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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  January 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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ready to spin the wheel tonight... after they waited so long to appear on wheel of fortune. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm kirsten joyce. loftus. north las vegas police have arrested a murder suspect... after a woman was found dead inside a home... drive. ((kirsten joyce)) jackson called them... after stabbing his 43-year-old girlfriend multiple times with a sharpening tool. when officers arrived at the scene, they found the woman dead . police say there may have been a domestic dispute... and this wasn't the first time home. ((aaron patty - north las vegas police: "there are multiple people that live at this home, so there were other people that were inside at the time this did go down so detectives are doing interviews with them as well." )) ((kirsten joyce)) police say there were children in the home at the time. a neighbor told us she could frequently hear loud commotions
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jackson faces one count of murder with a deadly weapon. the victim's identity has not yet been released. if you know anything about this case... please call crime stoppers. /// ((brian loftus)) > volunteers are still needed to help with tomorrow's southern nevada homeless census. the homeless count will be over the next two days in las vegas. it's done every year in order for local organizations to receive federal funding. the county is in need of volunteers who have smartphones and have a car... so they can drive teams around in certain areas of the valley. if you're interested, we have a link up on our website. go to las vegas now dot com and click on links we've mentioned. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk here's a live look outsdie -- we do still have some winds happening around the valley -- you can see here from our boulder cam. ............................ downtown -- 15 miles per hour -- strip 12 -- it's died down over at nellis -- but still sustained
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south part of valley. .............................. our current temps -- generally 40's all around the valley -- 44 on the strip -- cenntennial hills 42 degrees -- mountain's edge 43 kyle canyon you're at 23 degrees ............................ regionally, los angeles -- 53 degrees -- phoenix 49 -- flagstaff 21 and cold in cedar city at 21. .......................... today, a high of 58 degrees -- sunny skies. ne winds 5 to 7 miles pher hour. ..................... our neighborhood high -- all pretty much 58 all around the valley. <
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((brian loftus)) > flint, michigan isn't the only town suffering from a water crisis. the head of ohio's e-p-a is now calling for a criminal investigation... after the operator of a water treatment plant in northeast ohio... failed to notify the public about the drinking water. brian webb reports on the new case. bottled water and lead testing kits poured into sebring, ohio after residents were notified that their water may not be safe to drink. (lyn davis / sebring resident ) "i don't understand why they wouldn't' tell us, so they could keep us from having to go through illnesses." officials say dangerous levels of lead and copper were found in seven of 20 older homes during tests dating back to last summer. but it wasn't until last week that city officials issued a public notice warning children and pregnant women not to drink the water. (state representative john boccieri quick!!!!) obviously
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sebring's plant and distribution system are considered safe. but the slightly acidic water caused some pipes to leak the metals into the water supply. the head of ohio's epa has suspended the town's water plant manager from working at the treatment plant... saying he submitted "misleading, inaccurate or false reports." (heidi griesmer / ohio epa ) "we also recognize our office was probably too patient with the village as they were working with them to get the proper notification out." schools in sebring are cancelled today for the third day in a row. brian webb for cbs news. ((brian loftus)) state officials will hold screening clinics at the elementary school. ohio's water treatment plant serves about 81- hundred homes. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > helping with the water crisis in flint, michigan... are many celebrities including jimmy fallon. he tweeted that he's donating 10- thousand dollars... to the community foundation of the greater flint area. he challenged 10 others of his friends to match his gift. a number of celebrities have
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/// ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce)) with demetria!> demetria obilor las vegas boulevard between flamingo and harmon is closed for what looks like another day of filming for the new jason bourne movie. closures in effect 10pm-7am through wednesday morning.
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< > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > walt disney is dealing with several lawsuits following lay offs of two of its workers. ((brian loftus)) what they're accusing the company after their replacements were hired. ((kirsten joyce)) > and mariah carey has added more shows to her residency. when you'll be able to get tickets for them. ///
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filed class- action lawsuits against disney... saying they were illegally replaced by foreign workers. leo perrero and dena moore worked i-t jobs at walt disney world in orlando... before being laid off last year. they say they were given 90- days to train their foreign replacements. in their suit, they allege if they didn't train their replacements, they would not have received bonuses or severance. some 300 other workers also lost their jobs. the lawsuit contends disney and two global consulting firms illegally replaced u-s workers... with foreigners on high-skilled worker visas. disney has not yet responded to the allegations. /// ((brian loftus)) > the prosecutor in the netflix documentary series "making a murderer"... says he's writing a book on the case.
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who prosecuted steven avery and brendan dassey... says he feels an obligation to speak up... for victim teresa halbach and her family. the case gained national attention after netflix released the series. the producers say they made it to shed light on the nation's criminal justice system. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > r&b singer chris brown will not face any charges... in relation to the las vegas assault allegations made against him. a woman told police that brown punched her in the face... at a new year's after-party at the palms. brown denied the allegations... and the decision was made yesterday not to move forward with charges... because of the lack of evidence. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > singer mariah carey has announced new dates for her las vegas residency. tickets for 18 new "mariah.. number one to infinity" shows will go on sale friday at 10 a-m. the added shows range from june to september. carey first kicked off her show inside the colosseum at caesars palace in may 2015. for tickets... go to the colosseum box office... or get them online. just go to las vegas now dot com...
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((kirsten joyce)) > chances are you probably have more facebook friends than you can keep up with... but a new study shows only some of those "friends"... are really part of your social circle. ((brian loftus)) the royal society of open science says on average, only four of your facebook friends would be by your side if anything were to happen. the study also says the average person... could count just about 13 people as close friends. robin dunbar from the university of oxford says that although social networks help you keep up with your acquaintances... they don't necessarily expand your number of close friendships. /// ((brian loftus)) > the n-f-l is prepping the levi's stadium... for when the broncos and panthers take it to the field. ((kirsten joyce)) what new changes are coming to the stadium as they prepare for super bowl 50.
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> the blizzard that hit the east
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and cable boxes working overtime. nearly one- point-3 million comcast customers used x-finity on demand... to watch movie and t-v shows at the same time. officials with the cable provider say its a brand new record. people were watching shows like "shades of blue" and "game of thrones" among t-v shows... and "hotel transylvania" was the most watched free movie. "the intern" was the most rented movie. /// ((brian loftus)) > this week on wheel of fortune... two talented las vegas teens will show off their spinning skills. ((kirsten joyce)) as tony smith reports... it's all part of this week's "teen best friend week" on the wheel. nat pop of singing tony smith:
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shepherd, they have a real love to permorn. but they also shared a dream most teenager wouldn't consider. emma: "it's just been like a dream of mine for so long to be on wheel of fortune. so, it is kind of surreal." tony smith: that's right!!! these two teenagers got to spin the wheel. emma:"so, i always watch wheel of fortune with my dad. so, they say to audition and so my dad has filled out an application before. so, i was like i am going to give it a try...." tony smith: and just when these best friends were about to give up hope on the dream. taylor: "it was completely, unexpected when they called us and said we had made it." emma: "i thought it was kind of scam at first, is this real? but i automatically thought of taylor. since, we are always talking about game shows." tony smith: and these two friends believe -- friends who spin together, could possibly win together. emma: "it was everything i would have dreamed it would be. it was different then i thought it would be. but it was defintily better.
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for two best friends, tony smith eight news now. let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk clear skies out there right now -- here's a live look from our boulder cam.
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morning, we have a little bit of clouds as the dew point is higher. currently, it's 44 degrees -- we do have those north - north east winds coming through 12 miles per hour -- our temp right now is literally what it was at yesterday. ............................... ..... we can look for that sunrise today at 6:46 -- our sunset right at 5:00 this evening. ............................... ... here's some of our neighborhood highs for today -- you can see all right around 57 or 58 degrees for summerlin, henderson, anthem and north las vegas. ............................. today our high at mccarran is 58 degrees -- right around our normal high of 59 -- plenty of sunshine -- we will have north breezes, which will make it feel colder -- 5 to 7 miles per hour. ................................ we've been talking about these winds coming through this past few days -- and you can see they're here now -- by 8 o'clock
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down in our valley, but still keeping up at mount charleston -- boulder city at 11 miles per hour -- and gusty down in the colorado river valley at searchlight and laughlin. ........................ our 7-day forecast -- plenty of sunshine today -- and getting warmer this week -- in fact, mid-60's later this week and almost hitting 70 degrees by saturday -- we do have a slight chance of showers by next sunday and it's going to cool down, but this week we can really enjoy that sun and warmer temps. < > /// > ((brian loftus)) > m-g-m resorts is taking it's hiring process online. the company says it's changing the way it interviews candidates... by launching a virtual seasonal career fair. candidates can go online and apply for jobs including bartenders, cocktail servers and lifeguards. after applying... qualified candidates will be asked to complete a recorded video interview. successful candidates will then move on to participate in live online interviews. more than 700 jobs are available
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properties. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > we all aim to have a good credit score... but if you want to make it better, you want to be careful of scammers. as mary moloney reports.. not only will they steal your information, but also turn your score around. when trying to make a financial decision for the future -- it's often financial decisions from the past that can trip you up. from buying a car to buying a home -- lenders can see your decisions in a credit report. and some scammers see an opportunity. according to the federal trade commission -- there are a few easy ways to spot a credit repair scam. first -- if the company asks for payment before they render any services. also-- if they ask that you do not contact the credit reporting agencies directly. and if they suggest giving false information when applying for a mortgage or a loan. another troubling trend among credit repair scammers -- the promise of an entirely new credit identity -- which can unwittingly land a consumer in trouble with the law. you can spot these scams when a service suggests abandoning a social security number as a primary source of identification.
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they assign and call a c-p-n -- for credit privacy number or credit profile numbr. in many cases -- these numbers are stolen social security numbers -- often from children -- which is why they have a clean credit slate. and that can turn a consumer into an unknowing identity thief -- despite their good financial intentions. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce))
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this is at tropicana and koval. construction goes on at flamingo and, crews are working on the flamingo corridor improvement project. < > < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > women...paying more than men... for virtually the same product. ((kirsten joyce)) the products, and services...wome n are charged more for... and the reason behind some of the price discrepencies. that story and more...
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several weeks, the n-f-l has taken over levi's stadium in preparation for the super bowl. ((kirsten joyce)) len ramirez gives us a peak at what changes the league has done to the stadium. levi's stadium always looms large.but now it's literally "super sized." "if you have tickets we'll come!!" .and already drawing a crowd 12 days before the game. [melanie spears/denver ]"it's literally a different town at least this part of santa clara has been completely made over." outside the stadium huge entertainment pavilions are taking shape in the parking lot.and the tent and trailer city for worldwide media coverage is already up and running. inside.the lombardi trophy sets the stage. work crews are 49er scarlet into super bowl gold. new luxury suites are being built in the side end zone areas. and the field is being prepped
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half time performers. "they took tv into consideration when they built this stadium." cbs sports is all set to unveil new technology for super bowl 50.36 extra cameras, super slo mo.and 360 degree views are all part of the game plan. "we bring everything out. we have all the toys. we have no excuses. we gotta be able to show you every single angle." ((brian loftus)) > and we want to remind you that the super bowl will be right here on channel 8... between the denver broncos and carolina panthers. the game will start at 5:30. and don't forget, you also have a chance to win 25-hundred dollars... in our special broadcast that airs after the game. to enter, just go to our website, las vegas now dot com...
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that could happen happened at that point. )) ((kirsten joyce)) > a passenger is dead and a driver fighting for their life... after a bad crash last night. what police say caused the collision. ((michael stevens)) > ((michael stevens is live with more...on a new healthcare
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