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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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a manhunt continues for three criminals who escaped from a california jail. how they were able to set themselves free from behind bars. ((kirsten joyce)) > and a basketball game between a couple of kids and an officer is going viral... after a special player puts himself in. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for joining us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. a new report by the center for effective government... highlights the possible threat of a chemical disaster here in nevada. ((kirsten joyce)) they gave the state a "c" grade based on the dangers of poor people and minorities... living near facilities that use chemicals but this map from the group shows it's not just poor communites. ((brian loftus)) there are also businesses using large amounts of chemicals all across the valley. mauricio marin looked into how local agencies work to keep
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((mauricio marin)) it's a sight hard to forget. the pepcon explosion in 1988 killed two people and injured more than 300 people. chemical catastrophes like that is something clark county fire department hazmat coordinator richard brenner works to prevent. ((richard brenner/hazmat coordinator clark county fire. dept.: "it created a huge mess for clark county and henderson. it affected the whole southern nevada area." )) ((mauricio marin)) according to the center for effective least 15 facilities that use chemicals across the valley pose a big risk to the surrounding community. one of them is reddy ice las vegas. they use large amounts of ammonia to keep things cold in their facility. ((amanda starbuck/center for effective government: "why they are so dangerous is because they store hdyro ammonia used as refregeriate. this is a deadly toxic gas it can spread several miles from it's source if it's a major release.")) ((mauricio marin)) the company is required to abide by strict rules and regulations. but the center for effective government says more can be done. ((amanda starbuck/center for effective government: "one simple thing facilites can do to
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chemicals." )) ((mauricio marin)) or asks them to use liquids instead of gas chemicals. something brenner says he urges companies to consider as well to minimize risk for catastrophe. ((richard brenner/hazmat coordinator clark county fire. dept.: "a gas is a bad thing because if it gets out into the air then it's going to expand usually and effect people.' "liquids chances are they'll stay on the ground. we can mitigate the situation by using dams and dikes and things so it doesn't get on the roadway." )) ((mauricio marin)) because there's always risk when using any type of chemical...brenn er says he works with facilites and first responders to train for the unexpected to keep nearby communites safe. ((richard brenner/hazmat coordinator clark county fire. dept.: "there's always room for improvement." )) ((brian loftus)) we reached out to reddy ice... asking about their safety practices... but have not heard back. for information on this story, go to our website las vegas now dot com. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather.
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we've got chilly temps and some patchy high clouds out there this morning. the breezy north winds have calmed down, but it still feels cold. ............... but we can look forward to a nice warm up by the end of the week. it will be worth all these chilly days we've endured so far ....... look for some high clouds today
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for most areas. ((sherry swensk))
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for the rtc's flamingo corridor improvement project. lane restrictions on the strip between flamingo and harmon. expect some delays in this area. the rtc says it will be ongoing nightly through wednesday. < > < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > traffic heading into las vegas from the north side of the state... was diverted for some time... following a deadly motorcycle crash. a motorcyclist was killed after crashing into a semi-truck on sunday... on the i-15 near the valley of fire state park. drivers faced long back-ups until lanes reopened. this is the 5th deadly crash for n-h-p's southern command... so far this year. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > a florida doctor could soon lose her job
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an uber driver. ((brian loftus)) the viral video showing just how bad she beat him up... and what else police took away
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manhunt for three criminals... who escaped friday from a jail in orange county, california. the f-b-i is now offering a 20- thousand dollar reward for their capture.
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(sandra hutchens, oc sheriff,) sh: "we will not stop until these individuals are back in our custody" authorites say hossein nayeri. jonathan tieu. and bac duong may have spent months planning their daring escape from the orange county jail. sheriff sandra hutchens. (sandra hutchens) "it appears t be a very sophisticated operation." the planning was meticulous, says sheriff lieutenant jeff hallock. (jeff hallock) jh: "it seems that the inmates cut through half inch steel bars their way through the plumbing tunnels and ultimately, gained access to an unsecure area of the roof. from the roof, the inmates rappelled (narr 3) authorities say it's likely they used bedsheets and other clothing to fashion a makeshift rope. as to what tools they used to escape, how they got them. or if they had help. all those questions got the same response. (sheriff hutchen) "we are still looking into that." they are also looking at whether a disturbance inside the jail. just prior to the nightly head
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other inmate to help the three men escape. and now, says sheriff hutchens, there's a more immediate concern. (sheriff hutchen) sh: "we have notified the victims of some of these crimes and people that have investigated those crimes to ensure that everybody who was involved in these cases is safe authorities don't believe they've left the country. they say tips have poured in, but so far, no confirmed sightings. mireya villarreal, cbs news, los angeles ((kirsten joyce)) > mexico's currency has fallen to a record currency has fallen to a record low against the u-s dollar. one mexican peso is now worth barely more than five american cents. investors have been dumping emerging market stocks and currencies... and picking up assets that appear safer... like u-s government bonds. one of mexico's problems is that it's one of the easiest emerging market currencies to trade. right now, the country is suffering from the dramatic crash in oil prices. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > wisconsin police are on the hunt for
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((brian loftus)) what the company caught on video as soon as it was taken. ///
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_____snow along the east coast... also had springlike thunderstorms in the warmer south and texas got quite a lightning storm! this surveillance video from a texas school security camera. right outside the parking lot, it caught this lightning strike... causing the majority of the tree's branches to fall off! as the video slows down, you can see that the lightning strikes the middle of it... with branches flying everywhere! luckily, no one was hurt. /// ((demetria obilor)) > in today's "trending now"... this police dash-cam has been viewed nearly 9-million times... of a couple of florida kids playing basketball with a police officer. that officer was following up on
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because the kids were playing "too loud". instead of telling them off, he joined in on the game. he then had to step away for a bit, telling them he was going to bring back reinforcements ... but only to their surprise, he brought back former n- b-a player shaquille o'neal. shaq specifically told police that he wanted to keep all of this a secret to the kids. /// let's get to sherry with a look
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sherry swensk nice shot from our rio camera.. and some breezes leftover. ................... there were even torndaoes in florida as that mammoth storm was rolling through the southern states. and overall the storm did wind up claiming 25 lives...
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carbon monoxide poisoning and even heart attacks while shoveling snow. terrible and sad. ................. snow totals were outrageous in the east. <
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((kirsten joyce)) > energy drinks are growing in popularity, but not everyone should drink them. holly firfer looks at the dangers of giving the caffinated beverages to children. energy drinks - they're cheap, high-octane, and readily available in stores. maybe too readily available. a recent study found that over 40% of all energy drink-related calls to poison control centers in the u-s were for kids under 6 - many of them suffering serious nervous system and heart symptoms. (dr. jennifer shu, pediatrician) a can or a bottle of an energy drink could have as much as 500mg of caffeine which is equal
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so way higher than you'd want a child to have. sometimes these drinks aren't labeled well, so you don't see what the ingredients can be, including the high amounts of caffeine, and a the child may think it's the same as any type of soda or juice that their parents might be ok with giving them. shu says the dangers of overconsumption for kids, and even adults varies from the minor... (dr. jennifer shu, pediatrician) as simple as headaches or some shakiness or jitteriness but they could even be more serious like problems with your heart rhythym, where your heart is irregular, it beats too fast or even seizures. but it's not just the caffeine and other stimulants raising concerns... the drinks are also often filled with sugar. r.jennifer s, pediatricntmuch of that sugar can causeight iawell as cavi. neral, shu says -- it'sst to keep kids away from anything but the basics. (dr. jennifer shu, pediatrician) for the most part, all of the fluid your body needs can be found in water, in milk and some 100% fruit juice. you really don't need what's marketed as sports drinks with electrolytes unless you're doing some really vigorous physical exercise. for today's health minute, i'm holly firfer. ((kirsten joyce)) doctors say you should treat energy drinks
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household chemicals.. and keep energy drinks locked up.. in order to keep them out of the hands of kids./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the academy of motion pictures is now taking double the number of woman and minority members by 2020.. this comes after a backlash over all of the oscar nominees in acting categories being white. it lead some celebrities like husband will... along with spike lee... to protest the awards. the academy is also launching a global campaign to recruit and identify new academy members./// ((brian loftus)) > wisconsin police are trying to find a couple of crooks... who stole more than 160- thousand dollars worth of cheese. a trailer full of locally made cheese was supposed to be delivered at several stops around the country. the president of the transportation company later found surveillance video.. that the trailer was hooked up and driven away. now this isn't the first time the cheese was stolen. another incident similar to this one just happened last week. /// ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce))
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with demetria!> demetria obilor crash on edna and jones. construction on volunteer you down. work is scheduled through october. the stephanie street bridge over us 95 is closed for construction. < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > super bowl 50 is now one week away... with the denver broncos and carolina panthers kicking it off. now we hope you stick around
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because we're giving away 25- hundred dollars during our special newscast sunday night. just head to our website... las vegas now dot com to enter... and click on the banner at the top of the page. while you're there, you can also check out our newly launched super bowl page. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > we're sitting down with a local veteran...who was honored by the first lady. ((brian loftus)) coming up at five... we explain why her story has
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video has gone viral... showing a florida doctor attacking and berating a miami uber driver. ((brian loftus)) out of rage, the woman also threw his things out of the car. as victor oquenda reports... she's been suspended from her residency, and is now in danger of losing her job. the woman fighting with an uber driver and making a scene in brickell early sunday morning - is a far cry from the one we see here, anjali ramkisson, in her doctors coat. this photo of the fourth year neurology resident - has since been taken off the website. (driver - name not disclosed) can you call 911 please? she's getting violent. (anjali ramkissoon/ medical resident) yeah call 911... the uber driver asking people nearby to call police. he was reportedly there to pick up somebody else when witnesses say ramkisson demanded he take her instead. she knees him - he pushes her
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- eventually getting in his car. nats it would only get worse, she throws things at him and then start throwing more stuff out of the car. (anjali ramkisson/ medical resident) i'm a 5 foot girl that weighs 100 pounds. i'm getting really like belligerent. (driver - name not disclosed) she attacked me. i have bruises all over. nats - holy (bleeped) nats - you have lost your mind. (ruby ferro/ ramkisson's neighbor) sometimes you are a beautiful person but one day you have a bad day. ramkisson's neighbor had good things to say but when we knocked on her door. (victor oquendo/ reporter) did you want to say anything on her behalf? nats - no, i don't want to say anything on her behalf, i want you to go. nats - that's destruction of property, you're crazy! here's how the ugly outburst ended: nats - i guess that's it. i guess i'll see you at the crime scene. good night! ((kirsten joyce)) according to the miami herald... a miami police spokeswoman says
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but did not write up an incident report. ((brian loftus)) the newspaper also reports that police put her in a police car... and then said she would lose her medical license if she was
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