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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. this week, las vegas is hosting the world's largest gun show. ((kirsten joyce)) the "shot show" is being held at the sands expo center through the end of the week. "shot" stands for "shooting, hunting, and outdoor trade show." people from all over the country will be at the convention... checking out the latest advancements coming out of the gun industry. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > and one of the biggest issues being talked about at the convention is gun safety. ((brian loftus)) mauricio marin explains the tools that are available... to prevent a are available... to prevent a firearm tragedy. ((mauricio marin)) guns.. .big and small are being shown off at the shot show at the sand expo center. one of the big talkers this year is how to safely store guns. ((bill barassard/directo r of project childsafe: "it's the most important responsibility of a firearm owner is to responsibly store that firearm hands" )) ((mauricio marin)) this year...
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floor where guns can easily and safely get stored away. ((matthew mack/hornady safe: "there's a chip inside here you program the chip into the safe it becomes a key to your safe for instant access." )) ((mauricio marin)) built for fast draw by the gun owner...the hornady safe is made strong to also keep guns away from kids and criminals. ((matthew mack/hornady safe: "it's gone through 14 different tests for pry attack, hammer attack, saw attack and it provides a very secure method for storing firearms." )) ((mauricio marin)) however...the violence policy center says even if guns are stored away...they can still lead to firearm accidents. ((josh sugarmann executive director, the violence policy center: "the reality is if you want to protect your family protect your children the most easy thing to do is not own a gun in the home." )) ((mauricio marin)) but bill barassard with project child safe argues if there are children in the home, education is the number one way to prevent tragedy. ((bill barassard/directo r of project childsafe: "for young children it's always stop don't touch go tell an adult if they should ever go find a fire arm that's unsecure." )) ((mauricio marin)) project child safe also hands out gun locks. group organizers say locks can go a long way to preventing guns
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they also say gun safety isn't something that should be thought about only once and then forgotten. ((bill barassard/directo r of project childsafe: "every once in a while consider how a firearm is being stored in the house and whether or not the storage devices are doing their job." )) ((mauricio marin)) mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((brian loftus)) project "child safe" has created a video for parents on how you can talk to your kids... about gun safety and awareness. we have a link on our website las vegas now dot com. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk cloudy and damp this morning...
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passed through the valley yesterday. temps in the cool 40s. .......... we were looking for snow in the mountains, but not the nice rain we got through the afternoon. that storm wound up sliding farther south and into our area afterall. ................ some neighborhoods received about a tenth of an inch with the steady rain. we should see more sunshine today and highs back near 60 degrees.
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> /// > ((brian loftus)) > the city of las vegas is now getting involved.. in the fight for southern nevada's solar future. city leaders proposed an ordinance to help ease the financial burden for homeowners to install solar panels. the ordinance has not yet been formally introduced... but mayor pro- tem steve ross hopes his proposal will save jobs. the proposal would allow homeowners to take advantage of alternative financing... like the "pace" program... that would let them pay back the cost of the panels over 20 years.. as an extra fee on top of their taxes. we spoke to a small business owner in solar who hopes it happens: (( louise helton/co-owner, one sun solar electric: "oh, it's an answer to prayer, it really is, so many of us have been working for so many legislative sessions trying to get pace to be a
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last year, more than 37- hundred homeowners installed panels inside city limits... but ross believes momentum for solar has stopped since the p-u-c decision to hike solar rates. solarcity recently ceased sales and installation in nevada... and announced hundreds of job cuts. /// ((kirsten joyce)) the 8 news now living green super recycling event is this weekend... saturday, january 23rd at the thomas and mack. you can recycle all sorts of electronics. get rid of your unused and expired medicine. and bring paperwork that needs shredded. goodwill will also be collecting household items. for the complete list of what we'll be accepting -- head over /// ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce))
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today, henderson will break ground on the racetrack road project. construction will go on through december. > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the supreme court is reviewing the president's executive action on immigration. ((brian loftus)) the decision they could make that could affect dreamers here in nevada. ///
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will review president obama's executive action on immigration... to determine whether it violates the constitution. the program allows more than four million undocumented immigrants... whose children are u-s citizens... to apply for work permits as well as avoid being deported. 26 states including nevada filed a lawsuit, blocking it from taking effect. it also accused the president of abusing his power by going around congress. a decision could have a huge effect on dreamers living here in nevada. but no matter the ruling... the outcome of the presidential election could impact the future of the program: (( raul reyes, attorney: "the window of time that people have to come forward is much more narrow.
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this is a temporary program. a new president, whether its a democrat or republican, could very well cancel this, and there's so much confusion in the immigrant community over what to do." )) ((kirsten joyce)) the supreme court will hear the arguments in april... and would likely issue its ruling in june. /// ((brian loftus)) > several groups are demanding the arrest of cattle rancher cliven bundy... some of his family members... and their biggest supporters. now cliven bundy himself is responding to the situation. vanessa murphy sat down with him at his bunkerville ranch to talk about it. ((cliven bundy/rancher: i'm not gonna ever let the federal government come here and abuse me and my ranch and my cattle and the public again. )) ((vanessa murphy)) cattle rancher cliven bundy says he will continue to use the land in rural clark county he fought hard for nearly two years ago. and that fight continues in oregon.... ((cliven: of course they're saying the federal government you have no jurisdiction or authority here, get out of here.)) ((vanessa murphy)) two
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supporters refuse to leave a federal refuge. ((bundy: somebody has to stand up and it happened to be my sons that stood and they will stand. they're not going to give up. )) ((fawn douglas/las vegas paiute tribe: what is happening up north is disgusting.)) ((vanessa murphy)) on tuesday in las vegas, state lawmakers, native american tribe members and others called for action from the department of justice.... at the event - apology notes for people living in oregon. ((assemblyman elliot anderson: it's embarrassing to all nevadans that we are exporting our homegrown terrorists into another state.)) ((bundy: if they wanna call me a terrorist, they can call me a terrorist, but i'll tell you one thing, i'm american and i believe in the constitution of the united states.)) ((vanessa murphy)) the groups demanded the arrests of cliven bundy, his sons, and their extremist supporters. bundy says he's not worried. ((bundy: i don't believe anyone's going to pay attention to em. but i still welcome em to try to do their thing. that's their right.)) ((vanessa
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down from the bundys and their supporters could set a dangerous trend.... in april of 2014, when the bureau of land management moved in on bundy's cattle and the land he used in bunkerville.... bundy refused to leave... there was an armed standoff.... and the b-l-m backed down. the issue was never settled. ((bundy: we have really enjoyed our freedom and liberty out here and enjoyed the land and that's what the bundy standoff was all about. was to give access to the people and i would be able to continue ranching and tradition. )) ((brian loftus)) the group battle born progress has started a petition... urging the department of justice to take action. but bundy says he is not worried. he also says he has a bodyguard... and told us he's not so much for protection. bundy says he would rather have a witness. /// ((brian loftus)) > a start-up company invented a new travel
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((kirsten joyce)) the new personal brewer that makes your cup of joe... while on the go. ///
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fly on an airplane with their owners. ((kirsten joyce)) now one of the nation's biggest airlines is joining carriers... and changing the rules on how they fly. starting in march... delta will no longer allow larger pets to be "checked." they will be handled as freight... and need to arrive three hours before a flight at the cargo facility. that means they may even fly on a separate flight.. and arrive at a different time: ((sue kazlaw- nelson) "we really have a better equipped facility at cargo, and we can properly keep the animals in a safe environment and have professional staff that can look after them when they have a connection or layover rather than just leaving them out on the tarmac." )) ((kirsten joyce)) united, jetblue, and southwest don't allow you to check your pets. american airlines still does... as long as it's not too hot or cold.
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((demetria obilor)) > and speaking of traveling... some of us in the morning take our coffee to go because of the time crunch. but there's a kick-start company that wants to help make your coffee on that hectic schedule. it's called the "mo-joe"... and the company is describing it as if a travel mug and keurig had a baby. it's basically your own personal brewer on the go! so how this works is... it starts to brew fresh coffee when it detects you're in motion. so if you're riding your bike, driving your car or even just walking... it starts to brew the coffee. the kick-start company is trying to get funding to back their project. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather.
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sherry swensk damp air this morning... and some clouds around after a good soaking yesterday. that storm first looked to stay on a northerly track... but then as the early afternoon
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it was heading farther south and slipped right into our area. ........ let's check some rain totals... officially we picked up just five-hundreths of an inch. ............. but by far... the west side of town got the heaviest rain with more than a tenth of an inch and even close to two- tenths out to towards red rock. but just about everyone got a little something out of this storm. ................ today we'll start to dry out and clear the clouds to have a mostly sunny day. high pressure will build over the southwest for a couple of days.
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60s hang on through the weekend. more clouds arrive friday and saturday, but afternoons and mornings will stay above normal. ((sherry swensk))
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expect a lot of traffic. > that's a look at the back to you.///
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month until the nevada caucuses! ((brian loftus)) how each of the parties are preparing for the final push... and what makes a caucus so special. that story and more coming up at five.///
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> adoptable kids come in all age groups. ((kirsten joyce)) in this weeks wednesday's child... dave courvoisier introduces us to a 15-year-old you may remember. almost exactly two years ago to
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the bowling lanes. she was smart. engaging. we thought for sure someone would step forward to adopt her. but it hasn't happened. ---------------------- so just the other day, we met with alexis again. this time at the windmill public library, where she was thoroughly enjoying shadowing an intern. 32.24 yes i loved it, like i actually like somehow i already knew about all the stuff. alphabetical by last names of authors. it's a good fit. alexis is into words. history. reading. and she's even writing her own book. 30:40 it's a story. about a girl who's in foster care. it's, like a biography, but i had some like fiction in there so i can like cover it up. and unlike a lot of kids who've been in the system, alexis thinks foster care has been good for her. 34.34 as far as i know of foster care is the best thing that's ever happened to me. 40.53 it is. it's unusual as well and i think that just shows that this is a
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and hopeful and i think that the right family can make that happen for her. but if foster care works for alexis, then why does she wanna be adopted? 35.05 if i were to be adopted, the reason why i would be wanting to get adopted is because i don't want to age out. 35.11 that's actually one of my fears is aging out and going on my own. so and i'd actually like to go to a place where i can call home and parents i can call momand dad. alexis' future depends on finding that mom and dad, in a loving home. 41.25 i think a home that can be consistent with her but also patient in knowing that she's a 15- year-old girl ((kirsten joyce)) you can call the adoption
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something to make the strip safer right now.)) ((brian loftus)) > preventing another tragedy on the strip...after dozens are injured in a crash. the multi- billion dollar plan transportation leaders have in mind... and why officials say it might not work. ((michael stevens)) > (( michael stevens is live with more on the nevada caucuses)) ((kirsten joyce)) > we're just months away from our very first ikea! and the company is hiring hundreds of people. the positions available and how you can land a job. < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brian loftus.
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