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tv   8 News Now at 6 AM  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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obilor and brian loftus > kirsten joyce > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. loftus. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. a man was overnight killed near nellis air force base. ((kirsten joyce)) michael stevens is live at craig more. ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... metro police believe this whole thing started as an argument between two groups... who knew each other. police were called here to the "nellis suites" near craig and las vegas boulevard around 2-30 this morning. they say a group of people driving a black volkswagen jetta -- with gold rims pulled up to the parking lot of this hotel... and tried to get someone to come outside. when that person didn't come out... police believe the suspects started damaging a car in the parking lot. that's what got the victim to come outside... and shots were fired:
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together. we have several witnesses to the shooting here that knew the victim -- and we have possible names of the suspect involved because it seems they know each other.)))) ((michael stevens)) police say the shooter did take off... with two other people. again... police do believe they know who did this. right now... witnesses. to make sure they got the right person who did this. brian, kirsten? ((brian loftus)) > republicans will caucus today in nevada... and we're your local election headquarters for the latest on the race! ((kirsten joyce)) the voting for the registered republicans gets underway at 5 pm and runs through 9. candidates will be out campaigning for one final push.. marco rubio will be speaking at the silverton casino at 8 am. doors open in about an hours time. rubio spent last night
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nevada./// ((brian loftus)) > and donald trump held a rally last night at the south point. he focused on immigration along with foreign policy and relations. trump will fly to sparks for a noon rally today. he'll then fly back to las vegas tonight for a watch party at treasure island, which starts at 8 p.m/// ((kirsten joyce)) > gop candidate ben carson will be speaking at the meadow shadows community center this morning at 10 am. later this afternoon, carson will speak at coronado high school at 5:45.... followed by his caucus night party at the embassy suites convention center on paradise... from 8 to 11. he held a private town hall meeting last night with supporters in henderson./// ((brian loftus)) > and senator ted cruz will also be in town during today's republican caucus. he'll speak at 8 pm at the bill and lillie heinrich ymca on meadows lane./// ((brian loftus)) > we'll have live reports on the caucus tonight.. our special coverage begins at five pm we'll also have special editions of "politics now at 7:30 and 11 o'clock. by the way... if you need to find your caucus site, we have a link on our website, las vegas now dot com./// ((kirsten joyce)) > celine dion is returning to her residency at
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for the first time since the death of her husband and brother. the singer will pay tribute to rene angelil... her husband and manager.. who died after a long battle with throat cancer. celine will be livestreaming her show on her website... starting at 7:30 tonight./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk skies are clear and winds are
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but thankfully overall not as gusty as yesterday's 40- plus mph winds. you'll likely have some clean-up to do today or when you can. there is trash on the roads and in parking lots. ...................... winds will still stay on the bumpy side today and it feels cooler outside.... with those north winds up to 20 mph right in some areas. .............. sunrise is less than a half- hour away now... and sunset closer to 5:30 p.m. each day through the month. ................... temps right now mainly in the 50s and some upper 40s, but where there are breezes feeling chillier than that. ..................
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of the north- northeast through the day with good sunshine, but some high clouds are expected to show up from time to time and highs will be about ten degrees cooler.... in the 60s. back to you! ((brian loftus)) > metro police are trying to figure out how a woman died over the weekend.. 26 year-old kalli medina- brown was found dead inside the laundry chute at the d. investigators are not calling the california native's death a homicide. we spoke with medina- brown's best friend.. who is understandabl y, very upset: (( sierra roraback/medina- brown's best friend: "in order to have closure on the situation and sleep a little better or something. we have to figure out who did this, we have to figure
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((brian loftus)) her friends said she was responsible and believe she was was somehow separated from the group she was here with in town. it still isn't known she ended up in the laundry chute. the d issued a statement saying they're saddened by the incident and are cooperating with the investigation./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor starting with a crash in the southwest on northbound durango over 215 (south beltway). there was a crash at las vegas boulevard near saint rose parkway earlier this morning. that scene is clear. here is a live look at i-15 at saint rose parkway. no major tie-ups. < >
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((kirsten joyce)) > break out your stetson and cowboy boots.. las vegas is going country with rascal flatts! (( jay: we dreamed of being successful when we started but no one could've imagined what we've turned into )) ((kirsten joyce)) we sit down with the band as their residency gets underway at the hard rock... and what they love best about the venue. ((brian loftus)) > and.. more drama in the say drivers aren't using it right, so demetria's stepping into clarify the rules of the road, in "what's driving you crazy?"
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((brian loftus)) > rascal flatts just couldn't get enough of las vegas... they are back for a second residency at the joint inside the hard rock.. i sat down with the band.. who said this time, they're getting back to their roots. ((brian loftus)) rascal flatts is coming back to the strip and fans really 'like the sound of that' ((nats of "i like the sound of that" )) ((brian loftus)) they created a "riot" at the joint
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when they became the first country artist the venue signed for a residency: ((rascal flatts singing: california to vegas! even nyc got 1 or 2 hillbillies ready to hit the road! )) ((brian loftus)) we sat down with the country superstars.. who said they couldn't wait to return.. this time for rhythm and roots: ((jay demarcus; the crowd here in this particular venue.. they're ready to rock and they're ready to party and i don't think that goes across the board for all the vegas venues. there's something uniquely special about this place. when you come in and you turn up the heat, they're ready to ride with you to the very end, joe don: that space between the songs when they're just going nuts and screaming so loud, you might just give it a few more seconds there to let it get even bigger before you kick off the next one. those are special for us on stage )) ((brian loftus)) the band says they love it.. when their fans sing along to every lyric: (( jay: i like people singing our words back to us. it's the most phenomenal thing in the world. and words that i don't even remember, which is great. it's helpful! what's that second verse again? can you sing it
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that's the best you can hope for i think. )) ((brian loftus)) but it's not all work and no play.. add nat pop the band said they mostly hit the links and check out the great restaurants our city has to offer. that is.. when they're not being honored. the hard rock just unveiled a memorabilia case.. full of the outfits they wore during their first residency. ((memorabilia reveal )) ((brian loftus)) rascal flatts' resume is impressive.. they are the most awarded country group of the past decade.. with more than 40- trophies... 15 number 1 songs... and over 22 million albums sold.. yet they still remain humble: (( gary: it's what you dreamed of as a kid, when you stood in front of your mirror and sang. was picturing all those people, 4200 people or whatever, standing there singing every word back to you jay: we dreamed of being successful when we started but no one could've imagined what we've turned into and what we've been able to do and so i'm very very grateful )) ((brian loftus)) and they still get chills when they hear one of their songs on the radio: ((joe don; for me it's still strange, you know in a beautiful kind of way.
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much hard work in the studio to do what you do, to record, and so getting to hear us on the radio still gives me a little bit of that butterfly kind of wonderful feeling in my gut )) ((brian loftus)) ultimately, rascal flatts said they just want their fans to leave happy: ((gary: life's hard enough so when they come to the show we feel like it's just cool to sit out there and know that they had a good time. )) (( nats of performing )) ((brian loftus)) rascal flatts is currently up for an acm nomination for vocal group of the year. the band hold the record for the most wins in that category. the a-c-m awards will be here in las vegas on april 3rd. and if you would like to purchase tickets to their residency, rhythm and roots... just head to las vegas now dot com. prices start at just 40 bucks... and they'll be playing through march 5th.///
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sherry swensk
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some places will be breezier than others today. and the air is so dry... so keep drinking water! ...... those ornamental trees are blooming all over the valley. thanks to viewers who send pics like randy reimers who says his almond trees are blooming. ............... temps are in the 40s and some 50s right now. it's going to be a cooler day. ............ a lake wind advisory in place until the evening with gusts to 45 or higher. that adivsory starts at 7 am but
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than 25 mph... so it will likely be necessary by sunrise. ................... nice sunshine to start the day... and then some high clouds will drift into our skies. .............. but we should have a ridge rebuild through the week to help get those temps right back up to 70s and even near 80 by the weekend. ....... rain and snow in texas and on the lookout for tornadoes today coast. ....... warmer weekend ahead for us after a cooler day in the normal mid 60s. then 70s by friday and even upper 70s for the weekend. back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > the pentagon will submit its plans to congress today.. to formally close guantanamo bay. it would call for some detainees to be moved from the prison in cuba to other countries...whil e others would be sent to facilities in the u-s. the president says guantanamo
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recruiting tool for terrorists and costs too much to maintain. in the past, congress had opposed previous plans to shut it down./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a ceasefire in syria is planned this weekend... between the u-s and russia. president obama called russian president vladimir putin yesterday to discuss the truce. putin wanted to talk about establishing a nationwide cessation of hostilities between the armed opposition and the syrian regime.... and its (al-lyze) allies. the ceasefire doesn't include all countries.. terror groups currently operating in syria, like isis, are not involved in the truce./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor crash in north las vegas on the cheyenne ramp to i-15 south. shoulders blocked. crash reported in the spaghetti bowl on 95 south to i-15 south. expect delays on galleria as
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henderson hospital. < > < > back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > lumber > lumber liquidators under fire again.... ((brian loftus)) the cdc's new report.. about how many more people get sick after being exposed to certain types of their flooring. ((kirsten joyce)) > and it's time for today's facebook contest. register to win on our facebook page.
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((kirsten joyce)) > apparently.. astronauts even need to entertain themselves because they get bored traveling around space. astronaut mark kelly posted this video... tweeting at his brother... "i thought you said you had things under control up there." someone in an ape suit burst out of a bag and you can see them chase after another crew member several times. some folks have dubbed this "orbit of the apes."/// demetria, what's driving people crazy?
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during the rush hour, i see hundreds of cars with two or more people in the regular lanes and single people in the hov lanes. if they can't use the lanes for what they were built for, then perhaps we need to convert them to express lanes, so traffic flows can improve" hov lanes are for vehicles carrying two or more passengers. when operated and managed at high level or service, ndot says hov lanes reduce peak- period travel time compared to regular lanes and can move substantially more commuters. hov lanes operate monday through friday, 6:00 a.m. to 10: a.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. drivers can cross the solid white line at any time. motorcycles can use the hov lane too. right now, there are hov lanes on us 95 from ann road to the spaghetti bowl.
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the express lanes on i-15 will be converted into one /hov lane, and one additional general purpose lane. hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. back to you. ((brian loftus)) > the cdc just released a new report.. saying people exposed to some of lumber liquidators' laminate flooring... were 3 times more likely to get cancer than previously predicted. the cancer risk comes from the formaldehyde in some of the material. the cdc says it could result .. in 6 to 30 cancer cases for every 100- thousand exposed people. lumber liquidators came under fire... after a cbs news report exposed the cancer- causing chemical in the flooring. the company denies it.. but has paid 10- million dollars to end a federal investigation.. and pleaded guilty to violating environmental laws. several lawsuits were filed by
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including a local family./// ((kirsten joyce)) > it seems like we're getting more and more of those pesky robocalls.. ((brian loftus)) 8 on your side's michelle mortensen finds out just how many of those calls are actually made right here in the valley! plus... (( norah ahead on cbs this morning, john dickerson on ted cruz firing his communications director and how it will impact the presidential race. and the father who has been living with an artificial heart for more than a year. the news is back in the morning. see you at seven)) ///
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> looking into the death of a woman found dead inside a laundry chute at the d... why her friend's think her death is suspicious. kirsten joyce > plus... the political spotlight is shining on nevada today... the republican leading the pack.. as voters head out to the polls.
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companies are using innovative ways to prevent fraud.. how they're looking at using everything from your selfie.. to your heartbeat./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > brian loftus > good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm brian loftus. kirsten joyce i'm kirsten joyce. 8 news now is your local election headquarters... as folks all across nevada will head out to the polls for the republican caucus. ((brian loftus)) gop frontrunner donald trump is looking to secure his third don champion reports. after winning primaries in south carolina and new hampshire...donald trump is eyeing a big win in nevada tonight. (sot trump) you better get out tomorrow. you gotta vote tomorrow. you gotta vote vote vote (sot cruz) god bless the great state of nevada after finishing in third place behind marco rubio in south carolina, cruz is going into today's contest without his communications director.
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monday for sharing a false news story on social media that suggested rubio dismissed the bible. (sot cruz) i have made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity rubio is leading cruz in the silver state. both are vying to be the main alternative to trump...with super tuesday just a week away. don champion cbs news. on the democratic side.. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will take part in a town hall event tonight in south carolina. the state will host its democratic primary this weekend./// ((brian loftus)) > tonight...we'll have live reports from the camps of the frontrunners... our special caucus coverage starts at five. we'll also have special editions of "politcs now at 7:30 and 11 p- m./// ((brian loftus)) > 8 news now is your local election headquarters for today's caucus and the entire 2016 campaign. you can stay up to date on all the results both on air and
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sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk we'll keep these bumpy north winds today... some places will be breezier than others today. and the air is so dry... so keep drinking water! ......
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wind speeds right now around the valley. nellis is really blowing and the winds along the river will be the highest consistently during the day. ............... temps are in the 40s and some 50s right now. it's going to be a cooler day. ............ a lake wind advisory in place until the evening with gusts to 45 or higher. that adivsory starts at 7 am but we're already clocked gust more than 25 mph... so it will likely be necessary by sunrise. ................... nice sunshine to start the day... and then some high clouds will drift into our skies. .............. but we should have a ridge rebuild through the week to help get those temps right back up to 70s and even near 80 by the weekend. ....... rain and snow in texas and on the lookout for tornadoes today in the deep south near the gulf. . warmer weekend ahead for us
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back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > we're learning more about last week's shooting near the strip on friday ...that left two women dead. omar talley was arrested over the weekend. investigators say this all stemmed from a fight in the miracle mile shops parking garage. police say surveillance video shows tally following another car onto the strip.. before shots were heard. jennifer chicas and melissa mendoza died. they were visiting from northern california. another man was critically injured. talley's younger brother spoke exclusively to 8 news now.. (( deandre graham/brother of omar talley: "it was one stupid night, one stupid night you know.")) deandre graham/brother of omar talley: "he's not a violent person, he doesn't go out looking for trouble.")) ((kirsten joyce)) omar talley told police he couldn't remember much from that night because he was drunk and smoked marijunua.. he now faces a number of charges including murder with a deadly weapon and attempted murder./// demetria, how are the roads this morning?
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starting with a crash in north las vegas on southbound i-15 and cheyenne. it's off to the side of the road & blocking part of the on-ramp. no major delays at this time. the crashes in the spaghetti bowl and durango/215 are gone.. nhp is reporting a new one.. < > back to you! ((brian loftus)) > robocalls drive people nuts.. and there's been more and more complaints about them over the recent months.. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 on your side's michelle mortensen shows how you can stop the companies from dialing your number. ((brian loftus)) > plus... a major tech giant.. going up against the fbi... the rallies happening at apple stores all across the
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stage rallies at apple stores across the country today. this comes in the midst of the company's ongoing battle with the fbi. apple is refusing to comply with a court order to create a back door that would allow the agents to access data. they want to look into the i- phone of one of the san bernardino shooters who killed 14 people in the attack. apple has until friday to appeal the judge's ruling./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk we'll keep these bumpy north winds today... some places will be breezier than others today. and the air is so dry... so keep drinking water! ....................
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it's going to be a cooler day. ............ a lake wind advisory in place until the evening with gusts to 45 or higher. that adivsory starts at 7 am but we're already clocked gust more than 25 mph... so it will likely be necessary by sunrise. ................... dont forget about our ski report on las vegas now dot com. .... nice sunshine to start the day... and then some high clouds will drift into our skies. .............. but we should have a ridge rebuild through the week to help get those temps right back up to 70s and even near 80 by the
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....... rain and snow in texas and on the lookout for tornadoes today in the deep south near the gulf. ............... just a few high clouds will drift through the skies today... with temps in the 60 back to you! music ((kirsten joyce)) > since the start of the year ... the 8 on your side team has noticed an increase in complaints about robocalls. ((brian loftus)) so our consumer advocate michelle mortensen started to investigate the robocall problem... and may have found a way to stop them for good. michelle? ((michelle mortensen)) > it's true. i know the way to end robocalls and it's free. but first ... let's just talk about the problem. like who's making the calls. i found out .. and i'm naming names. when your phone rings? do you know who's calling you? ((i don't really know )) lots of
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because robocallers are taking over the phonelines ((the calls are very annoying )) ((it's almost every day)) ((they never give up )) ((they call my mom, they call the house they call everybody )) ((they're a pain )) a pain that's growing bigger than the lines for a powerball jackpot..... according to this guy .. alex quilici. he's made it his life's work to track those annoying calls. ((the only way to solve a problem is to start measuring it )) his data shows americans get about 1 in a half billion robocalls a month. that's more than the whole population of china and the continent of africa. and here in vegas ... we really get hammered with those calls. check out the data ... in november ... we got 7 million 353 thousand 5 hundred robocalls. that's 5 robo calls for every person in the city. then in december ... the number grew by 2 million. ((it's a massive problem )) so who's doing the dialing? ((three quarters of the top 20 robo callers are people trying to collect on some kind of
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worst offenders nationally .... but locally ... it's a bit different. ((the number one robocaller in las vegas is the clark county school district. )) seriously! this number ... the substitute hotline ... called folks 386 thousand times in december alone. who else made the list? a lot of debt collectors ... some known scammers ... a non profit ... the democratic party ... and an escort service. ((i don't know what they are reminding people about but it was unique to nevada )) knowing who's calling isn't just interesting though ... alex says it's the key to stopping them. ((we try to fool calls we recognize as robocallers )) fooling robocallers is one of the many things alex's company youmail does. it's a voicemail service for landline or cellualr phones... and it automatically stops any known robocall number from coming through the line.
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tell certain numbers ... your number is no longer in service. it was originally created to avoid an annoying ex .... but now it's stopping annoying robocalls. alex says his users are definitive proof ... it works. ((we see a big reduction over time )) like i said earlier ... this youmail feature is free. its basically a voicemail service .. that blocks robocalls .. and any other number. and who's behind all the robocalls in our area ... at las .. in the 8 on your side section. with 8 on your side i'm michelle mortensen.//// ((brian loftus)) michelle looked over january's numbers for las vegas. and get this ... robocalls last month ... 15 million ... our area code ... robocalls. 13 million came from a 702 number. you can check out more of those com.
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call michelle on the 8 on your 650-1907./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor crash reported in the northeast on northbound i-15 and lamb. injuries reported too. at night, rainbow between russell and sunset becomes one lane in each direction for the county's flood control/widenin g project. < >
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back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > we're confirmation. we will continue to keep you updated on this developing story./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a young girl in the fight of her life.. ((brian loftus)) the victim's mother speaks.. after the teenager was gunned down in a random shooting.. that killed 6 people.///
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((demetria obilor)) > burger king is trending online this morning... for a couple different reasons. here's the big one.. they're letting you have it your way... with the release of their hot dogs. they're launching at thousands of fast food shops across the country today. you can also get them with chili and cheese on top. and people across the pond say it's like christmas came early... because burger king is expanding
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sherry how's the weather today? sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk northerly breezes will stick around today... and that will keep the air dry and the pollen active. ............
6:50 am
with the warmer weather... ash, elm, cedar and juniper... with a few weeds. take your antihistamine to help with the sneezing and itchy eyes. ........ temps are near 50 degrees right now and will just make it to the mid 60s today - that's normal for this time in late february. ................. but we quickly get back to mid 70s by friday and then warmer upper 70s with some high clouds for the weekend./// back to you! ((brian loftus)) > a man was killed overnight after a fight between two groups of people near nellis air force base.
6:51 am
the nellis suites near craig and las vegas boulevard around 2:30 this morning. they say a group of people driving a black volkswagen jetta -- with gold rims tried to get someone to come outside. when that person oblige.. police believe the suspects started damaging a car in the parking lot. officers say when the victim came outside.. he was shot. they tell us the suspect took off with two other people.. and they believe they know who did this./// ((kirsten joyce)) > this morning, a michigan mother is talking about her daughter's fight for life. 14-year-old abigail kopf is on a ventilator and in critical condition after she was shot during a shooting spree that left six people dead in kalamazoo over the weekend. the alleged gunman has allegedly confessed to the whole thing. don champion reports from new york. (sot mon0473 :26) "breathtaking" (-:27) vicki kopf described feeling her 14- year-old daughter abigail squeeze her hand. (sot tue0041 vicki kopf/abigail kopf's mother :03) "she is alive, and she is fighting for her life" (-:05) authorities initially thought abigail died
6:52 am
during a random shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan over the weekend. abigail's heart stopped at one point, but her mom calls her, a fighter. (sot tue0041 vicki kopf :08) "abigail is strong and was a vibrant, beautiful young lady who did not deserve this" (-:13) abigail was with her adoptive grandmother, barbara hawthorne, when police say 45-year-old jason dalton opened fire on them and three other women in this cracker barrel parking lot. abigail was the lone survivor of that attack. (mon0254 :55) two men, a father and son, were killed within the same hour while car shopping. (sot tue0054 :21) nat "i'm gonna let it shine" (- :22) monday night, community members fought tears at a candlelight vigil for the victims at a kalamazoo church. (dalton arraignment monday) jason dalton now faces 16 charges, including six counts of murder. monday, he sat expressionless on closed circuit tv from his jail cell during a brief court appearance. (sot mon0295 :12) "do you understand the charges being made against you and the maximum sentences i just stated yes sir"
6:53 am
to carrying out the attacks. a motive is still not clear. don champion, cbs news. ((kirsten joyce)) a second survivor of the shooting spree, a woman who was shot multiple times at an apartment complex, is still in the hospital recovering./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor nhp has given us some update information regarding a crash in the northeast. they're saying the crash is at 215 and lamb, instead of i-15 and lamb. keep an eye out for that. delays in the spaghetti bowl right now and also starting to see more traffic through the rianbow curve. < > < >
6:54 am
back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > mastercard is looking at new ways to authenticate online purchases... ((brian loftus)) how they want to use your heartbeat.. to make sure it's really you
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6:57 am
> the markets just opened and right now, the dow is down 35 points. oil prices continue to climb... and sent stocks higher. the dow jumped 228 points yesterday and the nasdaq finished 66 points higher./// ((kirsten joyce)) > amazon is raising its minimum for free shipping. the online retail giants just increase it to 49 bucks.. then your order will be sent free of charge. this is just for non- prime shoppers. that's about 14 dollars more than the previous minimum of 35 dollars.
6:58 am
get free shipping.. but they do pay 99 dollars a year for the service./// ((brian loftus)) > facebook always notifies you when it's your friend's birthday.. and instead of just writing a little message on their wall.. you can send them a video! the social network just launched the birthday video cam. it lets you record 15 second videos for your friends that will appear on their page. you can even add a festive birthday themed frame. this is only available for apple, right now./// ((brian loftus)) > speaking of facebook... your newsfeed is probably flooded with selfies.. just like this one! ((kirsten joyce)) mastercard is launching the "identity check app"... so you can use selfies to authenticate online purchases. here's how it works: it has you take a selfie every online purchase. it scans your face, or fingerprint, to prove it's you. mastercard says the pics and fingerprints are safer than any password. and get this-- they're even looking at ways to use your heartbeat and scan your eyes to authenticate purchases.///
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"c-b-s this morning" starts right now./// good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz fires his spokesman over a video involving marco rubio. donald trump intensifies his
7:00 am
an uber driver admits to the shooting spree that killed six in michigan. the 14-year-old miracle progress. artificial hearts keep thousands of people alive. the new technology that could replace transplants. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. we're going to keep winning, winning, winning. i love you. we're going to win! go out tomorrow and vote! >> trump aimed for another win in nevada. >> if we nominate someone that 40% to 50% of our party can't stand we are going to lose. >> trump and rubio, don't want to defend their records. >> they scream liar, liar, liar. meanwhile, the democrats are gearing up for south carolina. >> secretary clinton seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. that's good. >> the u.s. and russia announce that a cessation of hostilities in syria will come into effect


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