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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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we were out here early this morning when the gates were just going up... but now take a look... a much different setting... as you mentioned... thousands of people from all around the valley are here to celebrate the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. this is the 34th year of the parade... one that organizers say has grown each year. there's over 130 different marching bands... dancers... and floats... afternoon... and a lot of people got out here early to get their front row seat on the bleachers: ((brenda price // attending mlk parade: i love to see the entertainment. i love to see the drill teams. i love the dance. i just love being around people. )) parade: i come every year... and it's a great parade to come to... and i love it. )) ((michael stevens)) while a ton of people are out here to catch all the music... and fun...
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i spoke to a number of parents say they brought their families to teach their young kids about dr. martin luther king jr. and his legacy: ((lateisha thomas // attending mlk parade: it's important to learn about what went on then back then. and what they need to learn. and what they haven't learned yet. and about how he wanted to help people -- and i just want them to know that -- this is our community. this is how the community comes together for each other. )) ((michael stevens)) the parade started at 10 this morning and it's still going strong. it's set to go for a few more hours. and if you're traveling in the last until two. ((brian loftus)) > we know now
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faraday future cost. the nevada appeal expects the bill for the four day legislative meeting to total 250 thousand dollars. that's nearly double what the 2- day session for tesla cost in 2014. last month... lawmakers met to approve 215 million dollars in tax breaks for the electric automaker it. it also authorized 120 million dollars in infrastructure improvements at the apex industrial park, in north las vegas./// ((brian loftus)) > republican presidential candidate carly fiorina stopped by the peppermill this morning on the las vegas strip. ((8:12:48 you know i love vegas, it's only in vegas that you can have coffee around a fire pit and pink and red lights, i think it is great. )) the former hewlett- packard c-e-o held a "coffee with carly" event.. answer questions and addressing the group. she sat down with our own politics now team, and we will hear more from her today at 5./// ((brian loftus)) > on the democratic side..
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last night. . in their south carolina primary debate. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley sparred over gun control... and the economy.. and took shots at eachother.. when it came to reigning in wall street. ((bernie sanders you received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. martin o'malley you don't go as far at reigning in wall street as i would. hillary clinton i have a plan that most commentators have said is tougher, more effective and more comprehensive. )) ((brian loftus)) sanders is leading in the new hampshire polls and he's tied with clinton in iowa, but a new poll gives clinton a big edge over the vermont senator nationwide. 8 new now is your election headquarters. stay up to date with all the developments from the campaign trail on las vegas now dot com.. and don't forget to watch our political show.. politics now.. sundays at 5-30 p-m./// ((brian loftus)) > an ohio police officer is dead.. after a man was quote "looking to kill an officer." officer thomas cottrell was found shot outside the danville municipal building sunday night.
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saying her ex- boyfriend wanted to attack police. police searched for him... found cottrell's body.. and saw herschel jones running from the scene. after a foot- chase.. jones was arrested./// ((brian loftus)) > this comes just hours after a utah police officer was killed in the line of duty... sunday morning. it all unfolded after officers responded to a traffic accident... and were shot at... felicia martinez takes us through it all. voice of russell lundeberg witness i heard shots before i noticed the officer, i probably heard about 25 rounds a unified police officer is dead another is in the hospital. after responding to a car accident near 4500 s 2300 e in holladay around 9:50 sunday morning sheriff jim winder salt lake county sheriff witnesses on scene described the occupants of one of the involved vehicles as getting out of their damaged vehicle and leaving on foot. officer doug barney came across the suspect 31 corey lee henderson a short distance for
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when gunfire errupted. winder this individual fired what appears to be a single round a officer barney striking him in the head jessica wahl witness someone came out and yelled for a medic and then said something about a police officer and then they ran down that way officers responding found henderson near 4500 s and holladay blvd where more gun shots were fired. officer jon richey was struck in both legs by a single shot and tonight is in stable condition. police returned fire killing henderson winder mr henderson both locally and federally and i am apprised that mr henderson was wanted by the metro task force as recent as saturday evening. multiple agencies responded setting up a wide perimeter policek9 units and helicopter were dispatched to locate the female suspect. winder we are seeking this individual as a person of interest as officers were
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mother and brother breached the crime scene and assaulted officers. jaiden snyder was booked into the salt lake county jail and the mother was cited and released ((brian loftus)) officer barney left behind three children and a wife./// waves.. for signs of life. going.. in hopes of finding the 12 servicemen.. involved in the crash... and the man made problem getting in the way of that search./// a lot of the morning clouds have cleared out and we've got some good sunshine now so we're finally seeing temperatures move up a bit. ............. right now we've got a lot of 50s... and light winds. we might still get a chance for some sprinkles out of those clouds - we'll check it out in your full forecast coming up. <
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news, this is 8newsnow((brian loftus)) > a look now at the crash out at jean... where a man was killed. you can see the scene is still active... nevada highway patrol says a man was hit and killed by a semi... killed by a semi... still unclear why that man was on the highway.
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that traffic is a mess, avoid i-15 south to california for a while until this clears up./// ((brian loftus)) > and a woman is dead.. after she was hit by a car. it happened last night on sahara avenue.. just west of las verdes street. police say the woman stepped into traffic from the center median....and a 79-year-old man driving an isuzu hit her. police say the driver was not impaired or speeding.. and the woman was outside a crosswalk. she was taken to u-m-c where she was pronounced dead./// ((brian loftus)) > the search continues this afternoon in hawaii.. for the 12 servicemembers who vanished after 2 marine helicopters crashed on thursday. the u-s coast guard confirmed finding pieces of debris off oahu. ocean safety lifeguards have searched more than 150 miles.. but are not giving up. ((shayne enright honolulu emergency medical services spokeswoman (00:00 - 00:00)]122157 "very difficult time for all of us involved it's a nightmare for first responders something you never ever want to do but we want families out
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everything we can." )) ((brian loftus)) the search was delayed over the weekend, when someone with a laser shined it at a rescue helicopter./// ((brian loftus)) > anger.. growing in the midwest. the crisis.. now escalating to a water emergency. in michigan./// <
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us.
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((brian loftus)) > outrage is growing over the flint michigan water crisis. ((rev. jackson) "flint is now a crime scene." )) in april 2014, the city of flint switched its water source to the flint river to save money. but the water wasn't properly treated... so it started stripping lead from the pipes.. and funneling it into the drinking water. since the move, the number of children with high lead levels
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from legionnaires disease president obama declared a state of emergency... the national guard is more than doubling its presence in flint. the city has since gone back to it's original source.. and is getting its water from detroit./// ((sherry swensk)) beautiful skies at the noon hour and we've cleared out a lot of the clouds from the morning hours. its nearly 60 degrees at the airport and some bumpy northeast winds right now. ............ look for breezy winds today and there could even be a sprinkle leftover before these clouds clear out completely. ............
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already and plenty of highs in the 60s this week - even with the clouds coming in with all the storms from the pacific. .............. the normal high is 58 and we should beat that every day this week with milder mornings. .......... the storms will mainly stay north of us with the rain and snow... but we'll get the clouds spreading over the desert with each storm and that will give us some fairly cloudy days all week. ....... mild highs in the 60s and that will feel better. mornings in the 40s instead of extra cold 30s.
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((brian loftus)) > a new type of drug helping those with parkinsons ((patient:"i can't tell you how much it changed my life." )) ((brian loftus)) the new treatment making the disease more predictable... and who is allowed to take it./// > and don't forget.. this saturday is the 8 news now living green super recycle event at the thomas and mack! for the complete list of what we'll be accepting -- head over to las vegas now dot com./// < > now nevada's first choice for
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((brian loftus)) > patients with advanced parkinson's disease can have an increasingly tough time regulating their medication. now, they may have a better way to keep their drugs and their daily lives more consistent. today in medical breakthroughs, paula francis shows us duopa which recently received f-d-a approval. (( )) < ((paula francis)) retired surgeon james moore has been fighting parkinson's disease for 15 years. his body was absorbing the levidopa pills he took to control his parkinson's unpredictably, meaning it didn't always work. james moore "it might take me 20 minutes to walk 40 yards." ((paula francis)) he heard about a clinical trial for duopa (doo-oh-pah), a gel of levidopa and carbidopa delivered by a portable infusion pump. it bypasses the stomach straight into the small intestines for 16 hours. his wife convinced him to sign up.
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great it would be at all, and boy am i glad i did. or my wife made sure i did, because it really has changed my life." ((paula francis)) doctor daniel truong (trong) says the biggest benefit is consistent drug delivery and absorption. daniel truong, md /neurologist "this one, you know it's there and will go directly to the place where it'll be absorbed." ((paula francis)) now, instead of waiting 45 minutes for a pill to work, the infusion gets james on his way in two. james moore "i still have my honey-do list that i keep getting all the time." ((paula francis)) and he's planning to play more golf. -------------------------------- -- ((paula francis)) doctor truong (trong) says duopa (doo-oh-pah) is for advanced parkinson's cases. patients need to exhaust conventional treatment first. for more information, email me, or call 702-792-8888. tell me you want the report, "- -" and be sure to give your full name and address. paula francis, 8 news now.// ((brian loftus)) > a young award winner.. makes a big splash in hollywood. his acceptance speech..
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((brian loftus)) > coming up
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four...major fallout in the world of tennis. how the sports top officials are responding to allegations of gambling and fixed matches. ((brian loftus)) > award season is underway in hollywood.. and a very young critic's choice award winner.. is going viral.. for his adorable acceptance speech. ((jacob trembley: this is super cool! this is the best day of my life! butt to i first want to say thank you for the critics that voted for me, it must be hard to vote because of all the super good actors in this categories butt to i also want to thank my parents and i love
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know where to put this, umm right on the shelf right beside my millenium falcon, applause. )) jacob trembley stars in room. he won the award in the best young actor/actress category./// > that's all for 8 news now live
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us.
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