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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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pedestrians... and the lofty ideas to get people around town faster. ((dave courvoisier)) > does your phone's battery drain too fast? michelle mortensen is on your side with the unlikely culprit you should really be blaming... and how to get the charge to last longer./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((denise valdez)) > the clouds hovered over southern nevada for much of the day... dropping rain in some parts of the valley. ((dave courvoisier)) the clouds are still sticking around tonight... a little over an hour after the sun set. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez... in for paula. tedd florendo is with us... tedd we saw some rain -- but that means snow on the mountain! ((tedd florendo)) we have some great video one of our directors here at channel 8 shot for us today. check out the snow falling at mount charleston... thanks jeff chaves for sharing this with us! people who had the
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today couldn't have asked for a better day. < tedd florendo ((>started off with clouds and they stuck around all day today. showers came later as they spilled over the sierras. ............................... ............. outside those clouds still around and bringing some showers along with them. temps didn't warm up too much either as we are stuck in the low 50's at this hour since we didn't have too much sun. winds staying light. ............................... ......... over to the radar now plenty of showers widespread over the valley. some pockets of moderate rain mixed with light showers. zooming in you can see some of those pockets now. we did have some measureable rain reported. ............................... ........... so far most neighborhoods reported around.04 of an inch with .08 in summerlin near west 215 and charleston, maybe far hills. .................. recast shows shors stiaround this evening, but ending night.could that mean we're done with ows tomorrow? we'll let you know coming up.
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clark county commission met... and took some time out to thank the first responders who were on the scene after last month's crash on the las vegas strip... that left one woman dead and dozens of others injured: (( each of those agencies is to be appauled their professionalism, expertise and deligence really shine as the eyes of the world focused that evening on las )) ((denise valdez)) firefighters, police officers, trauma doctors, and nurses were all honored today for their actions following the crash that happened a month ago tomorrow. the topic of pedestrian safety on the strip was reinforced... when the r-t-c revealed their "transportation investment business plan". that's a 3- year study focusing
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that could include light rail projects to and from mccarran... and more pedestrian bridges on the strip: (( steve sisolak: i'm telling you i don't want to come back here in a month or 6 months or a year and say and have to call the same 3 groups of first responders up here and say you've done a great job because we had another tragedy because it's so congested it's beyond belief i can't believe how much pedestrian traffic is there. )) ((denise valdez)) the department of public works detailed areas along the las vegas strip that could use improvement to make it safer for pedestrians... including the crosswalk near last month's deadly crash... where people cross the strip at planet hollywood and bellagio: (( denis cederburg, director of public works & county engineerwe can do at the link with the new arena in there is just modify our capital improvement program to go forward and study that area and come up with a design and work with the property owners for a bridge location )) ((denise valdez)) the three year r-t-c study cost taxpayers 2- point- 7- million dollars. that's just the tip of the
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revamping las vegas boulevard to make it more pedestrian friendly could cost upwards of one- billion dollars. meanwhile... making it easier to get between mccarran, the strip, and downtown las vegas... including pre- construction work on a light rail system... could cost nearly four- billion- dollars. the r-t-c says it is willing to consider bumping up the schedule for pedestrian safety improvements on the strip./// ((dave courvoisier)) > las vegas is hosting the world's largest gun show this week. the "shot show" is being held at the sands expo center through the end of the week. "shot" stands for "shooting, hunting, and outdoor trade show." people from all over the country will be at the convention checking out the latest advancements coming out of the gun industry. ((dave courvoisier)) > one of the biggest issues being talked about at this year's shot show on the strip is gun safety. 8 news now's mauricio marin has more on the tools available to prevent firearm tragedy. ((mauricio marin)) guns.. .big and small are being shown off at the shot show at the sand expo center.
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is how to safely store guns. ((bill barassard/directo r of project childsafe: "it's the most important responsibility of a firearm owner is to responsibly store that firearm to keep it out of the wrong hands" )) ((mauricio marin)) this year... innovative safes hit the show floor where guns can easily and safely get stored away. ((matthew mack/hornady safe: "there's a chip inside here you program the chip into the safe it becomes a key to your safe for instant access." )) ((mauricio marin)) built for fast draw by the gun owner...the hornady safe is made strong to also keep guns away from kids and criminals. ((matthew mack/hornady safe: "it's gone through 14 different tests for pry attack, hammer attack, saw attack and it provides a very secure method for storing firearms." )) ((mauricio marin)) however...the violence policy center says even if guns are stored away...they can still lead to firearm accidents. ((josh sugarmann executive director, the violence policy center: "the reality is if you want to protect your family protect your children the most easy thing to do is not own a gun in the home." )) ((mauricio marin)) but bill barassard with project child safe argues if there are children in the home, education is the number one way
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((bill barassard/directo r of project childsafe: "for young children it's always stop don't touch go tell an adult if they should ever go find a fire arm that's unsecure." )) ((mauricio marin)) project child safe also hands out gun locks. group organizers say locks can go a long way to preventing guns from going off when they're not supposed to. they also say gun safety isn't something that should be thought about only once and then forgotten. ((bill barassard/directo r of project childsafe: "every once in a while consider how a firearm is being stored in the house and whether or not the storage devices are doing their job." )) ((mauricio marin)) mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) project child safe has created a video for parents on how to talk to kids about gun safety and awareness. we have a link to it on our website--las- vegas-now-dot- com./// ((denise valdez)) > the texas attorney general is the latest to come out against fantasy sports sites like draftkings and fanduel. the texas a-g wrote a non- binding legal opinion saying the popular online games are an illegal form of gambling. nevada was the first state to make a similar ruling late last year...
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both draftkings and fanduel have rulings overturned. in new york... an appeals court allowed the games to continue there while everything plays out in court. here in nevada... to operate./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the bundys get pushback from their fellow nevadans: (( as a native nevadan, i am appalled by what i've seen )) ((dave courvoisier)) the local effort to remove the bundy oregon... and the way one group is apologizing for their
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. news music > ((denise valdez)) > it's been more than two weeks since a group of armed men led by two nevada ranchers took over a wildlife refuge in oregon... and now they're getting some pushback from some fellow nevadans.
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camped out in an oregon wildlife refuge with their armed supporters since january 2nd. while they demand the land be handed over to locals, a group of nevadans are demanding that the department of justice take arrest the bundys and their followers. activist group "battle born progress" is behind today's event. we talked with nevada assemblyman elliot anderson... who opposes what the bundy's are doing in oregon: ((assemblyman elliot anderson: the bundys and the extremist followers are not even close to being patriots. they're turned the rule of law on its head. the bundys and their armed militia are nothing more than domestic terrorists.)) in 2014, rancher cliven bundy ignored a court order to leave federal land. after his supporters showed up...the bureau of land management backed down. today... the activist group sent an apology and thank you notes to the people of oregon for what with the mess"... and a care package for oregon law enforcement./// ((dave courvoisier)) > today we
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clinton will be in town this thursday... stumping for his wife hillary. that's the same day billionaire businessman- turned presidential hopeful donald trump will be in town. the republican candidate will hold a rally this thursday at the south point hotel and casino. the visit comes a little more than a month before nevada's first in the west g-o-p caucus. earlier this month in reno... trump told a crowd the only way he could lose nevada's february 23- rd caucus is if his supporters don't vote. trump is neck- and- neck with texas senator ted cruz... in a still crowded republican field of 12 candidates. today he just gained the endorsement of former vice- presidential candidate sarah palin./// > on the democrat side of things... longshot candidate martin o'mally could finally be a player in the lead- up to iowa's presidential caucuses. it's not because he's seeing a surge in the polls... it's just that caucus rules say candidates must have a minimum level of support in each of the state's voting precincts. that means if o'malley can't secure enough backers...
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candidate. that second- choice support could make a difference to sanders... if their contest is as tight on february first as polls now and remember... 8 news now is your election headquarters. our political team will host two special editions of "politics now"... the first one on february 20-th at 7 p-m... then again after the democratic caucus on the 23-rd at 7:30pm./// ((denise valdez)) > honoring a local who spent her life preserving las vegas history. we remember dorothy wright... and her long list of accomplishment s making sure future generations don't forget our city's storied past.///
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equal trouble for your battery life. ((denise valdez))
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michelle mortensen found out certain apps can drain batteries faster than others. ((michelle mortensen)) how many apps do you have on your phone? i've got about 28 ... and the average american has 42 according to neilsen research. and get this ... we spend about 40 hours a month using those apps. and it's eating up our battery life. especially if you like free apps. and i don't blame you if you do -- because free is always better. but here's the problem. free apps .. come with ads. and those ads access the internet ... and that's draining your battery. so it might be worth a buck or 2... for the paid versions. now some apps drain your battery simply because their always working. according to online security firm a-v-g ... snapchat is the worst offender
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up your g-p-s location and sending notifications. notifcations are the worst at draining your battery. here's how to fix that. go to settings and turn them off. you can also turn off your g-p-s to save your battery life. while you're in settings ... turn off the background app refresh for all your apps. that way they won't use data when you're not using them. ((michelle mortensen)) one last tip .. don't bother closing apps. some tech experts say restarting them later drains more battery life than keeping them open for extended periods of time.
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tedd florendo ((>plenty of clouds today with temps staying cool. clouds around early evening the clearing overnight. winds light but showers by afternoon. definitely cooler then yesterday at this time. ............................... ............. afternoon temps in the low 50's with some mid 40's and cool. chilly up in kyle canyon we have snow up there today. temps stayed below average after temps were above average the other day. milder over to the east side of the valley. ............................... ............... cool around the region as well as temps from the colorado river valley stay cool with milder weather down to laughlin and death valley. pahrump staying cool with those clouds as well for now.
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to northern sections of the state from tonopah all the way to pioche. ............................... ............... radar showing shower cpassing through. with some stronger bands now coming off the mountains. but clearing behind it. not expecting heavier rain tonight and overnight. ............................... ................ rain totals show many neighborhoods picking up .04 of an inch through the valley. with higher amounts in summerlin and near the 215 and charleston, along with far hills. ............................... ..... zooming out now notice the clearing behind this moisiture which we'll see within the new few hours maybe soon. clouds will be around early evening, but not late night. more snow in the mountains. ............................... ........... snow in the midwest. moving through missouri and southern illinois and iowa. winter storm warnings have been posted for areas in kentucky and southern indiana. ............................... .......... so here's the foreacst. 44 overnight with mostly cloudy skies. evening showers, with showers ending this evening.
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tomorrow morning as well.60 for the high tomorrow with both sun and clouds. milder and light breezes. ............................... .............. 45 more sun tomorrow on mount charleston. chilly conditions with slim chances for snow. red rock 56 tomorrow. ............................... ...... extended forecast shows warming through the week. more sunshine too with temps up to 63 by saturday. cooler next week, but expect some breezes this weekend. overnight lows in the mid 40's and stay away from the freezing mark again. ))> < ((dave courvoisier)) > family and friends are remembering the life of a local woman... who worked for years to keep las vegas' history alive. dorothy wright passed away this morning... she had been battling cancer. name... but the work she's done is as a former "historic preservation commissioner"... she worked to get the "welcome the national registry. for the past ten years... she worked to create and develop
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housing the neon signs which used to shine bright at now shuttered casinos across town./// ((denise valdez)) > ron futrell is in for chris maathuis tonight ((dave courvoisier)) a lot of football talk ---- including some l-a rams news ((ron futrell)) season tickets are now on sale --- see if you can figure out who was first in line and pete rose is finally being inducted into a hall of fame --- but --- which one? sports is next. <
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> ((ron futrell)) > the rebels are in logan utah tonight --- they've got a date with aggies --- the game is just unerway chris matthuis is on assigment with the rebels and
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there are a couple football games this weekend --- the top four teams in the nfl making the final four. the early game is new england at denver --- that is the game you will see right here on 8 news now. the kickoff is right around 12 noon. patriots still favored by three. and the second game on sunday --- cardinals at the panthers --- kickoff is 3:40 sunday afternoon --- ((ron futrell)) > of course --- the winners this weekend will meet in superbowl 50 in san francisco --- have we mentioned yet that the game will be seen here on 8 news now? one guy watching the games closely will be vegas dave --- he's the guy who cashed the big futures tickets worth 2.5 million dollars on the kansas city royals --- he still has a couple of teams alive this weekend --- ((vegas dave week one i gave out to my players and i predicted a denver, arizona supebowl -- so far it looks good -- with denver
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if denver wins its gonna cash me out 2 million dollars )) ((ron futrell)) dave says he's had to bet just over 100 thousand dollars to win 2 million on the broncos. ---- if arizona wins it all, he would win a million dollars. new england is the favorite at 2-1 --- by the way --- broncos are the longshot at 4 to one ---- but its important to note that guys like dave get their bets in at the start of the season when the broncos were around 15-1 ((ron futrell)) > if you want la rams season tickets you can now reserve your spot on- line --- just go to the nfl web site --- then go into the rams web site and figure it out from there --- for a hundred bucks you can reserve your spot in line for season tickets when they become available later this summer --- the first person in this virtual line was magic joinson ---- he can't get anough of the la sports scene --- he was showtime with the lakers, now part owner of the la dodgers, and now he wants his rams season tickets.
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5,000 deposits in the first 5 minuites. if you buy season tickets for the colesium you will be the first in line to buy tickets for the new super stadium opening in inglewood in 2019. the team just got approval last week to return to los angeles... magic has been tweeting about the return of the rams by saying he was "so excited" and "can't wait to see our team next season!" ((ron futrell)) > pete rose is on his way into the hall of fame ---- actually --- its the cincinnati reds hall of fame --- this news announced today--- not that other one in cooperstown (rose said today he hasn't given up on that). rose lives here in vegas part time --- he runs a restaurant on the strip. rose is baseball's all time hit leader, but is not in the major legue baseball hall of fame because he bet on baseball while he was a manager. rose still likes to bet a lot --- sporting events and horse racing --- he was asked today what how he would like his statue to dipict him in the reds hall of fame -- ((pete rose i certainly dont
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the 2 dollar window --- laughter --- i just say that now, there's )) ((ron futrell)) rose will enter the reds hall of fame this summer. --- he's a cincinnati native /// dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((denise valdez)) see you tonight at 11.
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