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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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state of the city address. ((dave courvoisier)) and a standoff with the federal government... could be nearing an end. how many protesters remain inside an oregon wildlife refuge. ((denise valdez)) plus.. new hope... in an unsolved murder. ((this person needs to be put away. somebody needs to pay for taking our child's life)) ((denise valdez)) what the victim's family is now offering... for clues in their son's murder./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((denise valdez)) > we'll get to those stories in a moment... but first... new developments in the fight to build a new stadium near unlv. i'm denise valdez in for paula tonight. ((dave courvoisier)) i'm dave courvoisier. the latest proposal has implications of bringing an nfl team to vegas. sports anchor chris maathius is at the westgate superbook to explain... chris? ((chris maathuis)) this is a big day with over 20 pages of prop bets released tonight at the westgate superbook.
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50 will be released tonight at 7 pm that's the big news... in maybe even bigger news... the las vegas sands has confirmed to channel 8 they are discussing the possibility of building a stadium here in las vegas. the land being looked at as a possible site is the 42 acres near the airport and mgm off tropicana. sands officials and meeting with members of the oakland raiders. we can confirm through a source, that top brass from the oakland raiders are flying into las vegas and arriving within the hour. unlv purchased the land and would have enter into a private public partnership. but it is potentially exciting news. one of the key's is, normally billionaires like jerry jones or sheldon adelson would want to own the team. ((chris maathuis)) but this wouldn't be the case... his company would run the stadium... and a team would use the
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the big issue in all this... the nfl would still have to approve the deal. who knows if that would happen. then building a stadium, that would take years. chris maathius... 8 sports now./// ((denise valdez)) > fast- tracking north las vegas' recovery.
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about the efforts he and city staff have taken over the past year. ((dave courvoisier)) the mayor says the city's deficit has been slashed... and many projects are lining up for 2016. patrick walker is live outside city hall with more on the speech and reaction from one of the mayor's biggest critics. ((patrick walker)) on the brink of financial disaster after the recession hit... north las vegas mayor john lee says his city is not only clawing its way back... it's roaring back. ((mayor john lee/north las vegas: "north town is dead, north las vegas is alive and well!")) ((patrick walker)) north las vegas mayor john lee... announcing the old view of his city is now in the past. ((mayor john lee/north las vegas: "our intense focus on growing our community has resulted in tremendous achievements.")) ((patrick walker)) lee highlighted projects set to get underway in 2016... including housing developments and a medical district of sorts around the v-a hospital. also... he touched on the development happening at apex... including facilitles for electric car manufacturer
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transportation company hyperloop technologies. lee says... however... the city isn't banking on just those projects. ((mayor john lee/north las vegas: "we have a lot to offer in this region, and we're stepping up to do it as fast as we possibly can.")) ((patrick walker)) the speed at which the faraday deal was done... has been attracting interest from businesses. assistant city manager ryann juden calls it the "faraday effect." ((ryann juden/nlv asst. city manager: "what's interesting is what they're asking is not so much about the infrastructure, but what they're asking is 'can you really get business done that fast in north las vegas?'")) ((patrick walker)) but reception of the speech wasn't all positive. ((tom collins/former county commissioner: "the crime's, you know, out the roof, out the chimney, over the freakin' atmosphere.")) ((patrick walker)) former county commissioner tom collins... widely considered to run against lee in 2017... says the mayor didn't address public safety... and that the county deserves more credit for helping north las vegas. ((tom collins/former county commissioner: "clark county bought the airport from closing, las vegas didn't buy it for north las vegas, the silver mesa rec center, and i could go on- and-on.")) ((patrick walker)) criticism aside... north las vegas leaders are excited to build on the momentum
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((patrick walker)) one number that stuck out today... the city's long-term debt. mayor lee says the city has cut it from over 150-million two years ago... to 23 million dollars today. dave... ((dave courvoisier)) patrick... we know tom collins has been critical of mayor lee in the past. did the mayor address that at all today? ((patrick walker)) there was a hint of something. lee said working with commissioner marilyn kirkpatrick... who was appointed when tom collins resigned... was "a breath of fresh air." i also spoke with collins about whether he's running against lee... and he's not addressing that at this time.//// ((denise valdez)) > authorities arrested 3-more people today... in connection with the armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in burns oregon. the f-b-i says the men turned themselves in at a checkpoint on a road near the refuge.
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including leaders ammon and ryan bundy. one of the protesters... was shot and killed by authorities. with several demonstrators still at the refuge... ammon is urging them to call it quits through his lawyers. there are just five people still in the compound.... but one of them has an fbi arrest warrant.. and they are willing to stay until the government drops the charges./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the man arrested for waving a gun around in front of the bellagio last week... yelled he was going to quote "kill everyone" while pointing the weapon at tourists. that's according to the arrest report for kahleal black. police say he pointed the gun at several people and pulled the trigger... but the gun wasn't loaded. he was arrested after an officer shot at him... but missed. black is being held in jail on 2-million dollars bail./// ((denise valdez)) > there's new hope in the unsolved murder of a teenage boy. the victim's family is offering a 100- thousand dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the killer. 16 year-old aric
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party in february of 2009. the shooting happened at a home near charleston and sloan. that's where 8 news now reporter karen castro joins us live.. karen what is the family prepared to do in order to offer the 6- figure reward. ((karen castro)) the victim's family is desperate for answers. they are willing to sell their home in order to bring aric brill's killer to justice. his parents are confidant someone knows who pulled the trigger. ((karen brill - victim's mom: it's very frustrating.)) ((karen castro)) its been seven years since aric brill was shot and killed at a house party near charleston and sloan. his killer has never been caught. (( karen brill - victim's mom: this person needs to be put away. somebody needs to pay for taking our child's life. aric was a good kid, he was doing all the right things. )) ((karen castro)) aric's mom say her son was an honor student who was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. police say 5 armed gang members robbed aric and his friends as the group was returning to the
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only one person is believed to have opened fire killing aric and wounding his friend. the assailants got a way with 20 bucks and a cell phone. but left the victim's family scarred for life. ((karen brill - victim's mom: you can't let it go. you know, it haunts us that this person is out there.)) ((karen castro)) in their search for closure... aric's family is selling their home and offering a 100- thousand dollar reward to bring his killer to justice. ((karen brill - victim's mom: a conviction would never heal our hearts or put our lives back together but it would bring us some relief and our daily thoughts and our fear that this person will kill again.)) ((karen castro)) the victim's parents and police are pleading for witnesses to come forward. there were about 100 teenagers at the house party who may have seen the gunman. ((lt. dan mcgrath - homicide, metro pd: somebody needs to come forward and try to get this unsolved murder, justice for this family.)) ((karen castro)) in the past, police say witnesses have not cooperated with investigators. but the victim's family hopes the 6-figure reward will encourage someone to speak up. (( karen brill - victim's mom: look in the mirror and check your conscious.))
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have turned 23 year's old tomorrow. his mother will spend his birthday at the nevada donor network. aric's organs were donated after his death. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) karen, are police actively following leads? ((karen castro)) police tell me tips stopped coming in a few weeks after aric's death.. they say there has been no progress in years. but they hope that changes with the reward being offered./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the warmer weather was bound to come to an end eventually... but how cold is it going to get tedd? < tedd florendo >got some big changes coming soon. you're going to see warm and mild temps then those temps come crashing down. near 70 for saturday then a 15
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sunday only in the 50's. also still on track for more rain and also wind this weekend. ............................... ................ here's your hour by hour tonight. clear early with some high cloud tonight. temps in the mild 50's early, then getting cooler. more clouds by 8 newsnow at 11. low 50's by that time but still staying chilly. ............................... ................... tomorrow's backyard forecast. warmer near 70 with someneighborho ods warmer than that. expect winds light at first, then gusty later in the day with more winds by sunday. we'll have more coming up three people were killed within 6 six hours of each other last night. the most recent incident happened at a bus stop near
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hours of each other last night. the most recent incident happened at a bus stop near eastern and tropicana just before 1 o-clock this morning. police say an argument between two groups of people sparked a shooting... killing one man. a second person was also shot... but is expected to survive. metro believes the shooting is gang-related./// > about four hours earlier... police responded to reports of a stabbing near las vegas boulevard and saint louis.
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suspect were fighting inside a home before the stabbing took place. one man was taken to u-m-c where he later died. police say the suspect is still at large./// > and one hour before that... metro was called to reports of gunshots at an apartment complex near lake mead and pecos. when officers arrived.. they found a hispanic man on the ground... who died at the scene. the suspect was described as a tall black man in a grey hoodie... and was gone before police arrived. if you have any information about these three cases... you're asked to call crimestoppers./// ((denise valdez)) > las vegas is once again leading the country in the number of homes that are underwater... or owe 25 percent more than they are worth. end of the year numbers from realty trac reported that 27 point 7 percent of valley homes had serious negative equity. that is more than double the national rate for metro areas. nevada was number one as a state as well... with about 24 percent of homes underwater. the firm also reported that number is dropping slower than
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((weather toss)) < tedd florendo > ((denise valdez)) > a dangerous virus... ((denise valdez)) > a dangerous virus...
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expectant mothers at risk. ((dave courvoisier)) the likelyhood of an outbreak in the u-s... and how soon a vaccine will be available. ((denise valdez)) donald trump... making the most of his time off the debate stage. what the republican presidential candidates will be doing instead... as his closest rivals go head to head./// ((denise valdez)) > the world
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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has called an emergency meeting for next week... due to what's being called an explosive outbreak of the zika virus. the mosquito- borne virus is linked to birth defects... mostly in central and south america. health officials suspect the virus is responsible for a spike
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with abnormally small heads in brazil. the cdc says the disease is now in more than 20 countries... but u-s health officials say based on experience with other mosquito-borne illnesses.. they expect the number of cases here to remain small: ((dr. anthony fauci/director, national institute of allergy & infectious disease - we do not believe there will be a major outbreak of zika in the united states.)) ((denise valdez)) there have been cases diagnosed in the u-s... but the cdc says almost all of them are among people who traveled abroad. health offficials are urging pregnant women not to travel to the affected regions unless absolutely necessary. as for a vaccine... clinical trials will start at the end of the year but vaccines will not be widely available for several years./// ((dave courvoisier)) > today marks a day of remembrance for nasa... 30 years ago today the space shuttle challenger exploded over the skies of florida. 73 seconds after lift off the spacecraft broke into pieces. nasa determined a faulty o-ring on the rocket booster caused the disaster..
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one school teacher on board. nasa also commemorated two more tragedies today... the apollo- one fire in 1967... and the space shuttle columbia that broke apart on re-entry in 2003. a wreath- laying took place at arlington national cemeter to honor each crew. ((dave courvoisier)) > those events are some that we'll always remember where we were when it happened. and we asked you to share those moments with us. joe writes... "my wife and i were standing in our front yard in orlando, watching the launch. the image remains with us today." and chris says he was right here in las vegas... "1st grade at tobler elementary school.. mrs bott's class. watched it on tv in class and we failed to function the rest of the day." ((dave courvoisier)) > republicans are holding a presidential debate tonight in iowa without the one candidate who usually attracts the most attention. craig boswell is in des moines with more on the "trump-less" debate scheduled for this evening... and where the outspoken
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> seven gop presidential hopefuls take the stage at the iowa events center tonight --- minus frontrunner donald trump. his ongoing feud with fox news anchor megyn kelly boiled over this week..and trump pulled out network. matt strawn/former chairman republican party iowa i think it shows how confident donald trump is that he has some momentum here in iowa, but it is not without risk. without the outspoken trump, his rivals will be looking to have a big moment and gain ground.. just a few days before the iowa caucuses. the latest poll shows 32 percent of likely voters in iowa support trump. senator ted cruz is in 2nd place and senator marco rubio is in 3rd place. during breakfast at the drake diner.we spoke to undecided voters who plan to watch very closely tonight. leon smith senior/des moines resident i am open to both parties. i want to hear what everyone has to offer. karen edwards/des moines resident it would be nice to hear the truth. craig boswell, cbs news, des moines, iowa donald trump won't be watching the debate..he's hosting an event with veterans tonight here on the campus of drake university. trump's spokesperson says iowa him.
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spokesperson mister trump has been the most visible candidate out there talking about his policies and we are convinced most voters know where he stands. trump's event is even attracting his competitors .. mike huckabee and rick santorum say they'll join trump after the undercard debate. craig boswell, cbs news, des moines, iowa.> ((dave courvoisier)) > after trump tweeted that fox adverstising rates were dropping for tonight's debate, the network issued a statement saying the debate is completely sold out and prices did not change. 8 news now is your local election headquarters and will continue to bring you the latest election news both on air... and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > to no one's surprise... las vegas properties are ranked among the best hotels in the country. ((denise valdez)) which properties earned a spot in the top ten on a recent survey. ((dave courvoisier)) > and the taxicab authority responds to a scathing audit. coming up at six... the two main issues that affect riders the most... where taxi leaders are refusing to budge./// ((coming up... coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. )) <
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at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > nevada health link is making it's final push urging everyone to enroll in a plan before the next deadline. those without coverage have until sunday before they can no longer recieve benefits this year. officials will host it's last health fair to answer any questions locals still have about the enrollment process. that's happening saturday at the clark county government center. since november more than 76- thousand nevadans have signed up for coverage through nevada health link./// ((denise valdez)) > as you might expect... las vegas is getting some recognition for having some of the best hotels to see in 2016. u-s news evaluated nearly 2- thousand hotels... and ranked the top ten in the country. the aria made the list for the
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the website noted the property's sky suites... and the perks that come with it like a private pool... and personal concierge. also in city center... mandarin oriental was listed at number eight. the top spot went to "the lodge at sea island" in georgia./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((denise valdez)) > the cbs evening news is next. /// news music ((dave courvoisier)) > a family has new >> pelley: more americans come down with zika virus as the world health organization warns... >> it is now spreading
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