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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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for cancer research. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for joining us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. north las vegas made an arrest in the crash... that killed a 2-year-old girl on super bowl sunday. ((kirsten joyce)) 51-year-old daniel garcia- martinez was taken into custody on friday. police say he was driving the white van that killed 2-year- old evelyn green... and left the scene after the accident. witnesses say they saw the little girl crossing the street when she was hit. north las vegas police have not confirmed... whether or not the accident was alcohol related. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > one of metro's police police dogs... that was attacked by a suspect with a machete... after a 12-hour long standoff... is fully recovering. k-9 nicky is doing much better
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but as you can see he suffered multiple cuts to his head. recovery. this happened during a 12-hour barricade situation on friday... at a home near maryland parkway and desert inn. the suspect was taken into custody. no word yet on the suspect's face. it is a felony to injure a police dog. /// ((brian loftus)) > besides there being love in the air in las vegas... the valley: (( we are known all over the world as the entertainment capital of the world.. but after today, we are gonna be known as the leprechaun capital of the world! cheers )) ((brian loftus)) this was for "saint baldrick's lepre-con 5-k and walk" at town square. they broke the world record for the largest gathering of leprechauns... with more than 14- hundred people. the event raised money for childhood cancer research. /// ((sherry swensk)) > in honor of
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red rock is offering free admission for the holiday. all entrance fees are being waved... so grab the kids and put your hiking shoes on! you'll be enjoy the beautiful scenery on the 13-mile loop around red rock. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk sherry swensk it's going to be a beautiful day to head out to red rock and do
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the winds don't seem to bumpy. clouds have cleared out after a fairly cloudy day yesterday ... and temps are very mild this morning after a breezy sunday. ..... we hit highs in the mid 70s and it looks like another warm day for our holiday monday. ........... most of the clouds from yesterday have shifted east and we should have plenty of sunshine today. look for some north- northeast breezes, but not as windy as yesterday and highs in the upper 70s. <
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((kirsten joyce)) > the republican presidential candidates were in south carolina on saturday... for their debate ahead of the next primary. ((brian loftus)) donald trump and jeb bush heated things up... as they fought back and forth consistently on various topics. craig boswell has the latest from the campaign trail.
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the stage and the first questions turned to the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama announced he will nominate a replacement for the conservative justice.. but the candidates argued it should be up to the next president. (gov. kasich/(r-oh) presidential canddiate) "i would like the president for once to put the country first." but that consensus quickly turned to disagreements. (trump) "let me just tell you this - jeb is so wrong" things got heated between donald trump and former governor jeb bush over the war in iraq. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "obviously the war in iraq was a big fat mistake." "george bush made a mistake, we make mistakes, but this was a beauty." (jeb bush/(r) presidential candidate) "while donald trump was building a reality show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe." (craig boswell/cbs news/greenville, sc) this debate could be crucial for the candidates. the south carolina primary is just a week away and may decide who continues in this race. senators marco rubio and ted
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ted cruz/(r- tx) presidential candidate) "marco rubio consistently supported amnesty." (flash) sen. marco rubio/(r-fl) presidential candidate) "for a number of weeks now ted cruz has just been telling lies, he lied about ben carson in iowa, he lied about planned parenthood." later cruz took on donald trump. (cruz) "right now as a candidate he supports funding for planned parenthood" (trump) "you know you are the single biggest liar up here." voters go to the polls on february 20th. craig boswell, cbs news, greenville, south carolina. ((brian loftus)) > 8 news now is your local election headquarters. we will continue to bring you the latest news surrounding this year's election... both on air and online... at las vegas now dot com. ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce))
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direction and then cut down the center and install flood control facilities. overnight, traffic will be down to one lane in each direction. during the day, you'll start seeing two lanes in each direction. > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > it's been a year since a las vegas mother was shot and killed... while teaching her teen daughter how to drive. ((brian loftus)) the i-team's george knapp sits down with the meyers family... to talk about where things stand
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loftus)) now, a year at > bob meyers/tammy meyers husband: 10:40:10 i don't have a wife anymore, you know, when you're with somebody for 25 years........ 40:29 you wake up to that person
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that person everyday and they're not there, its rough 40:36 bob meyers was out of state on a business trip when he received a garbled phone call about his wife being shot....he raced back to las vegas, driving 100 miles per hour, unable to get solid information for most of the drive. george: that had to be a very bad period, when you rcondition and have no idea what the heck happened. to pull over and she kept askinme 'are you driving?' i'm like yeah, i'm driving, im gettin' there. i said, you know, have her hold on until i get there you know. g: she did. r: she did publicist mark fierro, a former klas reporter, wrote a book about tammy's death, including the moment bob arrived at the hospital. o/author of "road rage in las vegas": 51:39 he sits down, he grabs her hand and immediately she squeezes his hand and he asks the nurse has she done this? she said nn,
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unresponsive ..... and he starts telling her how lucky he was and how much he loved here , how much he's gonna work to help keep the kids together 52:13 and so the last think that happens is this communication through her hand, she wants him to know that he's hearing, after tammy's death, things crumbled for the family. the siblings went into deep depression and sought problems at the house, people kno pacng up front of the ho aeryou think after what drum beat of unfounded rumors about tammy and the young man who confessed to the shooting, eric nowsch. bob meyers: 10:32:30 it started off she was in a relationship with him and then it let off to my daughter was pregnant by him
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wife was buying drugs from him or then it let off to where my wife was selling drugs to him 32:43 ..;.. 32:55 this is all local media here in town. they kept throwing one conspiracy after the other 33:01 everytime a lawyer would say something, the local media would eat it up and run with it 33:07 and there be no investigating and the whole time the confession's out 33:13 these people know about this confession but they don't want to go to the confession because that's not a good story in a three hour interview with police, the suspect said nothing bob: 38:s1 buying drugs or it was a drug deal gone bad, which there is a
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a relationship or she was buyinged the wrong ve seen a story like this? fierro i''ve never seen anything close to this 55:13 i think think that the dirty lie is so much interesting than the truth, the mistaken identity 55:22 that tylittle lie he wries about the effects of the upcoming trial for suspect
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the meyers siblings have been emotionally devastated, underwent therapy in the last year. they lost their mother, two of them witnessed her murder, and they've all been subjected to the conspiracy theories. their lawyer sam schwartz told us quote it is unfathomable why some people have clung to the lies... the truth is, this was a case of mistaken identity. george knapp 8 news now. ((brian loftus)) > couples from
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"he's my valentine every daykn t the hats for the babies. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather.
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it was a cloudy, but mild valentine's day. and the winds were a little pushy, but they won't be as gusty for the valley today.... and we'll get more sunshine back. ............ a wind advisory is in place right now along the colorado
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lopsided between warm air and cold air... thanks to the jetstream reaching far north over the west... and bringing in cold canadian air into the eastern united states. .................. rain is developing across the south and midsouth... then turns to snow as it cross east toward the coast. .............. it's going to be another really warm february week for us here at home. temps keep rising for the next few days to even 80 degrees by wednesday ((sherry swensk))
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with demetria!> demetria obilor here's the crash on harmon and swenson. it's on the westbound side of traffic. crash at alta and rampart. looks like crews have finished the durango hills sewer relief project. from this angle, i don't see any cones. the city told me last week that everything should have finished up this past saturday. < > < > > that's a look at the roads...
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((brian loftus)) > two people struck by blow darts... while walking across the golden gate bridge! ((kirsten joyce)) what authorities are testing the strange and dangerous weapons for. that story and more, coming up
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narrator: for speaking truth to power in china... women's rights are human rights. narrator: and having the fortitude to keep government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. planned parenthood action fund endorses hillary clinton. just like the league of conservation voters for her bold plan to attack climate change. and the human rights campaign fund... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. > the best singers and musicians are taking the stage tonight... for the 58-th grammy awards.
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taylor swift is set to open the show for the second time in 3-years. ll-cool-j will host for the 5th year in a row. lady gaga is expected to give a tribute performance... in honor of the late david bowie. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > pope francis is traveling to mexico's southern border today... while on his historic six day trip in the country. more than 300- thousand people gathered in a poor mexico city suburb... to hear him speak. the pope held an open air mass... marking his biggest event in mexico so far. on his way to the mass... two million people greeted him with balloons. he'll also be visiting mexico's northern border. /// ((brian loftus)) > brazil's president says the zika virus outbreak... will not compromise the upcoming olympics in rio. the president believes the country will be able to fight off the mosquitoes. brazil's military and hundreds of thousands of health workers... have been mobilized to fight the virus. zika has been linked to birth defects in newborns. the olympics in rio start in august. ///
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with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brian loftus... ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. supreme court justice antonin (skuh-lee- uh)scalia passed away
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((brian loftus)) and his death has sparked a battle over whether or not president barack obama should appoint a successor. scott mclean joins us from washington with the latest. as condolences come in, battle lines also being drawn over justice antonin scalia's replacement. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell quickly making clear he wants the "next" president to choose the new justice, with republican presidential choose the new justice, with republican presidential candidates following suit during saturday's debate. (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) it's called delay, delay, delay. (sen. marco rubio, (r) presidential candidate) i do not believe the someone. in california, president obama acknowledging scalia's death and promising to nominate a replacement soon. (president barack obama) i plan to fulfill my constitutional


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