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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  August 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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off in rio tonight... the last minute preparations the city is taking on so things go off without a hitch. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus... a valley man is attacked by a swarm of bees...his rescuer describes the vicious attack... plus, what lead to it in the first place. ((patrick walker)) >> and... what mother nature has in store your weekend. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 we'll get to those stories in a moment but first we are following breaking news from near the strip. we are seeing a huge police presence right in front of the wynn and the encore. drivers will want to avoid the area near las vegas boulevard between spring mountain and convention center road . we have a crew heading to the scene and will bring you more details as we get them./// ((patrick walker))
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the opening ceremony. thanks for waking up with us this morning i'm patrick walker filling in for brian. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. rio de janeiro has been busy working round the clock to make sure everything is ready for the big show. jamie yuccas is in brazil with the latest. nats along rio de janeiro's famous copacabana beach american tourists are snapping pictures and making memories ahead of the olympic games. (sot: isabel silva/american tourist) (:09-:14) i'm so excited to be here, it's a the crowds very closely. (sot: rod white/american tourist) (:18-:24) my antenna is up, but it is nice to see the presence here. it is what you would expect at the olympics. military ships can also be spotted right off the coast. (standup bridge: jamie yuccas, cbs news, rio de janeiro, brazil) (:28-:43) the well maintained landscaping and beautifully painted buildings are what tourists will see along this pedestrian walkway built specifically for the olympics but just steps away, this is what many consider the real rio, construction and worn down
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on a new subway line.... expected to officially open today. it was supposed to be finished months ago. (nat) as for team usa...most members are here are ready to go....including the most decorated olympian ever, swimmer michael phelps with 22 medals. he will carry the stars and stripes at tonight's opening ceremony. (sot michael phelps/usa swimmer) (1:05-1:11) just the honor and the opportunity to do that, it's incredible. phelps is looking to add to his all the other american athletes.....while thousands of fans from around the world get a taste of the south america for the first time ever. jamie yuccas, cbs news, rio de janeiro ((kirsten joyce)) and u-s-a is off to a good start after with soccer games already underway. the american women beat new zealand./// sherry how's the weather today? ((katie boer)) let's take a look at
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((demetria obilor))
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wynn. expect delays in the area. crews are responding to a vehicle fire on mojave near desert inn. expect to see some activity in the area.
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the man accused of robbing two valley walgreens stores in december of 2014 and killing a clerk he used to work with won't go to trial until may of next year. jin ackerman's trial was reset to the later date in clark county district court. the 27-year-old has pleaded not guilty to murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery charges. he's accused of killing 58-year-old tony isnit during the second robbery./// ((kirsten joyce)) deadly lee's liquor store shooting case... a jury trial has been set for august of next year. lee murray sykes, ray brown, and lee dominic sykes are charged with murdering 24 year-old matthew christensen inside the liquor store during a robbery. the men have all pleaded not guilty./// ((patrick walker)) up next an arizona man is behind bars after dozens of dogs are found in his backyard. ((kirsten joyce)) >> how they were saved from horrible conditions... and what is being done to help the animals start a new life./// ((you're watching the
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joyce, sherri swensk and
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((patrick walker)) we're getting a first we're getting a first look inside the animal foundation ... where approximately 550 roosters are being held after they were
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wednesday. metro police say two men, javier salgado and silvester gayton, were raising the roosters for a fighting ring. the son of one of the suspects told us metro is mistaken and that the roosters were for shows and to sell to farmers. but one neighbor we spoke to said there was something different about the property: (( victor tubbs / neighbor: "this pretty much, this whole block right here is packed with like, you know, at least 10, 15 cars maybe on this side and this side -- they always have their like 5, 6 dogs outside like alert something is going on inside." )) >> both suspects face two counts of owning, training, or selling an animal to fight. this is the largest rooster seizure in county history./// ((kirsten joyce)) officials found more than 50 dogs at an arizona woman's home thursday. 49 of them survived - and are being examined by medics at the humane society. the animals were left in the backyard without much food, water, or shade from the heat. police arrested the owner, 55-year-old laurie collins. she's now facing multiple counts
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(((tiffany smith, spokeswoman for the glendale police department) "you never want to hear about animals that are living in this type of condition. it's still summertime in arizona, and to be leaving your pets outdoors with minimal food, water, shade, those are all things that we want to make sure that pet owners are aware of." )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> officials say the dogs were overheated and agitated when they found them. the humane society's behavior team is working with the dogs to help them socialize and adjust to their new environment./// ((patrick walk barbara, california are taking extra precautions after seeing a rash of zika cases 22 women in the state have been infected. the public health department teamed up with vector control to find and kill mosquito larva. they do that by testing ponds for the two species of mosquito that are known to carry zika. if they find any, they throw small protein beads into the water that kill those mosquitos. (((dr. charity dean, santa barbara county health department) "the state announced that two infants were born with birth defects to mothers who were infected by zika." ))
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the virus while traveling abroad. their names and locations have been withheld for privacy. they're the first of these cases in the state of california./// ((kirsten joyce)) coming up next calling in the big dogs to help fan the flames. ((patrick walker)) >> how some four-legged frinds are giving firefighters in california a piece of home as they tirelessly battle a massive wildfire./// you're watching 8 news now good day.
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las vegas blvd and fashion show where there is a huge police presence ((patrick walker)) fighting the soberanes fire in california... you can imagine the toll it could start to take on the crews working round the clock to fight the flames. ((kirsten joyce)) and now some four-legged friends are stepping in to help give those firefighters a piece of home they may be missing. brittany nielson explains how therapy dogs are helping out near the front lines.
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john babcock brought what he thought could lend the most encouragement: (brittany nielsen/reporting) "a special visit by bobo and beah 2 and 4 year old st bernards." (jon babcock/dog owner) "st bernards they love to give love and receive it and give it back its so nice to see people hug the dogs." normally, these dogs visit natividad hospital or salinas libraries... but since some firefighters, have now spent nearly two weeks on the fire lines... babcock realized they're likely missing their own furry owner) "to give love to the firemen for what they're doing and theyre probably missing their dogs at home so we thought we'd bring the dogs." the gentle giants made the rounds... greeting strike teams as parking their engines for the day. "i just cant wait to get home and see my dogs 9:30 they'll probably jump all over me." and more than one crew had the same suggestion: "these guys could probably put some hose packs on their backs." this team from santa barbara has been away from home for 13 days... first on the sands fire... and now here. (jim mccoy/santa
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they worked really hard yesterday but they got time to come over and play with the dogs its kinda neat." the spca for monterey county had the same idea... staff members brought their own dogs to visit... including new executive director, scott delucchi. (scott delucchi/spca) "if we could just offer them a little bit of comfort during this felt like the right thing to do." spreading smiles... lifting spirits... and maybe leaving a little slobber... on day 13 of the soberanes fire. in carmel valley brittany nielsen./// . sherry how's the weather today?
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the roads with demetria ((demetria obilor))
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((demetria obilor)) northbound lv blvd.
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wynn entrance. people are allowed to turn out onto northbound lv blvd. from fashion show. all clear in the northwest at us 95 and centennial. sky pointe drive at 215 will reopen around 5am.
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((patrick walker)) a bee attack in the southwest valley has a man fighting for his life in the hospital this morning. ((kirsten joyce)) >> witnesses tell us he was chased all around the neighborhood in agony. nia wong has the detials. jack gilday/chased by bees: 35:48 w and it was pretty scary 35:50 ((nia wong)) witnesses says screams and sirens cut through the serenity of this southwest neighborhood. the leftovers from the chaotic scene now littered along their sidewalks. jack gilday/chased by bees: 35:36 they started swarming at us so we ran inside 35:38 ((nia wong)) thursday morning...a trio of exterminators tried to remove bees from this home. two of them wore protective gear....the third one--seen on this gurney--did not. jesse gomez/clark county fire department: 21:11 i've never seen a patient look like that. this will be my third bee call
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like that, so 21:21 ((nia wong)) jesse gomez with clark county fire says when they arrived.... the victim was not responding. jesse gomez/clark county fire department: 21:01 when we got to the patient there was red spots all over the patient, i didn't know what they were at first then i realized they were actual bee stings 21:08 ((nia wong)) gomez estimates the man was stung at least 200 times on his face and body. anthony ware/neighbor: 32:24 we were standing out like an hour or so ago and there was like 3 or 4 of them, we were just swatting them away and all of a sudden i got stung on my hand 32:31 ((nia w) only become a problem on this block as of two weeks ago. he says hours afterwards....the bees from the incident are still around. anthony ware/neighbor: 33:22 for the most part we've been trying to stay inside until they try and get it under control 33:25 ((kirsten joyce)) we're told the man is suffering from life-threatening injuries... still no word if these exterminators were even licensed or not. one neighbor says he called vector control who told him these were inexperienced exterminators who didn't know what they were doing.///
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challange for hackers. ((kirsten joyce)) >> the bounty being put up all in the goal to help inprove their cyber security./// you're watching 8 news now good day.
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apple is offering cash rewards of up to 200-thousand dollars... to anyone who can exploit security flaws in their software. the tech giant made the announcement yesterday at the black hat conference here in las vegas. these rewards are referred to as "bug bounties" to people who their computer code. the goal is to have hackers come forward so the company can fix the problem... and keep consumers safer./// ((patrick walker)) a special celebration 50 years in the making at caesars palace today. it was on this day back in 1966 the iconic hotel casino first opened it's doors. the 50th anniversy is kicking off this morning with a special breakfast for 5 of the year one employees. during the ceremony each employee will recieve red roses in recognition of their 50 years
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back......../// ((patrick walker))
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what we're learning about he situation and closures you need to know about if the area is on you commute. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus... a rollercoaster of week for the presidential candidates. the stumping ahead on the campaign trail after a shift in the poll numbers. ((patrick walker)) >> and... the chances your weekend in the valley could be a wet one ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now gooa a massive police presence on the strip near fashion show and las vegas blvd. ((kirsten joyce)) >> that's where we find michael stevenes with what we're learning about the the situation. ((michael stevens))


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