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tv   Politics Now  CBS  February 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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history books. thanks for joining us.. i'm steve sebelius. ((patrick walker)) and i'm patrick walker. the republican caucus had a record turnout of about 75- thousand people across the state. the previous caucus only had 33-thousand participate. but donald trump supporters packed the caucus sites... leading to a blowout win for trump.. followed by marco rubio.. and then ted cruz. many of the caucus sites.. like this one at palo verde ran out of ballots early.. and had to have more sent over to accomodate the crowds. many also waited in lines for up to an hour in order to vote. but overall, the counting went smoothly./// ((steve sebelius)) >the democratic caucus last weekend drew about 84- thousand people to caucus sites around the state. but democrats didn't come close to their high-water mark, the 2008 caucus contest between hillary clinton and barack obama that saw 118- thousand people turn out. this year, clinton pulled away from vermont senator bernie sanders to win nevada decisively by 6 percentage points. the democratic caucus also
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and was pretty much over by late afternoon./// ((steve sebelius)) > we sat down with the democrats and republicans in charge of making sure thoses caucuses went smoothly to talk about the lessons they learned. ((patrick walker)) > i asked state democratic party spokesman stewart boss about what went right and what went wrong... and concerns over republicans "double-dipping." election, thank you very much.
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((patrick walker)) >there were some issues early on with computer problems at some of the caucus sites. but were there any surprises you saw on saturday? ((steve sebelius)) the culinary union didn't make an endorsement, but members sure turned out to help clinton win the caucus. she definitely benefited from the strip caucus sites, ironic because of the bitter lawsuit filed in 2008 to prevent strip caucusing from even taking
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((patrick walker)) >the democrats say their caucus went well... but what about republicans? (( having long lines, people showing up is a good problem to have)) ((steve sebelius)) theglitch that had some people worried they wouldn't be able to participate in the caucus...
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watching politics now s >> welcome back to "politics now." >> well republicans are saying they handled the record turnout oft caucus goers well and there are reports thousands left were turned away. >> i sat down with sarah sendick to discuss the caucus and trying to court minority voters. >> sarah let's talk about just over all impressions that you've had now that the caucus is a few days behind this and how did it go for the republicans? >> the caucus went well. we had a record turnout on tuesday night and i think turnout was up about 130% from 2012 and we ended up with about 75,000 people who came out to caucus and over all it was a
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excited and a lot of people engaged and we're pleased with the way it was. >> you did have some issues with numbers of balance running out at some of the sites it's a scprb voters coming out the republican party is very happy about that. >> some may run lieu of ballots and if they were running low the caucus went well and they had votes counted within hours afterwards and again record turnout it was an exciting night for republicans. >> there was a lot of the buzz around the college republicans up in reno they had talked about
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with double dipping votes but the party was quick to come out against that. >> michael mcdonald came outright away and said it was concerning and that he encouraged people to follow the scpriewls vote in the republican caucus and. >> how concerning when you hear the instances like that where people are trying to bentd rules or they come out and publicly say that and how big of a concern is that when that happens? >> i think the party was just encouraged to vote in the republican caucus where the party focus was and the state party wanted republicans to vote in their caucus and any time anyone is talking about manipulation of voting process that's concerning but over all people democrats like to claim the prize they are reaching out to minorities but what has the
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try to reach out to those same voters? >> absolutely. the republican party has been here year around reaching out to all communities and we have, we have a great hispanic engagement program and we've been engaging with the asia-pacific americans and the state party has staff doing caucus trainings they did a hispanic training last week saying with the asian pacific americans it's been a great effort and they're going in to their communities and talking to them at church and at their homes and reaching scpowt we've seen a lot of feedback. >> speaking of the general elections and what is left to be done, i know a lot of work so where does the party turn its focus now? >> the party already has several staff on the field and they're going to continue to grow that staff as we lead up just next month they'll add more staff and reach out to communities and we've got field one-on-one meetings with voters and recruiting volunteers and that engagement is going to continue and grow as we lead up to 2016.
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in and sitting down with us. >> thank you for having me. >> i don't think it's editor alliesing too much so tay it was better time this around than twot and a half days it took to pick a winner last time in 2012 and the fact that trump won in a blowout helped to pass over some of the problems like not checking i.d.s or people voting twice.-- >> absolutely. the results were not close ando you may remember donald trump gullet moregot more votes alone and combined. >> it was a major stress and what is amazing was trump wonn despite not having any major endorsements and unlike we're always get not fifth e-mail and real. >> absolutely. >> from across the aisle. >> clearly momentum. >> anybody.r >> the debate gets heated this week as a protest by people
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cawk site and who turned out to(( plus -- >> that presidential. >> the sound bite that's gone
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it that question coming up next.politics now." > >> announcer: you are watching "politics now." >> in this week's face off the caucus of course the hot hop i can i sat down with chuck president of grassroots organizations citizen and executive director of progressive organization. >> voter turnout if you break down the numbers and this is just roughly rounded but we see for democrats up about 85,000 we'll say republicans about 75,000 a much closer gap than what we've seen in the past. where do you attribute the voter turnout numbers the way they are down by a third. >> well i think clearly trump trumpmentum was at play and you
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thing, he was the biggest loser in nevada and he came in third and. >> it's interesting when you look at it african american over performed within the democratic party so about 12% of the it was predominantly white so about 87%
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you start to see african americans come in at 1% and asian americans come in at about 1% and mel inyells 7% so in nevada in all across the west, if republicans want to be competitive in the general they have to do better with those minority populations and i think it's trump gets the nomination you are seeing a huge population of the base within and who turns out every election they're the voters and i think they might be upset is trump is. >> the total number that turned out from the republican party 1% of the vote you are not winning so what the total turnout was and how many of those were actually latinos that turned out. >> it's a fair statement for him to make that pronouncement in
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was a big win for him with hispanic. >> it was a huge win with hiss hispanics, educated voters, young voters, he is winning demographics across the board and i hate to say this but if trump is the nominee he will peel off a lot of democrats who will rally behind him and a lot of independents. >> do you see that happening? >> i don't see that happening at my oak i caucus i hear anybody but trump so i don't see this happening but we'll have to see you know, anything can happen and as nevada is proven this week, we do our own thing and trump had a blowout here and so
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trump at this point. at being con confirmed by the senate by the supreme court and you see the full segment online and thepa politics section and no matter what the intent is it seems like that process fell flat. >> absolutely. there were certain things that were so shocking no matter your message it's going to get drowned out by the controversy. some of the big stories of the week.
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to be removed consideration saying he was humbled his name was mentioned but he doesn't want the job at this time. and senator endorsed the presidential candidate hillary clinton. the endorsement is one many people expected but we way to officially north win clone and the perception a that the process was bias in flavor of clinton and the tenth republican debate was held thursday night ganged up on front-runner donald trump marco rubio and ted cruz went head-to-head on differentt topics and this was one of the most tweeted of the night. >> reason we have no competition ist because we have lines around the state. >> it's just the lines in the state. >> i thought about you have many different plans, you'll have competition, you'll have so many different plans. >> now he is repeating himself. >> and vanessa murphy got upc with trump during the g.o.p.
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confronted him about a controversial comment he made in lag >> last night you had couple protestors escorted out and youd mentioned punching one in thea face is that the right one to say. >> he was punching everybody, it was very sad and we don't want that to happen. >> would you like to punch him. >> i would think about it. >> how much of a shot going back to governor sandoval do you think he would have had a lot a senate confirmation? >> this is been around for a while. i always thought it would be a long shot with republicans despite the fact that he is a republican, he is pro-choice, he expanded medical, he approved of ending state's fight against gay marriage and he just engineers ah commerce tax on business plus, unlike seven of the eight just advertises who are on the court he has no a pellet level at all so it never added up for me. >> very interesting take. well we are following the money
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count. >> which canada can raise the most so far and here is a clue
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campaign aids you see.> this is follow the money, where we tel p >> this is where we tell who is getting the cash and who is coming up short. for super tuesday around the corner we thought we would get the campaign accounts in terms of over all funding and open based on data filed with the federal commission. hillary clinton leads the press shall candidate pack having raised $130.4 million for heran campaign and she's filed by vermont senator bernie sanders with 96.7 and ben carson isn't doing too well and $57.8 million
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cruz $56.4 million specifically from super tuesday and clinton is ahead in that race with $22 million versus cruz who has collected. marco rubio has raised $34.6 million john who brought in 8-$6 million wha. about donald trump. he is spending his own money on the campaign so his fundraising doesn't matter but he did collect donations of $25.5 million which compared to say my bank account is huge. this is what to watch we we look at top stories over the next week to keep an eye on coming up the republican presidentialo candidates will be back on stage for another debate this one opposed to super tuesday debate hosted by the fox news channel from the fourth that. and speaking of super tuesday,
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march 1st, 12 states will havea elections for at least one of the parties that includes ted cruise's home state of connection connection and berniei sanders of vermont and steve and i will host a special edition of "politics now" tuesday night at 7:30 on channel 8 and any big story lines jumping out at you? >> ted cruz if he doesn't win texas he is in big trouble. that is his home state and he has been there forever if he does not win that state, can you write him off. same thing with bernie sanders although i'm sure he will win vermont. >> marco rubio trying to hang in there and you look ahead to florida and some of the polls way ahead in florida, is that a final nail in the in the coffin. >> if trump beats him in florida absolutely. can john survive super tuesday and make it to ohio on march 15th. if he can, well, that's it for his campaign as well. >> we'll start seeing some of those winner-take-all states
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when you look atel delegate count you are splitting the delegates here but that's when the momentum picks up is when you win all of del gets per state. >> the most will be allo catted over any month remaining in the entire cycle. >> bernie sanders was saying we had him on our air well on his concession speech he thought he would win many of the states was the quote on super tuesday, do you think that's accurate? >> i don't know if he defines as many but he does have a good shot to win a few of them there's no doubt. he is home state of vermont maybe in colorado who knows, massachusetts, who knows there's a few states where he might do well. >> what is left for him if he is not going to nomination what is left. >> hillary clinton is killing him with super delegates so that's pretty much it. >> thank you for watching
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>> glor: it is the biggest presidential primary day of all. with just one full day left until super tuesday, a new cbs news battleground tracker poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton ahead in key states. >> you've been hit, one down in front of the s.u.v. >> glor: also tonight, a virginia police officer gunned down on her first day on the job. under arrest an army sergeant also accused of killing his wife. the flint, michigan, water crisis. newly released e-mails revealed failures and frustrations in the governor's office. and the gymnast exploding the internet and breaking up the routine. >> this is a very traditional sport and what you did is very non-traditional.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. this is the western edition of the broadcast. on march 1, some candidates might get their last chance. super tuesday brings caucuses and primaries in 12 states. for republicans about half the delegates needed for a presidential nomination are up for grabs. for democrats it's about a third. a new cbs news battleground tracker poll shows donald trump comfortably ahead in the key super tuesday states of georgia and virginia. but trailing ted cruz in texas. cruz's home state. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders in the three biggest states voting on tuesday. georgia, virginia and texas. we have both races covered beginning with a new controversy surrounding trump today. here's major garrett. >> i don't know anything about it, okay david duke, i don't know anything about what you are


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