to 100 floats honoring king's life and legacy. if you're going to be in the area, be aware of road closures. we have them posted on our website -- las vegas now dot com. and i'll be there along with and tedd florendo to emcee the parade./// sharie johnson > that's it for us. "60 minutes" is next. we'll see you again for 8 news now at 11./// ((sharie johnson)) > coming up
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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