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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is campaigning here in nevada. where she'll be today as she wraps up her trip. ((kirsten joyce)) > and a piano prodigy is honoring and celebrating martin luther king junior today... for being his inspiration. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for joining us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. one walmart store is now closed on north nellis boulevard following the company's announcement... that its closing down hundreds of other stores. ((kirsten joyce)) walmart is closing 269 stores globally... including 154 here in the u-s. karen castro looked at how the closure on north nellis boulevard will impact that area. ((karen castro)) walmart customers crowded the parking lot on the last day of business. the company announced it will be closing the craig and las vegas boulevard location on friday. ((scott welshhons - walmart customer: it's a madhouse in
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of the cold stuff is being put on sale so everybody trying to grab what they can. robert evans - walmart customer: i stocked up on everything. i got enough to last me for quite a while. ((karen castro)) the closure comes as a shocker to many customers who rely on the discount superstore for household goods and food. ((scott welshhons - walmart customer: it's gonna hurt us real bad. me and my mom are both physically disabled and everything else like that, we don't have a car. this is the only grocery store in this area.)) ((karen castro)) there's a number of convenient stores in the area but with limited fresh produce. the nearest walmart is 6 miles away. ((crystal castilio - walmart customer: it sucks because i have to walk to and from walmart. now we have to relocate of going shopping and i have kids and we catch the bus.)) ((karen castro)) the walmart closing for business is located in a "food desert".... defined by the u-s-d-a as an urban neighborhood "without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food." ((thomas durci - walmart customer: my partner and i live over here, rent over here, and its going to affect us a lot because there is no other store around, other than that's convenient.)) ((karen castro))
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employees are losing their jobs nationwide, including dozens in las vegas. walmart hopes to relocate some workers to other locations or offer 60 days of pay. some of them will also be eligible for severance. but there aren't many options left for consumers in the neighborhood. ((scott welshhons - walmart customer: we're on limited finances and everything else, i mean, it's hard to us to get around and do anything.)) ((kirsten joyce)) the walmart is very close to the nellis air force base... with many military families living in the area. no word yet if another company will be moving in to that specific location. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk it's a cloudy start to the day... with a slight chance of showers
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monday. ........... a system pushing rain into california this morning will eventually slide showers our way. ........... right now clouds and mild temps in the 40s this morning and by the afternoon the low 60s. take a jacket to the parade and stay warm.
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> that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > repuplican presidential candidate carly fiorina is campaigning in nevada. the forr h-p c-e-o spoke at town hall meeting yesterday... at the siena community association. she spoke on a number of topics... from the economy and unemployment rate... to the current state of america: (( carly fiorina/(r) presidential candidate "we don't think of ourselves as a nation of limitless possibility anymore and if we don't believe that about ourselves anymore then we are losing the core of who we are because in fact this has been a place where more things have been more possible for more people in more places than any
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a perfect nation but we are an exceptional nation." )) ((brian loftus)) she'll be back in las vegas today for "coffee with carly" at the peppermill... from 8 to 9 this morning. /// ((brian loftus)) > fiorina was also in reno yesterday holding a town hall meeting... at the lakeridge golf course. a big topic she spoke about was the size of the u-s government. she believes it's too big and corrupt... and by corrupt, she feels the government favors some over others. the republican presidential candidate told her supporters... to hold her accountable for her actions. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the navy and coast guard are going on day four... to find a dozen marines after two military helicopters collided. ((brian loftus)) what's slowing down their search... and why the plane debris is material. ((kirsten joyce)) > and some people in michigan are outraged over the issue of their water supply. how long the city of flint has been dealing with contaminated water. ///
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over the weekend... and are now in germany. they're waiting to be sent back to the u-s. as don champion reports... u-s officials say they'll undergo medical treatment at a u-s military hospital in germany. it's a long awaited moment of freedom. this picture shows freed washington post reporter jason rezaian as he and two other freed americans made a stop in switzerland sunday. after leaving iran, an internal memo to post staff said rezaian is in 'good spirits.' half a
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brother-in-law of freed marine veteran amir hekmati left detroit sunday headed to germany to see him. news. (sarah hekmati/ sister of former prisoner) everything just happened so quickly that i don't think it will hit me until i'm hugging him after spending three and a half years at iran's notorious evin prison -- christian pastor saeed abedini is also on his way home. carrie anstrand went to high school with his wife in idaho: (carrie anstrand/ abedini family friend) my kids actually helped to put together some cards to write to him while he was in prison and did that several times the three men and a fourth american were swapped for seven iranians held or charged in the u-s...two of them were released from a federal detention center in houston sunday. also this weekend, the u-s lifted economic sanctions on iran as part of the deal to rollback the country's nuclear program. (president obama/ no chyron necessary) once again we're seeing what's possible with strong american diplomacy after iran recently test- fired a
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weekend to impose new sanctions against 11 individuals and entities tied to iran's ballistic missile program. don champion cbs news. ((kirsten joyce)) there are at least two other americans believed to be detained in iran. a fourth american was freed as part of the exchange... but opted to stay in iran. a 5th american student was released separately... and is now back in massachusetts. /// ((brian loftus)) > president obama has declared a state of emergency for michigan... due to a ter contamination problem. it started back in april 2014... when the city of flint switched its water source to the flint river to save money. treated... the pipes. this caused the number of children with high lead in their blood to double... increasing their chances of brain damage: (( dr. marc edwards/conducte d water tests: "this could have been stopped much much earlier // unfortunately the state and epa misleading people for all this time no one knew to even look to this problem." )) ((brian loftus))
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admitted to the problem after a year a half... and then later switched back to their original water source. the national guard will continue to hand out water until the damaged pipes are fixed. /// ((brian loftus)) > one celebrity is giving a helping hand to those people. pop icon cher sent hundreds of thousands of clean water to flint, michigan. she partnered up with water company icelandic glacial to make this happen. the water is expected to get there by this wednesday. it'll go directly to food banks and fire houses... focusing on low income areas. /// ((brian loftus)) > one fast food joint is spicing up its menu with a brand new item. ((kirsten joyce)) the new spicy today from k-f- c. /// ((brian loftus)) > "pizza rat"
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york city... and now there's a new pair of rats in town. say hello to the "pita rats"! someone dropped a piece of pita bread in one of new york's subway stations.
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over... and struggled to drag it up the stairs. one subway rider took out her phone and started recording the whole thing. the rats did manage to get the pita up a few steps. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > kentucky fried chicken is kicking it up a notch with a new menu item. today, the fast food joint is rolling out the nashville hoo chicken at all of its locations. this is the fourth chicken flavor k-f-c has added to the menu... in the chain's 86-year history. we'll keep a lot of clouds through the week. /// let's get to sherry with a look
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sherry swensk cloudy skies on this mlk monday... and they could lead to a chance of showers before the day is done. ............ it's not so cold this morning - cool, but not terribly cold - and we should have a fairly mild day. .......... if you have plans to be outdoors just know that we could see some
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......... storms rolling into the west will bring rain to the west and today california is getting a soaking. ............ just when the cold was over in the northern plains... it's back. bitter cold and subzero temps. . the rain and snow will slide east and bring the desert a chance of showers. ............. we'll keep a lot of clouds through the week. and temps will stay in the mild 60s all week. <
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((kirsten joyce)) > overnight tornadoes ripped through parts of florida... killing two people... and hospitalizing four children... after their mobile home was torn apart. that specific tornado swept through manatee county... and there was more extensive damage in the surrounding areas. crews pulled out two people from the rubble. so far, no one else has been seriously hurt. /// ((brian loftus)) > the navy and coast guard continue their search to find 12 missing marines... after two military helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii. jim mendoza has the latest. as monster surf continued to pound the north shore, military and county aircraft scoured the sea by air as navy and coast
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for any sign of twelve missing marines. scores of rescuers searched for 12 service members missing after two marine helicopters collided on thursday night. the search stretched from the shoreline to eight miles out. the coast guard confirmed it had been finding debris. "the debris that's been located is consistent with the aircraft of this type and we found various debris from waianae to kahuku. it is just spread out over a large region," lt. scott carr said. two marine super stallion helicopters collided about two miles off- shore during night training thursday. six marines were aboard each helicopter and are considered missing. "it's always going to be find our marines and bring them home. marines first," marine capt. alex lim said. searchers are criss-crossing the coastline from kaena point to kahuku. carr said anyone who finds debris should treat it as hazardous material. "they may have chemicals or pollution on it. as it's falling apart it could cause a hazard." the corps bussed in 30 marines to walk the shore looking for pieces of the helicopters or gear their fellow
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"you have personal protective equipment. e is what it's called. and then you have a vest with a protective equipment. e is what it's called. and then you have a vest with a breathing apparatus," lim said. "i know a lot of people are focused on the debris, but we're really focused on hopefully finding survivors." as of this point, coast guard says the search for the missing will continue round the clock. ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce))
4:48 am delays or freeway crashes. < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > hollywood star is going public for the with el chapo.. ((kirsten joyce)) the message he says was lost to the public.. that was really the entire point
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boy will honor martin luther king junior's legacy today... by playing the piano. ((kirsten joyce)) cherney amhara introduces us to dante walker. dante walker, child pianist gifts come in all shapes and sizes... some are born with gifts... and well lets just say 12- year-old dante walker opened his early. "i like playing it makes me happy, i like also playing for other people, i also like making other people happy." so he does by volunteering his time to play hospital. his only trouble is trying to teach someone like me "for me i guess it just kind of came naturally once i learned the basics i remembered which each note was and it went from there." inspired by his big sister who also plays and skills
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suprisingly, one of his biggest inspirations isn't a musician at all. "if dr. king hadn't done what he did i wouldn't be here, because there might still be segregation and i wouln't be able to go to some schools be with my friends or even come here and have a chance to play for all of these people." on monday walker will honor the legacy of dr. king by performing at charlottesville's annual m-l-k celebration. still he says there are issues blacks face daily, even referencing the picture he plays next to. "i see a whole bunch of people, with different jobs but then i see only one colored person, who does nothing more than clean, while everybody else is helping people save their lives." but even that is motivation "i think that sitting next to this painting can show that we can achieve more for people who don't think we can do these things, by having them see that we can do it, it can change what they believe in." walker says he
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kids like him, but until then.... he plays to touch the ears of
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person killed... in a preventable crash.. the reason metro police say the number of deaths in 2016 is already alarming. ((kirsten joyce)) > plus..
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