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tv   8 News Now at 4 AM  CBS  February 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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loftus. and welcome back cox customers! nexstar and the cable company reached a deal.. just in time for the super bowl! ((kirsten joyce)) hundreds of thousands are coming to las vegas to watch the big game on sunday. and you can catch the panthers and the broncos.. right here on channel 8. we've got you covered.. on everything super bowl.. thanks to our very own chris maathius. ((brian loftus)) he's in the bay area right now.. with a preview of all the fun coming this weekend. >this game has come a long way. for super bowl number one the halftime entertainment was has come a long way. for super bowl number one the halftime entertainment was marching bands now its the world's most popular musical acts the band coldplay will play for 12 minutes and beyonc will also be on stage sunday the group met with media yesterday. trust me there weren't many football related questions
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know that you're very close with beyonc and jay z and beyonc is performing with you what is a conversation like when you call up a queen bee i want you to red bodysuit and we're going to do this was a conversation like just like that i said hey queen bee i want you in red body suit just what you said to set your fine did you get the teach to dance moves you want the honest answer what was the question again " )) lady gaga will perform the national anthem. in less then 3 days, the nfl's golden game will kick off. fans can't get enough. from the super bowl lumbardi, trophy there seems to be something for everybody to see and perhaps the coolest thing is the hellios interactive hall of fame bost exhibit. where you too can actually have a bronze bust printed and emailed to you. it's the wave of the future in photography ((mike moreno, helios interactive: "this is using microsoft connect technology so it's a camera that allows us to in 3-d scan an image from shoulders up and overlay graphical in this case a
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like a hall of fame bust as a matter of fact this is up to this point is the most socially shared element in the event.")) as the big game approaches, more and more con artists will hit the streets hoping to dupe customers out of thousands of dollars of fake merchandise the nfl wants everybody to be aware of fake merchandise and tickets. the nfl laid out a whole bunch of fake items including jewelry jerseys and hats it's a big problem just this past week there were 49 seizures of over 12,000 items with a value of over 460-thousand dollars today is a big day, because roger goodell is going to meet with the media. have yourselves a great day. reporting in san francisco, i'm chris maathius, 8 sports now. ((brian loftus)) > thanks chris.
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authorities are working hard... to catch any counterfeiters trying to sell fake n-f-l merchandise. homeland security officials gave tips to fans... making sure they have a real super bowl ticket. the real tickets have a san francisco hologram and a logo... with special ink that fades when heat is applied... and re-appears when it cools. so far, officials have confiscated 440-thousand items over the last year... even fake super bowl rings. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather.
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nice to be back on cox... and nice to have some warmer weather coming for super bowl weekend! ............ it's chilly this morning, but not too bad. 30s around the valley and dry air will stay in place. ......... today we slide into the upper 50s with sunshine. ...... a big warm-up coming after the big game this weekend. 60s by saturday and sunday...even warmer next week. ((sherry swensk))
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with demetria!> demetria obilor accident on flamingo and swenson. vehicle fire in the northwest at craig and jones. closures on the strip for another day of filming in the jason bourne movie. this is the northbound side of traffic right in front of the riviera.
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< > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > a man is dead...after he was hit by a car was hit by a car while waiting at a bus stop. it happened yesterday afternoon...nea r lake mead and rancho. a witness, who does not want to be identified, captured the gruesome scene on cell phone video. a bystander is seen doing chest compressions on the man... meanwhile the driver is sitting inside her car before stepping out with c-d's in her hand... she appeared to be in shock. police say the driver remained on scene and is cooperating with investigators. they do not believe she was under the influence at the time of the crash.///
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spokesman of the armed militia group... that took over a wildlife refuge in oregon... will be laid to rest. a funeral is being held for robert "lavoy" finicum... who was fatally shot by f-b-i agents last week. 8 news now will have a crew at the funeral... meanwhile, 16 of the armed protesters face charges for the stand-off. cliven bundy's sons... ammon and ryan bundy... were part of the indictment that was made public yesterday. ammon made a statement from behind bars... defending the takeover: ((ammon bundy, protest leader: "the results of government officials ignoring the people, are acts like the takeover of the malheur refuge. taking over the refuge was not only right, it was the duty of the people to do." )) ((kirsten joyce)) bundy and the other occupiers... face charges of conspiracy to impede officers... of the united states. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the presidential candidates are feeling the pressure... as they try to rally more supporters. ((brian loftus)) what hillary clinton and bernie sanders had to say... in their head- to-head debate before the new hampshire
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hampshire primary is days away... and the democratic presidential candidates.. tried to win over their votes last night. ((kirsten joyce)) weija jang has your wrap up of last night's debate. the gloves came off last night -- as hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced each other one-on-one for the first time...sparring over progressive values... (hillary clinton) "if we're
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don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. i don't think it was progressive to give gun-makers immunity." ...and campaign finance reform: (bernie sanders) "in my view it is undermining american democracy and it is allowing congress to represent wealthy campaign contributors." clinton is trailing the vermont senator in new hampshire. at a post-debate rally in durham - the former secretary of state said she won't give up: (hillary clinton) "we're going to work as hard as we can between now and tuesday." (weijia jiang cbs news manchester, nh) republican presidential contenders also have their sights set on a win here in the granite state - which holds the first in the nation primary this tuesday. political experts say a win in new hampshire is not indicative of how the rest of the country will vote...but it is important. (dr. stephen pimpare/university of nh political science professor) it serves as a signal to party officials about their first sense of what voters are going to do, sends a signal to donors about whether their money is being well invested or not.
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third-place finish in iowa -- marco rubio is now trailing trump in new hampshire...puttin g the florida senator ahead of cruz. weijia jiang cbs news manchester, new hampshire. ((kirsten joyce)) > trump will take center stage tomorrow night... when seven of the nine remaining g-o-p contenders face off... in their 8th debate in new hampshire. /// ((brian loftus)) > bill clinton will be here in las vegas and pahrump this weekend... campaigning for his wife hillary. tonight he'll be at the "united brotherhood of carpenters international training center"... just south of the airport... at 7:15. tomorrow morning... he'll be at manse elementary school in pahrump at 9:45. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > we are your local election headquarters through the campaign. you can stay up to date on air and on las vegas now dot com... and watch politics now tomorrow at 7:30 p-m. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > students are learning robotics... and receiving new books... ((brian loftus)) we'll give you
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cool at school... coming up.
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((brian loftus)) > prepping for a robotics competition, opening adventure in new books, and gaining tools for the bright career of today's "what's cool at school" recap. ((brian loftus)) kids at twitchell elementary are getting ready for a robotics competition, making sure their bots are prepped to perform on the big day. their teamwork has impressed
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stacy carpenter co-chair of robotics club "they're proud to walk in and say....that's my bot, it may break down today, but boy we had an amazing time trying to get here." demi lira 5th grade "we get to work with different people and we get to cooperate and the robots are really fun to work with." another example of kids so engaged with the material, so excited about a project...that school becomes fun! collin moxley 5th grade "where else in school do you get to play with legos!" ((brian loftus)) spread the word nevada strives to improve childhood literacy. we caught up with this effort at mccaw steam academy, where students proudly walked away with a bag full of books....just for them! the kids were all smiles as they accepted the gift of pages yet to be turned.... lisa havighorst executive director, spread the word nevada "we always let our kids choose their books because we really want them to read, and not just be handed a book, so that's a big difference to a child, and to have that be their own, it's tremendous." ((brian loftus)) many students simply don't have books at home to read. today was a day to start filling up their bookshelf
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read new books and i don't have that many boooks at home, so i can get more and more books." lloyd strother 4th grade "it was so cool because i don't have a lot of books at home, and the books i have i've already read. i'm so excited to get new books!" ((brian loftus)) aspiring dentists at southwest career and technical academy are gaining a competitive career edge, inside their classrooms. this program, walks students step-by-step, station to station, through the process of learning dental specialities.... tami navarro senior "where we actually got to go into the lab, and work on each other, and our clasmates....we're developings skills that i can actually use in the office." ((brian loftus)) polishing away plaque, making dental impressions, reading x- rays....even placing fillings their leader is a teacher and a dentist - a true pro - with a wealth of experience simon guan senior "we actually have someone of experience with years of practice." ((brian
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heard is how students look forward to using their know-how, to help others. they're enjoying this path.... tami navarro senior "getting into medical, into dental, specifically and having this hands on training and actually going into internship it's sort of like, wow, medicine isn' that bad - it's actually really fun!" ((brian loftus)) and that's what's cool at school ((brian loftus)) > to vote for this program or if you know something that's cool at school... go to las vegas now dot com. click on "sections" in the upper left corner... and cool at school will be under the "community" tab. or send us an email... cool at school at las vegas now dot com. the winner will receive 250- dollars for their program. /// let's get to sherry with a look
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sherry swensk get ready for a great weekend... the mornings will be chilly, but not downright cold like they have been most of the week. ............. right now as we check your weather now temps around town... we are near 40 in some areas... and down in the 30s in most neighborhoods. ...........
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increase over the west to keep the warm- up coming over the next seven days. ............ meanwhile showers working their way off the east coast and cold air will take a plunge into the eastern half of the country for the weekend. ..... plenty of sunshine today and closer to normal 60 degrees. light northwest winds... then a steady warm-up through the weekend to 60s. but check out the warmer 70s arriving monday and sticking around next week!
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< > < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > a wandering sculpture is getting a lot of attention in chicago. ((kirsten joyce)) what it's doing... . and how the artist created it... artist created it... so it could move by itself.
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> the golden state warriors were invited to the white house... celebrating their n-b-a champion title from last year. the warriors beat the cleveland cavaliers in the 2014-2015 season... to earn the title as n-b-a
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the team toured the white house before meeting president obama. stephen curry brought the president a small gift... his own warriors jersey with the number 44 on it. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the city of chicago is known for its architecture... but there's a piece of artwork wandering around the iconic bean. a dutch artist created this sculpture... called the "strand-beest". it's made out of plastic tubing and moves by itself with the help of the wind. the sculpture is the kick-off to a free exhibition that starts today... and runs through may first... showcasing the development of
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((kirsten joyce)) > several beauty schools closed down in the valley... following allegations uncovered by the department of education. the students that say they're stuck without a future. ((brian loftus)) > plus... sables.. buffalo... and bears. trophy hunting trips for all of them are being auctioned off on the las vegas strip. the i-team's george knapp gives his take on the safari club convention. ((kirsten joyce)) > and there's more to your resume when it comes to employers. why what you post on social media... plays a big part in the hiring process. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian
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one of the oldest beauty schools
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