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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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be there for the 50th time. search every corner of thh globe and you'll find somebody who seen every super bowl but only a handful. just 16 people on earth have seen all 49 games walter looss photographer "i thought it was 11 i didn't know it was 16" for the first time in history since they all attended the first game in los angeles they got together again this time shoulder to shoulder. thomas henschel never missed a super bowl "i just felt i would keep going as long as i could go now i'm aiming for 100" it's a unique collection of individuals three are sports writers jerry izenberg sports columnist- author "i get up every day my feet touch the ground i'm not in the obit so i go to work" there is a groundskeeper, three
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friends who've attended every single game together sylvan schefler "super bowl five member" had to fly back to new york on a saturday morning to attend a family event but i came back saturday afternoon they're all sorts of reasons why we couldn't miss it" they call themselves the super bowl five sylvan. "we our friends for 50 years" the wife of kansas city chiefs owner lamar hunt is the only female in the group. norma hunt seen every super bowl i think part of that was created by the fact that in the early days there were no women covering nfl football or very few" there are three photographers one captured the famous joe namath shot the year the jets won the super bowl three walter looss, jr. veteran phographer joe namath poolside that was a defining moment of super bowl's and it wasn't even at the game" their club is shrinking someday the newspaper articles about their achievements will tell a different story, but not today this is a group of special football fans who made sure
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((chris maathuis)) reporting live from san francisco, chris maathuis 8 sports now./// ((paul joncich)) > thanks, chris.
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enforcement is in place in southern nevada and around the state for super bowl weekend. ((dave courvoisier)) too many people still make bad decisions and try to drive after drinking... and officers intend to get them off our roads. brittany edney joins us live near d-i and las vegas boulevard with details. brittany? ((brittany edney)) dave and paul... there are saturation patrols and d- u-i checkpoints running throughout the weekend. this means a much more visible presence from law enforcement in their efforts for zero fatalities. the nevada highway patrol is just one of the agencies that will be looking for impaired drivers. they know people will be selfish and get behind the wheel while drunk... so they sent out a reminder that not only can a d-u-i land you in jail... it's pretty darn expensive. a d-u-i arrest plus court costs is thousands of dollars, a tow bill... and a suspended driver's license. they want sober drivers to know that if they see someone driving erratically... they can report them by dialing
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((brittany edney)) metro and henderson police have also announced that they will have enforcement events, including checkpoints. metro tells us they will have a roadway that has been a high drivers. news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) > and brittany, tell us about the other options available this year instead of getting behind the wheel. ((brittany edney)) that's right, dave. ride sharing services like uber and lyft are operational now. of course, traditional taxis are always available and can be hailed with the "curb" app. and then there's always the good driver... all options that will help get you to your super bowl party and back again, safely. dave, back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thank you, brittany. while ride shares will be running here in las vegas... uber drivers are planning a many say they'll try to block traffic around the stadium in
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simply refuse to pick up passengers. they're upset with what they call low wages from the multi- billion dollar company./// ((paul joncich)) > a teenager is dead... after a violent encounter with a family member inside a southwest valley home tonight. vanessa murphy joins us live near mountain's edge and cimarron where she's learned some new details.. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) paul, metro police say a father shot and killed his son....after the son stabbed him with a knife. the son - a nineteen year old man. the father - 40 years old - taken from the home here to u-m-c....stable but with four stab wounds. here's what lieutenant dan mcgrath of metro homicide tells us: the call came in before 4 this afternoon in this usually quiet mountains edge neighborhood... this is a gated community.... there was a fight inside the family's home...with about six to seven other people there...other family members....the youngest at 13 years old....
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son have had a rocky relationship. ((lt. dan mcgrath/metro police: it's hard to understand how something like this could happen so i don't know if there is an so i don't know if there is an explanation for how somebody could get to that level.)) ((vanessa murphy)) police are not ruling out criminal charges for the father at this time... it's early in the investigation...o f course they'll have to look at how that family fight unfolded. reporting live, vanessa murphy, 8 news now.// ((paul joncich)) vanessa, do we have any i.d.s on the people involved yet... and have you been able to learn more about the family from neighbors? ((vanessa murphy)) no identifications yet, paul. the deceased man will be identified by the coroner's office. as for the neighborhood... it was taped off by police for much of the evening while they investigated... and no one has spoken with us yet. back to you./// music ((dave courvoisier)) > former
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town tonight trying to garner support for his wife hillary's presidential campaign. he urged a crowd to caucus for the former secretary of state. clinton says she wants to address issues like college loan interest rates... make child care more affordable... and address the spiraling cost of prescription drugs. the former president says we need a leader who can create a country where everyone has an equal chance at a bright future: ((former president bill clinton: "we need somebody that can take the heat and carry the load and empower us to make sure that everybody can walk through the door to the future of our dreams.)) ((dave courvoisier)) clinton will host an event in pahrump tomorrow morning at manse elementary school. 8 news now is your local election headquarters. you can learn more about the caucuses on our website... las vegas now dot com./// ((paul joncich)) > more to come from the n-f-l... chris maathuis caught up with raiders owner mark davis in san francisco... his thoughts on a possible vegas relocation. and the i-team's george knapp investigates... after several animals suffer horrific deaths at a popular las vegas lake.///
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finally here, and it's looking like a great weekend weatherwise. take a look at tomorrow's highs. and when we come back we'll show you when to expect 70 degree temps and for how long. ((dave courvoisier)) > the big
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is a magnet for people, birds,
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((paul joncich)) but visitors are often exposed to gruesome evidence of carelessness caused by fishermen. a walk through the park is anything but idyllic according to residents who make daily visits. (( )) ((george knapp)) the lake at spend some time lounging, walking your dog, or fishing. wildlife. but some are not, and the results are horrific. some of the video you are about to see is graphic and disturbing. sunset park is about as good as it gets for water fowl. the lake is a year- round home to ducks and geese and other birds who like the climate and the steady food supply, not only insects but also the goodies handed out by bird lovers. it's against the rules to feed the birds but there is little if any enforcement. notice the park police in the background. the birds at sunset include rare migratory geese and more exotic waterfowl, such as this guy with a well as barnyard
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here. locals come to bird watch, walk their dogs, or cast a lazy line into the lake to catch trout or other fish that are regularly re- stocked. and that's where the trouble begins. annoula wylederich/rescue s birds at sunset park: i do not come to the park any more without my tools to help birds... ((george knapp)) annoula wylederich uses her tools almost daily to deal with the trail of animal carnage caused by discarded fishing gear. she and a few others have been documenting the damage and rescuing birds for the past few years..this duck with a fish hook in its bill could be the poster bird for this issue..other photos are far more gruesome..wing s bent and broken and bent.appendage s amputated.bird s in severe condition, their feet blackened by the fishing line that slowly tightens and cuts them to pieces. annoula wylederich/rescue s birds at sunset park: families come here to appreciate the wild life and they and their children are subjected to an ongoing parade of birds in various stages of distress, whether it
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or their bill or fishing line entangling their wing or their leg. it upsets people, obviously.. it. they either drown or die of infection or assorted other injuries.. ((george knapp)) the evidence is pretty easy to spot. in the branches above our interview, we saw fishing line in two different spots..a curious pigeon that had lost a foot to fishing line watched us. birds too entangled to fly hide in bushes.or end up floating in the water..the park has receptacles for discarded fishing gear but people use them to stash beer cans while still tossing line and hooks on the ground or in the water. annoula: i was here ten minutes today i came early and i've already collected this off the ground. this should be in receptacles. there are hooks here, there's fishing line. ((george knapp)) the damage extends beyond birds..ten years ago, sam marber found an abandoned pup in the park and named him boojie. they're still pals.
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boojie got a three-pronged fishhook through his snout.sam was beside himself.worrie d that if he tried to take the dog to a vet it might also hook its tongue, or was almost dark and he called to the only person he could see. sam marber/dog owner 3643 i yelled out, do you have pliers? and what was the chances from a strange woman. she yells back, yes. i was amazed, and that was barb. ((george knapp)) the woman with the pliers helped remove the hooks from boojie who was taken to a nearby vet for treatment. it turned out barbara bogar is one of the park regulars who looks for injured animals while collecting hooks and line on the ground. barbara bogar/rescues birds at sunset park.i started to tell annoula.oh hello there. ((george knapp)) bogar has been collecting the evidence and documenting the damage. she videotapes many of her
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of fishing gear and the heartbreaking consequences. barbara bogar i made a list..,28 birds in 2 months. every time i came. i can't even go for a jog any more... ((george knapp)) some birds are killed when struck by lead weights ..a few are found dead with entire poles attached. barb bogar: i carry these in my pocket. tweezers and a magnifying glass because you have to see and sometimes it's so deep... ((george knapp)) she and the other volunteers often take injured birds to the vet and pay the bill out of their own pockets..and they videotape many of the success stories.. most fishermen are considerate, they say, but the few they have confronted about the trash get pretty hostile so those contacts were stopped. sam marber: they think the fish are there just for benefits people like me who just want to enjoy the park and enjoy looking at the birds.
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not just fishermen. ((george knapp)) the folks who rescue injured birds say they are not trying to ban fishing but would like to see a minimal amount of enforcement, especially for unlicensed fishermen who don't seem to know any better, or don't care. the problem is that multiple agencies are involved and they all say the same things--they lack the manpower, or they lack jurisdiction and its some other agency's problem to fix. the i-team will be following up this story next week and will ask the agencies what they plan to do. george knapp 8 news now. ((tedd florendo)) < >nice weather today and tranquil too
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colorado river valley. winds not so bad right now for the valley and we're warmer than yesterday at this time. ............................... .......... mid to high 50''s with some neighborhoods near 60 this afternoon. cool in kyle canyon and expecting some chilly conditions tonight and overnight, although not at cold as the past few nights. ............................... ............... regional temps in the 60's this afternoon for the colorado river valley with mid 60's this afternoon in laughlin. very mild late today in death valley and cold already for the southern great basin near the freezing mark already by afternoon. ............................... ............. superbowl sunday looks great with a high of 65. could see some north breezes, but otherwise sunny and nice conditions expected. very comfortable too. ............................... ................ we've been tracking that coastal storm overnight in the east coast that brought snow for the mid- atlantic up the northeast. most neighborhoods received about 5 inches or less as this storm hugged the coast but moved
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now it's up near canadian maritimes. ............................... ..................... flight delays seem to be in new york and boston. those are the major delays this afternoon, most likely due to the storm. moderate delays for lax today , elsewhere airports seem to be running smoothly so far. ............................... ........................ clear skies right now with the low bringing rain and snow in the pacific northwest again. high pressure off the coast will bring a big bubble of warm air over the region and keep us dry and warmer than normal by next week. and it's going to stay that way for a while as it stays nearly stationary. ............................... ........................ tonight 39 for the low and chilly again. a few clouds around with north breezes expected. tomorrow expect a high of 60. sunny and seasonal tomorrow with temps near average. winds up to 10 at times. ............................... ........................ recreation forecast shows 45 for mount charleston with cool breezes. red rock at 56 by afternoon. lake mead 63 but could be gusty at times especially down river through laughlin at 65 for their high. ............................... .......................... extended forecast showing 60's for a few days, then the 70's next week with more sunshine. staying dry for a while. maybe addtional clouds a week
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((dave courvoisier)) > hundreds of people from around the country packed a mormon church to pay respects to the spokesman for the oregon armed standoff. 8 news now reporter mauricio marin reports from kanab, utah: ((mauricio marin)) tonight robert lavoy finicum's family still mourning their loss after hundreds attended his funeral here. strong words from the family. defending their father's action. saying he did nothing wrong but stand up for liberty.
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supporters from around the country attended the memorial service. as they carried out finicum's casket from the was followed by a procession. nevada rancher cliven bundy was among those in attendance. he had his own standoff with the federal government back in 20-14 over unpaid grazing fees. in this latest case---involving bundy's son's in oregon...finicum 's family say he thought long and hard before deciding to take off for oregon and be a leader in the occupation. (( arianna brown/lavoy's daughter: "when he heard about the hammonds his heart just broke knowing that unjust things were happening to good people and he was just heart broken over it." )) authorities say 54 year old finicum was reaching for a weapon during the confrontation when they tried pulling him over and others involved in the oregon occupation. ((mauricio marin)) finicum's adult children say they plan to keep pushing their father's fight for liberty. in utah...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) protesters continue to make their stand at the malheur national wildlife
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movement leader ammon bundy and several others are jailed... and have been indicted on charges including conspiracy./// ((paul joncich)) > the u-s coast guard and several agencies spent hours tonight scouring the waters off of los angeles after two small planes collided in midair over the pacific. no word yet if anyone survived... the coast guard believes three people were aboard the two planes. there are discrepancies about just what led to the crash. the f-a-a is involved in the investigation./// ((dave courvoisier)) > north las vegas police are asking for help locating a man who went missing yesterday. 81 year-old richard boisy, junior left his home near centennial parkway and camino eldorado parkway early in the morning and has not been seen since. boisy may have early onset dementia... and has gotten lost before. he's 6-foot-one, 160 pounds... he was driving a dark blue 1993 chevy pickup. if you know where he is... please call police at 633- 9111./// ((dave courvoisier)) > ron futrell on the sports desk tonight... ((ron futrell)) more talk about
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chris maathuis talked to the raiders owner about that tonight --- we'll hear from mark davis and rebel hockey tonight --- in sports. "from 8 news now, this is
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weekend is here --- super bowl 50 is only ---- away. one of the issues is the bay area this wekeend is the idea of the las vegas raiders --- a possible move by the team to vegas --- the nfl commisioner didn't talk about it, but chris maathuis found a couple owners who would ((chris question: mark the commissioner said you have a lot of options -- one of those options are las vegas --- what
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sheldon adelson and the stadium, mark davis/raiders owner: what happens in vegas stays in vegas. let's keep it there, okay? i really wanna talk about the game here. i believe it can happen, yes. chris question: it's not like you would not want to have a franchise there clark hunt/kansas city chiefs ceo --- if any team, if it were the raiders or somebody else applied to move to las vegas it would be considered in the same ilk as any city would)) )) ((ron futrell)) > if you can't be at the super bowl... there may be no better place to be than las vegas for the big game. we stopped folks on the strip earlier to find out about their plans for the weekend and who they're pulling for: ((floyd haynes / hawaii resident: "right now i think we're just going to go to one of the local bars here -- maybe twin peaks a little bit or hop around probably some of the sports books and stuff." nick riopelle / hawaii resident: "i'm hoping peyton will win because it's his last season, i think, but cam... that new up- and-coming that new dominance... i don't know if they'll be able to handle that, so i'm gonna go with panthers by 21." vincent carales / san antonio, tx resident: vanessa: "why vegas
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"to bet on the game of course! that's it!" )) ((ron futrell)) the runnin rebels have a date with fresno state --- tomorrow afternoon in fresno the skatin' rebels tonight at the las vegas ice center on flamingo --- bryce harper dropping the puck ---- first period --- rebels in dark jerseys --- taking on san diego state bryden marsh a one timer from the point. then, austin shannon chases down the puck and goes one on one with the goalie --- 2-0 rebels lead rebels win ((dave courvoisier)) > we'll be
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist.
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bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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this weekend. tomorrow... starts at 7:30 p-m. right after that... an hour special of the super and at 9:00... the n-f-l honors./// ((dave courvoisier)) > and sunday... we've got your whole day covered. n-f-l films starts at 8 a-m. pregame show... and of course, kickoff is at 3:30... we'll see you here!/// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven.
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with stephen colbert is next. have a great weekend and enjoy
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