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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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((michaefrom the scene of an ongoing barricade situation... near maryland parkway and desert inn. ((brian loftus)) > plus... prisoners are going to their zen place in jail. the surprising results officers are seeing thanks to yoga. ((kirsten joyce)) > and the competition is starting to brew ....from down under... to find out which coffee is the best of the best. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. police are on the scene of a barricade situation... that's been going on since last night. ((kirsten joyce)) michael steven is near maryland and desert inn with the latest from police, michael? ((michael stevens)) > police
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they say this stand-off started just before 9-last night. near maryland parkway and dumont. police say they responded to call of a man screaming for help. people in the area also say they possibly heard gunshots. when officers showed up... they started talking to the man and decided to call in swat because they believe the man is armed and refusing to come outside. right now... swat negotiators are trying to get the man to come outside. police do not believe anyone was has been shot. ((michael stevens)) they say they're working to get the man outside to get him help. ((kirsten joyce)) > today, the public will have a chance to weigh in... on the rates rooftop solar customers will pay moving forward. commissioner david noble submitted a proposal this week... that would transition existing solar customers...
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period. n-v energy proposed the p-u-c to allow existing net metering customers... who installed solar before september 10th... to keep the more favorable rates for 20- years. a hearing will take at 9-30 this morning. /// ((brian loftus)) > police hope to find a thief that tried to steal a woman's purse... and she didn't let him have it without a fight. metro released this surveillance video from a fast food restaurant... near sahara and eastern. police believe the suspect was leaving the men's restroom... as a mother was pushing a baby in a stroller. as the woman reaches for the door, the suspect grabs her purse... and she immediately tries to take it back. another man then jumped in and started helping her... but the suspect shortly took off with it. police believe the suspect is related to other thefts in the area. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. /// let's get to sherry with a look
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clear skies and cool temps this morning... after hitting those warm mid 70s again yesterday. ........... temps right now are in the 40s adn let's look around the country where the eastern u-s is still in the deep freeze. ............... another sunny day in the valley with well above normal temps again today. a very mild holiday weekend ahead.
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> /// > ((kirsten joyce)) > it's been one year since legendary rebel coach jerry tarkanian passed away. ((brian loftus)) chris matthius reports on what this man meant so many people. < nats: "i love these kids there incredible group of kids..." all rebel fans and countless others
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that shook las vegas and the basketball world. nats: an outpouring of love for coach.." brad rothermel/former athletic director: "is the person with the most myopic vision of anybody i've known. he could focus on the next game in basketball and had no feeling for anything else that was going on.. it may have been a limitation, but that's also what made him very good." his passing hit hard... many former rebels remember their coach, like a father remembers his son. chris jeter/former rebels: "and if he was alive, still coaching l'd love for a man like jerry tarkanian, to have the opportunity to coach chase jeter and the future children." the tribute and memorial service attended by family, friends and fans will forever be etched in the minds of unlv runnin' rebel fans. voice of robert smith/former rebel: "when i think about his family i think about all the family and players he made us all family made us work hard, but now we look back and we see each other on the street or whatever and we talk about old times" he did and meant so much
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he will always be remembered as the coach who literally helped put las vegas on the map. nats music: "and did it his way..." > ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce))
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roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > airport security is taking a big step... when it comes to making sure your bags are being checked properly. ((kirsten joyce)) the new training t-s-a agents will undergo to catch suspicious items... before they make it on the plane. ((brian loftus)) > and universal studios in florida is bumping up their ticket prices. how much single and family tickets are now going for. ///
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district is in a new location. their main offices are now located at a former 'target' store... right on decatur near meadows lane. employees moved in about a week ago. all departments are up and running... with the exception of the "family planning clinic"... which is scheduled to open in april. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > inmates in jail in clark county are doing what you probably wouldn't expect -- yoga. vanessa murphy got an exclusive look at the program. ((dray gardner/yoga instructor: nice and slow! back down! beautiful.)) ((dray: downward dog.... )) ((dray: kick kick kick )) ((vanessa murphy)) many of these inmates at the clark county detention center.... ((dijon lemmie/inmate: it's peace.)) ((vanessa murphy)) ...are accused of some of the most serious crimes. ((dray: stretch up )) ((vanessa murphy)) like dijon lemmie. ((dijon: i never thought i'd ever be doing yoga ever.)) ((vanessa murphy)) the 19 year old has been locked up for nearly a year. ((dijon: bad decisions.... )) ((vanessa murphy)) he's
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((dijon: i have really changed since i been in here. i can honestly say that.)) ((vanessa murphy)) dijon is one of 148 inmates in a program which started last july. sot ((lt. yancey taylor/clark co. detention center: it helps them change their mindset, help them calm down, help them think what is it really about being a normal adult? )) ((vanessa murphy)) through the direct inmate supervision philosophy... ((dray: inhale as you rise....(ah) )) ((vanessa murphy)) inmates have more freedom and privileges like yoga classes they've earned through good behavior.... ((magnolia drew/corrections officer: it's a different way of policing.)) ((vanessa murphy)) staff here says there's been a 70-percent reduction in house discipline.... and it's not costing taxpayers a dime. ((dray: it's the other way, brotha, perfect.)) ((vanessa murphy)) the yoga mats are donated....and instructor dray gardner volunteers. ((dray: we're all the same really and each one of us is one bad decision away from you know that situation, so i really feel compelled to let them know that you know you are not your past and we can build through this once we get past this.)) ((dijon: somebody get in
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right direction, you give them the right classes, proper tools, i think that'll help build em under and understand. some people just don't understand. it's lack of knowledge...)) ((vanessa murphy)) there are grunts, laughs, and then calm.... ((dray: breathe )) ((dijon: i'm really happy man. i'm happy for this stuff. cause i didn't think nothing like this existed. (laughs) i like it.)) ((vanessa murphy)) the hope is for men like dijon - ((dray: stay amazing, brothers.... ((vanessa murphy)) when or if they leave - ....clapping )) ((vanessa murphy)) to become productive members of society. ((dray: keep doing yall work )) ((kirsten joyce)) this program is in the early stages... starting back in july. the hope is to expand it for more inmates. the staff is also working to get it started with women inside the jail. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > an american astronaut has accomplished his
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((brian loftus)) the journey astronaut scott kelly has been on... as he tries to help scientists understand what happens to our bodies in space.
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is coming home from space... after the longest stint in orbit of any astronaut in american history. he's been in space for over 500 days! this latest mission was designed to research the effects human body. scott kelly is part of the study with his twin brother, mark... who's back on earth. than it looks: (( scott kelly, us astronaut: "you know certainly you know being confined for this period of time is not something that i think people would it's different when you're in space and doing something think is important." )) ((sherry swensk)) researchers are studying the twins to determine how aging takes place in space.
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((demetria obilor)) > how does drinking coffee as your job sound? it may be too good to pass up... but in australia... taste-testers are getting themselves wired up for the sydney royal coffee competition. this competition only involves australian coffee... considering it's a five billion dollar a year industry in the country. year... and taste testers have two days to try all the coffee. it's enough to give them more than the jitters: (( "you can actually go off the edge, you can have too much and you will pass out." "it was cupping all day - it just got to me and what do you do - i just crashed. how many coffees did you have?" "...40." )) ((demetria obilor)) the winners of the coffee competition will be announced next week. judges say the secret to an award winning coffee is the aroma. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather.
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get ready for a really warm holiday weekend... so make some great outdoor plans to be out in the sunshine and enjoy some unusual february weather. .............. light winds and dry air will stay in place through saturday... then some winds kick up for sunday. breezy winds to 20 mph or higher could get in the way sunday if you're outdoors. ........
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the west and that will drive temps well above normal and close to record highs again through the weekend. ............. the trend continues into next week. meanwhile super cold air continues to invade the eastern half of the country with snow across the great lakes and the ohio valley. ............... look for highs in the 70s to last into next week and then cloudy skies with possible
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sacrificing quality for convenience... when you ditch the camera... for your smartphone... ((kirsten joyce))
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mortensen tests out a new device... that says it can take your pics from drab to fab. ((brian loftus)) and she gets a little help from a pawn stars
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cost a little extra to visit universal studios in florida. according to the orlando sentinel... a one-day adult ticket to one of universal's two orlando theme parks...
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the cost of a park-to-park ticket is now 155-dollars from 147. and one-day tickets for children ages three to nine... are 100-bucks.. a family of four wishing to visit the universal theme parks... should expect to pay at least 610-dollars... and that doesn't include food and souvenirs. by comparison, walt disney world offers similar pricing for its orlando parks. /// ((brian loftus)) > t-s-a agents got a firsthand account... of what happens when suspicious items go undetected through airport security. ((kirsten joyce)) this comes after a report was released... stating dozens of suspicious items easily make it past security. kris van cleave explains the training t-s-a agents will now undergo... to combat the issue. seeing the power of even a small explosive...made the threat real for nearly 200 soon-to-be airport screeners. they're going through a new training program
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address troubling security gaps within the transportation security administration. a damning report by the department of homeland security's inspector general last summer found screeners failed to detect 67 of 70 suspicious items brought through airport check points. peter neffenger became tsa administrator in july. (neffenger ) "what the inspector general results have told us is that you can never take your eye off the mission shawn weeks- freeman is one of the academy instructors. .on august 11th 1982--she was a flight attendant on pan am flight 830..standing just rows from where a terrorist bomb exloded while the 747 prepared to land in honolulu. one person was killed - more than a dozen injured. (freeman weeks ) "when i talk to my class i tell em, you're not here by accident, and i wasn't saved at that moment by accident. because that threat in 1982 is today's threat still." the
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transportation security officers will have standardized training. previously new hires were largely trained on the job at their home airport. (kvc) the ig, if they're going through checkpoints today with one of those teams with things that should be flagged ///will those things be caught?" (neffenger ) "i think we'll catch them today. i say that- " (kvc ) "all of them?" (neffenger ) "i don't
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i sure hope we catcbarricade situation ((brian loftus)) > a man walks in to a restaurant... and starts attacking people with a machete! how the situation came to an end... and how many people were injured. ((kirsten joyce)) > plus...changing up breakfast... how kellogg plans to revamp its brand./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > brian loftus > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brian loftus. kirsten joyce and i'm kirsten joyce. it's 5-oclock. night... at a barricade situation. ((brian loftus)) michael stevens is live where he just michael?


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