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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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it was closed for most of friday evening. police say a man was waving a gun and pointing it at people weaving in and out of traffic. when police arrived on scene they asked the suspect numerous times to put down his weapon. during it of the officers fired shots...missed the suspect. it all happened just outside the bellagio where many people were watching the fountain show a child in the area was grazed by a bullet. they were taken to u-m-c and has since been released...and is in good condition. there was some confusion by others in the area of what was going on...thinking it was part of a movie that had been filmed in the area recently. (( john evans/visitor: "at first i thought maybe it's part of the movie but then when i saw the response from police you see the police and guy jumps out and grabs for his hip you know something has happened." ))
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person in the had a bullet go through his clothes but wasn't hit physically. the suspect has been taken into custody. however his name has not been released yet. police got a statements from a number of eye witnesses on scene. and tell us surveillance camera shows the scene unfold. that's being used in the investigation. ((mauricio marin)) metro police will release the name of the officer involved in the shooting in the next day or so. and the department will hold a briefing regarding the shooting monday or tuesday---which is protocol. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) > we know what charges the suspect is facing? ((mauricio marin)) police didnt' go into detail about the exact charges he is facing....but tell us they are related to pointing a gun towards people and in the crowd on the las vegas strip. w'ell of course bring you the latest as it develops. back to you./// ((sharie johnson)) > a man is dead after a shooting in the
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metro says a man's body was found with gunshot wounds in a parking lot near mary jane and owens around 5 a-m this morning. he was taken to u-m-c where he later died. investigators believe the man was riding a bike when a black pickup truck pulled alongside him and someone inside fired multiple shots at him.. then sped off. anyone with any information is asked to call crime stoppers. this is the 7th homicide in metro jurisdiction this year. /// ((sharie johnson)) > people in the valley woke up to some cloudy skies today... ..and that could mean a slight chance of showers tonight. ashley conroy has a look at how the weekend is shaping up... ((ashley conroy)) ((ashley conroy)) there is about a 20-percent chance of showers tonight -- here's what it's looking like outside right now from our boulder cam. you can still see some clouds out there even with the sun going down. .......................... let's look at that satellite - radar map -- we have cloudy
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portion of the u-s right now -- there' showers and wintry mix happening to the west of us in california. .............................. back here in southern nevada -- we've had a thick high cloud cover for most of the day today -- and we have had some snow showers happening around the spring mountains -- and to the north of us in the sheep mountain range. any precip you see coming down on this map around the las vegas valley, probably didn't reach the ground -- it's been staying up in the atmosphere. but again, that could certainly change as the night goes on -- we're keeping our eye on it and will have more in the full weather forecast. ((sharie johnson)) > a massive blizzard hitting the east coast... has shut down the nation's largest cities. a travel ban has closed the roads and all flights and trains have been canceled. the blinding snow caused a 30-mile back up on i-75 in kentucky. hundreds of drivers were stranded in freezing temperatures for hours. in washington d-c, city officials say they're using the national guard's humvees to respond to people in need./// humvees with the national guard humvees with the national guard the nation's largest cities. a travel ban has closed the roads and all flights and trains have been canceled. the blinding snow caused a 30-mile back up on i-75 in kentucky. hundreds of drivers were stranded in freezing
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in washington d-c, city officials say they're using the national guard's humvees to respond to people in need./// (((chris geldart, dc emergency management) we've actually embedded our humvees with the national guard with our emergency services. )) ((sharie johnson)) the storm has also brought new york city to a grinding halt. officials ordered all cars off the road... except for emergency vehicles. the storm could go down as one of the top 5 snow storms in the city's history./// ((sharie johnson)) > and with many people stranded all around the nation... we talked to one washington d-c native who's finding a silver lining in this situation. cameron gray and his wife are from washington d-c. they were in town this week for the shot show convention. when the news of the storms first broke they immediatly booked a flight for sunday. and being stranded in las vegas for an extra day... cameron tells us things could be worse. (( "if you're going to get stuck in a city this is probably one of
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get stuck in but you know miss my dogswould like to get home plus i have to get to work next weekbut to be stuck in vegas it's kind of one of those thing we're everyone says... we get a a sneak peak at the master planned community under construction that's set bring thousands of homes to the valley./// now, nevada's first
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((sharie johnson)) > home construction is picking up in the valley. a new neighborhood of the skye canyon master planned community held its grand opening today. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live near gran teton and hualapai... with how the project is coming along. karen? ((karen castro)) this massive home construction project is moving along fast. skye canyon broke ground just over a year ago. residents are already living in some of the new homes. as construction continues in other areas, a new community within skye canyon held its grand opening. century communities is debuting two locations: whisper peak and
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potential buyers walked around and viewed some of the model homes. this is the latest neighborhood to be completed within the 17- hundred acre master planned community. homes range between 17- hundred to mid 3-thousand square feet.... with prices ranging from the low to high 300-thousands. folks with the project say they are selling more than just a home. ((staci white - dir. of architecture, olympia companies: we are encouraging people to live that fit, outdoor lifestyle, we have bike trails, we have walking trails, we have a park just up the street from here, we're calling that skye canyon park, we have sky center which is our visitor center. )) the master planned community will be completed in about 9 phases. right now, the project is still in phase one. builders hope to complete all years. ((karen castro)) when it's all said and done, skye canyon will feature 9- thousand new homes. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((sharie johnson)) > karen, you mentioned sky canyon offering a
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are any of these amenities completed? ((karen castro)) some are and some are still under construction. for example, some communities have parks and trails... while the main visitor center is still under construction. sharie. ((sharie johnson)) > giving back to planet earth. how the community is coming together this weekend to promote an environmentall y friendly future while also helping out those in need.///
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choice for news, that's was the goal behind the 8 news now living green recycling event today. people from all over the valley showed up to get rid of their excess junk from expired medication to everyday household items. eveything collected gets disposed of in a safe way. and a portion of the proceeds benefit the blind center of southern nevada: (( lauren siegel, blind center of southern nevada: we can use this money to help people who are blind and visually impaired by building a bigger community center, offering meals, offering ways to get to locations like doctors appointments, like food, so it means a lot to us )) ((sharie johnson)) goodwill was also on hand for the the event. they collected everything from
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everyday household items. and the thousands of people who showed up we're exciting to live green: ((cary marant, participant: old files and stuff from back like 05 and 06 that we don't need anymore; they're all like on the computer so we're just trying to clean up and save the planet at the same time )) ((sharie johnson)) > and lots of familiar faces on hand to help collect items. our 8news now morning team plus tedd florendo, patrick walker, patranya blhoulswan, maurico marin, michael stevens and tony smith./// ((sharie johnson)) brian brennan
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55 degrees out there -- still cloudy skies around the valley. but thankfully those winds are calm -- we're about 2 degrees colder than this time yesterday. .......................... let's look at our weather headlines -- we have about a 20-percent chance of showers tonight -- we have some windy conditions coming in on sunday and monday, so we'll want to watch out for that. also gusty winds and about a 60-percent chance of snow at mount charleston tonight. our temps will be closer to average and getting warmer as the week goes on. .............................. plenty of precipitation all around the western region of the u-s -- we'll get more into that
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look at the snow coming down on the east coast -- impressive amounts in multiple states -- in fact, feet of snow in some areas -- there's a blizzard warning in pennsylvania near philadelphia and to the north as well. ........................... looking ahead back here, there's a couple systems we're tracking in the pacific that could bring some more precipitation to the pacific northwest -- back here in southern nevada -- we're likely going to dry out to start our week as a high pressure system is moving into the area. ..................... we're also tracking the winds -- there's some gusty conditions at mount charleston tonight -- also pahrump, north in beatty-- we're going to see some winds pick up probably in the teens, around our valley starting tomorrow morning. then we'll see the winds taper
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and then pick up again through mount charleston and the colorado river valley by monday. ........................ tonight -- 45 degrees, cloudy skies -- a 20- percent chance of showers -- tomorrow the high of 60 degrees -- we'll be looking out for those winds. -- highs around the valley -- 60- could reach 61 degrees... ............................... our region -- laughlin 59 -- ............................... .. 7-day forecast -- windy for the next few days -- 60's for later e week.sharie johnson)) > thisweekend football fans will find out which two tea ll go headfootball fans will find out which two teams will go head to in the super bowl. but local fans who subscribe to cox cable might have to make
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watch the game. it will be carried live by cbs and channel 8, but unless something changes in the next few days, the game will be blacked out for cox subscribers, along with everything else that airs on klas. george knapp reports on the and cox. here's some real-life daytime drama for you. things are about to get a lot less bold and considerably less beautiful for cox cable customers. after january 29th, cox customers will be blocked from watching their favorite programs on channel 8. the price won't be right in the mornings. and in the evenings, say goodbye to alex trebek's jeopardy brain twisters or vanna white's stylish letter- turns on wheel of fortune the most popular prime time programs on the nation's most watched network will vanish when klas is taken off the menu...the big bang
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ncis...and tom sellecks iconic klas g.m. lisa howfield does not want to be on the air talking about this. lisa howfield/ klas general manager: i'm doing this because i don't want viewers to go to their tv and turn it on next saturday morning or late friday night and find out we're not there. but, she says, it looks like that's where things are headed. it means nevada's most watched local news station, 8 news now, would be gone. this sunday's 60 minutes will be the last for cox subscribers....a nd if no agreement can be reached soon, the biggest television event of the year...super bowl 50..will not be carried by cox, which is the service provider for about half of all viewers in southern nevada. cox customers would have to make other arrangements..s witch to another provider or try your luck with rabbit ears. lisa: if you are a cox customer and don't make arrangements, there's
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be able to see super bowl 50. like other cable systems, cox pays fees to rebroadcast original content. the biggest chunk of your monthly cable bill goes to pay for espn...8 bucks a month per customer....t.n.t gets 1.65 per customer. local providers, including klas and the other network affiliates, get a tiny fraction of that, even though the local stations are the biggest draw for cable systems. howfield says, after 5 months of intense negotiations, cox is unwilling to pay a fraction of what channel 8's programming generates for the cable company. lisa: it's crazy. broadcasters bring about 35% of the audiences to any given cable system around the country and we get around 12% of those retransmission revenues. ... we're asking for a fraction of that.... howfield says cox stormed out of the last negotiation session and is unwilling to budge, even though the other local providers...incl uding satellite companies..alre ady agreed to a
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cox declined to appear on camera but in a statement the company said it is willing to pay more but thinks that the demands made by nexstar, the parent company for klas, are "unreasonable". howfield is asking that klas viewers contact cox and urge them to settle this lisa: we're really upset at this point. we don't want our viewers to have to go through this but we're really at the point where we need people to rally around us and help us out on this. george knapp 8 news now > ((sharie johnson)) on our website, we have posted information about how you can reach out to cox either by phone or social media. you can also read a full statement from klas and comments sent by cox communication s. again, the deadline is january 29th. after that cox will no longer carry any channel 8 programming including this newscast./// ((sharie johnson)) > the science behind star wars. up next we tell you about the incredible event that's giving a new generation of fans a hands
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((sharie johnson)) > the force
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museum. families from across the valley packed the museum for star wars day. it was a chance to learn about the mythology and the science behind the epic movies. some of the activities included using chemistry to create jabba the hutt slime... as well as a demonstration on how gravity affects space travel. (( denyce tuller director of marketing ) "with the popularity of the movie we thought what a better way to teach kids about it we are an informal learning assset for the community and so we decided to have our own star wars day" )) ((sharie johnson)) > the u-n-l-v group sold which stands for society of lightsabe duelist also put on a live performance.///
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slams the east. blinding snow brings the streets of new york to a frozen standstill and shuts down broadway. washington, baltimore, philadelphia are all buried. full moon high tides flood the jersey shore with ice water. the deadly storm leaves hundreds stranded on highways. >> it's been crazy, just one after another truck stuck. >> shut it all down! >> axelrod: thousands forced from their home in los angeles by a cloud of methane. tonight the gas company's c.e.o. gives his first interview. >> i've been out here almost every day since october 23. i feel totally safe. >> axelrod: and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg-- is he going to make his own run for the white house?
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