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tv   Politics Now  KLAS  January 17, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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candidate catherine cortez masto how she plans to cut through gridlock... ((david damore/unlv political science professor: we're the future of what america's going to look like." )) ((steve sebelius)) pomp and circumstance, las vegas style. the issues that the final presidential debate could move to the top of the national conversation. (( sandoval: >> issues at the final president den al debate at the top of the conversation. everybody wants the same thing. they want to make sure of the constitution at. school choice. weighing in on what is next >>
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change the republican leader. at a min what are we doing to make sure against the republicans challenging us. to get out and talk to the voters in nevada. what this is about if i'm going to represent them. all over the state calling to individuals in the state. it's an incredible experience talking to people. they can come from the worst
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people are surfing. wages are flat. i've talked to individuals and familiar lues. i've talked to groups as well. >> is the $15 mark, the one we are hearing sthachlt a little too much for businesses? >> the businesses i've talked to support it. i think they are hoping people will understand and get what is going on. you say you've mentioned. where do you see those opportunities when you first do that. it's not going to be any different than what i've always done. it's part of the problem. in the country as well as nevada.
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problem and find a solution. solving the problems to help people in our countries and benefit working families. that's where we start. what would be the top priority. what's one issue you would pry ties. >> the issues here today, there has to be an opportunity for manufacture us to address. wage vz been flat. unfortunately, we are seeing families struggling. it's time to stop struggling. you mentioned the cadillac tax as well. would you sign on to a bill to repeal that? >> absolutely. again with the issue of struggling families and giving them an opportunity to continue. one more effort we have seen.
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it seems like we get a little more support. would you continue to work hard with the other side as senator reid did to stop? getting something here for those critical funding? >> every one of those bills i worked on was bi partisan. and working together. that's how we do it in nevada. that's not going to change for me. i'm going to washington. it's about focusing on the issues and solving those problems and ensuring the values of us that live here everyday. thank you for your time. the only question she outright answered was concerning raising the minimum wage. when does she have to nail down those positions an answer those?
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the election isn't that far away. she is going to behead to head. i think sooner rather than later, definitely. the third and final president den al debate here still 9 months away but that didn't stop the city of kicking off a year-long celebration. talking about the opportunity to present in true las vegas style. the final debate leading up. >> las vegas is in the business of hosting people. we do that every day. >> the center of the political universe not just on debate night october 19 but in the weeks leading up to the event. hoping the expose your will bring the issues into the spot light.
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difficult issues. they know they need to win nevada. that's good for us. it's important that the nation knows nevada issues. there's a good chance some of those issues could make it into the debate. those issue also move to the forefront there. public land is an ongoing issue in nevada. the format will be different than the two primary debates hosted. >> we do not allow cheers, yells, screams, boos. up to 100 million people are expected to tune in. thousands will be based in southern nevada in the days and week brz the event.
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ready to tackle. as many as 20,000 people will attend. up to 5,000 of us as well. members of the global media there. it will be busy. yes. where will i park? >> hillary clinton's campaign is attacking over his universal healthcare plan. sanders has been company about his position. and scheming to get rid of the affordable care act but he says his plan will make sure e in america has access to healthcare just like in canada and other nations. by far the costliest item on his
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stopped short of a single payer system. >> up next, education savings accounts in nevada are on hold. playing into their hands. people are going after arizona. they are just traveling further
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we ask our panel if nevada> ((steve sebelius)) >the public utilities commission last week upheld controversial new rates for rooftop solar power customers. >> welcome back. last week, up p holding rates for roof top solar customers. over 1,000 people showed up to talk about putting off the new rate special. they no longer want to subsidize
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hurting other customers. they have all criticized the decision. incredible hulk actor made an appearance p at the meeting as well. how big of an issue this will be and who will it hurt? >> this is one of the few marks against brian on his record. he's been caught up in all of this solar city and sun run have accused him of poluting with the energy raising rates. this is something he's going to have difficulty with going forward. the commissioners are appointed rather than elected. and the companies ask him to do
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if he had intervened, it would have been a huge scandal. the governor said, no. i'm going to stay out of that. >> a judge said the education program diverts school fund as way from public schools and violates the state constitution. preventing the program from going into effect. more than 4,000 parents signed up and were told the money will begin flowing next mo. asking about the injunction. >> the governor, you have first off, what in the world is going on? it seems like a bit of a battle that maybe shouldn't have gotten this far. everybody wants the same thing. they want to make sure of the issue.
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get to the supreme court. they can determine once and for all so we can have certainty as well. perhaps handle with the branch before it gets to this level coming out. it was inevitable before the legal test i expected that after i signed the bill. i'm hopeful the court would find it constitution al. the sooner it gets to the supreme court so it can make the decision, the better. the republican control legislature has the plan and even caught the attention of the republican candidate of jeb bush who is touting it as a model of education reform.
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lawsuit in a bid to get a quick ruling. he was accused by the attorney general jeopardizing the position of two other lawsuits. on thursday, the republicans sent out a choice saying they agreed to put their lawsuits on hold. the states are in a good position despite losing the fight over the injunction. that pin was handed down a few days ago now. i said in a statement that two of the three major legal issues went our way. that injunction basically on the problem of the funding. we are looking at it. i would say as it relates, the fight is certainly not over. we are working very hard. passing our legislature. can you see where i was going. we are talking about same team.
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a lot going on. this result in february when the payoffs would begin. >> the whole issue, i don't think would be resolved any time soon. next month is pretty tight. >> the school choice program is on hold. what about those who have signed up p? >> it will harm those parents and families the most. who it hurts and who it helps. >> the constitution hasn't
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and ted cruz andchild predators... the internet can be a dangerous place for children. the new tool to help parents better monitor what their kids are doing online. /// the closing of a local walmart... creates a food desert in the valley. the challenge people living in the area now face... to shop for nutritious food. /// pushing for stricter standards... when it comes to intoxicated driving. the lower blood alcohol level safety officials are pushing
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> a new tool for parentsface off.. where our panel talks about the biggest issues of the week... from the left and from the right. this week we sat down with >> this is face off. the panels talk about the issues. this week, we sat down with the executive director of the education today. and radio host. talking about school choice being on hold and if nevad will ever get a lottery. talking about how all this will play out. we've seen lieutenant governor office coming out. what do you make of everything that would happen as it's unholding.
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million to go into private education. public funds are for public schools, period. that's what this will made for. giving every child in our country and state to go to school. you can't take your $1,000 and say i'm going to take this and go to another school. i can't i am imagine having to pay for books, uniform. there's no way. i'm glad this is taking place. i'm glad they are doing this. getting these plans in motion. those things going in motion now coming forward it will harm those families the most because
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>> they will argue on behalf of the general office. those other arguments saying that the state constitution authorizes the program by, quote, all suitable means, end of quote there are aspects. i understand. you have 8,000, 9,000 at a school. how do you get the rest of it. having p sent our twins to private school for six years. we couldn't afford a whole lot. i had to mitigate some of the other dollars by participating. i was the president of the pta for six years doing everything i could to work off a lot of the extra money. parents are really interested regardless of the economic platform there on. they can get involved and mitigate some additional dollars and send their kids to school.
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constitution al and goes into effect, you'll see a lot more kids from the lower income bracket participate as well. will nevada ever pass the lottery? >> probably not. we get the pressure from the casino industry. and that's too bad. they could participate and sell the lottery tickets and they would get a kick back for each ticket. >> there's an argument out there that it's an attack. whether you want to throw your money away or invest it. i don't see us getting it. we have so much gaming here. >> the last bill didn't even
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do you see any effort at all? >> every session. it fails. i'm sure by that mentality as well. people are going out to arizona and prime and buying their tickets. but they are still traveling. why not keep that money in nevada. let's spend it on education. >> they are giving money to kalve and arizona. the money california gets was going to go for education. that's another story. we could have some of those dollars go to education. >> the closest the lottery has come to passing was in 2009. the lottery bill has been proposed at least two dozen times in the last three decades. >> we'll go over the top stories
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president barak obama took an optimistic tone in the state of the union pledging to do all he could to unite the country during his last year in office. >> seeing ourselves not first and foremost as black or white or gay or straight, immigrant or native born, not democrat or republican but as americans first. held by a common creed. one statement did get a bi partisan [applause] with a promise to find a cure for cancer. >> donald trump and ted cruz went toe to toe in the strongest political moments came when he defended his home town. providing what he called new york values.
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came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully than new york. cruz is now running neck and neck with trump in iowa. trump suggested he may not be eligible to serve as president because he was born in cuba to an american mom and cuban dad. up next, coming to nevada. the first trip to las vegas. where child predators... the internet can be a dangerous place for children. the new tool to help parents
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/// the closing of a local walmart... creates a food desert in the valley. the challenge people living in the area now face... to shop for nutritious food. /// pushing for stricter standards... when it comes to intoxicated driving. the lower blood alcohol level
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> a new tool for parentswhere we bring you up to speed with what will be happening next week. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is in las vegas campaigning. she is holding an event at the peppermilll resta >> looking at what is happening
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holding an event at 8:00 a.m. she's had plenty in town but this is her first trip to this part of the state since october. handing off in oregon. authorities will act and many will form a common law grand jury to indict federal officials. supporters are able to claim the scenario. this is one that we are talking about. thank you for watching. you can e-mail us at politics and las vegas now. we are your election headquarters for the next p year.
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thank you for joining us. between a woman and s-u-v. just how many more road deaths we've seen in 2016... compared to last year. plus... /// (( now we have to get on the bus and spend 25 dollars just to the store and back. )) ((sharie johnson)) > a local walmart closes... and people living near by... are furious. the reason some say... they'll now have to find a new
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