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tv   8 News Now at 4 AM  CBS  January 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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fries that will satisfy your salty, sweet fix. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. an ambitious plan has been placed on the table... in hopes of avoiding another deadly crash involving pedestrians on the strip. ((brian loftus)) this plan is a multi-billion dollar transit improvement proposal by the r-t-c. patranya bhoolsuwan reports when we'll see changes... and how this will affect tourists and locals. < ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) a horrifying scene on the las vegas strip as a woman drove her car onto the sidewalk killing one and injuring dozens. it's something clark county commissioner steve sisolak says he oesn't want to see again. ((steve sisolak/clark county commissioner: "i want action, i want something to make the strip safer right now.")) ((patranya
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t-c's general manager tina quigley laid out the 12 billion dollar, 30 year plan with the goal to improve safety and better connect people throughout southern nevada. ((tina quigley/rtc gm: "all these recommendations are a piece of a very large puzzle.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) among the proposals, building 7 new pedestrian bridges on the strip....and widening or elevating sidewalks. ((tina quigley/rtc gm: "the plan is just really the kickoff for the next step in the conversation.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) one that would include a new light rail system along the resort corridor. ((steve sisolak/clark county commissioner: "is this dream shopping or is this reality, i want to deal with reality.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) for sisolak he wants to see priority placed on building these bridges so instead of people having to use crosswalks, they can walk over traffic...especia lly in busy intersections including this one near where the new t-mobile arena will open in just a few months. ((garwin hadder/tourist: "there are stretches along here that seem open and it does make me nervous.")) ((patranya
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his wife visiting las vegas from oregon for the first time. they say more bridges and would help especially for people not used to walking alongside so many cars. ((garwin hadder/tourist; "for us 3 cars in a row in a traffic jam.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) and with the valley expecting to see more people coming here...commissio ner sisolak says what we can do now is prevent another tragedy. ((steve sisolak/clark county commissioner: "now is the time to take action as it relates to public safety on the strip...we can do that.")) > ((brian loftus)) the r-t-c says it's now up to different entities... including the county... to determine the priority of different projects... like building pedestrian bridges. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > speaking of the deadly strip crash... the suspect accused of intentionally driving up on the sidewalk multiple times... hurting dozens and killing one person.. will be in court this morning. prosecutors say lakeisha holloway's blood tests show... she had more than the state legal limit of pot in her blood. but her attorney says the levels
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was impaired in any way. 35 people were hurt in the crash... and one person was killed. also, the first responders who responded to the crash were honored yesterday... by clark county commissioners. they recognized metro, clark county fire department, and staff at u-m-c... for their actions. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk cloudy and damp this morning... after some good rain showers passed through the valley yesterday. temps in the cool 40s. .......... we were looking for snow in the mountains, but not the nice rain we got through the afternoon. that storm wound up sliding farther south and into our area afterall. ................ some neighborhoods received about a tenth of an inch with the steady rain. we should see more sunshine today and highs back near 60 degrees.
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alternates. expect road restrictions ont eh strip between flamingo and tropicana through 7:00 am for the filming of the new bourne movie. there will be complete lane closures for brief periods of time, as well. < > < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > it's been set that project neon will break ground starting april 7th. project neon will make improvements near the spaghetti bowl... adding carpool lanes and reconstruct some interchanges. the project, which will take years to complete... will eventually improve mobility and safety.
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project... it will likely cause many traffic headaches for drivers who have to pass construction zones. /// ((brian loftus)) > the first ikea store coming to the valley is now officially hiring! ((kirsten joyce)) what positions they're currently looking for ahead of its grand opening. ((brian loftus)) and you'll be able to catch a spectacular sight in the sky this morning...
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republican presidential candidate donald trump will be campaigning with former vice presidential nominee sarah palin. ((kirsten joyce)) both will be in iowa and oklahoma... a day after palin endorsed trump. as don champion reports... it's turning the tables on the campaign trial. we're going to give 'em hell donald trump is touting his biggest endorsement yet, from former vice- presidential nominee, sarah palin. (sarah palin) "he is perfectly positioned to let you make america great again. are you ready for that iowa? no more pussy footing around. our troops deserve the best. you deserve the best. (donald trump) from day one i said if i ever do this i have to get her support. a favorite of tea party conservatives -- palin's endorsement is seen as a major victory over trump rival, ted
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the two are locked in a virtual dead heat in iowa. (ted cruz) oh listen, i love sarah palin//without her friendship and support i wouldn't be in the senate today lagging in the polls, jeb bush was less diplomatic during a fox news appearance. (jeb bush) while i respect sarah palin, i don't think donald trump has the judgment or the ideas to keep us safe. on the democratic side - hillary clinton picked up the key endorsement of the human rights campaign, the nation's largest lgbt rights group. rival bernie sanders had his own comeback. (bernie sanders) we are the only candidate on the democratic side not to have a super pac and i'm proud of it clinton still holds a strong lead over sanders nationally...but recent poll show sanders beating her, 2-to-1, in new hampshire. don champion cbs news. ((kirsten joyce)) after fundraising yesterday... clinton will return to iowa today. she's expected to spend a total of four days there this week... versus just one in new hampshire. ///
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> tomorrow, former president bill clinton will campaign for his wife, hillary in las vegas. the former president will host an organizing event at the advanced technologies academy... on vegas drive near north rancho. doors open at 6:30 p-m... the event begins at 7:15. you can r-s-v-p online. we've posted that information com. just click on "links we mentioned". /// ((brian loftus)) > a retired veteran is helping other military families here in the valley: (("if every town in the country does one of these for one of their heroes.. help.")) ((kirsten joyce)) the event he helps organize, to provide them needed support.. ...
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((sherry swensk)) >garbage... and it's about to get even worse. a warning was issued by the world economic forum... predicting there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. the report is based on hundreds of interviews with experts. they estimate the amount of plastic will increase to over one million tons. the forum says the only way to avoid this disaster... is to massively improve the economics and recycling. it also means encouraging other countries to also improve their waste collection infrastructure. /// ((sherry swensk)) > and we're going to see an incredible sight in the sky this morning... and over the course of the next
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you'll be able to see mercury, venus, saturn, mars, and jupiter... all in the sky before dawn. experts say this is the first time in more than 10-years... that all of them have been together in the sky. /// let's get to sherry with a look
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sherry swensk damp air this morning... and some clouds around after a good soaking yesterday. that storm looked at first to stay on track to head north... but then as the early afternoon came into view... it was heading farther south and into our area. ........ today we'll start to dry out and clear the clouds to have a mostly sunny day. ............
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veteran.... who medically retired from the army after desert storm is giving back to other wounded warriors... in southern nevada. this week's acts of kindness recipient found a way to look after our wounded warriors and their families... with a special event called, " one hero at a time." ((kirsten joyce)) you're looking at video of a special gathering to honor a wounded warrior.... rick hillis sot under vo... blaine sullivan is his name, he lost his leg in afghanistan to an ied...., ((kirsten joyce)) a graduate of cimmaron high school. sullivan returned home , and was recognized for his service, at this " one hero at a time" event... this past october... all the money raised from the event goes to blaine... and his family. rick .. it's quite a sum, but they're going to be struggling the rest of their lives.. ((kirsten joyce)) donations gathered from members of the community to support the families challenges ahead. rick sot who is paying the mortgage while family is by their side, they go through a lot.. for us to honor them that day as
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for that soldier when we weren't. ((kirsten joyce)) rick and three others started this event six years ago, understanding from personal experience the many difficulties our wounded warriors face. rick i went through struggles with the v.a. they lost my paperwork. i had a bad attitude for quite a number of hero at a time, this is the perfect way.. to bring it all around.. and make sure these guys don't have the same wasted years that i did how do you pick the person to recognize, rick response : we get asked that a lot. there is no magic formula, finding the recipient.. soldier, marine, airmen, sailor.. just got to dig under every rock... and take a look and get something to choose from, hardest part ((kirsten joyce)) bands donate their time, along with other veteran's organizations, and businesses. chick smaldino sot @ if every town in the country does one of these for one of their heroes.. look how many people we can
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money presentation : money presentation : you have received our acts of kindess award.. you as well will be getting an 800 dollar check.. clapping.. thank you on behalf of all the volunteers. very, very amazing. ((kirsten joyce)) you can find out more about the event... and how to get involved, by going to the "one hero at a time" facebook page. if you would like to nominate someone for our series ... go to las vegas now dot com. click on "sections" in the upper left corner... and acts of kindness will be under the "community" tab. or send us an email... acts of kindness at las vegas now dot com. /// ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce))
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northbound 95 near decatur. point. it could be off on the shoulder. no delays along the south beltway for those making their way to the airport. henderson, you have a big closure and a new project breaking ground today. we'll talk about that about 10 minutes. < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > an australian man was having a bit of a mice problem in his home... and after setting up a mouse trap, it caught something else. the mouse trap caught this tiger snake. the man commented in the video saying, "this is an interesting looking mouse". he noticed it was trying to bite its way out... tiger snakes are known to be very agressive reptiles...
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australia than any other snake. but this one eventually died. /// ((brian loftus)) > mcdonald's created a new menu item... sweet cravings. ((kirsten joyce)) the new french fries drizzled with two drizzled with two types of
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currently looking for a job here in the valley... ikea is now hiring 300 workers for its las vegas location. the positions include sales, customer service, warehouse, food service, and interior design. the new store is set to open this summer... near 215 and durango. if you're interested in applying... all the information is on our website las vegas now dot com. ///
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and spotify are teaming up... so you can have both your coffee and your music while on- the-go. the starbucks app will now tell you what song is playing... as soon as you walk into the coffee shop. the app will also let you create your own playlist and listen to them on spotify. the company says the new music service will be available across the country. all spotify users will have access to it. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > and mcdonald's is turning its french fries into a new dessert item. mcdonald's japan announced they're adding the "mc-choco potato"... where the fries are drizzled with milk chocolate and white chocolate sauce. the fast food chain says the combination create what they call "a wonderfully salty and sweet harmonious taste". the "mc-choco potato" will only be available for a limited time in japan. ///
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town is highlighting the issue of children being around a firearm. what tips parents need to know when your child gets a hold of one. ((brian loftus)) > plus... protestors are calling for the bundy's to be arrested... following the militia stand- off in oregon. 8 news now spoke with cliven bundy on the matter... and has a message for those people. ((kirsten joyce)) > and late for work, but have no time to stop for coffee? what a kick- start company made to help fix that issue. /// < welcome to a brighter morning,
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