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tv   8 News Now at 6 AM  CBS  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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when metro police will be releasing more details about this bizarre incident. incident. ((michael stevens)) < michael stevens is live talking about the opening of positively kids > ((brian loftus)) > and... two las vegas teens... get to try their luck on the wheel of fortune! we chat with them about their experience... before tonight's big episode./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > kirsten joyce > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. brian loftus and i'm brian loftus. in just a few hours.. we will learn more about the deadly shooting involved metro police.. in front of the bellagio. ((kirsten joyce)) metro will be releasing more details about the incident at 9:30. after asking the public for help.. police were able to identify the suspect in custody as kahleal black. officers say he pointed a gun at people on the strip last friday and repeatedly ignored requests
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a metro officer shot but missed and hit a child, whom is expected to be okay. the metro officer who fired the shots is now on routine paid administrative leave, pending the investigation. black now faces a number of charges including assault with a deadly weapon and possession of stolen property./// ((brian loftus)) > nv energy says it wants to allow customers who already have solar panels to keep more favorable rates for up to 20 years. this comes after public utilities commissioners voted to further discuss a proposal to customers. this comes after backlash... when commissioners approved a rate hike for all customers. many were angry.. saying their pricey solar installations will now take longer to pay off. if the proposal is approved by the p-u-c next month, the number of nevadans with rooftop solar we asked solarcity's c-e-o if this means laid-off employees could get their jobs back: (( lyndon rive/solarcity ceo: "if that short term fix occurs, all 550 will come back, that's my committment i'll hire all 550 back and continue in this state." ))
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says the promise is only if a short-term solution is approved -- and he doesn't consider the proposed compromise good enough to bring back all those jobs. he wants the issue to be settled in a special legislative session. n-v energy's proposal will be submitted to the p-u-c on february first./// ashley conroy here's what we can expect for our tuesday -- plenty of sunshine all around the valley -- temps near 58 degrees -- those daytime temps will be from 43 degrees once the sun comes up but will feel colder. ..................... winds -- around the valley.
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back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > metro police say a person is dead and another fighting for life this morning after a nasty crash. it happened last night at craig and lamb. investigators say a car turned left and struck another car that was going straight.. that car rolled and hit two utility poles. the 24- year- old driver was taken to the hospital and he is in critical condition. the 21- year- old female passenger was killed. police say the 21- year- old driver of the other car was not
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investigators say... even if you have the green light, you still need to remain vigilant: ((sgt. richard strader, lvmpd: we need people to pay attention to those lights. slow down i fyou're not sure. it's better to wait. so we don't have any unfortunate incidents that happen. )) ((kirsten joyce)) this is the 8th deadly crash in metro's jurisdiction so far this year./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor accident in the southwest at rainbow and spring valley parkway south, which is just north of tropicana. accident at paradise and windmill. las vegas boulevard closed between harmon and flamingo for the filming of the new jason bourne movie. these restrictions should be lifted by 7am. < >
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((brian loftus)) > fixing up flamingo. another week of construction means more delays for you. ((kirsten joyce)) demetria shows you what's going on and the spots to avoid in "what's driving you crazy?' ((brian loftus)) > plus... remembering an officer.. killed in the line of duty.. the thousands from around the country that attended the funeral in utah.///
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thousands of kids in the valley... kirsten joyce > the foundation for positively kids' is opening its doors to its newest school- based health care center in the valley. brian loftus 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live from "bob" bailey middle school... with a closer look. good morning michael? ((clark county school district (ccsd) students in the sunrise mountain area will now have access to quality, affordable health medicaid and private insurance. medicaid application assistance and referrals will also be
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((brian loftus)) > michael...
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new center expected to serve? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... c-c-s-d deputy superintendent says with this health center so close to sunrise high school and hickey elementary... they expect to serve as many as 5-thousand c-c-s-d students between the three schools. ((brian loftus)) > tonight.. two las vegas teens will try their luck on the wheel of fortune! it's all part of "teen best friend week ." taylor berkabile and emma shepherd are going to try their luck at spinning! they said they're still in shock that they made it on the show.. but said it was an unbelievable experience: ((taylor: "it was completely, unexpected when they called us
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emma: "it was everything i would have dreamed it would be. it was different then i thought it would be. but it was definitely better. " )) ((brian loftus)) of course the girls couldn't say who won the game show... you'll have to find that out tonight at seven... right here on channel 8./// ((kirsten joyce)) > blind dates are already kind of nerve- but imagine.. going on one with a co- worker? a study showed an employee's relationship with coworkers ranks first, when asked what makes them feel connected to their job. so the toronto- based company "freshbooks" created blind dates that are strictly professional. they launched the program last summer... an effort to get workers who would never interact with each other, to get the chance to chat. (( mary grace antonio / freshbooks manager: there's people from all different departments that sign up-- even execs sign up for these blind dates -- then i try and mix and match people who wouldn't usually be working together.)) the only negative feedback.... was that sometimes it felt a little awkward, so they really
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ashley how's the weather today? ashley conroy here's a live look outside from our red rock cam -- we can see that sun coming, beautiful start to our morning and clear skies out there. .......................... our current temps -- generally
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the strip and 42 north las vegas -- 38 aliante and seven hills -- but it's going to feel colder becasue of those winds we're seeing. ............................ today a high of 58 degrees -- sunny skies -- light north winds. tonight 40 degrees -- clear skies, it'll make it feel colder -- light southwest winds. ............................. here's our 7-day forecast -- plenty of sunshine -- getting warmer later in the week -- and we're dancing around 70 degrees by this saturday -- we can put our jackets away, but take our rain jackets back out again by sunday because we do have a slight chance of showers. back to you! ((brian loftus)) > thousands of
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utah to honor a police officer killed in the line of duty. unified police officer doug barney was shot and killed earlier this month while looking for a man who took off after a crash. the gunman was later killed in a shootout with police. barney was a cancer survivor... and had been working an extra shift that night to pay for his medical bills. he was an 18- year veteran of the department./// ((kirsten joyce)) > two anti- abortion activists - who prompted an investigation into planned parenthood -- are now facing criminal charges themselves. a texas grand jury handed down indictments monday against david daleiden and sandra merritt for allegedly tampering with a governmental record. the pair were behind secretly recorded videos allegedly showing planned parenthood employees trying to sell fetal tissue for profit./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor closures on the strip between harmon and flamingo for another day of filming for the new jason bourne movie.
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they'll start up again at 10 pm and last through 7 am wednesday. use alternates like koval, paradise and frank sinatra to get around. < > < > back to you! questions.. directly from the voters.. ((brian loftus)) highlights from a town hall event... coming up... just days before the first caucus. > and it's time for today's facebook contest. register to win on our facebook page. good luck!///
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i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshlycracked egg with ham and bacon,or sausage, get two breakfast croissants forfour bucks. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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((brian loftus)) > democratic presidential candidates gathered at drake university in des moines, iowa last night. they discussed the issues ahead
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contest of the 2016 election season. and the questions were picked by voters themselves. kim hutcherson reports. at cnn's democratic town hall in des moines, voters took center stage - presenting their questions to the candidates seeking the democratic presidential nomination. hillary clinton -- who has a six- point lead in iowa, according to the latest poll -- faced voters last. clinton took a philosophical approach responding to attacks leveled against her (hillary clinton/democr atic presidential candidate) "look, i've been around a long time . people have thrown all kinds of things with me.//butt to// i just keep going forward because there's nothing to it. they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing." she also reminded voters she has been working on healthcare for a very long time. (hillary clinton/democr atic presidential candidate) "when i worked on healthcare back in 93 and 94 - and i don't know if you
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been around and had been able to pay attention, i was trying to get us to universal healthcare coverage working with my husband." (martin o'malley/democr atic presidential candidate) martin o'malley was sandwiched in between clinton and sanders -- he had a message for his supporters "hold strong at your caucus because america is looking for a new leader. america is scanning the horizon. we can not be this fed up with our gridlocked, dysfunctional congress and think old ideologies are going to move us forward." bernie sanders kicked off the debate, and took many questions about his healthcare candidate. (bernie sanders/democr atic presidential candidate) "the ideas i am talking about are not radical ideas. //butted to//we may raise taxes but we are also going to eliminate private health care premiums for individuals and for businesses." on february first, iowa caucus goers will choose a candidate that best represents
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i'm kim hutcherson reporting. ((brian loftus)) > nevada's caucus is scheduled for the 20th of february./// ((kirsten joyce)) > tonight.. you can hear stories about the days of organized crime in las vegas. the clark county library is hosting an event called "mob month: remembering ralph lamb." the mob museum's geoff schumacher and the i-team's george knapp will be sharing stories about when the famed sheriff went up against the mob. it is free and open to the public. it starts at 7 pm in the main theater. lamb's brother, darwin .. who served on the county commission... passed away this weekend./// demetria, what's driving people crazy? demetria obilor another week, another cone zone, right? well, another cone zone, right? well, construction is progressing along flamingo road. the rtc is working to improve 14 miles of flamingo between grand canyon road to just east of boulevard. west of i-15, crews are working
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expect median lane closures between jones and decatur for improvements. bus stop construction is underway from decatur to valley view. east of i-15, things are pretty much the same. crews are working paradise. the rtc will be closing off sidewalks between paradise and eastern as ramps are upgraded to meet the americans with ns. electrical work will continue between eastern and sandhill through february. the rtc has set up detours and temporary stops for several bus routes throughout these cone zones. hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. back to you. ((kirsten joyce)) > firing back... at aggressive debt collectors... ((brian loftus)) 8 on your side's michelle mortensen shows the different things they're not allowed to do .. and when you can report them. plus... (( norah ahead on cbs this morning, u-s news and world report reveals its list of the best and most profitable jobs of 2016. plus- how mcdonalds is winning back customers.
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best super bowl ads to find out the secret to making them memorable. the news is back in the morning.
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my grandfather served in world war two. spending time with him were the best memories of my life. i became a physician at va because of my grandfather. so i can help others like him. i can't imagine working with better doctors, or a more dedicated staff. i'm fulfilling my life's mission with the help of my team, and thanks to these veterans. i'm proud to be a doctor at va. and proud to honor my grandfather every day.
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behind bars.. the charges this woman is now facing this morning. kirsten joyce > plus... it could turn out to be a multi- billion dollar blizzard.. the expensive effect it could have on the east coast. brian loftus > and... the super bowl comes with super big prices.. the thousands of dollars tickets are re- selling for to the big game./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > brian loftus > good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm brian loftus.
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a clark county school district teacher is facing charges... accused of having an improper sexual relationship with a student. ((brian loftus)) jillian lafave was arrested on january 15th at valley high school. school police received information from another agency that lafave may have been having an inappropriate relationship with a student. she is still listed on the valley high school website as a special education teacher... meaning she would work with children with intellectual disabilities. lafave is at home with pay pending the investigation./// ((kirsten joyce)) > tonight... dozens of volunteers will be hitting the streets to find out how many homeless people are in las vegas. tonight ... and work through the early hours last year... people. volunteers will also be conducting a homeless youth count tomorrow morning...starti ng at 7-30. the homeless census is a qualifying requirement for grants that provided more than 12 million dollars last year to homeless./// ((brian loftus)) > thousands of students, parents, and teachers
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morning for national school choice week. they'll be meeting at cashman center at 10 am. public leaders, educators, and parents will be speaking.. organizers say it's to show support for educational reform and school choice here in nevada. school choice week is to raise awareness of education options./// ashley how's the weather today? ashley conroy beautiful start to our morning with that sun coming up. it's currently 44 degrees, but we have some windy conditions out there 17 miles per hour coming from the north -- so even though it's in the 44, it actually feels colder outside. .............................. today our high is 58 degrees plenty of sunshine around the valley -- north breezes 5 to 7 miles per hour.
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let's talk about what's happening at mount charleston today -- a high of 44 degrees also sunshine at the mountain -- great day to head up there, but watch out for those north wind 14 miles per hour -- going to make it feel colder than it is. ............................... also a great time to mention our ski report -- just to las click on sections, go to weather and you can check out all the latest ski and snow board conditions for the west -- great time to look at this because of all the snow that's been happening around the west this season. we'll have more local weather coming up after our next break. back to you. back to you! demetria, how are the roads this
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accident on rainbow and spring valley parkway south, which is just north of tropicana. expect delays. use alternates like buffalo and jones. no slow downs along i-15 down by the south beltway, but that will change as we get closer to 7am. < > back to you! ((brian loftus)) > it is a debt
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or a scammer? ((kirsten joyce)) michelle mortensen breaks down the difference between the two.. in today's 8 on your side. ((brian loftus)) > plus... homes along the california coastline now pose more danger than beauty.. the evacuations in effect.. as its feared the buildings could fall off the cliff.///
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> today... a grand opening is scheduled to take place. kirsten joyce it's for a new school-based health care center in the sunrise mountain area. 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live from "bob" bailey middle school. michael, why is this so significant? ((clark county school district (ccsd) students in the sunrise mountain area will now have
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health care with the opening of foundation for positively kids' newest school- based health care center at dr. william "bob" bailey middle school. the center will offer sick visits, well- checks, sports physicals, immunizations and other pediatric medical services. the center will be open monday - friday, from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., to ccsd students who are 18 years of age and younger, including younger siblings who reside in the same household or transient location of a student enrolled in the ccsd, and those in need of immunizations for enrollment. families will be able to pay for services privately or through medicaid and private insurance. medicaid application assistance and referrals will also be available.)) ((kirsten joyce)) michael...
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services will this new center provide? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... the center will offer sick visits, well- checks, sports physicals, immunizations and
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((brian loftus)) > federal offices and schools in remain closed through tomorrow... ((kirsten joyce)) folks on the east coast are still trying to dig out from this weekend's blizzard that dumped record amounts of snow. the storm is to blame for at least 30 deaths across several states. washington dc is still in a snow emergency after 22 inches fell.. some streets haven't even been touched by snow plows. the big apple got 27 inches.. the second biggest snowfall on record. but calgary, west virginia got the most.. with 42. economists estimate the blizzard may land a 500- million to 3- billion dollar blow./// ((brian loftus)) > that storm also brought major flooding to the coastline... some say it was worse that superstorm sandy. tides crested above nine feet in some areas, flooding roads across the south jersey shore and stranding vehicles and drivers.
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it has since been restored. new jersey state leaders may ask for federal funds to replenish beaches./// ((brian loftus)) > back here on the west coast... el nino has left some california homeowners on edge-- literally. ((kirsten joyce)) check this out.. this is the scene in pacifica... where homes are in danger of falling into the ocean. police posted an evacuation order at an apartment building yesterday... saying the building is not safe. parts of pacifica's coastline have crumbled over the years, threatening homes and businesses... and el nino has been pretty destructive this year. pacifica city leaders declared a local emergency and are seeking state and federal assistance to fight coastal erosion./// ashley how's the weather today? ashley conroy ................... our satellite radar map -- trackign weather in the souther
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not affecting the east coast, but expecting a system that's going to build off of florida that can bring some snow later this week. back here. back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > getting a
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collector is never fun. but what do you do when the call is about a debt you don't remember owing? ((brian loftus)) is it real? or is it a scam? and how can you know for sure? 8 on your side's michelle mortensen show you the difference. ((michelle mortensen)) > debt collectors are notoriously disliked people. in fact ... the government gets more complaints about them ... than any other industry. and there are a few bad apples. just 2 months ago .. the f-t-c busted several for breaking the law and more than 100 debt collection companies have been banned from the industry. so how can you tell the good from the bad? i'm going to tell you how. first ... when they call you --- demand to know what company they represent. you have every right to know what debt you owe. and by law .. they need to notify you in writing the details of the debt.... within 30 days. next ... pull up your credit report .. and see if the debt is listed. if it is .. call the company to verify how
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how old it is ... and confirm it was sold to a collection agency. if everything is adding up ... you likely owe the debt .. and can work out a payment plan or settlement. but if nothing is adding up ... don't be bullied. this could be a fake debt call ... or a call on a debt you've already paid. once you prove you don't owe it ... case closed.... you can report these bad debt collectors to the f-t-c .. and to the state. i'll have links for you online to do just that. and get this .. regardless of whether you owe a debt or not ... you. it's the law. here's the details. annoy you .. threaten to harm you ... or arrest you .. language. if they do -- you can report them to the f-t-c. you can even send debt collectors a certified letter you. stop ... or they can be reported to the f-t-c.
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just realize this letter won't eliminate the debt -- just the calls. and don't forget .. the latest edition of michelles daily deals, coupons and freebies. it's on our website in the 8 on your side section. with 8 on your side i'm michelle mortensen./// ((brian loftus)) if you have a consumer problem... call the hotline at (702) 650-1907./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor henderson. the stephanie street bridge over 95 is closed and there are a couple big projects underway right now in this part of town. expect delays on racetrack road and volunteer boulevard for two separate improvement projects. < >
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((kirsten joyce)) > people in flint, michigan are going through case after case of water bottles... ((brian loftus)) the simple way you can help them have clean drinking water.. after theirs was
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> you better have some big bucks to spend... if you're looking to go to the super bowl! ((brian loftus)) get this... the average resale price of a ticket is a little over 51- hundred dollars! that's according to ticket price tracker seatgeek. a pair of club seats near midfield have already sold for 12- thousand-100 dollars
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making them the most expensive seats sold so far./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the carolina panthers will take on the denver broncos in the big game on february 7th. they'll hit the field at levi's stadium in santa clara, california. and 8 news now is giving away 25- hundred dollars during a special newscast after the super bowl! to enter.. just head to las vegas now dot com and click the banner at the top of the page./// ((brian loftus)) > and as a reminder... klas- tv is still trying to work out an agreement with cox... if it doesn't happen.. cox subscribers would lose all programming on channel 8.. beginning this friday. so that would mean.. the super bowl. there are numbers you can call to make your voice heard with cox... just head to las vegas now dot com./// ((demetria obilor)) > we've all heard of therapy dogs... but this morning.. folks online are talking about a unique 'emotional support animal' that was spotted on a plane. take a look at your screen.. yup....
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just chillen in one of the seats. it was also photographed hanging out for its flight in one of the wheelchairs at the airport./// ashley how's the weather today?
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here's a live look from our sunset cam -- currently, 44 degrees, but those north winds making it feel like it's in the high 30's. we've had some winds around the valley all morning -- it's actually picking up 14 miles per hour downtown -- 17 on the strip -- summerlin 11 miles per hour -- sunrise mountain also 11 miles per hour. ...................... today a high of 58 degrees -- plenty of sunshine -- north winds 7 miles per hour. tonight 40 degrees clear skies -- south west winds 6 miles per hour. ......................... here's our 7-day forecast -- plenty of sunshine for the next several days -- we'll be getting warmer by thursday and friday -- and our low's are also going to be warmer which means it's not going to feel as cold when you're heading out the door for work in the morning.
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to the weekend -- near 70 degrees on saturday -- but by sunday, we do have a slight temperature drops off to 59 degrees. so we'll be getting warmer weather... then getting colder again. back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > another water crisis. ((brian loftus)) a city near cleveland, ohio... water. investigators say dangerous levels of lead and copper were found in seven of 20 older homes during tests dating back to last summer. but it wasn't until last week that city officials issued a public notice warning children and pregnant women not to drink the water. the city's plant and distribution system are considered safe.. however, the slightly acidic water caused some pipes to leak the metals into the water supply. residents are obviously frustrated: (( (lyn davis / sebring resident ) "i don't understand why they wouldn't' tell us, so they could keep us from having to go through illnesses.")) ((brian loftus)) the head of ohio's epa is calling for a criminal investigation suspended the town's water plant manager from working at the treatment plant... saying he submitted "misleading, inaccurate or false reports."///
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> flint, michigan is also in the midst of the same thing. the town has been without safe drinking water since high levels of lead were found last year. the city switched its water source from detroit's system to the flint river to save money. but the river water wasn't properly treated. michigan's attorney general announced a new state investigation./// ((brian loftus)) > one las vegas man is trying to help the folks in flint by starting a go fund me page. he's looking to raise 1- thousand dollars and says every 5 dollars raised buys two cases of water. so far, there have been just 140- dollars in donations. if you would like to help.. just head to las vegas now dot com and click on the links we mentioned tab./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor crash reported on the russell on-ramp to southbound, so expect some delays merging. looks like crews are pretty much done on the strip today. expect closures beginning at 10pm and ending around 7am tomorrow morning.
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< > back to you! ((brian loftus)) > two musical superstars just announced they will be hitting the stage again in las vegas.. ((kirsten joyce)) who will be returning for round two of their residencies on the strip.///
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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dow is up 133 points. it fell 208 points yesterday and the nasdaq finished 72 points lower. markets are tanking around the world.. china's shanghai composite dropped six percent and is now at a 14- month low. it follows a major drop in u-s markets over the last few weeks./// ((kirsten joyce)) > r and b singer chris brown will not face any charges in relation to the las vegas assault allegations made against him. a woman told police that brown punched her in the face at a new year's after-party at the palms. brown denied the allegations and the decision was made yesterday not to move forward with charges because of the lack of evidence./// ((brian loftus)) > have you ever seen john fogerty? now's your chance! the legendary rocker just announced he is returning for a second residency at the venetian because his first was so popular! the show is called "fortunate son in concert." fogerty will return to the stage this coming fall. tickets go on sale friday.. february 5th and start at just 60 bucks./// ((brian loftus)) > and superstar mariah carey also announced new dates for her
6:47 am
the added 18 more performances for "mariah:: number one to infinity" ... those are scheduled from june to september. tickets go on sale at 10 am on friday and prices start at 55 bucks. if you would like to if you would like to purchase tickets to either of these shows ... just head to las vegas now dot com and click on the links we mentioned tab./// > thanks for joining us. "c-b-s this morning" starts right now./// good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, january 26th, 2016.
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