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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  August 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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time in the mountains and east and north. temps have still been hot with the humidity climbing since this weekend. we're near normal for temps but jumped out of the 1-teens for our highs. looking at both sun and clouds today with most of the activity in the mountains. ................................ ... ....... hour by hour shows slight chances this evening with stray t'storms possible. we'll still be warm in the 90's tonight with still scattered clouds and light winds. t'storms could increase winds from their outflows. some models depicting some better chances late this evenin and what to expect for the rest of this week coming up in a few minutes in your most accurate weather now forecast.
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8 news now anchor paul joncich is here with reaction and what's next for solar customers. ((paul joncich)) >> the supreme court said the petition signatures, all 115-thousand of them - are no good because the language on the petition was unclear. so it's back to the drawing board for the solar industry and the 32-thousand nevada solar customers who feel like they're getting a raw deal. this is a very contentious issue. these angry people were outside the p-u-c in january. 32-thousand of rooftop solar customers installed expensive money by selling surplus energy they generated - back to the utility company. but last winter, the p-u-c raised rates and changed the game. today the supreme court disallowed a referendum - that would have reversed the changes. the solar industry isn't done fighting. ((voice mail 1:03 chandler sherman/bring back solar alliance: "so now we're looking to our elected officials our legislators to enact the will of the people." )) ((paul joncich))
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are willing to take up the issue in the next legislative session. ((paul joncich)) n.v. energy had no comment on todays development./// ((christianne klein)) metro police are calling it the biggest illegal cock fighting bust in state history. two brothers were arrested yesterday after 550 birds were seized at two homes near ownens and lamb. 8 news now reporter karen castro found out why some birds remain on the property. ((karen castro)) quarantine g roosters and hens. a number of birds are still on the property because metro could not capture them all... as some may have been hiding or up on the trees. ((victor tubbs neighbor: i don't think it's right. i mean, they should be punished.)) ((karen castro)) police arrested brothers javier salgado and silvester gayton on two counts of animal cruelty each. but detectives say more charges are likely. ((det. robert sigal - animal cruelty unit, metro pd: as we process all the evidence we anticipate that addiitonal charges will be filed by our district attorney.)) ((karen castro))
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an unrelated call at an apartment complex... saw what looked like a rooster fighting ring... and called it in. while police say the bust may have been pure chance...they say cock fighting is not uncommon in the valley. ((det. robert sigal - animal cruelty unit, metro pd: id like to tell you that it's rare but from what we believe it is, it occurs and it occurs regularly.)) ((karen castro)) a 2013 law changed cock fighting charges from a misdemeanor to a felony. animal rights advocates are ready to take action to make sure the suspects in this latest case are held accountable. ((kristen corral nevada i animals: we'll just be asking the judge and the court system to implement maximum penalty.)) ((karen castro)) police say this may be part of a larger investigation. they believe the roosters were trained and bred at this property. but they are also looking at illegal gambling and spectatorship... as well as cock fighting with roosters that came from this home. ((victor tubbs neighbor: i never thought it was ok to hurt or harm an animal, bird, dog, any type of animal.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) >> police also found some dead birds on the property. the rest of the roosters and
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foundation where a vet is checking them out. we're told some of the birds had to be euthanized. ((dave courvoisier)) hillary clinton made her way to las vegas today working to gain support ahead of the presidential election...which is less than 100 days out. ((christianne klein)) >> she laid out her plans for job creation and economic growth. but as 8 news now's mauricio marin explains...not everyone at today's rally is backing clinton for the job. ((mauricio marin)) >> clinton says she's working to unify americans this election. she met with union and business leaders today. president she will work to give small business incentives to create more jobs and add apprenticeship programs. >> in a packed room at the local electrical workers union headquarters today...clinton took the stage with senator harry reid by her side. he's helping her to try and win the election. and says democrats need to take control of the senate as well. clinton also took a jab at her opponent donald trump---saying he's more concerned about making money than helping the american people. the democratic presidential candidate says voters will have
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polls. ((hillary clinton/presidential candidate: "so you've got to ask yourself in this campaign if you want a president who stand for you're fired or one who stands for you're hired." )) ((mauricio marin)) >> but not everyone's on clinton's side...a few dozen people protested outside rally. they say she can't be trusted. many of them plan to vote for trump--saying he's a business man that will help make america great again. ((mauricio marin)) >> the republican national committee wasted no time in trying to w many bernie sander supporters are still furious about an alleged rigged democratic national convention system. and the chances of a unified democrat still seem pretty far out of reach. back to you./// ((christianne klein)) review journal columnist and "politics now" co-host steve sebelius was at clinton's speech today. ((dave courvoisier)) >> he joins us now with his analysis of what's likely just one of many stops in southern nevada over the next few months. ((steve sebelius))
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>> earlier paul joncich
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referendum petitions being thrown out... what's next in that fight? ((steve sebelius)) >> ((dave courvoisier)) >> thanks steve...
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((dave courvoisier)) today a chinese airline announced it will begin the first ever non-stop service between las vegas and mainland china. hainan airlines will begin service december second, with flights on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. tourism officials are excited... because chinese tourists tend to stay longer and spend more money. at today's announcement...
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executives who helped make it happen: (( rossi ralenkotter, president/ceo of lvcva: so this was a huge victory for everyone in the destination, hard work by the airport, the lvcva staff. 24:20 and so this is a very big day for las vegas on an international scale having our place inthe international marketplace )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> the airline is the fourth largest in china. it's one of only 8 airlines considered 5 star by skytrax. the flight from beijing to las vegas will take 13 hours. with 34 business class lie-flat seats and 177 economy seats. ((weather toss))
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outside and it'll be like that through the remainder of the workweek as we have slight chances of t'storms until the weekend. still hot but not as hot as last week. temps have been around normal with more humidity. ............ ....................... ....... many neighborhoods still hot with temps in the 100's and hottest over to and lower in elevation. foothills not as hot but still remain very warm for the west and northwest sections of town. expecting temps to remain near of below normal for a few days even with the humidity. ...................... ............. ... regional temps also stayed hot today with hottest temps still in laughlin and over to death valley. more tolerable temps can be found up in the central
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clark in mesquite still remained hot and sticky and still run the risk of more t'storms this evening. ................................ ... ..... tracking storms on the radar shows many areas in the higher terrain seeing the better chance of t'storms even through this evening. still can't rule out a chance of some of those mountain storms to roll through the valley and give us wind and downpours again. the air is juiced up and saturatued enough for this to occur and likely with storms. ................................ ... ........ zooming out you can see the monsoon moisture still tapped in from out south and plenty to work with. with that flow still in place and the terrain created these storms we still have chances evening. hrrr models depict chances for tonight even late night as well. ................................ ... .............. so here the forecast for this evening. temps still expected to drop to the 80's by morning. no records expected to be broken. we are still seeing slight chance of t'storms through the evening as the air is still unstable. tomorrow expect a high at or slightly below average with more sun than clouds.'re still lookim chances in the forecast for tomorrow as well and through th. ghfor tomorrow expected to be around 100 to 105 through many neighborhoods d tbetter th. . ...............tended forecas ar 100 or slightly above allek.t
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chances of t'storms leth maybe start to wrap up the rkweek.
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tony sanchez now into his 2nd year as head coach. this is the year unlv is expected to make a jump from three wins to possibly five or six. that's what the books are saying, now it's time to walk the walk. (( )) ryan mcaleenan/ linebacker;"im' not for moral victories and it may not hae shown in wins and loses... but i think we laid a solid foundation last year for how tough we played and i think w're going to build on that this year.. we've put in the work this off season to give us positives going into the season and looking forward to winnig a loof ((chris maathuis)) the 51s dropped an important game last night... but they're back swingin' with fresno... it's a double header.. so game one is underway and las vegas was leading last we checked. this is a big chance to make up some ground on el paso in the south as they trail the chihauhuas by 6 1/2 games.. there's only 4 1/2 weeks left in the season. bill foley has hired his 3rd guy employee... the latest is wil nichol, who
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he's been a scout with washington for the past five years... before that he coached and played in the state of wisconson. ((chris maathuis)) this is our thursday summer sports spectacular report on the happenings in rio. we'll be bringing you some of the big and interesting stories from the games. the biggest news today was the arrival of two teams that are favorites to win gold. the u.s. men's and women's olympic basketball teams arrived...both are expected to take top honors. but for the men they won't be staying in the olympic village with everybody else... they're staying in the port of rio on the cruise ship named silver cloud. they'll be on the ship through the lengh of the games and will enjoy heavy security on the ground and on the water. ((chris maathuis)) a lot has been said about the water in rio... but that didn't stop the olympic flame from continiuing its journey on the water. a crowd on the beach cheering as water skiers carry the torch on land and on sea.
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desending upon rio for the games... odds are some will suffer leg and head injuries. and according to researchers, it's because of intense training. and as sharie johnson found out, doctors have a warning to parents who may think they have a future olympian on their hands.
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i was a freshman, got hit in the knee and our knees bumped and my knee cap went up and it ripped a piece of my bone off )) ((sharie johnson)) while there was no way prevent his injury, it's taken a year of strength traning to recover. (()) ((sharie johnson)) so while your kids are young, and find sports fun, experts say don't over do it. ((dr. josh satterlee, chiropractic physician, owner of biomechanics of lv: kids have to be well rounded and these parents that put them in one sport way to early are just inviting injury )) ((sharie johnson)) sharie johnson, 8news now. ((chris maathuis)) makes ya wonder as could it affect the future of u.s. athletes competing in world competition. something to think about and watch as the summer games begin. ((chris maathuis)) and on the eve of the opening ceremonies... there are lots of stories about rio and so. america hosting its first summer games. i dug up some odd facts about the games, you may have forgotten. ((chris maathuis)) you may have forgotten that figure skating was once part of the summer games. in 1908 through 1920 the figure skating was enjoyed in the summer...
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competition. you may have forgotten.. that today's gold medals aren't as valuable as they once were. games before 1912, the gold medals were gold... today, they're 93 percent silver, 6 percent copper and covered with 9 grams of gold. the first american female olympic champion didn't even know it. 22 year old margaret abbott was in europe studying art... saw an ad for a golf tourney, entered and shot 47 on the 9 hole course and won. later told it was the olympic golf tourney.. at the poorly run paris games. an known... the first olympian to fail a drug test was hans gunner liljenwall. he was a pentathlete who drank two beers to calm his nerves in the pistol competition. ((dave courvoisier)) over the next couple of weeks... we'll have a crew in rio de janeiro for the games. ((christianne klein)) >> they're not only covering the olympics... they're also discovering the sights, sounds, even the tastes of what the country has to offer. ((dave courvoisier))
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rio" report... we check in with aaron nolan as the crew arrives in rio.
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adventure truly begins ((dave courvoisier)) >> we'll have more stories from our team in rio over the next couple of weeks... you'll also be able to check out these stories on our website... las vegas now dot com./// ((christianne klein)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 6. ((dave courvoisier)) >> see you tonight at 11.
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. here are three former champions -- an opera producer from new york, new york...


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