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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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enters a guilty plea... in the sexual assault case involving her own kids. why those victims... who are now adults... are speaking out in support of their mom. ((dave courvoisier)) > a billion dollar stadium... on u- n-l-v's campus. is it all just a pipe dream? we look into the project... to see how it could still be built... even if an n-f-l team doesn't come with it./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > a local 7- eleven clerk rushes into action... after a crash right outside his store. thanks for joining us tonight... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez... in for paula. that crash happened at the intersection of pecos and owens around 1-30 this morning. and as karen castro found out, this is not the first time a driver has died at that intersection. ((cameron collins - good samaritan: i'm definitely sad, you know, little bit in disbelief.)) ((karen castro)) cameron collins has been working at this seven eleven for four months. he's trained on how to deal with difficult customers.
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would happened during one of his graveyard shifts. ((cameron collins - good samaritan: when i heard the boom and seen all the smoke, i just kinda ran out there.)) ((karen castro)) the 22-year-old didn't think twice and tried to help a driver trapped in his mangled car. police say 20- year-old kristho garcia of north las vegas was speeding and lost control of his car, slamming into a light pole at the intersection of pecos and owens. ((cameron collins - good samaritan: i noticed that his seat belt was really tight on him when i was reaching in you know, so i cut his seat belt off of him.)) ((karen castro)) despite the store clerk's efforts, garcia died at the hospital. ((sgt. richard strader - metro pd: this is the second accident that we've had here within a year, same circumstances, high speed, into this little median. cameron collins - good samaritan: there's always accidents in that intersection. the last accident was actually about two months ago.)) ((karen castro)) collins says he has seen at least three car crashes since he's been working at the seven eleven... but nothing as violent and personal as what he witnessed early friday morning. ((cameron collins - good samaritan: i don't even know what made me run up there, i
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definitely sad that he passed away.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) police believe speed was a factor in the crash. this is the tenth deadly car wreck in metro's jurisdiction this month./// ((dave courvoisier)) > north las vegas police are investigating a triple shooting. two men and a woman were shot near civic center drive and cheyenne earlier this afternoon. they're all expected to survive. this is the same area a woman was shot and killed last night. so far... no arrests have been made in either case... we'll update you as soon as we get more information./// ((denise valdez)) > a local mother took a guilty plea today... for her role in a child sex ring... that was within her own family. deborah sena is the wife of christopher sena... he's the accused ringleader of the two... along with christopher's ex- wife terrie... are accused of producing child porn with several of their kids. last year... terrie took a plea deal and was sentenced to life in prison. christopher says he's not says charges. the sentencing for deborah is set for march.///
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> meanwhile... the sena children reached out to district attorney steve wolfson in a nearly 700- word letter... asking his office to back off deborah and terri sena. in the letter... they say they're now aged 17- to- 25 and -quote- "we understand what is going on and what went on in our lives. we know we are victims of christopher sena. we know our mothers were also victims of christopher sena." they go on to say sena used their mothers for three reasons... to - quote- "satisfy his perverted desires, to make videos that he could use as blackmail against our mothers, and ultimately to try to get our mothers thrown in prison if our father was ever caught." the four ended the letter with -quote- "we ask that you help us get our mothers back. then we will help you make sure that our father dies in prison." we reached out to the d-a's office to comment on the letter... they've yet to get back to us./// ((dave courvoisier)) > we're learning more tonight about the oakland raiders and their possible bid to move the team
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patrick walker explains what we know so far about the chances of landing the n-f-l franchise. ((patrick walker)) it's no secret raiders owner mark davis was in las vegas friday. the sands corporation tweeted out this photo of chairman sheldon adelson meeting with davis. saying quote "looking forward to future conversations." nevada system of higher education regent james dean levitt sat in on one of those meetings. ((james dean levitt/nshe regent : "it was as clear to me, as it could possibly be, that the interest is sincere, it's real, it's heartfelt.")) ((patrick walker)) with more than two million people in the metro area. las vegas is already an n-f-l sized city.. larger than green bay and kansas city. both of which have teams. brookings mountain west director robert lang says with the valley's 2+ million people and more than 40-million visitors a year. there shouldn't be a problem filling the stands on sundays. ((dr. robert lang/brookings mountain west: "you play chicago, you play new york, those fans are going to fly out to las vegas, they're going to fill this stadium, they're going to fill our hotels, it's good for the raiders, it's good for us.")) ((patrick walker)) while the excitement is contageous. there
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most noteably. the n-f-l and a majority still have to approve oakland's move out of the bay area. patrick walker. 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) > the stadium project isn't a sure touchdown. ((denise valdez)) in fact the nfl may not even land in vegas. sports director chris maathuis is here with more on what a stadium brings regardless. ((chris maathuis)) maybe that's the most exciting thing... regardless of an anchor tenent, the billion dollar stadium project will move forward. now there are still a ton of pieces, that have to fit into place, to complete the puzzle. the table. there is serious dialog about building on those 42 acres near koval and trop. a domed stadium would help transform las vegas with 'big' special events and do so much more. (( )) james dean leavitt;regent;"co mmunity asset that will benefit the unlv rebels, but the entire local economy ,, this is the one asset that's been missing in this valley for so long and what's different about this from any of
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the last 20 years, this is real." craig cavileer/magestic realy; "there's plenty of energy around it from a private sector standpoint, but make no mistake this is a private- public partnership... it's always been that, you're going to need public financing, you're going to need public support." ((chris maathuis)) cavileer is from majestic realty, in 2011 they were the first to come up with a stadium plan for unlv. coming up in 20 minutes... one of the biggest fan of the raiders is in las vegas. he travels to every single game thoughts.. and believe me, there can't be a bigger raider fan in las vegas. ((denise valdez)) > a woman with a service animal... denied service at a local restaurant. michelle mortensen digs into the claim... to find out who is at fault... and what you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation. we are heading for a serious cool down tedd?
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>goodbye to those 70's next week. we're heading for some colder weather with weekend rain and wind. we'll give you a timeline of
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woman says she was turned away at a restaurant because of her service dog. she wanted an apology and turned to 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen to get one. ((dave courvoisier)) michelle joins us now with how she got a problem .. tell michelle segment. ((michelle mortensen)) legally, restaurant. the american with disabilities act says service animals may accompany people in all areas where the public is allowed. which is why a woman named
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email for some help. she says she was asked to leave a local fast food chain because she had her service dog with her. she didn't want to go on camera... but she did want me to investigate and see what i could do about the problem she had. ((michelle mortensen)) well, after management was made aware of the situation ... they decided to review security footage to confirm her story. once they did that ... they did issued a formal apology to brandi and gave her a refund for her meal. brandi was satisfied with the way things turned out .. and she hopes this story educates more people about service animal rights. that's our same hope, as well. ((denise valdez)) > just over a week away from super bowl 50 --
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households in southern nevada which are viewers of this tv station will have to make other arrangements after tonight's midnight deadline. that's when the klas signal will no longer be transmitted to all subscribers of cox cable. ((denise valdez)) despite five months of negotiations with cox communication s, no deal has been reached regarding what cox will pay for re-transmitting channel 8's programs.
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the offensive with statements about klas which our general manager characterizes as quote "inaccurate and offensive." george knapp has the story. (( )) lisa howfield/klas general manager: to make a statement like that is untrue and frankly offensive. lisa howfield, general manager of nevada's first and most honored tv station, klas tv, has heard just about enough trash talk from cox cable. she says she would be remiss if she does not advise channel 8 views who subscribe to cox that they will lose the klas signal as of midnight friday. cox customers will no longer see the most watched station in nevada....with its popular daytime dramas...highest rated newscasts...syn dicated shows like jeopardy and wheel of fortune...and the powerful cbs prime time lineup, by far the most popular network...all gone
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howfield advises viewers to make other arrangements, especially football fans who want to watch super bowl 50 next sunday. lisa howfield: ....they won't be able to watch the super bowl on cox. you will be able to watch the super bowl on direct tv, dish, century and if all else fails, you can get a high def antenna and watch it over the air. other local providers are already doing brisk business as cox customers are looking for better deals elsewhere. cox had trouble even before the current dispute. the company once had a near monopoly here but the percentage of local homes which subscribe to cox is dropping. it was down to 48% of the market in november and has since plunged to only 41%. the dispute with klas has opened a lot of simmering complaints from dissatisfied customers. howfield: a lot of locals are starting to drop their subscribership to cox for various reasons. i've spoken to a lot of people recently so i've got quite an arsenal of feedback why they are making a switch.
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one....what is a fair rate for cox to pay to retransmit klas programming. channel 8 is by far the most popular station, sign on to sign off, which means it is the biggest draw on the cox system...more than espn or tnt or any other stations which are paid large sums by cox. cox customers pay 8 dollars per month for espn, whether they watch it or not. howfield says cox made a terrible business decision to pay that much. local broadcasters like channel 8 provide 35% of the viewership for cable systems, but get only 12% of the revenue. cox earns many times more from channels 8's original content than does channel 8. a public relations statement sent to cox customers is blatantly false and misleading, howfield says. the claim that klas is demanding
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the current agreement--flat ly untrue, she says. callers to cox have been told their cable bills will jump 20 or 30 dollars if klas wins, which is not only false but ridiculous. howfield is prohibited by law from making public what the retransmission rates would be but says the typical fair amount negotiated by stations all across the country is around 1 dollar per subscriber. amount for espn, but only a fraction as much for klas. most telling of all is one fact that cox can't spin---the proposed re- transmission rate has already been deemed fair and reasonable by every other provider system here...all except cox. lisa howfield: every other carrier in this market has recognized the value of a local broadcast and agreed to the terms which are very tv, dish, century, they all agree. it's cox who does not. cox has shown it understands the
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prior to this dispute, the cable company was one of the top advertisers on klas. it pulled 400,000 dollars in ads from channel 8 after it walked out of the negotiations, including 100,000 dollars to be spent on super bowl sunday, a program that now will not be carried on cox at all. george knapp 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) in the past decade, the parent company for channel 8, nexstar, has successfully reached agreements with cable providers all across the country, and contrary to what cox has implied, has not forced a cutoff of service during that time. the company has issued a detailed response to statements made by cox. you can read it on our website... las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) > the sun is down and the temperatures are dropping. but it was a beautiful day if you were able to spend it outside! but tedd... we're about to hit a cool down
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((weather toss)) < tedd florendo ((weather adlibs))> < ((dave courvoisier)) > if the
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happy las vegas fans. ((denise valdez)) there are some real diehard's from raider nation here.. chris maathuis found one today. ((chris maathuis)) when you think of crazy fans... we found one in henderson. what does this raider fan wish for? you may be surprised... or maybe not. plus... the runnin' rebels are getting ready for their biggest rivals. more coming up here on 8 news now./// < news music voice over: "from
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((chris maathuis)) all the talk about a billion dollar stadium and the oakland raiders coming to las vegas could be exciting news. while landing the raiders appears to be a long shot... one thing we learned from today's meeting with raiders owner mark davis, is that he's had vegas on his mind for a while. (( )) james dean leavitt/regent;"it was as clear as posible the interest is sincere it's real and heartfelt. one thing i can share with you... mr davis told story in mornng meeting that several years ago he took out the domain site las vegas raiders dot com... that was one of the most fantastic things i heard this morning." but if social media is any indication... how about this... sheldon adelson and raiders owner mark davis, looking forward to future conversations. all a step in the right direction-- perhaps. ((chris maathuis)) we know there are a bunch of raider fans in las vegas...
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bigger fan that ralph sotelo. he works in the auto industry... but what really drives the guy are his raiders. he's right in the middle of 'raider nation'.. he goes to every oakland home game. and the thought of his beloved raiders moving to las vegas... hold him back (("we have six players this year in the pro bowl, so if this does happen it's going to come at the perfect time. we are going to get the raiders on their way up instead of on their way down like they have been in the past. so for the fans that live in southern california that make the drive to oakland every single sunday for the home games, it's not that bad of a drive. it's actually shorter drive from la to las vegas than it is from la to oakland)) ((chris maathuis)) for rebel fans the time has finally arrived... it's unlv and san diego state tomorrow night at the mack. the aztecs and rebels usually provide some pretty exciting games. even if the series has become a little lopsided in favor of the bad guys. san diego state has won six in a row over unlv, and 12 of the last 15.
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it's time to turn the tide. todd simon/interim head coach; "it's just that milestone for us, getting over that hump. it has been 0 for our last 6, which is a major deal. that in itself is a little bit more of a focus. this a giant we have to take down." ben carter/unlv center;"it's going to be a 40 minute war. it's going to be a battle. it's going to be a physical matchup that we are looking forward to just as much as they are.")) don't forget tomorrow's tip with the aztecs is scheduled for 5 pm. if you show up at the normal --7 o clock... you'll probably see the final few minutes of the win. the game will be shown nationally on cbs sports network. dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((denise valdez)) see you
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tonight on eight news now at eleven
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