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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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did not end up in a very much worse scenario.)) ((dave courvoisier)) the clues they're finding... as investigators uncover the suspect's troubled past. ((denise valdez)) and a valley teacher accused of having sex with a student. how the timeline from school police differs from initial reports. < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((denise valdez)) > before we get to those stories... we have breaking news. metro police are on scene of an officer involved shooting on the east side of town. ((dave courvoisier)) this is a look at the scene near pecos and bonanza. that's where we find vanessa murphy with more on the details we have so far... vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) dave and denise, we know one suspect has been shot by police. no word on his condition. no officers have been injured. we don't have much information from metro right now... the call came in just before 3 p-m. a public information officer
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with a reckless driving call. we will keep you updated. back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that incident is just the second officer-involved shooting so far this year... earlier today... metro detailed the events leading up to the first shooting last week... when police shot at and arrested 20-year-old kahleal black. missed... with one of the bullets ricocheting and striking a 4-
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leaving a welt. patrick walker is live near the bellagio with new details released today by investigators. patrick? ((patrick walker)) denise.. dave... we heard 9-1-1 calls for the first time from the incident... and saw surveillance video. with that... we've been able to put together a detailed timeline about how friday night's shooting unfolded. ((patrick walker)) a busy friday night in the heart of the las vegas strip... interrupted by a man with a gun. 6:51 p-m... kahleal black is escorted off the harrah's property by hotel security... after police say he quit his job. he heads south on las vegas boulevard. 7:10 p-m... black walks into the intersection of las vegas boulevard and flamingo... triggering a string of 9-1-1 calls. (( operator: "911 emergency." caller: "the intersection of las vegas boulevard and flamingo, there is a black male adult waiving a gun in the middle of the street."
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caller: "there's a guy with a gun, a black male, probably mid-20s, and he's like literally right in the middle of the road." )) ((patrick walker)) 7:11 p-m... officers are dispatched. undersheriff kevin mcmahill explains surveillance video captures black... highlighted... near a crowd watching a street performer. ((undersheriff kevin mcmahill/metro police: "this couple indicated that they were watching a street performer, rt brack approached them, h ateulled thee) gpatrick walker))ice later utot lutded. mblack walkf ohe bellagio fountains. out... but black again points the gun at three people and pulls the ((undersheriff kevin mcmahill/metro police: "during this incident, we were very fortunate that black's gun was not loaded, or we might have had a very different and tragic outcome.")) ((patrick walker)) 7:16 p-m... officer george smith is the first to find black. investigators say smith calls out to black to drop his weapon. ((undersheriff kevin mcmahill/metro police: "the suspect, black, turned toward officer smith, raised the gun, and pointed it directly at
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away... missing black... but he drops to the ground, where police arrest him. ((patrick walker)) officer smith is on paid administrative leave during the investigation... which is standard procedure. it's the first time he's been involved in a shooting... and this is the first officer-involved shooting in 2016. dave... ((dave courvoisier)) patrick... have metro officers had to deal with black in the past? ((patrick walker)) we're told police arrested him in january 2015 for obstructing a police officer. he was also referred twice to mental health centers in january and feburary of 2015 after making suicidal threats. /// ((denise valdez)) > a naval medical facility in san diego gets the all clear... after reports of a shooting this morning. earlier today... workers at the naval medical center san diego were told to shelter in place tuesday because of a possible active shooter. officials say a witness reported hearing three gunshots around 8 a-m.
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but no evidence of a shooting was found./// ((dave courvoisier)) > squatters are targeting a las vegas neighborhood near the north end of the strip. in the last two months, firefighters have put out three structure fires in the same block. the latest incident happened over the weekend at a vacant and sahara. 8 news now reporter karen castro is there live with a closer look at the damage. is a total loss.. in fact, the owner has been told it must come down. despite multiple layers of breaking in. we spoke to the manager of the property who says he's frustrated and doesn't know what else to do. ((danny sanchez - resident manager, tam apartments: it's just a big challenge that they keep on coming inside here.)) ((karen castro)) danny sanchez apartments.. where in the last few months, squatters have been trashing the place and causing fires. ((danny sanchez - resident manager, tam apartments: it's a constant problem, they keep breaking in.
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place but they they break through the metal bars and stuff like that.)) ((karen castro)) squatters are unlikely to face criminal charges for unintentionally setting a structure on fire while trying to keep warm. most often than not, they are gone by the time first responders arrive... however, the owner of the property must take full responsibility for the damages. ((tim szymanski - las vegas fire & rescue: we will out boards up on it which will be charged to the property owner to secure that property but ultimately, it's the property owner's responsibility to come after that fire and make sure that the property is secured.)) ((karen castro)) the latest fire over the weekend is believed to have caused 150- thousand dollars in damages. this is the third fire since november at the same apartment complex... where only 20 out of the 80 units at are occupied. ((danny sanchez - resident manager, tam apartments: they were in the process of getting the other 60 renovated but we've been having so much problems with the squatters and stuff that now we're gonna have to do some other things.)) ((karen castro)) sanchez says he's tried everything to keep squatters out, but nothing seems to works. ((danny sanchez - resident manager, tam apartments: we put up more expanded metal and they break through those things
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((karen castro)) the property manager says he's called the police several times. he says officers come and get the squatters out...but they always come back. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) karen, how does the new squatter law come into play. ((karen castro)) the new law makes squatting a crime, as oppose to a civil matter... which allows police officers to take action and remove someone from a vacant house or apartment. ((denise valdez)) > an update to a story we brought you last night. north las vegas police have released the name of the man accused of stabbing and killing his girlfriend. police say 39- year-old marland jackson called them after stabbing his 43 year-old girlfriend lupe brown with a sharpening tool at a home near carey and civic center. police believe the incident may be domestic related. jackson faces one count of murder with a deadly weapon./// ((denise valdez)) > and the coroner's office has identified
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night as 21- year-old lizbett dominguez. metro police say she was behind the wheel when she crashed into another car at craig and lamb. the 24-year-old riding with her was taken to the hospital in critical condition... while the second driver involved was not hurt./// ((dave courvoisier)) > we're learning new details tonight about the teacher at valley high accused of sexual misconduct with a learning disabled student. ((denise valdez)) 8 news now anchor paul joncich has been looking into the arrest of 25 year old jillian lafave. ((paul joncich)) we're talking about a young special education teacher....who took a special interest in a learning disabled student. told him she wanted to help him find a date for homecoming. they spent quite a bit of time together...and the teacher became sexual. but just how far did it go? police are still sorting through thousands of text messages between the two. ((trk)) ((mug shot)) 25 year old teacher jillian lafave who has now bailed out of jail, was arrested of jail, was arrested january 15th. she's charged with committing a sex act with a 17 year old
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according to school sources cried out: leave her alone when police arrested her at valley high school. valley high sources took this door. the only window is covered over...while not unheard of, the decoration makes it difficult to see inside. police say it was inside that classroom that lafave admitted kissing and inappropriately touching the student on the afternoon of january 4th. police say lafave and the student exchanged more than 13- thousand text messages since october 16th, many of them sexual in nature. and that he would hang around lafave after school. when questioned, she only admitted kissing and touching the student....but denied having sex. this is you tube video of jillian lafave talking about her passion for teaching. she graduated from texas a&m ) and previously taught at an elementary school in houston. our calls to the principal inquiring about her work history were not returned.///
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student would call lafave mom. in fact there is a picture of the two titled me and mom on his facebook page. we've chosen not to show you that picture....even with his face blurred....becau se it could identify the student. lafave remains on paid leave while the case is investigated. she is expected back in court march 30th. /// ((dave courvoisier)) > left without a home. ((denise valdez)) why weather on the west coast is forcing some california residents to walk away from their homes. ((tedd florendo)) it's a story you don't want to miss. plus we're tracking a warm up for the week. but it comes at a price with more wind on the way and maybe some showers, which we could nevada.
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((dave courvoisier)) > the east coast is still bouncing back from the deadly winter storm that dumped several feet of snow ((denise valdez)) but on the west coast... residents are in danger of reason.
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are being washed away by the waves sparked by el nino. the owner of one of the apartment buildings plans to file an appeal to the city... saying it's unfair to make his tenants move out on such short notice. the decision... saying the danger is real: ((lorie tinfow//city manager - we knew that this day was going to come, we didn't know when. possible. not an action we took likely.)) ((denise valdez)) in all... nearly five- thousand people live in the city's threatened coastal zone. half of pacifica's businesses are located there too./// ((weather toss))
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((denise valdez)) > remembering
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((dave courvoisier)) up next... a look back on the life of darwin lamb...
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no.
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you better believe it.
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clark county commissioner darwin lamb died over the weekend... at his home in cedar city utah. ((dave courvoisier)) the 83-year-old fell at his home a few weeks ago and broke his hip. then he contracted pneumonia and was never able to recover. ((denise valdez)) the i-team's george knapp sat down with lamb back in 20- 14... to talk about his political legacy in nevada. .< darwin lamb: 133630 fremont street was two blocks long...we were kids, playing marbles there.... long before there was a fremont street experience, glitter gulch was a playground the likes of
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these days, darwin lives comfortably with his wife in southern utah, but remembers the hard times faced by his mother, raising 11 kids on a hardscrabble ranch near alamo. most of the family would find success years later in the las vegas valley, to the point that the lambs were considered a dynasty, the kennedy's of las vegas, people said. oldest brother floyd was a state senator and influential banker. second oldest ralph was the longest serving and most powerful sheriff clark county has ever known. darwin founded several businesses and was elected county commissioner. darwin: 140034 people thought that we cut the pie, so to speak, that we'd sit and talk politics. never. not one time. not one time ralph and floyd and i ever sat down and talked politics. the sheriff, in particular, despised the talk about a lamb dynasty, but the family name was popular and lamb's kept winning elections. at one point, at least three of the brothers were considered front runners for the governorship. darwin: 1341320ish i was going to run for governor when mike o'callahan won. i saw a survey after the fact that i could have won it easily.
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so i said okay, you're the oldest. it's your right, but this year, one of us could win it,....i said, i'll tell you what, you run for governor and i'll run for lt. governor. (laughs) but late in the campaign season, floyd lamb changed his mind about running, too late for darwin to jump in. as sheriff, ralph lamb's two-fisted cowboy style infuritated mobsters, biker gangs, and other dangerous hombres. several times, the bad guys planned to kill the sheriff, who insisted his brother start packing heat. darwin: 142745 ish he handed me a gun, said they got a contract out on me. someone might think you're the sheriff. movie star looks ran in the family, and the young county commissioner was handed a small role in a star studded western, the professionals, which was
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fire. nat pop from movie (" ....") darwin was bitten by the hollywood bug, in part because he developed friendships with his co-stars, especially with tough guy lee marvin. in a later role, darwin played a police official at odds with another tough guy, clint eastwood, whose movie the gauntlet, poked fun at over-the- top movie violence. a pivotal scene saw carnage unleashed on a downtown las vegas house. "fire".... scenes of gunfire and carnage as house is destroyed "the gauntlet" dl: 135638 there's a good guy to work with, clint eastwood. after losing a re- election bid, darwin gave up on the movie business, but enjoyed a brief career as a singer.
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since then, he's survived cancer and traveled the world hunting big game. he helped to write a book about his colorful life and famous family...not surprisingly titled vegas dynasty. dl: 143807 i think we did well by vegas. i know i did. we worked hard. george knapp 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) > members of the lamb family will be gathering tonight at 7 for a public event at the clark county library, remembering the life of former sheriff ralph lamb who died last july. george will be there and join others in sharing stories about lamb's life and his impact on las vegas. a celebration of life service for darwin lamb is being planned /// festival... making a comeback.
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first friday will make it's return downtown. ((dave courvoisier)) a familiar name in local healthcare is expanding. coming up at six... the four areas in the valley where residents will soon have new hospitals.///
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((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > the popular monthly arts and culture festival "first friday" has announced it's return downtown. the events went dark last october... but will kick off again february with the theme "back to our an art walk... kid zone and dance lessons will all be featured alongside dozens of food trucks. the free event typically draws up to 20- thousand people of all ages./// ((denise valdez)) > local families now have a new resource for children's health care in the valley. the foundation for positively kids' is opening its doors to its newest school- based health
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it will be inside bailey middle school... and will be open to clark county students 18 and younger... including younger siblings living in the same home as students. this is near lake mead and nellis -- with the health center so close to sunrise high school and hickey elementary... it could serve as many as 5- thousand students between the three schools./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((denise valdez)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// >> pelley: trump gets key endorsements before iowa. six days to go: it's a battle to win, place or show. y >> can you win this thing? >> pelley: also tonight, news about two threats to women's health: zika virus and heart disease.
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