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tv   8 News Now at 4 AM  CBS  January 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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could be in the works. /// ((brian loftus)) > thanks for joining us, i'm brian loftus. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) and i'm patranya bhoolsuwan in for kirsten. right now, the intersection of pecos and owens is shut down... as police investigate a fatal crash. ((brian loftus)) the victim was the victim was transported to u-m-c where he later died. we have a crew on the way to the scene. once we have more information, we'll update you on air. /// ((brian loftus)) ((demetria obilor))
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the new jason bourne movie. < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// the f-b-i and oregon state the f-b-i and oregon state lice released helicopter video... of the operation that left dead. it also ended with the bundy brothers and other militia members in custody. ((brian loftus)) the f-b-i says they released the video despite the ongoing investigation... because there were multiple, different stories on how the shooting played out. vanessa murphy reviewed the video. we want to warn you... it may be difficult to watch. ((greg bretzing/fbi special agent in charge: it was a reckless action that resulted in the consequences that you'll see here today.)) ((vanessa murphy)) this video shows oregon state police troopers gunning down lavoy finicum tuesday.
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fight against the u-s government over states' rights. law enforcement tried stopping this vehicle finicium was driving with several passengers.... notice how an agent jumps out of the way as the truck avoids driving through a road block.... finicum gets out....hands up....and according to the fbi - he reaches toward a pocket at least twice where had a loaded handgun. troopers shoot and kill him. controversial cattle rancher cliven bundy spoke to us by phone from his home in southern nevada after watching the video. ((cliven bundy/cattle rancher: they're gonna kill my sons one way or the other if something don't happen here.)) ((vanessa murphy)) bundy led a similar fight against the federal government in 2014 over land in clark county. the bureau of land management backed down. bundy's son ammon led the fight in oregon.... he and another son ryan were part of a group of protestors arrested. ((cliven: lavoy finicum was
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are political prisoners.)) ((vanessa murphy)) we also talked with nevada state assemblywoman michelle fiore. ((michelle fiore/assemblywom an: the blm is nothing more than a bureaucratic bureucracy of terrorism against rural america.)) ((vanessa murphy)) fiore and bundy disagree with the f-b-i's explanation of events.... they say they believe finicum was reaching to cover a wound after he was already shot.... but the special agent in charge says this video tells a different story..... ((fbi: actions have consequences and the fbi and oregon state police tried to affect these arrests peacefully.)) ((brian loftus)) after his ammon... asked supporters to back down and let this play out in court. cliven says he believes his son /// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > metro police need help identifying a suspect...after a man was found
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police say it happened on civic center drive, near cheyenne. they say a group of people were hanging outside an apartment complex when a fight broke out. shots were fired shortly after... and that's when the victim was hit. he was taken to u-m-c where he later died. police are asking people to call crimestoppers with information that could lead to the suspect. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk mostly clear skies and some milder temps this friday morning. it was a nice thursday afternoon with highs in the mid to low 60s. .................. a ridge of high pressure is helping to build temps more as we finish the week. ......... but it won't last long as a chilly storm is pushing into the
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snow and eventually will make it into the desert by sunday. ........... highs today in the upper 60s with calm winds and mostly sunny skies. ((sherry swensk)) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > from
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bhoolsuwan)) > from talks of profssional hockey to now a possibility of a football team in las vegas! our chris matthius says the oakland raiders organization confirmed to us... that n-f-l officials flew into town... and will meet with executives from the las vegas sands... to look at a possible stadium site. the sands confirmed they're in talks of building a specials events stadium... near the airport, right off tropicana.u-n-lv president len jessup says... the university is interested in a private-public partnership. the raiders will be checking out the location this morning. /// ((brian loftus)) > new jersey ((brian loftus)) > new jersey locals felt like an earthquake struck the state...
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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) what the u-s geological survey says they were coming from... and who's responsible for it.
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> a series of booms were heard in some parts of new jersey... leaving some to believe it was an earthquake. the u-s geological survey says... the booms were caused by two fighter jets... that look like this one... after they broke the sound barrier.
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airbase in maryland. they were super-sonic testing on a flight strip over the atlantic ocean. the navy released a statement... saying they do this testing on a daily basis. /// ((brian loftus)) > ohio's e-p-a is warning parents and students at one elementary school... to not drink the water... for a possible lead contamination. the school district shut down the drinking fountains and sinks... as a safety precaution. school officials say they've received contradicting messages from the e-p-a. back in november, they said the school's drinking water was safe to drink. right now, the school is providing bottled water to students and staff. /// ((brian loftus)) > and in michigan, the state senate unanimously approved 28- million- dollars... to help the city of flint. the rest of the money will be used to pay residents' water bills... and replacing the water system infrastructure. governor rick snyder has been subpoenaed over the water crisis. he's recently appointed a 17- member committee... to help the city regain clean drinking water. /// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > if
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friend to the family... millions of pets are looking to get adopted. ((brian loftus)) the organization that's helping prospective pet owners find the
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> many pets across the country are waiting to find their forever homes... and within the next year, only about half of the millions of shelter pets... will be adopted. joining us this morning is wayne pacelle and amy zeifang...
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while the number of households across america looking to
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the next year is in the millions, only about half of the 6-8 million pets who enter shelters each year will be adopted. in fact, only 37% of dogs and 46% of cats in american homes were adopted from shelters or rescue groups, with the remaining 63% and 54% obtained breeders, and other sources. while euthanasia rates have declined since 2009, approximately 2.4 million healthy and treatable pets still each year. let's get to sherry with a look
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sherry swensk great weather to get out with the pups today and tomorrow... then make sure they have a really warm place to start out the week next week because winter is not over by any means. ........... today a little spring preview with temps in the upper 60s by the afternoon. right now we have 40s valleywide. light winds and dry air. ...........
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mojave desert right now... rain and snow moving into the west coast and cold air to follow. .......... winter storm warnings in the sierra where one to two feet of snow expected over the weekend above 7000 feet. .. we'll look for showers to begin late saturday night into sunday and much colder monday and tuesday. ((sherry swensk))
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avoid the owens/pecos intersection. metro has closed down the area for an investigation into a deadly accident that happened after one o clock this morning.... accident at dean martin and tropicana. strip is wide open. crews aren't out filming the new
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closures. < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > facebook bhoolsuwan)) > students are learning how to keep your smile... shining bright and healthy. ((brian loftus)) the real-life dentist... in this week's what's cool at
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graduating high school with the tools to excel in the bright career path of dentistry... in today's "what's cool at school." ((brian loftus)) aspiring dentists at southwest career and technical academy are gaining a competitive career edge, inside their classrooms dr. michael georges program leader, dental assisting program "i
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everything about dentistry in the program, not just assisting." ((brian loftus)) by high school graduation, students could enter the workforce as a dental assistant. for those continuing studies, the future is bright simon guan senior "i think it's more like the eye- opening experience, sure we have to learn dental tools and everything, but it's more the experience and kind of solidifying the idea of going to dental school for me." ((brian loftus)) this program, walks students step-by-step, station to station, through the process of learning dental specialities.... tami navarro senior "where we actually got to go into the lab, and work on each other, and our clasmates....we're developings skills that i can actually use in the office." ((brian loftus)) polishing away plaque, making dental impressions, reading x- rays....even placing fillings tami navarro senior "it takes a lot of skill to help people, it takes a lot of skill to memorize not only terminology, but how to help patients." alejadra sataray senior brian: "so you even learn for example how to deal with a scared patient?" alejadra: "yeah, you have to kind of calm then down and it's usually the little kids that are scared so you have to calm them down." ((brian loftus)) some students know this is what they want to do, others exploring........ hrag artinian senior "i saw this class more as a way to see if i actually like the dental field.....i was curious." alejadra sataray senior "when i
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really exposed to it so i wanted to become more aware of it by joining this program." ((brian loftus)) their leader is a teacher and a dentist - a true pro - with a wealth of experience simon guan senior "we actually have someone of experience with years of practice." "the most rewarding part is having the education and the experience of it - in 10 to 15 years in the field of dentistry i liked to know that this experience was offered to me, and i took it." ((brian loftus)) past students have found success dr. michael georges program leader, dental assisting program "our first graduating class was 2012, and i just got notice the other day one of my students in my first class just got accepted into the dental school at unlv, and we're very happy to hear that." ((brian loftus)) one refreshing remark i heard is how students look forward to using their know-how, to help others. they're enjoying this path.... tami navarro senior "getting into medical, into dental, specifically and having this hands on training and actually going into internship it's sort of like, wow, medicine isn' that bad - it's actually really fun!"
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what's cool at school ((brian loftus)) > to vote for this program or if you know something that's cool at school... go to las vegas now dot com. click on "sections" in the upper left corner... and cool at school will be under the "community" tab. or send us an email... cool at school at las vegas now dot com. the winner will receive 250 bucks for their program. /// ((brian loftus)) >
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are investigating a fatal crash that killed one person near owens and pecos. ((brian loftus)) > plus... the campaign trail is now heading to iowa for the caucuses. who took front and center stage at the final g-o-p debate...
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