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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 24, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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political spotlight as we get closer to the upcoming caucus. last week carly fiorina made her first campaign trip to las vegas since october. the former hewlett packard ceo held an event at the peppermill on the strip.... where she sat down and talked to our politics now team. you can catch the entire interview on politics now tonight at 5-30 right here on 8 news now. where we are you headquarters for everything politics.//
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thank everyone in the valley who came out to make our living green super recycling event a major success! more than five thousand southern nevada residents showed up to get rid of their old computers, tvs and other electronics in a safe environmentall y friendly way... as well as give away unneeded household items, shred documents and unload medicine cabinets of old and expired medicines. ((paul joncich)) ((denise valdez)) ((sherry swensk))
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mariah's not so bad $525 million p.m. next number. months of courtship, about nine. she hinted about packer with kevin back in april. >> do you think you would ever look for love again?
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but it f it stumbled upon me. maybe it already has. >> they made their debut at the debut of "the intern." >> it was a lot for him. i just automatically pose. i can't help it. >> they have four divorces between them, that's two each. the singer has been pretty open about packer on social media. we counted eight picks of her fiance on her instagram page. >> i've been living vicariously through you with your photos with your dashing new beau. >> it's fun. i'm not going to lie. >> let's move on from engagement to oscar's diversity controversy. will smith spoke out thursday on gma. >> it feels like it's going the wrong direction. there's a disharmony that is brewing in our country and in our industry that i want no part of that.
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going to the oscars this year. on thursday he added his voice to a powerful diversity discussion his wife started on facebook. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> jada, so passionate. were you aware she was going to do that? >> no. i was out of the country. at the time. and i came home and what happened? >> also thursday, reese witherspoon called for a cage. posting, quote, as an academy member, i would love to see a more diverse voting membership and boy was whoopee fired up. >> we have this conversation every year and it pisses me off. you can't bitch about it just at oscar time. >> there are movies that could have been up for oscar contention. >> i understand the uproar but it is not necessarily the oscars. it is the academy and members who are voting. >> there is other work out there that i think we just plis.
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>> friday afternoon the academy announcing new diversity reform. pledging to double the number of female and minority members by 2020. >> the problem is not with the oscars. the problem is with the hollywood movie making system. >> two db-time oscar nominee viola davis. >> the people with the yay or nay vote and how many black films are being produced. how are they distributed? >> i think we deserve -- >> i got something it say. >> ice cube slamming the academy after straight out of compton snubbed. >> maybe we should have put a slay on straight out of compton. >> wow. just one random slave? >> just one random slave for the academy members to recognize us as a real black movie. >> academy president saying she is frustrated and heart broken. >> kevin reported this story on
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all over cnn. >> everyone does believe this is the problem. >> amid outrage people are wondering if chris rock will opt out of hosting the show. >> everybody get together and stand behind chris rock and he can say i'm not hosting tonight until change is effectuated. >> if chris rock were to step down right now, it would make a huge impact because it would become a national conversation. >> don't you think it would be bet are for him to stick it out and dot hosting? >> widespread con census in hollywood is that chris rock should not step down. so much oprtunity for him it make a statement about this year's oscars. >> this topic will i'm sure be on the mind of many at hollywood's next major award show. the screen's actors guild awards show is next weekend and there is diversity in the nominees chosen by their peers in the industry. >> and such a fun show. always love the stag awards. but one person that you won't see there? jennifer lopez.
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she is on nbc in "shades of blue", on fox on "american idol" and now she has taken over las vegas. she kicked off her vegas res residency as only j.lo could. >> when you came out, what did you think? >> when i'm back here on my stair case with my big versace feather thing. then i walk forward and i'm like, whoa, this is your life. >> >> from the very first beat it was electric. her entrance, dazzling in a very sexy nude colored cat suit. her mom was there. >> my mom was here. >> and she was in it. >> lupe is always in it, okay? that's her name.
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>> also in the crowd, kelly osbourne hanging with rebel wilson and justin bieber singing along with his manager. >> eight costume changes, crystals covering the essentials but one of the highlights when she dedicated lee ann womack's, "i hope you dance" to her kids. >> you know, in rehearsal, every time i sing the dance song, i get choked up. the band is like bb she's gonna cry, again. it makes me emotional. to think about them. >> the stars were also all there for the after party where j.lo arrived at 1:30 in the morning but her biggest fan, this guy. >> she is wonder woman, i'm telling you. between the number one show,
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this, you know, she is all over the place. >> when you're putting together something like this and working as much as i am light now and with the kids and everything, he is just super loving and supportive, that's what i need more than anything else i think. >> oh, my gosh, that j.lo never disappoints disappoints. with her vegas show and two television shows you might think things can get overwhelming. but no. she has done this before. in 2001 j.lo went to number 1 on the billboard chart for her album j.lo and that same week, she was also number one at box office for the movie "the wedding planner." >> she can handle a ton at once. and hollywood, you got to take it when you get it. an angelina opening up about putting her kids in kung fu panda 3. >> that's what you do for a living, mom? >> kate hudson. >> i'm proud of her. >> and neighbors with zac efron
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oh, my god. >> that is zac efron clowning around on grandpa. the gang is all back for this one. seth rogen and rose burns. >> this time zac is on the other side they battle a sorority gone rogue. zac likes to do his fighting shirtless. >> does zac always working out and looking in great shape, does that just annoy the crap out of you? >> no, man. zac does zac. >> annoying being in the background of every shot having to do push-ups? >> get away from me!
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seth need to join forces in order to take on the new neighbors, a sorority led by chloe grace. >> they always say boys are scarier than girls. when you see what we're doing right now, you realize very quickly that having a herd of women chasing seth rogen down a tailgate is much scarier. >> ashland is in costume to be an extra for the epic tailgate scene. >> in the movie? >> yeah, probably. >> one of the bigger lines. >> i just did gnarly stuff. >> when rose returned to play seth's wife her pregnancy worked out perfectly. >> it just worked out. lucky. >> welcome to fine landa. >> and the secret's out, selena gomez gets in on the fun. >> very cool. >> she is super funny. >> she's awesome. super talented. >> she's tiny. >> she is a little person. >> very small person in general.
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not that short. hey. >> without heels. >> three inches of heels. >> i take off the heels and all right. now to a movie out next weekend. kung fu panda 3. you got to host the premier. >> i did. looks fantastic. this is massive spectacle that turned hollywood boulevard into china town and angelina jolie turned the premier into a family affair. >> and as a mom, to have your kids be part of this. >> and this is how they see it. they are excited and getting dressed right now. >> five of angelina's kids came later to watch the movie. that's pax on crutches. other son want there. shutting down two blocks of hollywood boulevard with more than 70 performers entertaining fans co-stars kate hudson and jack black walked the red carpet with their sons. >> how cool are you to them. >>? weirdly not cool to them.
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natural way of father hood. no kid can think their dad is cool. >> or maybe it's just jack. kate doesn't seem to have that problem. with her son, rider. >> i'm pretty proud of her. this is is really cool. >> if goldy could have a character in kung fu panda, what would it be? >> a goose who is really spiritual. >> what a weekend for you. >> a busy week. laundry on monday. i had to visit my mother-in-law on tuesday. yeah. wash the car on wednesday. and got an oscar nomination on thursday. >> but other than that, totally normal. >> normal. >> only be stopped by a master of chi. >> you will hear one of jack's sons and four of angelina's. >> i think they thought after doing a few hours of it, they kind of said, that's what you do for a living mom?
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>> they know now angelina, they know. >> straight ahead, peewee herman is back. ruben's new tv project with joe
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monday on "e.t." new stars sound off on the oscar boycott. >> one time winner halle berry. lady gaga. and sly stallone's co-star on his snub. and the bachelor's proposal? >> will you marry -- >> only four weeks in and why is ben on his kneees. we are in vegas's little white castle. >> i'm all about this. >> you will follow me into the desert, into the bottomless pit. >> first on the set after new manson movie. that's monday. >> this is the man i was like into. whoa whoa whoa, are you an i ghana? >> classic chelsea handler. she really never holds back and that's the way she was with me when i flew to new york to talk
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oh, so much more. my exclusive no-holds barred one on one. >> my friend with bill cosby. in the middle of the afternoon and the casino manager is like mr. cosby wants you to meet him and he is up in his hotel room. i'm like, i'm not going to his room alone. so i made three guys come with me. of course he was going to try to roofy me. who else calls you up to their hotel room in the middle of the afternoon and was kind of pissed i have three guys with me. who are thee these guys and what their he doing here? what are you doing here? >> cosby maintains he has been falsely accused. here is the thing about chelsea and probably one of the reasons she is friends with sandra and reese and she is smart, wickedly funny and beyond brutally honest. >> there are rumors you were into orlando bloom. >> no, all bologna. >> you work in this industry.
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we have never hooked up once. ever. and believe me, he hooked up with a lot of people. >> in the past you made fun of the kardashians. >> cannot get enough of this half armenian army of asses. >> khloe shows up in the series. >> our society is so caught up on getting foundation. >> wonders who family that came from. >> khole has a great sense of humor i'm doing her show too. she is cool enough to get it. i see those girls all the time. they have to get over it or not. i run into like kim at our friend's house and sometimes i'm like oh, no here she is. then hey kim. after all the stuff i've said. but you know what? i just have to -- you just have it stand up and take it and go, i know i said stuff and you know. >> yeah, chelsea is not afraid it call people out. like comedian heather mcdonald. right now former coworkers are in a nasty feud after heather said this. >> i lived in fear.
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>> not a camp, she can quit. that's silly. you're that fearful. she was taking clothes out of my closet every other day. she wasn't that fearful. i think she is upset i don't speak to her any more. and that's for a very specific reason. she knows about that. and i think she is trying to get attention. >> she said some people in your life are something -- >> when they sell stories about me to magazines, that's usually when i end a friendship. got it everybody? >> thank you. >> you're welcome. that's an exclusive. >> then healther is firing back. >> i never sold stories to tabloids. never happened. >> then on broadway where she got her start in stand-up and where she dished about her netflix docu series, "chelsea does." it has racism so i wanted her opinion on the controversy. >> you can't just nominate
4:53 pm
that's not fair either. say okay these are the three black movies. biggest three black movies of the year bp there's two different arguments you can have. there aren't enough black movies being made. that's one valid argument. you can't just nominate movies just because black people are in them. that's not fair either. who wants to win an award like that. >> she also delves into sex and drugs. >> you smoke pot with willie nelson. >> yes, i did that. then by the time that dinner was over, that's the highest i've ever been in my life and i wake up the next morning and one eye is still not opening. that's intense. >> serious research. >> she is an open book. no question. ironically chelsea hates technology. even though she is on netflix she today learn what streaming is. >> she is with the program now.
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>> the star of one classic comedy from the 80s -- >> that's right, more than 30 years after peewee's big adventure, paul ruben is back. >> i just got to tear up. a new original netflix film, peewee's big holiday and with joe magnganiellomanganiello. >> i never feel like this. but it came out great. >> don't let the costume he wore for the interview fool you. it is for the role on fox's goth am and paul wears the red bow tie and charcoal suit. on the big screen for the first time since 1988 and he doesn't look a day older. >> it's familiar. something i know. the suit still fits, actually, yeah. after i dieted. >> africa and there's pretty cool gajdgets in the movie. some things never change.
4:55 pm
breakfast in peewee's big adventure all those years ago and classic quotes? >> you're an id "! >> i know you are but what am i. >> i know you are but what am i. >> i hope there is some really good quotable dialogue in the new one. >> in the movie, mysterious stranger inspires peewee it take his first ever holiday. seems he's been couped up for a while. >> traffic light. just like national geographic. >> joe manganiello is under it. john lee who directs inside amy schumer makes his first feature. also judd apato. >> judd is the co-producer. incredible experience. >> and this time it's on netflix. >> netflix is amazing. they gave us an incredible budget. bent over backwards to give us anything we needed. >> he hasn't aged. >> really not.
4:56 pm
>> paul said he and judd dreamt up this movie four years ago, they just needed the right vehicle. >> now they have it. but not the bicycle. and on the way -- >> glenn frey in his own words. >> when i quit the eagles it was like starting over again. >> our time with the eagles legend. on the scenes with "miami vice" when we return. >> closed captioning provided by -- more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty
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