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tv   Politics Now  CBS  February 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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of the united states. ((denise valdez)) > thanks for joining us for this special edition of politics now... where we are covering the democratic caucus. i'm denise valdez. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. we have reports out in the field covering all aspects of the election.. including with the hillary clinton and bernie sanders camps... and in studio we have political analyst steve sebelius... sig rogich... annette magnus .. and adrianna martinez to provide . >> we have political analyst steve, and magnus and adrianna martinez to provide us with some analysis and insight. hillary clinton did win the nevada caucus by six points over bernie sander. with some of the precincts still reporting in. >> donald trump has won the
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he had 34%, marco rubio finished second and ted cruz coming in third. they head to nevada for tuesday's republican caucus. >> following that announcement, donald trump gave a victory speech saying it's beautiful when you win. >> there's nothing easy about running for president, i can tell you. it's tough, it's nasty, it's mean, it's vicious, it's beautiful. [laughter] >> when you win, it's beautiful. and we're going to start -- we are going to start winning for our country. we're going to start winning. because our country doesn't win anymore. it doesn't win. we don't win with the military. we can't beat isis. we have great military. we don't win. you look what the china is doing to us, what japan does to us, what mexico is killing us at the border. >> this win puts trump in a commanding position now to move forward to the next primaries. >> one thing he did not
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jeb bush who recently dropped out of the race, a little more than an hour ago. >> i'm proud of the campaign we've run to unify our country, and to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god-given potential. the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i respect their decision. so tonight i'm suspending my campaign. >> ben carson who came in fifth vowed he wasn't going anywhere and john casic is staying in the race as well. >> the hillary clinton camp is celebrating their win tonight. paul is with them at caesar's palace. >> hillary clinton was clearly pleased to have won nevada. she needed to prove she could win a state like nevada is more racially diverse as it is.
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took the stage with her husband bill clinton, all smiles and waving to the crowd. here's what she told her supporters. >> every problem we face, someone somewhere in america is solving. we need you to be part of that excitingdown kwee make together. we need the community activists to run for school board and the people who builds rather than leave egg hometown that's seen better days. >> i am on my way to texas. i'm on my way to texas. >> supporters have gone home. they have left this room. but just a few minutes ago, i still heard them cheering in the halls of caesar's palace "hillary, hillary." as you may have heard her,
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she and bill clinton working as a team building their team down the road. >> also tonight the bernie sanders camp touted the big comeback in this state even though it fell just a little bit short. >> patrick walker is with them at the henderson pavilion. >> reporter: about 1:30 and talking to sanders supporters in henderson, they thought they had this. less an an hour later they were watching while hillary clinton gave their victory speech. it was a bit disappointed. when bernie sanders took the stage, he talked a lot about the younger generation in this political revolution, and said he saw that last night and today both. vast majority of the crowds were younger. most of the newly remmingstered democrats said they were voting bernie's way. senator sanders says that adds up to a lot of momentum even in defeat. >> that's what the entire campaign has been about is
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the issue of bringing more and more people into the political political process. when we began in iowa, we were 50 points behind. when we began in new hampshire, we were 30 points behind. and we were way behind here in nevada. >> reporter: well, sanders' speech went quickly, less than 10 minutes. it was about two and a half hours ahead of schedule. that means a lot of people really didn't make it out. we didn't have any surrogates or staff to talk to, because really once the conciliatory speech was given, the campaign evers outta here. a very quick cleanup as the focus turned to south carolina. >> thanks, patrick. we put the full speeches from both candidates on to listen to them in their entirety. >> let's go to steve and our
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how did they do today, steve? >> reporter: i guess we should first start out in south carolina. you're a big supporter of jeb bush, long-time friend of the bush family and an aide to george w. bush and also helped george w. bush get into office. what are your thoughts? jeb bush dropping out? >> i'm sad to see him drop out. i respect the fact he understands the people are determined that he's not the candidate to be the standard bearer for the party. i look at this in a twisted kind of way. i don't think it's the best news for donald trump, because i think at the end of the day, you're going to find that carson drops out and i think casey has a good opportunity to dot same thing in the days ahead. it might last a little longer. but the eventuality is when it gets down to 2 or 3 and then eventually two candidates, i think you'll see an enormous amount of support roll to probably to rubio.
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ceiling with donald trump. i think he gets between 28 and 35% of the disenchanted members of the party. i don't think he gets much beyond that. and his national numbers reflect that. so i know that -- i said earlier today that democrats are praying that he's the candidate. just like republicans that are reasonable are praying he's not. and i don't think that he will be in the eventuality. >> i'll open it up to the whole panel. where does disaffected bush voters go? i don't think they go to trump. >> i don't think they go to trump. i think they'll go to rubio personally. >> okay. >> i think cruz is an extremist as well. he kind of fits with that trump theme, the antics he's done in washington with shutting down the government and those type of things. so i see them going to the more moderate candidate. i don't really see marco rubio as moderate. i see them going with him. >> i was gonna say, i don't
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that label on him. adrianna, what do you think? >> i agree with you. but marco rubio does have a problem with latinos, although he's cuban american. i think he has a big problem. they don't like him. so he has a lot of work to do in the latino community. i'm sure he's counting on that nevada. >> you know, jeb was considered a candidate that latinos really were -- took a liking to. >> you raise really a good point here, because republicans can't win the presidency in my opinion in america today without getting pretty close to 40% of the vote. otherwise you lose states traditionally that are republican like north carolina, georgia, virginia, certainly ohio, not to mention florida. and so i think that bush had the best opportunity with latinos to win the presidency. trump doesn't have a chance to win the presidency of the
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he will be a landslide, because he'll be a drop-off in turnout. i think he would jeopardize republicans in the u.s. senate and probably lose 30 seats in the house. >> we'll have more from our panel in just a couple of minutes. right now, we'll toss it back to dave and denise on the anchor desk. >> thanks, steve. keep tweeting us. as you can see here, we've had a steady stream of comments, videos and pictures throughout the day. keep them coming especially as we head into tuesday and
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>> we'll talk about turnout. >> taking a live look now at what's happened throughout the day with the nevada caucus. we're getting almost 90% of our precincts in. hillary clinton with 53% of the vote with bernie sanders at 47%. those numbers are passport. karen has been at the democratic tally site. and after a rocky start today, karen, i guess things have smoothed out. >> reporter: yeah, they did, dave. there were some technical difficulties with the nevada democratic caucus website. it crashed, so those results were not being updated as they were coming in. they were released to another source. first one started coming in
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afternoon. shortly after 50% of the precincts had reported, hillary clinton evers reported the winners. bernie sanders did not fall far behind. at one point he had a slight lead over clinton. thea other times they were split down the middle. a handful of deck of cards were handed out to break up those sides and one evers used. we saw long lines at several polling sites. >> you never know until caucus day how many people are actually going to show up. so i was telling someone else earlier today, it's kind ever like going to a movie where everyone knows what time the movie is and everyone shows up at the same time and there's a line. we had tens of thousands of people moving movies at 200 different theatres across the country or across the state. you can imagine why we had some long lines in some areas. >> reporter: in all, there are about 1,700 precincts, and the state about 3/4 of them are here in southern nevada.
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of the counties in the northern part of the state. clinton won big in the southern half that includes clark counties and has the largest population in nevada. 65% of those folks who participated in today's caucuses are first-timers. >> all right. and karen, the counting in downtown las vegas continues tonight? they'll stay to the bitter end, right? >> reporter: that's right. they have to have 100% of the precincts reporting. we're standing outside of the meet in downtown las vegas because the media room was closed. it's about 88% of the precincts reporting much that's about 1,500 of the 1,700 precincts statewide. >> super delegates have been another focus of this election. >> we'll explain what they
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hillary clinton.factor in the democratic caucus >> welcome back to politics now. >> tell us all about the hard numbers. here's the latest figures we have. hillary clinton holding a 53% lead in this caucus day, the nevada caucus and bernie sanders about a 47% total. so very close. >> something we mentioned throughout the day, super delegates. they have gotten a lot of attention lately. superdelegates are lawmakers or party leaders who have
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for whoever they want. nevada has eight. three three have pledged their support to hillary clinton, one to sanders and two are state party members and didn't want anyone to feel the establishment evers taking sides. one of them is an afl-cio executive and didn't want to get ahead of their endorsement and four are neutral. clinton has has a total gelicate lead 394 to 44 for sanders. they can switch sides which did happen to clinton in '08 after it looked like obam afters going to win. >> in the week leading up to today's caucus, numbers released this week show a spending battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. sanders has went three -- clinton has respondent
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state and bernie sanders has spent $3.2 million and markio rubio has spent the most so spar. >> let's get back to our panel. steve. >> reporter: let's talk about the turnout that happened in today's caucus. it was certainly not as robust as 2008 when the battle between hillary clinton and barack obama really energized people. there was about 118,000 voters. we're looking about 80,000 voters today. you said there were a lot of new voters. >> at my precincts, there was a stack about this big of new registered voters, whether they switched their party or were coming in for the first time. i think that's a really important part of this process is bringing new voters in the process, engaging them for the first time. i think that's an important thing for the democratic party. i'm glad to see the republicans on the democratic and republican
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and making that a priority. >> what do you think? is this caucus going to give the democratic party the boost that it gave in 208? or is this impact a little more muted? >> i think it's a little less. what i do think will impact the democratic party is the higher energy and, you know, look. those that are for bernie, some of them say oh, rye definitely go all the way. we're in. as far as my caucus sites were saying. we'll vote for the winner. so i hope that's true. but as far as bringing in new voters, like you united states had a steak. in my precinct, i didn't have any. i'm downtown. there's a lot of older voters. they're there and established. i saw a sense of energy at the caucus. it was wonderful. a lot of passionate people who want their candidate to win. it was fun.
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republicans, you're looking at this caucus, do you think it was a successful caucus for the democrats and did the republicans have something to worry about now with how voters have been energized? >> no, i don't think so necessarily. i think these are kind ever moving targets really, and it's tough -- it's tougher for republicans because people running for president. it's easier to energize the two components they have and only two. but i think the state will look at things in a broader way. i think that the party will energize behind one candidate in a very very succinct way. i think the democrats have to worry about the emotional factor with sanders if he's not the nominee, because people might stay home and feel like they're disenfranchised. a lot of these millennials are first timers. they're involved in this and emotional about it.
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to what has happened in the past to campaigns that run on that kind ever a cycle. >> if you don't get your way, you feel like -- >> you feel disen-franfranchiseddisenfranchised. this is still a moving target. i think it still is for hillary. i'm not sure she's the nominee yet. >> we'll leave it there and come back with more analysis later in the broadcast. dave, denise, what do you have for you? >> the republican national committee spokeswoman is here to tell us about the caucus. that's on tuesday.
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7:25 pm they hold their caucus from 5 to >> tuesday the focus will shift from the democrats. their time is over. now it's time for the republicans. i'm joined by the nevada communications director for the republican national commit eechlt thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >>ow do you preparations are going? do you feel the party is ready for all the mashinations of the caucus? >> yes. the campaigns and parties have been doing caucus training and getting voters registered. i think we've seen thousands registered in the past few days here. now they're out there telling people where to go
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i think they feel really ready for it. there's a lot of excitement on the ground, a lot of people really wanting to get involved where they never have before. i think we expect to have a really good caucus on tuesday. >> there was a report of long lines and computers crashing and all those things. those are probably the normal pains ever doing something like this. do you anticipate having some of those same problems the democrats had? >> i think we anticipate to have it run as smoothly as possible, get everyone through as long as they registered republicans they should be able to come in and calksusus at their right locations. >> there was a deadline of february 13. hu to be registered before that. they don't allow same-day registration. >> that's correct. all republican caucusgoers had to be registered as
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february 13 f you're registered republican and have been registered by that date, you can find your caucus location by individualing they're not the same as normal voting precincts. it's important to know. >> there were reports of mischief make. you could register as a republican and then go to the democratic caucus there. some people say bernie sanders because he would be the candidate the republicans would prefer. did you guys hear anything about that? >> i'm not aware of anyone doing that. i know the state party chairman said it was concerning to hear anybody talking about manipulating any process and the state parties are going to make sure everyone abides by the rules of the party and caucuses in their correct one. >> absolutely. field has narrowed.
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candidates than there were before. so do you think that will increase or decrease enthusiasm for the republican caucus? >> i think we've seen a lot of enthusiasm we've never seen before in this cycle. even still, we have a large diverse field ever candidates. the largest most diverse field ever candidates we've ever had. you can see just talking to voters all around the state, they're really excited. this is a big cycle for them. there's a lot of candidates to choose from. i think we'll see a lot of excitement on tuesday. >> good luck on tuesday. we'll be back with more
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