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tv   8 News Now at 6 AM  CBS  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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get ready to "hit the floor!" tonight's big debut of the strip's newest headliner./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > kirsten joyce > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. loftus. headlines.. will be taking center stage in a las vegas courtroom this morning. ((kirsten joyce)) negotiations for 24-year-old lakeisha holloway are scheduled for 8 am. she's accused of intentionally running over tourists on the sidewalk in front of paris and planet hollywood 1 month ago today. one person was killed... more than two dozen others injured. holloway faces several charges.. including murder./// ((brian loftus)) > during yesterday's clark county commission meeting ... the first responders... firefighters... police officers.. trauma doctors.. and nurses were honored for their heroic efforts. commissioner chairman steve
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lining on a dark cloud: (( steve sisolak: the ccfd responded quickly, triaging the injured, delivering those with teh most severe injuries to area hospitals and treating those with lesser injuries on scene. )) 36 people were injured in that crash.. and one was killed. it happened on december 20-th in front of hte paris and planet hollywood hotel-casinos./// brian loftus > we are down to the final push... one month from today -- democrats will have their chance to take part in the nevada caucus... kirsten joyce three days later... the republicans. 8 news now reporter michael stevens spoke with both parties about their final preparations... michael, ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... it's getting close... i'm told both parties are doing a lot of training and finalizing paperwork to make sure things go smoothly.
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the first to caucus here in our state on february 20th. in recent months... even weeks... we've seen all three candidates for the party making stops in our state. earlier in the month... they all attended the best in the west caucus dinner at at m- g-m to drum up support. the nevada state party says our caucus could play a major role for the party because right now... the front-runners hillary clinton and bernie sanders could slip in the other states making nevada the early deal breaker: ((roberta lange // chair, nevada state democratic party: in iowa, sanders and clinton are running neck and neck. so it's anyone's game there. i know they're both working hard and spending a lot of time there -- they have a lot of surrogates -- there will be a lot of contact in iowa. in new hampshire, i think sen. sanders has a slight lead and so when they come to nevada -- we could be the firewall for someone or we could be the person that breaks the tie and energizes a campaign that moves forward as the presidential nominee. ))
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after the democratic caucus... on february 23rd... it will be the repbulicans turn to caucus. the party says they've been very busy in recent weeks preparing... completing paperwork and doing a ton of training to make sure everyone is ready... to make their voices heard on which of the 11 candidates should move forward: ((ed williams // chair, clark co. republican party: this year we have an embarrassment on riches. we have 11 great candidates -- that span the full spectrum of republican values -- there's going to be one that i think everyone likes.... and resonates with... they're all working hard to drive people out to the caucus to vote for them so the energy is enormous. )) ((michael stevens)) not only will both parties be selecting their favortie candidate to move forward... they'll also be choosing the delegates that will move forward to the convention. anyone can vote in nevada's caucus. you just have to be registered with your particular party to take part. the deadline is 10 days before the caucus to register... meaning it's creeping close to get that done. ((brian loftus)) michael... where will people be able to take part in the caucus here in
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stevens)) brian, kirsten... i'm told their are a number of locations to do this across the valley. you do have to check which precinct -- you're in... and you can do this by going to either parties website. back to you. ((brian loftus)) > jennifer lopez is giving las vegas all she has... in her residency debut tonight. ((kirsten joyce)) the superstar is headlining a show at planet hollywood in the same theater that britney spears performs in. jlo will be hitting the high notes of all her hits.. from the old school "love don't cost a thing" .. to her newer songs like "booty." after tonight's star-studded premiere.. jlo will host her official celebration party at mr chow inside caesars palace.. it is also the grand opening of the popular restaurant./// ((brian loftus)) > and i have already cleared my calendar... because it is official.. the original guns n roses will be rocking out at the new
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tickets go on sale saturday and prices start at 79- dollars. to purchase some.. just head to las vegas now dot com./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk
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morning... after some good rain showers passed through the valley yesterday. temps in the cool 40s. .......... we were looking for snow in the mountains, but not the nice rain we got through the afternoon. that storm wound up sliding farther south and into our area afterall. ................ some neighborhoods received about a tenth of an inch with the steady rain. we should see more sunshine today and highs back near 60 degrees. demetria, how are the roads this
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there's a crash on southbound i-15 at the tropicana exit. it's in the gore area, which is that triangular area that separates traffic that's exiting and traffic that's staying on the freeway. our photographer says crews have just wrapped up the scene on the strip. roads should be clear in about 45 minutes. < > < streets closed for the filming of the next installment of the >
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((brian loftus)) > an insurance company... losing 1 billion dollars over the next couple years... ((kirsten joyce)) the reason unitedhealth says obamacare is to blame for the loss. ((brian loftus)) > plus...the u-s deals two major blows to isis.. the hits to the terror group .. as the u-s continues airstrikes against them. ((kirsten joyce)) > and.. change is coming to a heavily- traveled road in henderson.. demetria explains what's happening and how long it will
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online is obsessing over the discovery of actor, adam driver's doppleganger.. nope.. it's not a person.. everyone thinks this cat looks like the "star wars" actor. the cat started going viral after someone tweeted about it when they spotted it at a shelter in new jersey. the new owner says she's already
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cat managers" the online world has nicknamed the furball.. "cat- am driver."/// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk damp air this morning...
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some clouds around after a good soaking yesterday. that storm looked at first to stay on track to head north... but then as the early afternoon came into view... it was heading farther south and into our area. ........ rainfall totals were impressive on the west side of town... and especially southwest between a tenth and two-tenths of an inch. .................
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clear the clouds to have a mostly sunny day. ............ 60s hang on through the weekend. more clouds arrive friday and saturday, but afternoons and mornings will stay above normal. back to you! overnight... at least 19 people were killed... in a terror attack at a university in pakistan.
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triggering a heavy gunbattle with police and army troops that rushed to the scene. the pakistan taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack./// ((kirsten joyce)) > isis has confirmed the death of terrorist, jihadi john. he was the english- speaking voice of the group in many of its horrific propaganda videos. two months ago.. u-s leaders say they believed jihadi john was killed in a drone strike in syria. the terrorist was born in kuwait, and it's believed he moved to london as a child. also.. the u-s is making strides with airstrikes on oil business that isis controls. our recent assaults have knocked their profits from 40- million a month.. to just a fraction of that./// ((brian loftus)) > the nation's largest health insurer expects to lose nearly a billion dollars over two years... and it's blaming obamacare. united health says it lost close to half- a-billion last year, and expects to lose even more this year. the company blames higher than expected claims from enrollees in obamacare exchange programs. it says many people who need expensive medical services are signing up during the so- called special enrollment period.
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considering dropping out of all obamacare exchanges in 20-17./// morning? demetria obilor the strip is back open after today's jason bourne movie filming. hit and run way up in the north part of town on north decatur by the clark county shooting complex. conventions in town at sands expo, hard rock and lvcva. < streets closed for the filming of the next installment of the "jason bourne" franchise. > back to you!
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fan of swedish furniture and meatballs.. then you're dream job is coming to las vegas. ikea is now looking to hire some 300 people to fill positions at its store coming to the valley this summer. those positions include sales, customer service, warehouse, food service, and interior design. ikea will be located near 215 and durango. if you want to apply... we put all the information on our website... las vegas now dot com./// ((brian loftus)) > helping wounded warriors... who protected our nation: (( rick: it's quite a sum, but they're going to be struggling the rest of their lives.)) ((kirsten joyce)) in today's acts of kindness... you'll meet the veteran who
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helping fellow soldiers after they come back from overseas. ((brian loftus)) > and it's time for today's facebook contest. register to win on our facebook page.
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> a veteran.... who medically retired from the army after desert storm is giving back to other wounded warriors... in southern nevada. this week's acts of kindness recipient found a way to look their families... with a special event called, " one hero at a time." " nats from october one hero at a time event " ((kirsten joyce)) you're looking at video of a special gathering to honor a wounded warrior.... rick hillis blaine sullivan is his name, he lost his leg in afghanistan to an ied...., ((kirsten joyce)) a graduate of cimmaron high school. sullivan returned home , and was recognized for his service, at this " one hero at a time"
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all the money raised from the event goes to blaine... and his family. rick: it's quite a sum, but they're going to be struggling the rest of their lives.. ((kirsten joyce)) donations gathered from members of the community to support the families challenges ahead. rick who is paying the mortgage while family is by their side, ey go throu l..r us to honor them that day aswell (family ) they were there for that soldier when we weren't. kirsten joyce)) rick and threehers stt this event sixyears ago, understanding from personal experience the many difficulties our wounded warriors face. rick i went through struggles with the v.a. they lost my paperwork. i had a bad attitude for quite a number of hero at a time, this is the perfect way.. to bring it all around.. how do you pick the person to recognize, rick response : we get asked that a lot. there is no magic formula, finding the recipient.. soldier, marine, airmen, sailor.. just got to dig under every rock... and take a look and get something to choose from, hardest part ((kirsten joyce))
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organizations, and businesses. chick smaldino if every town in the country does one of these for one of their heroes.. look how many people we can help. you have received our acts of kindess award.. you as well will be getting an 800 dollar check.. clapping.. thank you on behalf of all the volunteers. very, very amazing. kirsten joyce you can find out more about the event, and how to get involved, by going to the page. if you would like to nominate someone.. com... click on "sections" in the upper left corner .. and acts of kindness will be under the "community" tab. or send us an email... acts of kindness at las vegas now dot com./// demetria, what's driving people
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demetria obilor the day has finally come to fix up racetrack road. today, henderson will host the ground breaking ceremony at the heritage park aquatic complex at 9:30 a.m. back in november, henderson city council approved the $7.3 million project. racetrack road will eventually have four travel lanes between boulder highway and burkholder boulevard and two lanes between burkholder and athens avenue. bike lanes will added too. henderson says, "the racetrack road project also includes a road bridge over the flood channel at newport drive and a traffic signal at blue lantern drive." construction is scheduled to finish up by december. hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. back to you. ((brian loftus)) > super bowl sunday is just around the corner and 8 news now wants you to win big... even if your team doesn't! we're giving away 25- hundred
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newscast after the super bowl. just head to our website... las vegas now dot com to enter .... click the banner at the top of the page. and while you're there, check out our newly launched super bowl page./// ((kirsten joyce)) > it seems like cell phones battery's are constantly dying.. blame.. ((brian loftus)) 8 on your side's michelle mortensen shows us how to change the settings on them.. zone.///
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previewing the nevada caucus > ((brian loftus)) > plus... an attempt to keep the solar energy momentum going in the valley..
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help ease the financial burden for homeowners. ((kirsten joyce)) > and... flying with fido is about to get a lot more hectic.. the major changes underway.. that could make it more difficult to bring your dog on a plane./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > brian loftus > good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm brian loftus. kirsten joyce i'm kirsten joyce. today marks one month until the first nevada caucus... ((brian loftus)) the democrats will host theirs on february 20th... followed by the republicans on february 23rd. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live this morning with a closer look at the caucus process here in our state. good morning michael? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... when it comes to selecting our next president -- there's two early ways of getting that done.
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while most states use a primary election system... where you head to the polls to cast your ballot the two major parties don't subscribe to that system. caucus-goers not only... talk about their favorite candidate and vote... they also elect delegates to county conventions, who in turn elect delegates to state conventions... who then send delegates to each party's national convention to vote for a candiate: ((ed williams // chair, clark co. republican party: a caucus is where you get together with other people in your precinct or your neighborhood... and talk about what candidate inspires you and discuss that with your neighbors and cast your ballot for your favorite. )) ((michael stevens)) republicans who pre- register to participate in the caucus use a paper ballot to vote. for democrats... they literally divide the room. if a candidate doesn't get at least 15 percent of the people of the room in their favor... other groups can try to absorb them. as one of the first states to
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the results can influence how the vote goes in other states... meaning who stays in the race... and who goes. brian, kirsten? ((kirsten joyce)) michael... is the funding different for primary's than it is for a caucus? ((michael stevens)) brain, kirsten... primary's are run by the government... they use a voting machine and conduct it exactly like an election... it's also state funded. caucus are run by the individual parties... process. back to you. ((brian loftus)) > donald trump will be spending some time in las vegas tomorrow. he'll be speaking tomorrow at the "shot show" .. show. trump will tout the shows created by the outdoor channel then.. trump will host a rally at south ((brian loftus)) > speaking of trump... former vice presidential nominee sarah palin officially endorsed
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pundits say the move presents a setback texas senator ted cruz, who is in a close race with trump in iowa./// ((kirsten joyce)) > and ben carson is stopping campaign events for today -- after one of his volunteers died in a crash in iowa. the republican expressed condolences for 25-year-old braden joplin who was killed yesterday./// ((kirsten joyce)) > and on the other side of the aisle.. president bill clinton will be campaigning for his wife hillary in las vegas tomorrow. he's expected to discuss how he says hillary will get things done and protect the progress our country has made. he'll be speaking at the advanced technologies academy at 7-15. doors open at 6-30./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk it's damp this morning...
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clouds are still sticking around after a good soaking rain yesterday. ..................... yesterday at this hour we were
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and some snow in the mountains. then we got the bonus of rain in the afternoon. ........ let's check temps in the valley... where we've got mostly 40s showing up. humidity is high this morning... ................. today we'll start to dry out and clear the clouds to have a mostly sunny day. with warmer highs near 60 degrees today./// back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > las vegas city leaders are getting involved in the ongoing battle over solar energy in southern nevada. they proposed an ordinance... that would allow homeowners to take advantage of alternative financing for solar panel
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it would be similar to the "pace" program that would let them pay back the cost of the panels over 20 years as an extra fee on top of their taxes. the ordinance hasn't been pro tem steve ross hopes his proposal will save jobs. we spoke to a small business owner in solar who hopes it happens: (( louise helton/co-owner, one sun solar electric: "oh, it's an answer to prayer, it really is, so many of us have been working for so many legislative sessions trying to get pace to be a reality.")) ((kirsten joyce)) last year, more than 37- hundred homeowners installed panels inside city limits. however, ross believes momentum for solar has stopped since the p-u-c decision to hike solar rates. afterwards, solarcity ceased sales and installation in nevada and announced hundreds of job cuts./// morning? demetria obilor here's a crash on southbound i-15 and tropicana. it's mostly in the gore area,
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are kind of in the exit lane to tropicana. crews have finished filming the new bourne flick on the strip between tropicana and flamingo. cones are still on the strip. clear by 7 am. < > back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > stopping your apps.. from draining your battery.. ((brian loftus)) why experts say you shouldn't actually close them all out... like most people do... coming up in 8 on your side.///
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j@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules.
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equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us.
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your smart phone could equal trouble for your battery life. ((brian loftus)) 8 on your side's michelle mortensen found out certain apps can drain batteries faster than others. ((michelle mortensen)) how many apps do you have on your phone? i've got about 28 ... and the average american has 42 according to neilsen research. and get this ... we spend about 40 hours a month using those apps. and it's eating up our battery life. especially if you like free apps. and i don't blame you if you do -- because free is always better. but here's the problem. free apps .. come with ads. and those ads access the internet ... and that's draining your battery. so it might be worth a buck or 2... for the paid versions. now some apps drain your battery
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working. firm a-v-g ... snapchat is the worst offender because it's constantly pulling up your g-p-s location and sending notifications. notifications are the worst at draining your battery. here's how to fix that. off. you can also turn off your g-p-s to save your battery life. while you're in settings ... turn off the background app refresh for all your apps. that way they won't use data when you're not using them. one last tip .. don't bother closing apps. some tech experts say restarting them later drains more battery life than keeping them open for extended periods of time. with 8 on your side, i'm michelle mortensen./// ((brian loftus)) if you have a consumer question... call michelle on the 8 on your side hotline at (702)
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sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk damp air this morning... good soaking yesterday. that storm looked at first to stay on track to head north... but then as the early afternoon came into view... it was heading farther south and into our area. ........ we did pick up about 2 to 3 inches of snow in the mountains. rainfall totals were impressive on the west side of town... and especially southwest between
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inch. ................. today we'll start to dry out and clear the clouds to have a mostly sunny day. ............ 60s hang on through the weekend. more clouds arrive friday and saturday, but afternoons and mornings will stay above normal. ((brian loftus)) > nevada rancher cliven bundy is speaking out.. after several groups demand authorities arrest him and several of his family members. two of bundy's sons and their armed supporters refuse to leave a federal refuge in oregon. yesterday in las vegas... state lawmakers, native american tribe members and others called for action from the department of justice....wantin g the protesters and bundy's arrests. but the rancher says the protesters are just doing what they have to do: ((bundy: somebody has to stand up and it happened to be my sons that stood and they will stand. they're not going to give up.
6:37 am
the group battle born progress created a petition to urge the department of justice to take action. this isn't the bundy family's first time making headlines. in april of 2014, the blm moved in on bundy's cattle and the land he used in bunkerville.... because he owed frazing fees. bundy refused to leave and there was an armed standoff...and the b-l-m backed down./// ((kirsten joyce)) > new this morning.. state auditors say cabs in las vegas are overcharging customers by 47- million dollars a year. auditors say the 3- dollar credit card processing fee is excessive and should be no more than 90- cents. they also criticized the authority for approving rate hikes.. despite decreasing gas prices. nevada auditors recommend abolishing the taxicab authority.. which regulates cabs in clark county. state leaders say the nevada transportation authority or clark county leaders could regulate, instead.// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor
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windmill along the south beltway. north beltway pretty quiet right now. accident on desert inn and jones. delays on southbound i-15 at us 95 in the spaghetti bowl. < > < > back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > traveling with your pup.. could get a lot more stressful... ((brian loftus)) the changes major airliners are
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to how larger dogs fly.///
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the week. this is strawberry. she's 7- years old. she's some type of chihuahua mix. has been waiting for a home since january 13th.
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animal foundation 384-3333 ((kirsten joyce)) > starting in march delta will no longer allow larger pets to be checked onto their owner's flights... instead they'll be handled as freight. pets will need to be at the airport 3 hours before a flight. owners will have to drop them off and pick them up at the airline's cargo facility.. which could be a different location then the passenger check in. fido could also fly on a separate flight that could land at a different time. united also transports larger dogs as cargo.. and southwest and jetblue won't let you check a pet. american still does, but under certain circumstances.// /
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beautiful shot looking out from our stratoshpere camera... with temps in the damp 40s in the valley... and 20s up in the spring mountains. .............. we could still slight chance of snow showers in the mountains this morning. damp air this morning... and some clouds around after a good soaking yesterday. that storm looked at first to stay on track to head north... but then as the early afternoon
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it was heading farther south and into our area. ........ and don't forget our ski report. ................. today we'll start to dry out and clear the clouds to have a mostly sunny day. ............ 60s hang on through the weekend. more clouds arrive friday and saturday, but afternoons and mornings will stay above normal. back to you! ((brian loftus)) > michigan governor rick snyder is vowing to fix the water crisis in flint -- amid ongoing calls for his arrest and resignation. in his state of the state address tuesday - the republican governor said he's asked lawmakers for nearly 30 million
6:44 am
schools and pay for psychologists to monitor affected children. governor flint says he'll also release all of his emails to the public today./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor crash on rancho and decatur in the northwest. delays on southbound 95 at lake mead on the west side of town. < > < > back to you! ((brian loftus)) > it looked like a scene out of a movie..
6:45 am
this was no film set.. ((kirsten joyce)) jamie foxx's quick actions that helped save a man from a car crash.. just seconds before it exploded.///
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> the markets just opened and right now, the dow is down 314 points. investors are looking at a rough day ahead. yesterday -- the dow gained 27 points and the nasdaq lost 11./// ((sherry swensk)) > better clean out that old junk room in your house.. the 8 news now living green
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it runs from 8 am until 3 pm on saturday at the thomas and mack. you can recycle all sorts of electronics... get rid of your unused and expired medicine and bring paperwork to shred. goodwill is also collecting household items. just head to our website for a complete list of items./// ((kirsten joyce)) > actor and singer jamie foxx doesn't just play a hero... he is also one in real life. he pulled a man from a car crash in front of his house... exploded. brittney hopper reports from westlake, california. an emotional father walks down the driveway with actor jamie foxx after thanking foxx for saving his son's life. (father) he was here when he needed to be here, he was here for my son as far as i concerned he saved his life. you said that you were able to.... to pull him out we pulled him out he has serious burns. the truck lost control rolled
6:48 am
flames outside jamie foxx's house monday night. it was foxx who helped pull the young man to safety. (jamie foxx/actor) your sons a fighter and when he extends out of the cabin, pull him out.. and as we pull him out within five seconds later the truck goes up. (brad kyle/father) he didn't have to do a thing, and like i said earlier i think we all hope that we could do something when the time is there but the question is is, do we, do we act? foxx is known for playing many roles including a hero in some of his blockbuster movies. yet he still doesn't consider saving a man's life heroic. (foxx ) i don't look at it as heroic i just look at it like something. and it all just worked out. (britteny hooper) police say that the driver did suffer from some burns and was taken to the hospital.
6:49 am
driving under the influence. in westlake village, brittney hopper, for cbs news. several cars drove past.. but just one stopped to help. the driver was an emt... who had scissors which they used to cut off the seat belt and pull the man to safety./// > thanks for joining us. "c-b-s this morning" starts right now./// welcome to "cbs this morning." doesn't
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endorsement from sarah palin.
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