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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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> and several celebrities have started boycotting the oscars , over its lack of diversity.... following the nominees. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for joining us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. a man is very lucky to be alive... after he was involved in a crash on sunday... where police say he was hit by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the 215. ((kirsten joyce)) > right now, brandon abernathy is in the hospital recovering... with his friends close to his side. vanessa murphy spoke with them... and say he has a big fight ahead of him. ((video from game)) ((vanessa murphy)) this is brandon abernathy, a highland games competitor. ((video from game)) ((vanessa murphy)) this is his jeep after the nevada highway patrol says a drunk driver going the wrong way on the 215 near warm springs
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((gordon lawes/friend: i walk into that room you know and i see my brother just laid up with neck braces and breathing tubes and stuff in him. it's like you see your hero like superman is down.)) ((vanessa murphy)) gordon lawes says he's not a blood brother, but abernathy known by the nickname abby with loved ones is like a brother to him. they're also team mates. so news of the crash... ((gordon: i actually had a bottle in my hand and i dropped it.)) ((vanessa murphy)) was tough to take. ((gordon: it's like your mind goes blank. it's like a dream.)) ((ronald meyer/friend: occasionally, like right now, i just have these overhwhelming feelings of emotion, just kind of want to start crying.)) ((vanessa murphy)) abernathy is married with a stepchild. while he's in and out of surgery at u-m-c, loved ones are waiting to learn more about the ((ron: it's stupifying. umm, i can understand making mistakes. i can understand having a freak up. somebody making a mistake that bad, that egregious, it boggles my mind.)) ((vanessa murphy))
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strength has an uphill battle, in this friend's eyes, maybe it's for a reason. ((gordon: this driver could have hit a vehicle with a mother and a newborn baby or something like that so he's strong and he can you know we know he's gonna fight through it.)) ((kirsten joyce)) friends say abernathy has significant injuries to his arms and legs, a brain bleed, and other injuries. as for the the suspected drunk driver... he is expected to face charges after he was taken to sunrise hospital with minor injuries. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk we'll start out with clear skies then we'll get more clouds again by the afternoon. ..............
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with clearing. nice sunshine yesterday and temps in the low 60s. ............ today may not be quite as warm with the clouds again. temps right now in the 40s. <
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> /// > ((brian loftus)) > thousands came out to downtown las vegas... to honor the legacy of doctor martin luther king junior. it's been almost 48 years since doctor king was assassinated. his message of peace and harmony in our community is as relevant as ever. the topic of racial tensions between law enforcement and the black community were visible at yesterday's parade. across the country, protestors left posters a few feet away from doctor king's statue... asking for peace and an end to the killings of young black men and women: (( joe jones - 100 black men in las vegas: "we're out here to represent the need to continue to move forward and improve the outcomes of all the communities that we represent." derrick bolden - parent: "a peace message is definitely [relevant] these days, also with all the
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with rambunctious teenagers." )) ((brian loftus)) organizers of the parade told us... they considered what's happening across the nation when choosing a theme for this year's parade... "living the dream, continuing the movement." /// ((kirsten joyce)) > one u-n-l-v troupe took top honors for their girls hip- hop performance. over the weekend, they were named division 1-a champs in the varsity competition in florida: ((: west coast party... internation champs, unlv, the rebels! )) ((kirsten joyce)) the group shared this video with 8 news now. they also took second place for hip-hip in the 2014 national dance championships. the competition hosted more than 45-hundred of the country's top dancers. you can catch the u-n-l-v girls dance team at all the football and basketball games. /// ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce))
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with demetria!> demetria obilor wow! this is awesome. it looks like film crews are out dark and early filming the new bourne flick. there was a major casting call for extras.... accident at charleston and valley view.
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> that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > california > california highway police then.... several animals.... a bunch of animals... ((brian loftus)) what came running out of the woman's car after she was pulled over. ((kirsten joyce)) > and... why a certain look of bernie sanders.... during the democratic debate.... is going viral.
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a look at some incredible video being recorded from a california firefighter's helmet... showing him rescuing several people and a baby from an apartment fire. megan rupe breaks down the video... frame-by-frame. an astonishing sight. the second floor of an apartment complex engulfed in flames. (nats) "hey, out of the way." two apartments damaged by fire. firefighters are still investigating the cause and no one was hurt, but less than three hours later, crews would be at it again. this time at an apartment complex on linden avenue. (pete martinez/fresno fire pio) "it was apparent that the second
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was actually charged with smoke." in this helmet cam video, the firefighter quickly puts his ladder up. he yells into a room but no one's inside. the firefighter brings his ladder to another window. he sees people and yells for backup. (nat) "hey!" then, in a heart- stopping moment, the tenant hands the firefighter her baby through the window. (nats) "you got a good grip?" (nats) "i got it, got it." he hands the infant to the firefighter below... (nats) "hold onto her from the inside." then helps the other family members down. ray bergman owns the property. he got the frightening call minutes after the fire started. (ray bergman/owner) "i just wanted to make sure everything was safe and you know, hopefully something would still be left when i got here." bergman believes a transient got in and lit a fire in the back stairway. he says, while the damage looks bad, it could've been much worse without this smoke alarm. (ray berman/owner) "it really helped out and did what it's supposed to do." ((kirsten joyce)) > that was megan rupe reporting.
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highway patrol on a long chase... only to find she had six dogs in her car. police noticed her car on the shoulder of the freeway... and when they approached her, she sped off. the pursuit lasted for over an hour before they got a hold of her. when she got out of the car, three of her six dogs jumped out... and began to run across the freeway lanes. police arrested her and captured her dogs. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the president of the academy of motion pictures... is addressing the issue of a lack of diversity in the oscar nominations. ((brian loftus)) what some celebrities had to say about
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what's trending now... the president of the academy is promising changes... after some actors and actresses have started boycotting the oscars for it's all-white acting nominees. don champion reports. the president of the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences is promising more diversity. (cheryl broone isaacs/monday night) we're all disappointed. i mean last thursday was a bit
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cheryl boone isaacs, (mon0326 :33) wrote of this year's all-white acting nominees, "i am both heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion." her response comes amid calls for a boycott of this year's academy awards, actress jada pinkett smith says she will sit out the ceremony. (jada pinkett- smith/actress) "begging for acknowledgement or even asking diminishes dignity" film director spike lee also plans to sit out. in november, he was given an honorary oscar at the governor's awards. monday, in an instagram post, lee wrote (statement) "as i see it, the academy awards is not where the "real" battle is. it's in the executive office of the hollywood studios and tv and cable networks." oscar nominees are chosen by a 62-hundred member voting body. 93% of whom are white. 74 percent male. director alejandro gonzalez inarritu spoke about the controversy in paris last night.
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nominated for best picture. (alejandro gonzalez inarritu/director ) "when we can't see ourselves in the cinema, there is something going wrong. so i think a lot of things has to be improved" the academy says it's now taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of its membership. don champion, cbs news. ((demetria obilor)) comedian chris rock, who's scheduled to host the academy awards... is now facing pressure to bow out. in a tweet last week, he poked fun at this year's ceremony calling it the "white b-e-t awards." /// ((kirsten joyce)) > many here in las vegas paid their respects for glenn (fry) frey... who co-founded the eagles with don henley. ((brian loftus)) the guitarist had been battling with multiple illnesses. frey was responsible for one of history's most successful songwriting teams... with hits such as "hotel california" and "life in the fast lane". the eagles formed in l-a back in the early seventies... the hard rock cafe on paradise actually has a guitar signed by the band. many stopped by last night to remember frey.
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let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather.
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we're doing pretty good compared to the rest of the country where some spots are super cold again... we've got some low 40s... and clear for now. ......... but more clouds are sliding in today and that could hold temps back from our nice mid to low 60s yesterday. .............. let's check out temps around the country... bitter cold sticks around for the northern plains and upper midwest where subzero temps are making it miserable again this morning. ................ milder air will work its way into our area this week as high
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but we'll still get the clouds from time to time. ........... highs in the 60s show up again starting tomorrow and stick around most of the week and into the weekend. overnight lows in the 40s, too. ((sherry swensk))
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building fire reported on las vegas boulevard and sahara near the sls. crash on rainbow at us 95. injuries reported in this one. the accident in north las vegas at i-15 and lake mead is gone. the strip is still abuzz at harmon. < > < > > that's a look at the roads...
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((brian loftus)) > a pint- sized celebrity just stole the hearts of everyone! ((kirsten joyce)) coming up at 5... the adorable acceptance speech of 9- year- old jacob
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presidential candidate bernie sanders... stole the show at the recent democratic debate... with his "evil eye" at hillary clinton. ((brian loftus)) as jeanne moos reports...
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compared to another candidate. you can't deny it, bernie... (hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate) "to get the affordable care act passed." your reactions to hillary were written all over your face. in your headshaking, in your smile. as politico put it "bernie was making faces." he made the one that went viral while clinton was accusing sanders of dissing president obama... (hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate) "senator sanders called him weak, disappointing." it was variously described as the evil eye, side eye, the stink eye. ("seinfeld") "i see this guy over at the pizza box is giving me the stink eye." someone tweeted that sanders "is like your grandpa who yells and makes funny faces at the dinner table." at one point he exhaled like a horse. (hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate) "he voted for what we call the charleston loophole (blows out)." blowback to the infamous al gore sigh. (gore and bush) "(sigh) that's what a governor gets to do. there's differences (sigh)." (jeanne moos/cnn correspondent)
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reminded people of ... and bernie, you're probably not gonna like this. "bernie sanders is channeling his inner donald trump with those faces" tweeted one progressive. (jeb bush/(r) presidential candidate) "he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows." though the donald is more dismissive. and more explosive. (jeb bush/(r) presidential candidate) "but he's a chaos candidate." the diehard capitalist and the democratic socialist share the wealth when it comes to facial expressions. (jeanne moos/cnn correspondent) "but when cnn fact checked what hillary was saying while bernie was making all those faces, it turned out what hillary was saying was judged to be mostly true." (hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate) "he voted to let guns go onto amtrak. guns go into national parks." the fact checking didn't stop hillary detractors from enjoying the sweet smell of stink eye...."exactly bernie...we feel this same way when hillary speaks." jeanne moos c-n-n new
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