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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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((dave courvoisier)) a reckless driver is to blame for a fatal crash. what questions police still need answered... as the investigation unfolds./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > tension is still high in oregon... after an armed standoff turns deadly. i'm dave courvousier. ((denise valdez)) i'm denise valdez... in for paula tonight. officers shot and killed the milita group's spokesman near the occupation at a federal wildlife refuge. the sons of nevada rancher cliven bundy... ammon and ryan... were among eight people arrested following last night's shootout. bundy and his followers took control of the national wildlife refuge more than three weeks ago. they claim the federal government is forcing ranchers to sell their land. ((bill williams//u.s. attorney - we will continue to work toward resolution and will do so with the primary goal of restoring normalcy to this community.)) ((denise valdez)) it's unclear how many people still occupy
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law enforcement officers have established roadblocks in the area and are only allowing property owners inside./// ((dave courvoisier)) > as mentioned... the armed protestors have ties to southern nevada... with two of the men related to nevada rancher cliven bundy ((denise valdez)) 8 news now anchor paul joncich spoke with cliven... and is in mesquite to tell us how he's taking the news... paul? ((paul joncich)) (( )) ((paul joncich)) ((dave courvoisier)) > installing cameras in special ed classrooms.
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effort to give students this extra layer of protection. this comes after the arrest of jillian lafave. the valley high school teacher was arrested for sexual misconduct with a special education student. sharie johnson is live with more on what's being done and how much it might cost: ((sharie johnson)) we talked to an attorney trying to make this a reality. it's a cost she says... educators can't afford not to pay. ((marianne lanuti, attorney specializes in special ed law we have been fighting and fighting enough is enough no excuse to not put cameras in
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)) ((sharie johnson)) marianne lanuti specializes in special education law. the past ten years, she's pushed ccsd to record video in special education classrooms. ((marianne lanuti, attorney specializes in special ed law we have cameras in parking lots, we have cameras in band rooms )) ((sharie johnson)) lanuti says texas recently passed legislation to install cameras in classrooms. they run about $150 a piece. in this case... the 25-year-old jullian lafave said she kissed her 17-year-old student student several times... and that the two became intimate inside her classroom. the arrest report says there we're 13,000 texts between the two... that we're quote "sexual in nature". it's why some parents have no argument against recording student teacher interaction inside a special needs classroom. ((rebecca bernard it's not violating anybody's privacy so i think camera's definitely a good idea )) ((sharie johnson)) other parents says teachers need better training, especially new and young educators. still... other guardians say it's also the parent's responsibility. ...monitoring social media...
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and having an open relationship like mona walker's daughter does. ((mona walker she has a very open understanding with the kids that they can come to them with any questions or concerns about anything )) ((sharie johnson)) lafave had only been teaching at valley high since august. she was the teens special education and english teacher. reporting live, sharie johnson, 8news now. ((denise valdez)) > we asked you to weigh in on the issue online... joe whitaker says... "yes. there is no expectation of privacy, except for in restrooms. we have cameras in adult and juvenile jails..cameras keep everyone honest." and lois hall agrees... "yes! they would protect students and teachers alike." but tammy westgarth feels differently saying ... "no! where do you draw the line for cameras and privacy? ask parents to come in and help out.
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day?" you can join in the conversation too... just go to the 8 news now facebook page./// ((dave courvoisier)) > bail is set at 2-million dollars for the man accused of pointing his gun at tourists on the strip friday night. kahleal black appeared before a judge for the first time this morning. he was brought in on a restraint chair... and wearing a spit mast... because corrections officers said he was combative. police shut down las vegas boulevard late friday.. after an officer shot at black... when he pointed a gun at the officer. black's brother was at today's hearing... and says his brother is not a voilent person: (( no man he is not violent at all he is a big teddy bear, he is a huge teddy bear man. i have seen the video, i would just hope that they don't charge him as a criminal like he did it on purpose charge him as a mentally ill person.)) black was not hurt during the shooting... however one child was grazed by a bullet and another bystander's clothing was hit./// ((denise valdez)) wrong time and wrong place -- that's how a metro police detective is describing the situation after a woman was killed in an early
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the man believed to be responsbile hospitalized with life- threatening injuries. now there are a lot of factors police believe to have lead to the crash. 8 news now reporter tony smith is live where the accident happened with more. ((tony smith)) for about eight hours -- this section of rainbow and spring mountain was closed due to a bizarre car crash... that started with a man found asleep at the wheel at a stop light... and ended with a woman dead 09;50;12 it's tragic. it's terrible." 10:38.46 "makes me kind of scared to just be walking around." 5:49:13 "this individual made the decision to be a menace to society running red lights and cause this crash here on the interestion." metro police say the crash happened wednesday morning around three. that's when they received 9-1-1 call that a driver of a white g-m-c yukon was seen sleeping at a green light near lake mead boulevard and rainbow when police showed up... the driver of the s- u-v took off.
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because he was scared." 5:50:01 "this could have been anybody driving through here." metro says they did not follow the s-u-v instead deployed their air unit to keep an eye on it... police say... the driver ended up on spring mountain.. he was heading east eventually t-boning a nissan heading south on rainbow. 11:48.27 "i am so happy that it didn't happen later on when there are more cars and people walking. it would have been more tradey." investigators say the woman in the car died on impact. as for the suspect, he's been identified as 33 year old victor sandoval he was transported to umc with life- threatening injuries. 11:47.29 "to see such a tradgey so close and to find out that somebody lost their life." 09;50;46 a situation like this could have been prevented if the person in the suv just done the right thing..."09;50;58 > ((tony smith)) we are waiting for an identity of the woman who died.. as for sandoval..
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driving was stolen. ((dave courvoisier)) > warmer weather continuing to move into the valley... and a chance of showers this weekend. tedd florendo is here with the forecast. < tedd florendo showersby next week ((denise valdez)) > things are heating up on the campaign
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((dave courvoisier)) why republican candidate donald trump is bowing out of tomorrow night's debate. < ((voice over: "now, nevada's
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sande. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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at 5.")) > ((denise valdez)) > republican presidential candidate donald trump has removed himself from this week's debate... just days away from the iowa caucuses. the next gop debate is set for tomorrow night... but trump says he wants no part in it. this comes after fox news refused to replace megyn kelly as the debate moderator. trump remains ahead in several polls... with senator ted cruz his closest rival. on the democratic side... hilary clinton is trailing vermont senator bernie sanders in the latest iowa poll. the first votes will be cast in iowa on monday./// ((denise valdez)) > all of the focus for the next few weeks will be on iowa and new hampshire... as the first two states in the primary season. but candidates on both sides have taken time out of barnstorming in those states... to campaign here. politics now anchor patrick walker is here to talk about
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((patrick walker)) nevada is the first in the west state... with democrats caucusing february 20th and republicans on the 23rd. one of the common themes here that we hear about all the time... winning the latino vote. i sat down with noted u-n-l-v political science professor dr. david damore... who also works with latino decisions... a political opinion research firm. in his polling... 52 percent of latino in nevada identify as democrats... while only 20 percent say they are republican. so naturally... that gives democrats a leg up in winning among that key voting block. damore says the democratic candidates have done a better job reaching out to the latino community... trying to woo votes in their favor. but there's still work to be done... the powerhouse culinary union has not yet given its coveted endorsement to a candidate. the union represents a large number of latino voters the campaigns are trying to get on their side. ((david damore/unlv political
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have in the latino community is you also have a lot of unfamiliarity with the political process, and also a fair amount of distrust of the political process, so those are barriers that campaigns have to overcome.")) ((patrick walker)) so the question is... can republicans do anything to win over the vote? damore says it's not likely... but they want to reduce the margin of latino support for democratic candidates versus republicans in big races. for example... latino decisions data in 2010 showed harry reid got 90 percent of the latino vote in his senate race win over sharon angle. in 2012... in the presidential race... president obama got 75 percent of the latino vote here in nevada... still a large margin. but in 2014... with the big race being the governorship and no big candidate for the dems... the latino vote in his re-election bid. that was an all-time high in their polling for a republican candidate nationwide. ((patrick walker)) we discussed a lot of other campaign- related issues... and you can see more from that interview sunday on politics now at 5:30...
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the show airs. just go to las vegas now dot com and click on politics under the sections tab./// ((denise valdez)) > and dont forget... 8 news now is your local election headquarters. stay up to date on everything this season both on air... and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > students in northwest washington d-c finally returned to class this morning... whether they liked it or not. ((it's alright but not too great... cause i kinda wanted another snow day.. like everone else! )) ((dave courvoisier)) kids stayed home monday and tuesday after last weekend's winter storm dumped several feet of snow across the northeast. the piles of snow did make for some slippery sidewalks in some areas... leaving parents to step in and clear the way for kids. but for those who didn't make it to class today... schools excused all absences./// ((weather toss))
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today we saw plenty of sun and milder weather than yesterday. many neighborhoods jumped up to the 60's. winds stayed calm in the the valley with temps right where we were yesterday by afternoon. ............................... ....... afternoon temps close to 60 and milder. warmer for the neigbhorhoods over the east side of the valley where we're lower in elevation and cool up at kyle canyon. near 60 this afternoon for anthem and henderson too. ............................... .......... regional temps in the 60's for sure this afternoon for areas like mesquite and down the colorado river. milder in laughlin and death valley close to 70. chilly for the central sections of the state in the 40's from rachel to pioche this afternoon.
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through the evening up there. ............................... ............. national number show cool weather from tulsa to dallas. col for chicago and new york where they're still cleaning up the snow in the mid-atlantic. milder in florida which helping fuel the thunderstorms. ............................... .......... that's where we find the severe weather tonight with storms some severe and t'storms pushing through . ............................... ......... back west more rain for the pacific northwest as they can't get break from the rain. this will change over to snow in the cascades tonight. and we have some clouds coming in from the west tonight giving us some cloud coverage this evening. tracking another system out in the pacific that is going to slide in from the north and bring us several things this weekend. ............................... .......... first we start of with saturday where temps ahead of that system will be close to 70 and comfortable but breezy winds can be expected. sunday cloudy and gusty winds come in along with showers. a few hundreths of an inch are possible. monday morning showers still possible but we do know this could be our windiest day with
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............................... ............ tonight expect a low of 43 with high clouds this evening and overnight. light northwest winds not an issue tonight. warmer than yesterday. 64 the high for tomorrow and milder and comfy. above average for temps with light winds. ............................... ............. neighborhood highs in the mid 60's through many neighborhoods and milder over to the east part of the valley and in henderson. ............................... .............. extended forecast shows warmer weather through saturday. huge temperature drop by sunday in the 50's only along with showers and winds. really wind monday. ((dave courvoisier)) > the largest animal shelter in the state -- aiming to save more lives. ((denise valdez)) how the animal foundation plans to reach no-kill status... within the next 5 years./// <
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courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now.")) > ((denise valdez)) > the animal foundation...
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no-kill shelter by the year 20-20. the nonprofit detailing it's 5- year plan during a press conference -- calling it "mission possible 20-20". a number of programs will roll out to save thousands more pets than in years past. it will step up the medical treatments at the facility... so animals arent put down for a broken bone or being sick. that will help improve the number of pets saved each year: (( christine robinson//executiv e director, the animal foundation - last year we did more than 10 thoussand adoptions we want to continue to grow that number, continue to offer promotions and discounts for public spay/neuter, vaccine clinic and a host of other programs)) ((denise valdez)) the shelter took in over 30- thousand pets last year. of those...over 3-thousand dogs and over 6- thousand cats were killed. but discounted adoption rates -- and more pets going to rescue -- have brought those numbers are down considerably from the year before./// ((dave courvoisier)) > dozens of
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the streets counting the homeless... in an effort to combat the issue. this census helps southern nevada receive millions of dollars in grant money for programs to help fight homelessness. last year, people counted more than 75- hundred on the streets of las vegas and estimated another 34- thousand are homeless throughout the year. this census allowed local programs that help the homeless to receive more than 12 million dollars in grant money. several volunteers were also out this afternoon counting homeless youth./// ((dave courvoisier)) > unemployment rates are continuing to drop throughout the state. the state department of employment.. training and rehabilitation reports the jobless rate in las vegas dropped less than 1-percent... to 6-point-2 in december. up north... reno is down from 5- point-7... to 5- point-5. and in carson city... the rate dropped from 6- point-8 to 6- point-7. overall... nevada's unemployment has to 6-point-4 percent./// ((denise valdez)) > carlos santana... returns to the las vegas strip. ((dave courvoisier)) hear from the rock legend about the moment
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((denise valdez)) > you've probably seen it on facebook... your friends posting stick figures telling their followers to "be like them." coming up at six... michelle mortensen reveals the privacy millions of people are giving up... just to post the simple meme ./// ((coming up... a new virus is putting expectant mothers at risk. the facts about zica including how it spreads. plus, newtons first, possibly manning's last. the super bowl matchup everyone's waiting to see. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. )) <
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at 5.")) > ((denise valdez)) > it's going to be a busy week and a half for employees of a minnesota company. "wincraft" is making the officially licensed merchandise for super bowl 50. that includes all of the decals.. banners.. buttons.. and even the official field towels for winning teams.
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some of the merchandise.. and will continue to do so throughout the week. the carolina panthers face the denver broncos in super bowl 50... february 7th./// ((dave courvoisier)) > legendary guitarist and musician carlos santana is back on stage tonight. it will be his first performance of the year... for his residency at mandalay bay's house of blues. our morning team recently sat down with the musician... and asked him when he first realized he was so talented: (( we're doing like this 50 year anniversary wedding for these people and i'm playing violin next to my dad.. everybody around me looks like the worst criminals in cosa nostra, ya know? but i heard somebody say you know that kid next to his dad, he's really good.. he's got a great tone and he's as good as his dad. and i looked at my dad and he looked at me and i was like, "wow! this is a great validation cuz that's all i ever wanted to be is like my dad. )) ((dave courvoisier)) tickets for santana's show start at just under 100 bucks.///
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for watching 8 news now at five. ((denise valdez)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music ((dave courvoisier)) > cliven bundy speaks out... >> they >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. >> pelley: trump pulls out of the debate, but will he change his mind? >> i've got a $20 bet he'll show up. >> pelley: also tonight, more of our investigation exposing questionable spending by the largest veterans' charity. new cases of zika virus in the united states. and two men, two generations. >> opposite ends of the spectrum.
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