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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the businessman as he eyes thenc whata the results mean for theey' rest of the g.o.p. field. >>((d anger and frustration at the precincts again. >> problems that plague voters. >> gently tornadoes rip through the harlt of the deep south. a look at the devastation and the cooldown arrives in southern nevada. >> now nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us ford this special edition of 8 news now at 11:00.e >> let's get right to the.. results. donald trump the winner it wascou clear early, marco rubio? second place holding off tedpol cruz in third place.t's donald trump has taken a a
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ago let's go out to patrickil walker at the campaign party. >> reporter: well, good evening, we just had a chance to move outside, what an evening inside for donald trump supporters. they got donald trump on stage an hour sooner, the fact that the race was called right away at 9:00 by all the major news outlets. that led to the celebration beginning early here at treasure island. a brief speech this evening. he thanked his family on stage. his daughter and two sons. and he had a chance to tack a few of his frengdz here in las vegas, steve wynn and the owner of treasure islands, he only touched on a few things. he vowed to build the wall and
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had an "i told you so moment" for the press. >>, we'll celebrate a long time tonight. have a good time. have a good time. we weren't expected a couple of months ago we weren't expected to win this one, you know that, right? of course, if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning winning winning the country. and soon the country is going to start winning winning winning. we love you! we love you! >> trump is won over 45% of the vote as of now. that's more than 20 points over marco rawb rubio as account campaign moves on they're moving quickly out of state. they'll make campaign stops across the country looking at the super tuesday states. that's only one week away next tuesday march
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looks like cruz will have a third place finish behind rubio. >> cruz was hoping for a second place finish. he department get it. it wasn't a big surprise. after win mg iowa, he hasn't been able to capitalize on the momentum he had early on tht race. glenn beck has been traveling with cruz. he warmed up the crowd here tonight saying a third place finish was okay with them. several references to the raig and then second amendment and conservativism. here is what cruz had to say. >> when we started this campaign co nearly a year ago, there were 17 candidates in the race. the role of the first four primaries historically has been to narrow the field. we've seen the first four states do exactly that, narrow the
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now, at this point we've had four primaries. history teaches us that nobody has ever won the nomination without winning one of the first three primaries. there are only two people that have won one of the first three primaries. >> that reference between trump and cruz now it's on to the g.o.p. debate in cruz's hometown of houston, texas and he's regrouping holding on to super tuesday. the senator wrapping up tonight saying he's looking forward to sleeping in his own bed for the first time in weeks. reporting live tonight from the s heinrichs ymca news now. >>) the votes are still beingon counted at the south point.
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eye on the counting. >> reporter: no real problems to speak of, pawla, paula, there are three storylines. eye-popping numbers for donald trump. 46% throughout the state of nevada and high voter turpovers. 41% of republicans were expect. and the dogfight against cruz and rubio. the story liefnt night trump numbers. eye-popping numbers. let's dig down to the clark county numbers with 15% of the precincts reporting. trump has 51% of the vote. are 51%. rubio with 22% and cruz with 18%.
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rubio 27%. cruz with 17%. so there you begin to see the breakdown of the two most populated counties in nevada. three storylines of the night. reporting live from the south a point 8 news now. >> we have a picture tweeted out reportedly on the outside of the memorial caucus site had people fueling social media.en two members outside the caucus site/ holding signs supporting trump. we don't( know if this is beforey or against truck but it's int terrible taste. >> let'sd goan over to our panel headed up by host steve sebelius.rna >> thanks paul and dave. i think one of the things i fe wanted to start out with, trump
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speech he got 47% of the latino vote. >> i fainted. i don't believe it. i still don't, but nonetheless if that's what the poll said, that it. >> how do you explain that? he says i'm requesting to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for it. but nearly half of the hispanic vote? >> it's inexplicable. >> ferndo let's turn to the former chair wosm the nevada republican party. what about you? >> the hispanic vote? no, i cannot. the only thing i can possibly think of is the fact that he's so focused on jobs and the economy and hispanics are like anyone else. focused on the economy and
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>> i see of course king of nevada talk radio alan stock here nodding her head, you agree with that? >> i agree. you can't say hispanics or blacks or whites. people are people and what trump has done is reached out and imrabd on to people's emotions. he's grabbed on to latino's emotions and whites and blacks. but he has reached out to these people. there is no difference between a hispanic conservative and white conservative when you like him or not. >> it was shocking to me because 25% of his speech doesn't dealt with [inaudible] etc. i can't explain that. because i don't know latinos
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and concur with him and to see that 46% of the latino voter voted for him is shocking. >> we can't always agree on everything that all the people say. he's saying i'm going to put people to work. i'm going to keep git mow gitmo open. you're a right. maybe while the republican latinos don't want to hear about the wall, they're saying other things. i'm trying to objectively see there are a lot of people who have glommed on to him. he's captured the imagination of people in this race like i've never seen if in my entire lief life. >> we can discuss the overall results. 46%% nearly half the vote in gem going to donald trump. 24% going to marco rubio.
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really, this was a race for second place. and ted cruz lost that race. >> it seems that way, yes. obviously marco rubio looks like he's coming in second place pretty strong then you have the third place going to cruz and a battle for carson and kasich which neither one of them were expecting to do well here in nevada. i endorsed governor kasich and i don't regret that. with super tuesday coming up, you have about 10 states or so, that's a large number of delegates that are going to be allocated. we've only had four races. >> governor kasich has to be to make it to ohio. that's a long road. there are a lot of days between then and now. >> there is nothing wrong with that. it's a 50 state race and he's doing what he feels is right and best that's his campaign strategy.
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here, so he's focused on the future, i'll do extremely well in the mid west states. >> any other surprise? >> i'm going it make a prediction right now, that picture about the ku klux klan, i'll bet it turns out to be people who hate trump and out there dressed like that -- we all kind of a liewd lewded to that. >> that was my first thought. obviously shocking. and if it was meant as satire, i think poor taste is probably the nicest thing you can see with that. let's throw it back to our anchors paula and dave and see what else pef. >> that picture fell flat.e this is your local election/// headquarters.
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republican caucus coming up later in the newscast. >> you can follow results on last lasvegasresults now. >> a deady shooting. circumstances surrounding all death on desert inn earlier today. >> we're tracking the cooler weather expected for wednesday morning and watching the severe storms in the qees southeast.0- we'll have an update on that and
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stick around. >> announcer: now nevada's first choice for news this is 8ead news now at 11:00. >> metro police arel w investigating another deadly shooting, thist time near desert inn and polaris. the call went out just before 3:30 this afternoona in theed parking lot of a business complex where they discovered asu man suffering from a gunshot wiewn. he succumbed to the wounds,nt there not a suspect description.
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church in utah is charged withal conspiracy to commit fraud with snap benefits food stamps and conspiracy to commit money the group diverted them to leaders. >>of there were three people killeddo from the storm in the deep south. authorities are using dogs to search piles of rubble left inwer the wake of the storm to findri anyone else still missing. at least 30 others were wound examined several have critical injuries. >> isn't it early for that? >> it is. that was a same system that brought us the winds now moved down to the deep south and gained steam.(( right now it's dark so it's getting more dangerous. we have a great time lapse of las vegas. we're starting to do this for the 11:00 news.
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>> we'll start hoeing these do not miss the time lapses. temperatures is nice and cool. we'll have a chilly morning. 52 showing the clear skies winds calm. 7 cooler than we were yesterday at this time. that means ournot start to theor morning will be in the 40s. in fact, that's chilly. 45 . 54 for sunrise. henderson at 52 . searchlight around 41 . this was the higher the day today.he we hit 63 after 73 yesterday.we 54 overnight low. 69 the average.... record 79 was set in 2002. nowpu9? to focus on the deep south. tornado watch boxes are n all in effect for the florida panhandle now into georgia.ea
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tornadoes. everyone there has their tvsen on and whether radios on because... that could create tornadoes allst through the early morninggh hours. big focus for tomorrow is going to be in the mid atlantic states specifically to the carolinas here and could have moreze tornadoes there. wack here at home pacific northwest and the high buildsma over us giving us a minor ridge that we'll have warmer weather for the week.cus 70s by friday. here a look at your las vegas now website. lot of snow in the mountains. chielychilly start to the morning. tomorrow we're back to normal weather as far as temperatures andin wind.
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we'll stay on the cool side. 65 is where we should be. light winds for extended forecast orta temperatures in the 60s for centennial hills.e r 69 for not quite 80 weather but we'll.. get to there. ch some breezes then next week we well. breezy on tuesday. update now is 67 now the high.. tortuous... it will drop from the mid 70s to the 60s. s no 80s just yet. nice touch last week. >> thanks.dow >> rebels ran with the bron doughs in boise tonight. >>so chris matthews will show us..
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>> they're getting hope here. unlv hanging there but we'll show youa how this unfolded in bronco company. and there is a new face for connor mcdavid to butcher. new on 8 news now. >> announcer: the seven-day forecast is brought to you by sudden auto.
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shop the valley auto mall.chris maathuis." ((chris maathuis)) the runnin' rebe c ofa il >> announcer: this is sports with chris matthews. >> chris: rebels coming off a home win against reno and metu thesi bronco.e rebelsn using their threat ingth ability in the first halfs l hitting 50% of the threes. then a few minutes later jarome seager spots up giving un lrk v an eight point lead. 3 jordan cornish gets another three. the broncos led 35-34 at the
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they exchange baskets there. derrick jones was terrific tonight finished with 25 pointswe and seven rebounds. but unlv start to wear down second boise goes on a big set of runspo and managed 20 offensive boards and 23 second chance it was too late, the rebs run out of gas.hoo unlv is back saturday night fore senior g hundreds of workers spending any time at the t mobile stadium. the structure is looking nice especially the huge l. esm d.nd wall. center-hung scoreboard will ben
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you see the video board. entrance is impressive, this is where you'll see the first shot and you go inside the building. footage of the fight forced thea ufc brs to look for an opponentht to fight conner mcgreggor. diaz is going to fight but mcgreggor is jumping up two weight divisions.or efg looking to be the first two-belt champion. this is him before the injuries. and diaz called out mcgrener. >> conor mcgregor, you're takingre everything i worked for. you know what the real moneyth fight is, it's me. that's an easy [beep]
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from saturday at the mgm grands garden arena. fans will be fired up about knockout night. headliners are juddo and torres. boy, it's a tisk idea for all promotors. >> since theev announcement of nikeout night, we have every mainly promotor in this country isens it overseas contact us about a regular series. >> this is a great fight force. we're going to make sure we have great fights here. >> should be a lot of fun. torres is 22-1 is tickets start at 20 bucksit apiece. >>he thanks. steve sebelius talks about the communication director for
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talks about the enthusiasm level next. >> this portion is sponsored by lexus. >> tomorrow morning the results are in. there is a g.o.p. candidate that came out on top. >> we have full coverage. i'm working to get them back on the right path tomorrow morning. tomorrow -- state officials downplaying census blowing in valley now months later. >> i don't see any evidence -- >> their job is to protect us. >> how the state may be misleading the public and if
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poison near our homes.trump is the big winner in nevada... 3 candidates aveurv) >ithhe >> let's look at tonight's numbers in the g.o.p. caucus, donald trump with 43%.
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cruz 22% and this is about 25% of the presipghts reporting t precincts reporting in. >> politics now co-host steve sebelius sat sat down with stewart boss. >> stewart boss of the nevada democratic party. thanks for joining us. you had a turnout of 08,000 voters. it was shy of the 2008, highmp water mart mark of 118,000. did you contemplate a thought you may not want to contemplate, what if the republican turnout and enthusiasm exceeds what we saw in the democratic caucus? >> there is a lot of enthusiasm on both sides. a lot of this is and what folks are expecting are the republicana base that has been energize bydd
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overtaken by trump and the extreme antiwomen, antiimmigrante is what is bringing people to the polls. nobody knows what is going to happen but he's expected to win in a blowout tonight. >> are you worried that if trumpusi becomes the nominee that the enthusiasm for a donald trump candidacy would exceed enthusiasm for the democraticf nomination? >> i don't think so. when youayi lookxic at donald trump,hi it's a lot of divisive stuff he kicked off the campaign by saying mexican immigrants are bringing crime and drugs and rape. that strike as i lot of fear in democrats someone like that beingr ine the stone's throw of the white house. >> why is he doing so well? >> you'll have to ask republican voters. >> so in general election, who
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against? donald trump? or. ted cruz? >>e t they both have extremetr records. we're talking about trump but cruz has an extreme record too.t he i think we're happy to go up against any2 of potential capped dates ts the republicans aret going to elect. >> many of you have been tweeting about tweeting about the.// caucus n vcaucus has been trending on twit consider we welcome your comments as well. e check it out on twitter. >>hec we'll be right back with more election coverage and we'll check in with the trump and cruz camps.
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