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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 29, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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only concentrate the killer and totally ignore the victims? there's something wrong ther >> new oj miniseries backlash as
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>> what the fans are telling us about why they are so outraged. >> they're very upset. >> that is the epitome of disrespect. >> the emotional new sit down as the cast opens up about the families and the people they're playing. >> it took me a while to finally shake this whole process from my side. >> and mariah carey's first red carpet and her fiance and that 35 caret diamond. donald's event during last night's debate. >> his daughter ivanca just two weeks away from giving b >> also, thds the press at tomorrow's s.a.g.awards. a flash back to interviews we have never aired. and behind the scenes with "grease live" and the last minute rehears a now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody, thanks for
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>> we have a lot of news to get to, so let's start with tonight's top story. the oj miniseries is coming under fire as the victims families speak out to dr. phil. >> thf this was a major event in american history. >> this only happened because my brother was stabbed to death and nicole was nearly decapitated. we wouldn't be here if this never happened. >> they have never healed from these words. it's still very raw because have never gotten to the point of justice. he's in jail, but he's never been held accountable for what he did to their loved ones. >> this is not drama. two people brutally chopped up. everybody pretty much saw my sister's body at the bottom of the shares covered with a white sheet. >> t showed ron's body and dr. phil, when i saw that, i was like that is just the epit me of disrespect.
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words don goldman's sister tanya said about the actors in the movie. >> they're very upset. they're very concerned about this because nobody involved be the series reached out to nib involved in the families. they're worried about authenticity, they're worried about accuracy. >> it was a hard journey for me to portray this man over six months and it took me a while to shake this whole process from my psyche, so i know it's something very hard for them to process as well. >> i know it can't be easy for them. and they probably don't want to watch and not have to relive this and my heart goes out to them. >> the intent is definitely toe show nicole in a good light and actually to bring awareness to domestic abuse and domestic violence. >> to be clear, none of the families have every seen the fx miniseries and neither has oj. >> he has the ability to watch tv in there. but it's an a old black and white where you have to manually turn the knobs.
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younger people who watch this show who have no idea about what we feel was the trial of the century. >> this is fred goldman's they're afraid that this miniseries is going to define this for them, that this was all ab circus, that this was all about theater and not about the victims. >> to suggest that the two people who were violently murdered ultimately weren't important enough to even include them in a mention and only concentrate on the players, the attorneys, et cetera, and the killer? there's something wrong ther >> now this miniseries is based on a book by jeffrey toobin, and he has defended the show's depict events. he said, quote, this is not a story about how the victims were unimportant. this is a a story about how process didn't give those victims what they deserved. now to the gop trumpless debate last night. the d stayed true to a his word, re to face megan
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>> no show, but he was still the elephant not in the room. we were there for all the fallout. >> you have to stick up for your rights, when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. >> trump was joined here tonight by his entire family, his wife and all of his kids, including his daughter ivanca who he said was two weeks away from giving birth. >> ivanca waved from the front row, beaming in a gold and green dress and instagramed this photo with her husband. >> and in true trump fashion, the donald claims victory for the night, saying he raised nearly $6 mil for the veterans and likening th to the academy awards. >> this is like to the academy awards, we're told we have more cameras than they do by quite a bit. >> yesterday he tweeted one of his supporters who called megan
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>> trump dismissed it on cnn but supporter also included this meme and thecaption, his name and passion, criticized for trump objectifying women. >> donald trump is starting to act more like glenn close in fatal attraction, at least from the social media perspective, he's attained stalker status at the point with megan kelley. >> first the ratings, with fox news. >> obviously it was a different dynamic tonight because we were missing to the front-runner. >> whatever the result is, i did the right thing. >> trump has declared himself to the night a's champion, but who really won? >> despite the fact that t the highest telecast ever, because this is about half the numbers than the first debate they had when trump actually participated. >> donald trump is going to be all over iowa this weekend, he's campaigning in davenport and sioux city just before the iowa caucuses on monday. mariah and james packer the red carpet at an event in
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it was their first appearance as an engaged couple and mariah was rocking that bill boulder on her finger for all to see. while not exactly flaunting it, moore mariah did keep that diamond and platinum ring on display. at the l.a. event called g-day, usa. james and mariah also show plenty of pda, whispering, kissing, holding hands and even wearing matching outfits. and with we have got the latest on the hill p mansion they just signed a lease for, at $250,000 a month, with more than 12,000 square feet on two plus acres, it's got the amenities you might expect, plus a beauty
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room, m and morrocan better get busy. a few doors down, ms. kourtney kardashian. both m and james have been married twice before, so this may surp you, there will reportedly be no prenup. while mariah's estimated worth is over half a billion, james is said to be worth over ten times that. but who cares about money? how about this for a priceless shot. it's kristen cavalari wrapping her arms around her daughter for the very first time she since she dislocate her elbow in a car kristen, talking all about her life, being married to >> you got a big gig coming up. see cold play's new plus we have a big announcement about our super bowl coverage, you don't want to miss that. then this weekend's s.a.g.
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surpri see the wild moments "e.t" has caught over three decades. stick around. but first -- >> i'm on the set of the new armani code commercial. >> there's a reason why ladies love mr. pine he does get the g in his new armani ad, but is he still sensitive? >> it's not for me, because often times people are just looking about how fat or skinny. i just couldn't deal with it. i don't have thick enough skin, quite honestly. chris shows off his heroic side along with casey affleck in their new movie "the finest hours" opening today. it's the true story of a daring sea rescue that was not an easy shoot. >> there was a guy with a fire hose pointed at us that seemed to get a lot of sadistic gratification out of making the actors miserab >> but if you're looking for
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pam newton and carolina are really looking tough to beat. >> i am a planning on being there so it's going to be great. >> i have been known to go to the super bowl, i just like the festivity of it.
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we will be there with all th stars and starting monday, kathy lee gifford will join our "e.t" team for the big game. as most of you, kathy has a real pedestrian glee with her sfar and her mother kathy lee has performed the national anthem there. so she's a real super bowl veteran. we will be front and center at levi center in santa clara, where the game will take place, and the halftime show featuring beyonce and cold play. and i we know one song they will play because the video just dropped. beyonce looked like a bali wood dream. the band travelled to mumbai to shoot him for the weekend. for beyonce, it will be a return performance to the super bowl halftime. she killed it in 2013. i was right there when she came off the stage.
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>> it feels good to know that the hard work paid you, it's a live television show. >> on cbs sunday morning, chris martin talks about cold play's biggest week ever. >> it's to the 50th year, the nfl asked us if we could somehow celebrate the past a and look to the future. all within 12 mens. >> this halftime show may very well be the most watched television event in history. and that's not l on the game's broadcasters. >> everybody's excited about it. i know i am. to can call it. and if you happen to be a player, you're going to remember it even more the rest of your life. >> calling the game cbs's 18th former super bowl 34 mvp phil simms and play by play jim nantz. who says the worst part is the ticket request. >> can you get me? and the easiest answer is, i just said no. >> our one-hour special, "e.t" and the big game.
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pop. to find your channel, go to hooking one pop on the grammys excitement ahead. up next, we'll take you inside the last minute prep tomorrow night's screen actor's guild award. who's sitting next to whom, a we break open our vault filled awards past. >> i finally have a boyfriend. i'm going to cry again. and grease live by t numbers, and you won't believe how many millions are at stake, the cast rehearsing at the last >> a little scared.
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>> that's straight ahead. you are the one i want >> they look ready to go, and that's a good thing because they only have two more days before "grease live" airs on fox.
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out over multiple stages and the cast will be first to tell you that sunday's show is coming faster than greased lightning. how are y feeling right now? >> i'm so pumped. it feels so real now. grease is the word >> i have people keep asking me if i'm nervous. i'm not nervous now. i know that the night of i will be. >> i'm so scared, but i th we'll be ready in time. >> i don't think it's going to hit me until that actual night. >> it's a three-hour performance across two the massive sound stages and 23 -- 21 sets. broadcasting live for the first time ever. >> you're going to have a live studio audience watching you while you're performing. does that add to the nerves at all? >> if anything it just adds to the energies and excitement. you're the one i want
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happening are just like one consecutive shot and,like, they're following us for like five, six, seven straight minutes. and if you mess it up, well -- >> almost two months of rehearsals, 400 costumes and a $460 million budget going into the production. >> we're not trying to re-create and do it exactly. there's definitely certain lines that are so iconic and when you hear them, you just think "grease," so maybe we have to do the line a little bit like that. otherwise you'll be disappointed. >> we're adding a new twist on it. and the dancing is no joke, like we are sweating through our clothes day in and day >> who has the best dance moves? >> that's everyone's dance. >> i'm going to say this, the show has so much going for it, great music, great cast, directed by thomas kail. who also directed the current broadway smash hamilton.
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screen actors guild awards are tomorrow night and cameron mathis son is down at the shrine auditorium. >> our "e.t" platform. soon this place is going to be rocking. now this show is so much fun because the cast of movies and tv shows all sit at on and let me tell you, that champagne will definitely be flowing. how about this? leo sitting next to kate, a little "titanic" reunion. over here, we got the"modern family" table, and joe sitting next to his beautiful wife tena faye, sarah silerman, just a comedy table right here. >> we try and mention it up. we also try to mix up film and television so that everybody has a shot and they all admire each other so they want to be near each
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>> "e.t" has been covering the s.a.g. awards for 22 years ever since they began. and tonight we are flashing back to some amazing moments that have never aired on our show before. >> welcome to the 1998 olympics. >> at the s.a.g. awards. >> i finally have a boyfriend. >> this has always been the show where the stars are a little looser. >> how do you fe >> it's all right. >> come on. >> i love it, i love it. >> this is one step closer to the oscars? >> no this is just one step closer to getting to bed hopefully before 10:30 tonight. >> i have to try to eat. i lost my dog in the canyon and was chasing him all day. >> oh, god, i remember nothing except my own little ego centric part of it at this point. >> i just was watching the way justin looked at you while you were taking your picture.
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there. he gave you the look. >> aww, i love that. >> when i was 17 years old, i decided this is what i'm going to do. >> there's been a few beauty malfunctions. >> this is the first time i actually didn't do hair and makeup, thinking we're just going to have a little fun at the s.a.g. awards recess. >> here i am looking like this and we won. >> i am a mess, i curled my own hair today, and i had to get four different sets of curlers. i had half my head done, i ran out of curlers and i had to call my mom and she had to go to thrifty's and pick up curlers. and i was just waiting. so i made it through and i'm here. >> we found treasures looking through our vault. >> i was kind of in awe of everybody else. i felt like the guy who brought the new york knicks to the interoffice basketball game and i'm just happy to be here. >> seconds after winning, the star's reactions. plus -- >> julia, are you shaking? >> yes. >> i'm just overcome. >> you are? >> i'm shaking. >> i am still shaking from
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haven't had a chance to scuttle in and watch everyone else go through their night. >> help me with this, because this is heavy. >> oh, boy. >> this is what george and brad confessed about always wanting to pump each other. >> i've been trying to ruin his career, of course. that would make me the happiest. >> george says that he has this prank that he's been playing for two years now. >> i've got one i've been sitting on for five years. i thought about a pre-emptive strike, but it would just get too ugly. i think we should just a take truce right now. >> since that statuette does not have any clothes -- >> he does have a nice rump doesn't he? >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> could they model after your butt? >> no. >> one of the best moments ever, "meet the parents" j-law style. >> are you proud to meet your lady? >> extremely proud.
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the derby. >> you your dad just called you a horse. >> stay strong and be good to yourself. >> all right, it's always such a magical evening. a lot of fun. wonderful stars nominated this year too and i can't wait to talk to all of them tomorrow. and in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays which past
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the answer is coming u do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. at, kanye a west's ex, amber rose holds nothing back. plus why did michael phelps strip to his speedo at a college basketball game? see the olympian's awesome
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>> and todayroko pulled out all the stops and a snake for britney spears lip sync ba so did you come up with the answer to tonight's "e.t" birthday? which past oscar nominee admitted she can not sin >> you have to know what you can do. you know, i don't sing, lord know i wish i did. i always wanted to be dian ross, but i have given up on having her thighs. >> that is oprah winfrey, she's 62 today. happy birthday. i don't believe it, oprah does anything. we're out of time, but don forget to join us on monday for our coverage of the screen
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