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tv   8 News Now at 5 AM  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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> hunkering down... during the bad blizzard this past weekend. what kept millions of people busy... while they stayed inside for the big storm on the east coast./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. a person is dead and another fighting for life this morning... after their car was hit and flipped on its roof.. it happened at craig and lamb... police say a car turned left on a green light and struck a car... that car hit a light pole and rolled over. both the driver and the passenger had to be extricated from the car... the passenger was pronounced dead...and the driver taken to the hospital with a skull fracture. metro police say even if you have a green light, you still need to be careful when turning: ((sgt. richard strader, lvmpd: 22:11. 56 we need people to pay slow down i fyou're not sure.
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so we don't have any unfortunate incidents that happen. )) ((kirsten joyce)) police say the driver of the other car wasn't hurt... and is cooperating with police. this is the 8th traffic accident in metro's jurisdiction this year./// ((brian loftus)) > we'll be learning more this morning... about friday's police shooting on the strip. kahleal black is facing charges... after police say he pointed a gun at people on the strip. a metro officer opened fire at him and missed, but hit a child instead. intially police didn't know who the suspect was, even though he was behind bars. as for the officer, police say george smith with metro's tourist safety division who fired the shot . black is facing a number of charges including assault with a deadly weapon and possession of stolen property. a press conference is scheduled for 9-30./// ((brian loftus)) > there's new hope for existing, and new solar customers in nevada. ((kirsten joyce)) as of january 1st...the p-u-c raised rates for all net metering customers. n-v energy is proposing to allow
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customers to remain on the old rates... the solar industry says the proposal isn't enough, because it doesn't allow for the future growth of the industry. meanwhile, rooftop solar supporters announced a referendum drive to reverse the p-u-c's decision for all future solar customers. they want to put a measure on the ballot that would reverse the p- u-c's desiion for all solar customers. former governor bob list supports the referendum: ((bob list/former governor: "the residential solar industry has just basically been destroyed and with it the opportunity of nevadans to sign up and participate and help save our envirmonment and save money and do the right thing.")) ((kirsten joyce)) the ceo of solar city is confident a referendum would pass, but hopes lawmakers will step in before then, so he can re-hire laid off employees the solar alliance needs 55-thousand signatures to get a referendum on the ballot./// ((brian loftus)) > nevada leutenant governor mark hutchison is travelling to india... to bring in more tourists to our
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he's opening up a new travel- nevada office in the country on his trip. nevada recently closed its tourism office in beijing, china../// brian loftus > now let's get a look at your forecast. kirsten joyce ashley... sherry swensk < it's breezy this morning -- we have sustained winds at 15 miles per hour downtown and near the teens along the strip -- also 12 miles per hour at st. rose parkway. so if you're heading out and about for work soon, just be weary of the winds. .............................. here's our neighborhood temps -- generally 40's all around the valley -- but those winds coming through are making it feel colder, so even though it's 43 degrees in downtown and 44 on the strip, it actually feels like it's in the 30's so make sure to grab your jacket and gloves before you head out the door this morning.
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here's what we can expect for our tuesday -- plenty of sunshine -- a high temp near 58 -- daytime temps anywhere from 40 to 55 degrees by 5 this evening -- but with those winds, it's going to feel a little colder than that. coming up we'll tell you about way. ..... but we have demetria here, how is traffic shaping up this morning? > let's send it over to demetria for a check of traffic./// < demetria obilor closures on the strip through 7am between flamingo and harmon. closures will be back in effect from 10pm-7am wednesday morning. avoid the area using koval, paradise and frank sinatra. >
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< > back to you. /// brian loftus > we now have a new health care option for thousands of kids in the valley... kirsten joyce > the foundation for positively kids' is opening its doors to its newest school- based health care center in the valley. brian loftus 8 news now reporter michael stevens is school... with a closer look.
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((clark county school district (ccsd) students in the sunrise mountain area will now have access to quality, affordable health care with the opening of foundation for positively kids' newest school- based health care center at dr. william "bob" bailey middle school. the center will offer sick visits, well- checks, sports physicals, immunizations and other pediatric medical services. the center will be open monday - friday, from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., to ccsd students who are 18 years of age and younger, including younger siblings who reside in the same household or transient location of a student enrolled in the ccsd, and those in enrolled in the ccsd, and those in need of immunizations for enrollment. families will be able to pay for services privately or through
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medicaid application assistance and referrals will also be available.)) ((brian loftus)) > michael... how many students is this new center expected to serve? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten...
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how many students is this new center expected to serve? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... c-c-s-d deputy superintendent says with this health center so close to sunrise high school and hickey elementary... they expect to serve as many as 5-thousand c-c-s-d students between the three schools. ((kirsten joyce)) > m-g-m is going high tech to recruit employees...with a virtual career fair. they're looking to fill 700 seasonal poolside jobs at 13 mgm strip locations you don't have to show up in person... organizers say qualified candidates will interview with hiring managers from a webcam or mobile device.
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for more info...las vegas now dot com./// ((brian loftus)) > less than a week... until the first state weighs in on who they want for president. ((kirsten joyce)) the last minute push from republican and democratic hopefuls. ((brian loftus)) a major federal prison systems. why president obama is taking away solitary confinement for some inmates. ((kirsten joyce)) fixing up flamingo. another week of construction means more delays for you. demetria shows you the spots to
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((brian loftus)) > people in the east coast are still recovering from the blizzard this past weekend. ((kirsten joyce)) the storm dumped feet of snow on several major cities...includin g new york, washington d-c, and baltimore. over 30 people were killed in the storm.
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d-c are still closed today... and airports are working to return to a normal flight schedule. schools in baltimore, philadelphia, and washington d-c are cancelled for a second day as well. a system could bring another big storm by the weekend./// ((kirsten joyce)) > people turned to technology while hunkered inside their homes during the blizzard. ((brian loftus)) officials with comcast say they set a record for people watching their online content... nearly 1-point-3 million at once. and on demand viewing for comcast was also up. what were people watching? "shades of blue" and "game of thrones" were among the popular t-v shows... and the intern and the martian were the most popular movies. /// ((brian loftus)) one dating app, called happen, reported a jump in use on saturday... they say messaging in new york went up 139 percent from the weekend before. the app also saw messaging in philadelphia go up by over 300 percent. happen matches you with people who've crossed your path.///
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ashley conroy < we still have those winds happening around the valley right now.
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soon, be weary of that. currently 44 degrees outside -- ne winds 12 miles per hour -- we're about 2 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. .............................. here's your day planner. -- by 9 this morning right around 50 degrees, look for some light clouds -- getting sunnier as the day goes on -- 55 by noon -- 58 around 4 this afternoon -- and getting colder after the sun goes down. .............................. regionally, 49 los angeles and in phoenix -- flagstaff 22 -- and very cold in ely at negative 6 degrees. ............................. our satellite radar map shows things are quite dry on the west right now -- some rain happening in seattle and snow in new mexico. but here in nevada really no clouds expect for just a few very light clouds around our region. ............................... .... our 7-day forecast -- sunny skies for the next two days -- by thursday and friday mid-60's -- great start to our weekend and look at this near 70 by saturday, we'll see some clouds start to build and we do have a chance of showers by sunday. > ashley conroy back to you./// >
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brian webb explains how candidates from both sides are making their final pitch to iowa voters. at democratic presidential town hall in iowa last night --- bernie sanders and hillary clinton did their best to set themselves apart: (bernie sanders) "i led the effort against wall street deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue." ( hillary clinton) there are very different visions, different values, different forces at work, and you have to have somebody who is a proven fighter." the republican battle for iowa is also a close one... with donald trump and ted cruz locked in a tense fight for first place. on monday cruz met privately with pastors in cedar rapids -- pleading for their vote: ( ted cruz) "even if you're thinking about another candidate, the simple reality is there's only one campaign that can beat trump in this state." campaigning in new hampshire - trump once again questioned cruz's citizenship: (donald trump) "he could run right now for prime minister of
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trump, cruz and the other gop contenders face off this thursday night in des their seventh debate. brian webb for cbs news. ((kirsten joyce)) cruz, rubio, and trump will continue their push for votes with stops in iowa today. the nevada caucuses are coming up too... the democratic caucus is february 20th.. and the republican caucus is february 23rd./// ((brian loftus)) > president obama is banning the use of solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons. he says isolating prisoners can cause long term psychological effects... especially when used on young offenders and the mentally ill. the ban was announced in an op-ed on the washington post last night. president obama says the punishment should be used only as a last resort for inmates that pose threats to themselves or staff members. he says the move will affect 10- thousand federal inmates./// ((brian loftus)) > and two anti-abortion activists - who prompted an investigation into planned parenthood -- are now facing criminal charges themselves. a texas grand jury handed down indictments yesterday... against david daleiden and
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police say they tampered with a governmental record. the pair were behind secretly recorded videos allegedly showing planned parenthood employees trying to sell fetal tissue for profit./// brian loftus > let's get a check of your commute. kirsten joyce demetria... how are things looking? < demetria obilor no problems out along summerlin parkway right now, but there is a big project heading this way come spring. that's when crews will build the new, cable barrier rails along the parkway between buffalo and the 215. the project will be broken down in three phases. >
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back to you. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > lagging i- phone 6 sales expected as apple reports its holiday earnings. ((brian loftus)) why analysts say customers aren't lusting for the devices anymore. ((kirsten joyce)) plus... keeping up on your promises. how a windows system wants to make sure you're staying true to
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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((brian loftus)) > today we'll find out how apple did over the holidays... ((kirsten joyce)) and a new survey finds many of us shop impulsively. jill wagner joins us live from wall street. good morning jill. q: and jill -- microsoft is rolling out a new feature for its digitial assistant cortana... and it's kind like a ... digital mother? good morning brian and kirsten! global markets are tanking this morning. china's shanghai composite dropped six percent and is now at a 14- month low. it follows a major drop in u-s markets over the last few weeks. the dow fell 28 points on monday. the nasdaq finished 72 points lower.// investors will be watching as apple reports its earnings for the all important holiday season today. most analysts expect slower i-phone sales... because the 6 s and 6 s-plus
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distinguishing features.// americans are impulsive--- at least when it comes to shopping! a new survey from credit cards dot com finds that 84 percent of americans have made an impulse purchase... usually for themselves... and in an actual store... not online.// brian and kirsten? q: and jill -- microsoft is rolling out a new feature for its digitial assistant cortana... and it's kind like a ... digital mother? a: microsoft's digital assistant cortana will
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you keep your promises. it can remind you of professional deadlines and to make personal calls. like calling your mom. and cortona will send you reminders if you don't follow up on your tasks./ brian and kirsten? /// > now let's turn it over to demetria for what's driving you crazy? /// demetria obilor another week, another cone zone, right? well, construction is progressing along flamingo road. the rtc is working to improve 14 miles of flamingo between grand canyon road to just east of boulder highway at jimmy durante
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west of i-15, crews are working between jones and valley view. expect median lane closures between jones and decatur for the next three weeks for improvements. bus stop construction is underway from decatur to valley view. east of i-15, things are pretty much the same. crews are working on bus stops between koval and paradise. the rtc will be closing off sidewalks between paradise and eastern as ramps are upgraded to meet the americans with disabilities act recommendatio ns. electrical work will continue between eastern and sandhill through february. the rtc has set up detours and temporary stops for several bus routes throughout these cone zones. what's driving you crazy? remember, you can write me at. traffic 8 at las vegas now dot com.
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/// ((brian loftus)) > the search is on... for the three very dangerous men...who broke out of that california jail. who authorities think helped the inmates escape . ///
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> a special ed teacher... facing charges this morning... after police say she had an inappropriate relationship with a student. which school the teacher works for...and how authorities were ((michael stevens)) > ((michael stevens is live with more on new health care for kids)) ((kirsten joyce)) > we see it with our hair cleaning... but it doesn't end there.. women's products cost more than men's... a study reveals why price discrimination isn't limited to just retail.///
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this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > good morning i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. it's 5-30. a clark county school district teacher is facing charges... accused of having an improper student. jillian lafave was arrested on january 15th at valley high school. school police received information from another agency that lafave may have been having an inappropriate relationship with a student. she is still listed on the valley high school website as a special education teacher... lafave is at home with pay pending the investigation./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a man is behind bars... after police say he stabbed his girlfriend to death with a sharpening tool. it happened yesterday morning on ferguson avenue...that's near carey and civic center drive. police arrested marland jackson for the crime. they say jackson called police and explained what happened. there were children in the home at the time.
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been released./// ((brian loftus)) > tonight... dozens of volunteers will be hitting the streets... to find out how many homeless people are living in las vegas. tonight ... and work through the early hours of the morning. last year... people. volunteers will also be conducting a homeless youth count tomorrow morning...starti ng at 7-30./// ((kirsten joyce)) > thousands of students, parents, and teachers are expected to rally this morning for national school choice week. cashman center. public officials, educators, and parents will be speaking at the event. organizers say it's to show support for educational reform and school choice here in nevada. school choice week is to raise awareness of education options./// brian loftus > today... a grand opening is scheduled to take place. kirsten joyce it's for a new school-based health care center in the sunrise mountain area. 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live from "bob" bailey middle school. michael, this is significant? ((clark county school district (ccsd) students in the sunrise mountain area will now have access to quality, affordable
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foundation for positively kids' newest school- based health care center at dr. william "bob" bailey middle school. the center will offer sick visits, well- checks, sports physicals, immunizations and other pediatric medical services. the center will be open monday - friday, from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., to ccsd students who are 18 years of age and younger, including younger siblings who reside in the same household or transient location of a student enrolled in the ccsd, and those in need of immunizations for enrollment. families will be able to pay for services privately or through medicaid and private insurance. medicaid application assistance and referrals will also be
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((kirsten joyce)) michael... what type of specific services will this new center provide? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... the center will offer sick visits, well- checks, sports physicals, immunizations and other pediatric medical services.
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look at your forecast. brian loftus ashley is in for sherry today.... how's the weather looking ? < ashley conroy here's our weather headlines and how things are shaping up for the next few days -- we can expect sunnier, drier conditions -- we'll have some breezes in the valley -- near 70 degrees later this week -- we can put our jackets away -- but not for too long, because by next weekend, we'll have a slight chance of showers and the temps will drop off. our high today 58 degrees, plenty of sunshine all around the valley -- we will have some light north breezes -- 5 to 7 miles per hour, will make it feel colder than it is.
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let's look at our national satellite - radar map -- we have some showers happening in texas moving through the southeast -- we also have some snow happening in the upper midwest and you can see some sleet in pennsylvania moving towards the east coast where that blizzard crippled so much of that area. -- this system isn't going to be the problem. ....................... it's actually going to be a system building off the coast of florida later this week could move along the atlantic possibly hitting the north east later this week -- so we'll be keeping our eyes on that. .......................... back here we're looking dry pretty much out west all over -- remember a few days ago we saw enty ofn all around some gthin clouds ound southern nevada -- but i'll have moreoming upndether we can expthe drynditions.metria traffic. t's get a check of trafficth demetria! > metria obilor
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racetrack road and volunteer boulevard. expect delays. > < > back to you. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > january is national skating month... and you can learn the sobe ice arena at fiesta rancho. they're offering free lessons today... coaches from the las vegas academy of skating wil be there to offer tips and lessons for all levels. it runs from 3- 30 to 5-30 this afternoon.///
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weeks until the super bowl... ((brian loftus)) how much you can expect to pay... to see the big game in person. ((kirsten joyce)) searching for three men... who escaped from jail in california. why officials say other inmates might have known about the
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experts say three inmates who escaped from a california jail...probably had help pulling
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the inmates disappeared on friday from an orange county jail... authorities say they sawed through a gate, and escaped down a rope made of sheets. two of the men are facing murder and attempted murder charges... and the third is already convicted of murder, now charged with kidnapping and torture. the inmates cleared 3 security checkpoints undetected: ((lt. jeff hallock, orange co sheriff's office) "several other security breaches occurred. we are talking about breaching in some cases significant amount of steel, bar and metal.)) ((kirsten joyce)) officials think a fight that broke out friday night may have been staged... to delay discovery of their escape./// adlib weather chat
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here's a live look outsdie from our boulder cam -- we still have some bumpy winds happening right now -- ................... winds in the teens along downtown and at the strip. ........................ current temps. -- 44 on the strip seven hills still in the 30 -- at 38 degrees -- feels colder because of those winds. .......................... here's our regional temps. pahrump 27 at this hour cold there -- jean 33 degrees laughlin 50 26 at mesquite -- cold in the 20's along the mid section of the state. ........................ we can look for that sunrise by here's our day planner -- 50 by 9 am -- 55 by noon -- 58 by 4pm and getting colder as the sun
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ashley conroy back to you./// > ((brian loftus)) > musician john fogerty is returning to las vegas for another residency! he sold out eight shows this month at his residency. this is video from his arrival for that residency. his show is called "fortunate son in concert" the next shows will be from september 14th to october first of this the venetian tickets go on sale february 5th. prices start at 59-50./// ((brian loftus)) > and another musician will be sticking around las vegas... mariah carey is extending her residency at the colloseum.
5:38 am
on sale this friday morning. the extension will run jun7th through june 25th...and august 24 through september 11th tickets start at 55 dollars./// ((demetria obilor)) > trending this morning.. a sloth was caught on camera... clinging to a traffic barrier in ecuador. he got trapped in the middle of a roadway while trying to cross the street. the sloth was rescued by the ecuadorian transit authority. they said the animal has been checked by a veterinarian and is in great condition. the sloth has been released back to its natural habitat.///
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turn it over to demetia. brian loftus how are the roads looking this morning. < demetria obilor lots of traffic on southbound i-15 at us 95 in the spaghetti bowl. still no accidents out there. no delays coming up along northbound 95 and eastern. >
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< > back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > super bowl 50 is less than 2 weeks away... and tickets will be pricey. ((kirsten joyce)) the website seat geek says average resale price for the game are more than 5-thousand bucks a piece. if you're not lookin to shell out that much cash... you can catch the game right here on channel 8...february 7th. the carolina panthers will be going up against the denver broncos./// ((brian loftus)) > and you also have a chance to win 25- hundred dollars... in our special broadcast that airs after the game. to enter, just go to our website, las vegas now dot com... and click the banner at the top. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > paying more, because you're a woman:
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you're getting ripped off)) ((brian loftus)) why it isn't illegal to raise prices for women's products.///
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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paying more than men...for virtually the same product. the new york city department of consumer affairs revealed a big price gap, after comparing nearly 800 items with clear male and female versions. michelle miller reports. "just this please. last name. have you ever been here before?" cbs went undercover... one female producer and one male producer visited a handful of dry cleaners in new york city- they brought nearly identical 100% cotton button down shirts in comparable sizes and requested the same service. (nat) "dry cleaned huh? yes please." our female producer was
5:45 am
in more than half the businesses visited- in one she was charged $7.50 while her male counterpart just $2.85. at another she paid $3 dollars more. but it happens more than just at dry cleaners. the new york city study found differences in clothing like these jeans, personal care products like these razors, and toys like this scooter. their research showed that women paid more than men for similar prodcuts 42% of the time. tod marks the senior project editor for consumer reports has been researching this issue for years. ( tod marks) "you don't realize how badly you're getting ripped off, or being taken advantage of, as a woman, because you've become so conditioned to pay more." while there is no federal law that bans this practice, gender price gouging for services is illegal in new york, miami-dade county and california. ( michael cone, trade lawyer fisherbroyles) "we don't really know who is responsible for it." michael cone is a trade lawyer who says part of the problem are the extra costs for women's
5:46 am
get-go. he found that women's clothing, shoes and gloves often enter the country with a higher import tax than men's. ( michael cone, trade lawyer fisherbroyles) "it may be $5 extra paid to uncle sam, but by the time it hits the shelf it can be 10, 112 13 dollars." michelle miller, cbs news, new york brian loftus > now let's send things over to ashley conroy. kirsten joyce ashley what's the forecast look like today?/// ashley conroy < currently it's 44 degrees outside, clear skies out there so it's feeling colder than it is -- those winds coming from the north at 12 miles per hour. ..............................
5:47 am
in los angeles, phoenix 49 - flagstaff 22 and negative 6 in ely. ........................ here's our satellite radar map - looking dry here -- we have a low we're tracking off the pacific coast right now -- loloking to move into the pacific northwest -- now we do have a high pressure system that will keep things here in southern nevada for the next few days... but we could see some showers by this weekend. right now, just very light thin clouds around our region... but we'll be expecting a sunny day out there. .............................. 7-day forecast -- plenty of sunshine today -- we have mid- 60's by thursday and friday -- so our low mps will bermer too -- we'll o to this weekend by saturday, but chance of showersunday,ich will make it feelolder. demetria obilor < > crash at rainbow and south >
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((brian loftus)) > going on a blind date is awkward enough... but what about in the workplace? ((kirsten joyce)) coming up at 6:00... the coffee dates one company is setting up... for its co-workers! ((brian loftus)) > plus... the california coast is now more dangerous .. than beautiful... the evacuation orders in place for some buildings in pacifica./// ((sherry swensk)) < and just
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in the shooting in front of the bellagio..
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when metro police will be
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