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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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sisolak pointed out that the dangers that exist out in front of monte carlo... pose another risk for pedestrian safety if they are not addressed soon. something that was top of mind... just minutes before that discussion.. the commissioners brought up all the first responders from the strip crash on december 20th. the men and women from metro... u-m-c and the clark county fire department were honored for their quick actions to save lives that night. police say lakeisha holloway intentionally drove up on to the sidewalk near planet hollywood, killing one person and injuring 36 others. (( each of those agencies is to be appauled their professionalism, expertise and deligence really shine as the eyes of the world focused that evening on las vegas. in the midst of this terribly tragedy the men and women of metro, the ccfd and umc truly were the heroes that provided a silver lining to this dark cloud )) ((brian loftus)) as for holloway... there is an negotiation scheduled for tomorrow in her case... and we should learn more about
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then, tomorrow will be one month since the crash happened./// ((brian loftus)) > ikea is looking to hire 300 people for their new las vegas store. the swedish furniture retailer needs a variety of employees.. to work in sales, design, customer service, safety, management and more. they also need 60 food service workers for their restaurant, swedish food market, cafe bistro and worker cafeteria. to apply.. visit las vegas now dot com and click on links. ikea's new store is set to open this summer. it'll be located just off the 215 at durango drive.. near sunset road./// ((brian loftus)) > the high profile trial of a former las vegas pastor resumed this morning. otis holland is accused of sexually assaulting young girls in his congregation. holland pleaded not guilty...and could face life in prison if convicted, he did testify in his defense, claiming he didn't do anything inappropriate./// ((brian loftus)) > with just two weeks to go before the iowa caucuses - the two leading
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state are taking aim at each other. craig boswell is in washington, dc with more details on the trump versus cruz battle. craig boswell: donald trump and ted cruz continue to attack one another with each claiming the other is caving. trump tweeted: "wow, new polls just out have trump up and cruz down - he is a nervous wreck!" and this response from cruz. sen. ted cruz/(r-tx) presidential candidate) "listen, you know, donald seems to be a little rattled." craig boswell: each candidate is hitting the campaign trail hard - with trump making three stops in iowa - the most events he's had in one single day so far. and cruz has six stops in new hampshire - where he is trailing trump in the polls. cruz has used the granite state to open up a new line of attack on trump - saying the businessman was m-i-a during the 2013 senate debate on immigration reform. sen. ted cruz/(r-tx) presidential candidate) "when that fight was being fought, donald was nowhere to be found." craig boswell: and trump made fun of cruz's new calls for a border wall. donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "one of the folks said we're gonna build a wall..i
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news/washington, d.c.) it's not just trump firing shots at cruz. fellow senator marco rubio is also taking aim at the texan - accusing him of being a flip- flopper. a pac supporting rubio just released this new t-v ad. "in the last year alone, cruz switched on immigration, syrian refugees, ethanol, trade, you name it." rubio is third in the polls in both iowa and new hampshire. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. ((brian loftus)) > the trump campaign has promised to unveil a special guest during his last iowa stop today - and speculation has it the guest will be...sarah palin./// ((brian loftus)) > the supreme court just agreed.. to an electrion-year review of president obama's executive order on immigration. the justices said they will consider undoing lower court rulings that blocked the plan from taking effect. the order would allow up to 5 million immigrants already in the country, to work in the u-s legally. the case will probably be argued in april and decided in late june. 26 states, including nevada,
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((brian loftus)) > the city of las vegas says they have a plan... to keep people investing in solar... without costing them as much. they made the announcement this morning... the plan would allow homeowners to attach a low- cost loan to the property, not the owner. that loan would pay for the installation... eliminating large up front costs.. and would not saddle the loan to the owner if they decide to move, it would stay with the property. people who lived in the energy improvement district would be eligible for the loan. for the average homeowner... with this loan they would look at a payment of around 4- hundred dollars every 6 months for their rooftop solar system./// ((brian loftus)) > a water contamination crisis... the complaints about how michigan's governor handled the problems in flint that some say amount to criminal acts... and the plan he is expected to lay out today. ((sherry swensk)) cloudy skies will stick around for our tuesday... and temps have been slow to budge so far because of the clouds. and now it looks like those clouds could lead to a chance of some valley rain and mountain
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we'll take a look in your full forecast... coming up in neighborhood weather./// <
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((brian loftus)) > officials are trying to figure out what led to a deadly tour bus crash. it happened this morning... a grey hound bus traveling from los angeles to the bay area... for some reason flipped... and crashed into a barrier. the crash killed two people and injured 18 other passengers. the bus driver survived and police will be talking to that person to figure out what happened on the 1-0-1 today./// ((brian loftus)) > michigan governor rick snyder delivers his state of the state speech today -- amid growing anger over the state's response to flint's water contamination crisis. in 2014, flint's water supply was tainted with lead after a state-appointed emergency manager switched the city's water source from detroit to the flint river to save money. adriana diaz has the story from flint. dozens of people demonstrated outside michigan governor rick snyder home monday. many say his slow response to flint's contaminated water is criminal.
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colleen crossey/protester) he should have switched it back over to detroit water as soon as he knew of the contamination. volunteers and state troopers spent the martin luther king holiday in flint handing out water bottles and filters along a street named for the civil rights icon. thousands of others like patrisha marshal are making daily trips to distribution centers to pick up their water. patrisha marshal/flint resident) "every day we still have to go out and get water. we have to do that and we are low income. how do we survive? in an article published monday, the national journal asked snyder if comparing his handling of flints water crisis to president bush's management of katrina is "unfair (ad/elena richardson) (ad) the governor says as soon as he found out that the lead was coming from the water he told people to stop drinking it. (er) no, that's bull. elena richardson says flint needs more than emergency declarations and bottled water. (elena richardson/flint
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the water and filters are gone, we're still gonna have the lead, we're still gonna have the pipes. we're still gonna have the poison, we're still gonna have the disease." (adriana diaz, cbs news, flint, mi) governor snyder is expected to lay out a more detailed plan during his speech tonight. hundreds of protestors are planning to show up in the state's capitol. adriana diaz, cbs news, flint, mi ((brian loftus)) snyder declared a state of emergency in flint earlier this month. on saturday, president barack obama signed an emergency declaration but denied snyder's request for a disaster declaration based on the legal requirement that such relief is intended for natural events, fires, floods or explosions./// ((brian loftus)) > get ready for axl. guns n roses.. are coming back to las vegas. when you can expect the original band.. to rock... the t-mobile arena. <
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morning.. drivers on the strip got quite the shock. there were police cars... swat vehicles.. and more... at las vegas boulevard and harmon but it was all for the new installment of the bourne movies. film crews were shooting a scene for the new movie. the strip was shut down until around 6 this morning./// ((brian loftus)) > guns-n roses are coming to las vegas.. to perform at the brand new t-mobile arena. the band announced the performances this morning. they'll be in town on april 8th and 9-th.. tickets go on sale saturday.. tickets go on sale saturday.. and will be available online. to buy them.. visit las vegas now dot com and
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cloudy skies all morning... and now a little light rain is showing up on the radar to the west of the las vegas valley and up in the spring mountains. ...............
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yesterday and that boosted our high temps right into the warmer 60s... and then clear skies most of the night helped dropped some neighborhoods down to chilly low 40s and upper 30s. ............ right now we've got upper 40s and near 50 degrees with an increasing chance of showers through the afternoon. ...................... ......... the normal high is 58 and we will be right there and maybe just under. the old record is 74 and we can only dream about being that
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clouds are budging through the day and could lead to some showers through the afternoon... after today we will get back to some warmer 60s for highs. ........... the system has been bringing rain to california since overnight... and at first we thought it would slide to the north, but now looks like it could bring a few showers around the area through the afternoon. ............... heavy rain in california and today... and maybe a little snow in the mountains through this evening.
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((weather toss))> ((brian loftus)) > walking in the footsteps.. of the homeless. ((fred teague: "when it's 25 degrees, and you're walking somewhere. . . it's cold." )) ((brian loftus)) the reason one man. . gave up his comfortable home for 30 days.. to live in a homeless camp./// > you've only got a few days left to clean out the house for the 8 news now living green super recycling event. it's this saturday at the thomas and mack. it runs from 8 am until 3 pm. for a full list .. just head to las vegas now dot com./// <
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newcomfortable home.. to see what it's like. for so many americans. he's living homeless... for the entire month of january. as stephanie sharp reports.. he's doing this... to see how he can better help the needy in his community. fred teague: i think we're 17 days in stephanie sharp: fred teague has a home and a family, but for the month of january, a small plot of land just beyond a tree line on the edge of town is home sweet home. fred teague: "the nights are the easy part. you get in there, [and] you get somewhat warmed up. you go to sleep, and you don't have to think. stephanie sharp: for 30 days he's walking in the shoes of someone that's homeless. fred teague: "when it's 25 degrees, and you're walking somewhere. . . it's cold." stephanie sharp: teague, who runs the russ bus, an organization that helps the homeless, is living in a micro-cabin in a homeless camp. it's all in an effort to serve people better. fred teague: "we have learned a lot. things have changed, and it will change and continue to change and continue to improv. stephanie sharp: he keeps updates with video-blogs and has found himself in situations he's never thought about before. fred teague: "the other day i
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here late after the food delivery, and the food was gone because an animal had gotten it. stephanie sharp: he's working to get food boxes together to try to keep animals from getting warm meals meant for the homeless. he says the biggest challenge so far is sticking with it, fred teague: "it's making myself walk past my truck and walk to a meal when i have a truck there that i can drive." stephanie sharp: once the 30-day challenge is up and he goes back home, he says he'll always remember his time spent homeless, not just for others, but himself. fred teague: "by putting ourselves in this situation, we've learned about what we can do to improve.". ((brian loftus)) that was stephanie sharp reporting. teague still has two weeks left in his challenge./// ((brian loftus)) > one team is ready to get fans to their games... just days after announcing their big move... the rams are getting people to buy in... the first person to put their financial support behind their
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((brian loftus)) > comifour...a new weapon to fight the war on drugs the promising new treatment that's giving drug addicts an advantage in kicking the habit and how soon it could be available across the u-s. a rare site is taking over our skies. when you can catch a glimpse of five planets from here on earth and how lon you have to see it./// ((brian loftus)) > l.a. football fans are already thinking about next season. the rams are now taking season ticket deposits. the refundable deposits start at 100 dollars. the first person to buy one.. was lakers great and dodgers co- owner magic johnson. the rams are leaving saint louis.. and will play next season downtown at the coliseum. season ticket holders will have priority in buying tickets for the team's new stadium...
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> that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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