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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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east. and, re-inventing the car pool, by adding soundtrack. could have had it all captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. 13 days before the first votes of the presidential election, and donald trump has scored a victory over his closest rival ted cruz. tonight, trump won the endorsement of former vice presidential candidate and alaska governor sarah palin. she is a favorite, of course, of tea party conservatives. and here is our major garrett. >> reporter: donald trump's endorsement from the 2008 republican vice presidential
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senator ted cruz's bid to consolidate tea party and anti- establishment support in iowa. palin backed cruz's 2012 senate bid. today, he took a conciliatory tone. >> oh, listen, i love sarah palin. sarah palin is fantastic. without her friendship and support, i wouldn't be in the senate today, and so regardless of what sarah decides to do in 2016, i will always remain a big, big fan of sarah palin. >> reporter: trump got another boost in iowa today when six- term governor terry brandstead declared he wants to see cruz "defeated." >> i know the governor just made a very big statement that was appreciated by many, and that was amazing, actually. he's a respected man. >> reporter: cruz accused trump of seeking republican establishment support. >> it is no surprise that the establishment is in full panic mode. we said from the beginning that
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to panic more and more as conservatives unite behind our campaign. >> reporter: cruz's attacks will have a tougher time sticking, with palin at trump's side. scott, trump reminded iowa republicans they haven't picked the eventual g.o.p. nominee in 16 years, adding if he doesn't win iowa, they will have picked "another loser." >> pelley: major garrett for us tonight. major, thank you. residents of flint, michigan went to the state capital in lansing today, to protest tonight's state of the state address by governor rick snyder. they blame him for not cleaning up the lead that has poisoned the water in flint, a city of 100,000, predominantly african american. here's adriana diaz. >> what do we want? >> clean water! ( chanting ) >> reporter: governor snyder's address will have to compete with this. ( chanting )
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and will do better. >> i know apologies don't make up for the mistakes that are made, nothing will, but i take full responsibility to fix the problem so it will never happen again. >> reporter: it all started back in april 2014 when flint switched from detroit water to water from the flipts river to save money. within weeks, residents began complaining about the smell, taste, and appearance. a year later, the city found slightly elevated lead levels in the water but said there was no cause for alarm. then, in september, a group of doctors found that the number of children with dangerous lead levels had doubled. lee ann walters started noticing physical and developmental delays in her kids. >> we were told by the state nurse, "it's just a few i.q. points. it's not the end of the world." >> dr. mona hanna-attica led the study on children. when you first saw the results of your study... >> right. >> reporter: what went through your mind?
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how could we do this? and what was most disturbing was that it was entirely preventable. >> reporter: five days after her study was released, governor rick snyder, for the first time, said publicly, "it appears that lead levels could be higher or have increased." a week later, he called for flint to go back to detroit's water system. in december, the governor's task force blasted the state department of environmental quality, which oversees water. the task force said that complaints by flint residents were met by, "aggressive dismissal, belittlement, and attempts to discredit the individuals involved." today, the governor asked state legislators for $28.5 million to pay for water bottles, upgrades to school plumbing, and even a school psychologist to help with the developmental needs. scott, he'll outline that proposal tonight. >> pelley: adriana diaz at the state capitol. adriana, thank you. lead poisoning is especially harmful to children, and it is
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dr. jon lapook has more on this. >> reporter: the parents of children in flint, michigan have good reason to be worried. >> there's real danger that the injury is going to be permanent and lifelong in them. >> reporter: dr. philip landrigan is dean of global health at mount sinai school of medicine. he's been studying the effects of lead since the '70s. >> the problem here is that no level of lead is safe. even low levels of lead, especially if exposure to low levels continues over many months, is going to cause some degree of brain damage to at least some of the children who are exposed, and that's a big deal. >> reporter: exposed children are at risk for a number of problems, including lower i.q. scores, developmental delays, and behavioral issues such as attention deficit hyperactivityfi disorder. even after lead exposure stops, the effects can last for years, or even be permanent. in flint, michigan, a major challenge will be identifying
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tracking them for many years for evidence of injury. >> these children are going to be injured for life. they're going to need remedial education. they're going to need educational enrichment programs. they're kids who may be prevented from functioning at their full level. >> reporter: there are no known effective drugs to reverse the developmental damage caused by lead. something called "chelation therapy" can remove lead from the body, but so far it has not been helpful in treating the behavioral or neurological problems caused by lead. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook. thank you, doc. the water crisis in flint has now spilled into the presidential campaign, and nancy cordes has that. >> it's a civil rights issue. >> reporter: hillary clinton started sounding the alarm last week, sending two top aides to flint. >> we would be outraged if this happened to white kids, and we happening right now to black kids. >> reporter: her opponent, bernie sanders, called on
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over the state's slow response. >> a man who acts that irresponsibly should not stay in power. >> reporter: most of the g.o.p. candidates have been reluctant to criticize a fellow republican. >> i'm sure he will manage this appropriately. >> reporter: that was ohio's john kasich. this was donald trump: >> you know, i shouldn't be commenting on flint. >> reporter: florida's marco rubio professed ignorance. >> that's not an issue that-- right now, we have been focused on. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz broke from his republican >> it is a failure at every level of government. it is a failure of city officials, it is a failure of the county officials. it's a failure of the state officials. >> reporter: democrats argued the muted response from most republican candidates shows they are disconnected. republicans said it's a state issue and accused democrats of milking the crisis to score political points with the african american community, scott. >> pelley: nancy cordes on the campaign. nancy, thank you. well, new hampshire will hold the first presidential primary
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a look at this: in the democratic race there, sanders now leads clinton nearly two to one. the new poll, out today, has sanders at 60%, clinton at 33%. sanders is the senator next door in the state of vermont. forecasters say 50 million people in the east could be in the path of a powerful winter storm later this week. eric fisher is the chief meteorologist at our cbs station in boston, wbz. eric, how bad might this be? >> well, scott, this could be a very significant storm up and down the east coast. we're watching the energy that has just come ashore in the western united states, producing some rain and snow here. and it will travel across the country over these next few days. and by friday we'll be watching snow developing across parts of the mid-south, perhaps as far south as alabama and georgia, and then the storm starts to wind up off the mid-atlantic coast, peaking on saturday. bands of heavy snow up and down the eastern seaboard and stretching up towards southern
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slowly moving its way eastward and out to sea. but it will be a long-duration event, from friday into saturday, and sunday for the eastern corridor. now, here in blue, this is the highest impact zone when it comes to snow totals, including the philly area, down into d.c. suburbs, also into virginia. we'll get a better idea of the totals by tomorrow but it looks like isolated amounts could be over two feet. the other thing to take into consideration here, we have a full moon saturday, high tides, strong onshore winds. and so, scott, we could see coastal surge here comparable to some tropical systems, so anyone near the coast needs to watch the storm very carefully. >> pelley: we'll be watching eric fisher, wbz. eric, thanks. prisoner swap with iran have not stopped smiling. today, the "washington post" released video of reporter jason rezaian sharing laughs over an internet video. and former u.s. marine amir hekmati shared his thoughts on being freed. he had been arrested on espionage charges while visiting
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liz palmer is at the u.s. military hospital in landstuhl, germany, where the former prisoners are being treated. amir hekmati looked relaxed and healthy. >> i hope to get home soon. i really want to see my family and be back on the land of the free. >> reporter: how are you feeling yourself physically now? >> right now, i feel great. i have so much energy. like i said, i feel alive for the first time. >> reporter: his sisters are with him here in germany. but he's anxious to see his father in the u.s. who is too ill to travel. freedom, says hekmati, still feels surreal. >> i had accepted the fact that i was going to be spending 10 years in prison, so this was a surprise. they just came one morning and said, "pack your things." >> reporter: did you believe them? >> no. absolutely not. >> reporter: but it was true. and in just hours, he was on a swiss government jet. >> as soon as we got out of
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bottles were popped. >> reporter: hekmati, a former marine and so a high-value prisoner, spent four and a half years in iran's evin prison in conditions that were, in his words, inhumane and unjust. >> i didn't want to let my marines, fellow marines down, and the reputation of the marine corps, so i tried my best to, you know, keep my head up. >> reporter: scott, amir hekmati knew he could rely on support from within the military, but he was thrilled and also a little humbled when he discovered how many other people from across the u.s. and around the world had lobbied to help set him free. >> pelley: elizabeth palmer in germany for us tonight. thanks, liz. match fixing will not be tolerated, at the year's first grand slam tennis tournament in australia. officials made that unusual vow after an investigation was made public that said over the years,
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at the behest of gamblers. don dahler is following this. >> reporter: as the australian open began, talk was about a different kind of racket. eight unidentified players competing there are on the list of suspects who allegedly threw matches. that list was compiled by an investigative unit within the association of tennis professionals and leaked to the bbc, and buzzfeed. the a.t.p. acknowledges their investigation has discovered rigged matches going back years. but executive chairman chris kermode insists there has been no cover-up. >> tennis has invested over $14 million to address this issue of corruption, and it's constantly being reviewed. >> reporter: world number one, novak djokovic, says he was offered $200,000 in 2007 to throw a first-round match in russia. >> i was approached through people that were working with me at that time, that were in my
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threw it away right away. >> reporter: djokovic made $21 million last year. tennis officials say most of the players involved earned far less. more than 70 are suspected of throwing matches. the vast majority have not and will not be disciplined, because their alleged offenses took place before an anti-corruption rule was established in 2009. since 2010, the a.t.p. has disciplined 18 people, including a lifetime ban for five players. none of the names in the report has been made public, which top- ranked players say is a mistake. >> i would love to hear names, you know, and then at least it's concrete stuff, and you can actually debate about it. >> reporter: because the a.t.p. is not a law enforcement agency, it is limited in its evidence- gathering abilities. scott, they have interviewed players and witnesses and analyzed betting and phone records to uncover the foul play. >> pelley: don dahler, thanks. the tax man has a warning about
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i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges >> pelley: today, illinois reported two pregnant women >> pelley: today >> pelley: today, illinois reported two pregnant women tested positive for zika virus. zika is transmitted by mosquitoes and is linked to birth defects. both women contracted it outside the country. just last week, the first u.s. case of a baby infected in the womb was reported in hawaii. that mother had traveled from brazil. tax filing season began today with a warning from the i.r.s. and here's our kris van cleave. >> reporter: the scam called start with a threat from someone claiming to be the i.r.s. demanding money. 10,000 to 12,000 calls are reported every week.
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pegues. >> i should not send a check to the i.r.s.? >> as soon as they get you on the telephone, they threaten you-- if you don't pay us money, you're going to go to jail." >> reporter: tim camus is with the treasury department. he is featured in a new p.s.a. released today warning about the fraud. >> the safest thing to do so you don't get caught up in it is just hang up the telephone. >> reporter: the treasury department has received nearly 900,000 reports of i.r.s. scam calls since october of 2013. at least 5,000 victims have paid out more than $26.5 million. >> they don't care about anything other than trying to intimidate you into paying them money. >> reporter: one tip-off is the phone call itself. if you actually do owe money, the i.r.s. will contact you by mail first. jeff pegues confronted his scammer. >> i think you're a scam artist. and we're gonna track you down
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okay? you're gonna tell somebody to go to the bank and get cash-- ( dial tone ) hello? >> reporter: but actually tracking those people down isn't so easy. many of the calls are coming from overseas. treasury was only able to tell us about one recent arrest. scott, many of the victims are asked to wire money through western union or moneygram. don't do it. >> pelley: kris van cleave, kris, thanks very much. still ahead, a few choice words about some really bad passwords. life's simple pleasures. now it's our turn. i'm doing the same for my family. retirement and life insurance solutions from pacific life can help you protect what you love and grow your future with confidence. pacific life. helping generations of families achieve
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shooting outward and arcing back to the surface. and, what on earth were these folks thinking? the folks who chose "one, two, three, four, five, six" as their online password. it tops this year's list of the most vulnerable passwords. number two is the word "password." karaoke hits the road, next. >> this portion of the cbs
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salonpas: for targeted relief. california here i come, right
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>> pelley: the ricardos and mertzs may have invented carpool karaoke in a '55 pontiac, but james corden has taken it to the next level on "the late late show." here's mark phillips. >> hello? >> reporter: stop me if you've seen this one before. many have. >> i was wondering if, after all these years, you'd like to meet? >> reporter: the script is a steal from the lyrics of adele's megahit "hello." >> hello! >> oh, thanks for this. >> reporter: and what do you know, here's adele. james corden's carpool karaoke segments are a signature feature of his show. >> you are looking fine right now. >> thank you very much, james. >> seriously. >> reporter: and the latest one with the hottest thing in pop music has become about the hottest thing on the web. >> do you mind if we listen to some music? hello can you hear me >> reporter: cordon's car-born conversation and crooning with adele has set a new record.
5:55 pm
less than a week. >> that was amazing! >> reporter: why does it work? so hello from the outside at least i can say that i tried >> reporter: maybe because singing along in a car is what people do, and what could be better than singing along with people like adele? or justin? this is mine you can't take it >> reporter: or stevie? the carpool karaoke was just one of the ideas cordon had, when he was planning the show a year ago, when a walk along the river showed he was already a popular show biz figure in britain. they recognize you. >> i don't think that was for me. i think it was more for the camera. >> reporter: it was for him. and the popularity seems to have stuck with him. >> every once in a while in your
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critics and audiences go "wow." >> reporter: maybe it was the rapping adele that made 45 million people go "wow," and counting. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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