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in the deaths of seven puppies. 8 news now asks the questions in this tragic case. ((dave courvoisier)) >> celebrating 50 years of caesars! we're taking you inside the star-studded party at the palace... on its fiftieth anniversary. ((tedd florendo)) >>the heat returns as we say goodbye to the monsoon storms. how hot will get as we head into your weekend. your recreation forecast coming up. and i'm christianne klein in for denise tonight. metro confirmed details of these puppies' deaths first to 8 news now. shakala alvaranga has more for us live from metro headquarters. shakala? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> dave and christianne, many questions remain tonight as to how this happened... what we do know, multiple
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serve a search warrant that resulted in hundreds of roosters being seized... and in that time seven puppies lost their lives. ((shakala alvaranga)) acting on a search warrant, metro's animal cruelty detail raided two homes in northeast las vegas on wednesday to investigate a possible rooster fighting ring: ((shakala alvaranga)) approximately 550 roosters were seized from the property over save their lives, but during that time-frame, seven puppies that lived on the property died. metro police confirmed to 8 news now that the dogs were kept in a family-owned kennel during the investigation... and told us they were monitored throughout the hours-long raid. but when a family member went to retrieve the dogs, they were deceased. metro could not tell us if the puppies were inside or outside at the time. temperatures in las vegas
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afternoon and humidity was higher than usual. 8 news now asked how long the dogs were kenneled... if the family had access to them during the investigation... and if metro had enough resources to monitor the hundreds of animals on the property at the time. those answers were not readily available. it's also unclear if the family has filed an official complaint. the news comes on the heels of another tragic case, in which a 9-year-old shih tzu named mr. chops died in a hot car after he was forgotten by henderson an this, everybody has got to learn." )) ((shakala alvaranga)) mr. chops' owner told us he hoped mr. chops' death would bring attention to the issue that would prevent other dogs from suffering a similar fate. speaking on thursday about the suspected rooster fighting ring, kristen corral with nevada political action for animals told us about the suspects: (( kristen corral / nevada political action for animals: "cruelty is cruelty and we believe, especially in this case, they need to be punished to the full extent of the law, so that's what we're going to
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>> we returned to the property today to reach out to the family. they did not make themselves available to talk to us. metro told us more details about the deaths of these puppies will be available on monday. meanwhile, the two men facing charges related to those roosters have bonded out of jail. reporting live, shakala alvaranga... 8 news now./// ((christianne klein)) protesters are marching through the streets of chicago tonight... in response to the release of the killing of an unarmed black man by police. three officers have been placed on administrative leave in the killing of 18 year-old paul o'neal. still, demonstrators are demanding answers. o'neal was suspected of stealing a car... then ramming it into a police car. officers fired at o'neal as he drove past, then pursued him on foot before shooting him dead: (( briana adams/sister: "it was disturbing, very disturbing, not the way anything is supposed to be done. (why did you feel it was important to see the video?) for
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>> there's a great level of distrust between the black community and police in chicago... particularly after video showed the killing of another unarmed man, laquan mcdonald. chicago's police superintendent says a new policy may have been violated, preventing officers from firing at a moving vehicle./// ((dave courvoisier)) all new tonight... seven others injured in an explosion at a bar in northern france. terrorism is not suspected. initial reports indicate that the explosion was accidental and caused a fire./// ((christianne klein)) and 42 people were injured after a fence collapsed at a snoop dogg, wiz khalifa concert in camden, new jersey. amateur video shows the moment the stage gave way... sending several concert-goers plummeting. the injured were taken to five different hospitals./// ((dave courvoisier)) celebrating 50 years of
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anniversary gala tonight in a huge party with celebrities, champagne toasts... and fireworks. brittany edney's on the ground taking in all the sights tonight. hi, brittany! ((brittany edney)) >> dave, hundreds of people poured in and the drinks poured out just as fast tonight... and caesars palace went all out for the celebration... including a spectacular fireworks display ignited by chef gordon ramsey. (( 3, 2, 1 boom)) ((brittany edney)) >> cake and cheered on the crowd as they toasted to caesars palace.,, there was plenty of food and speciality cocktails made just for the night.. guests say they came from all over the county to be part of this iconic celebration: (( man: "anybody who's anybody has been here, everybody's been here. you know, all the stars, they come here. this is the most iconic place on the strip." woman: "it's tradition. caesars is like the
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music from a live band .... pools were full of ping pong balls and dancers ... and crazy costumes galore... ((brittany edney)) >> back here live... and the anniversary celebrations don't end here... tomorrow there will be an anniversary gala and red carpet featuring huge stars... like wayne newton, donnie and marie oakland, and tony bennett. reporting live, brittany edney 8 news now./// ((christianne klein)) tedd said to expect some isolated showers tonight... sure enough we got some. so, are we finally going to dry out this weekend? let's see what tedd says this time./// ((tedd florendo)) ((( hot and sticky outside with t'storm chances still in the forecast. best chances this time in the mountains and east and north. temps have still been hot with the humidity climbing since this weekend. we're near normal for temps but jumped out of the 1-teens for our highs. looking at both sun and clouds today with most of the activity in the mountains. ................................ ... ....... hour by hour shows slight
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t'storms possible. we'll still be warm in the 90's tonight with still scattered clouds and light winds. t'storms could increase winds from their outflows. some models depicting some better chances late this evening. we'll have more on your forecast and what to expect for the rest of this week coming up in a few minutes in your most accurate weather now forecast.
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the guy was a very violent felon and he was willing to shoot at police to get away." ((dave courvoisier)) >> manriquez faces charges including armed robbery, armed burglary and attempted murder on a police officer. investigators say he does have a prior nevada felony conviction. he's being held at the clark county detention center tonight./// ((christianne klein)) new details from an arrest report released today detail an extremely violent altercation between a former u-c -davis football player and a man who remains in critical condition. threw robert edwards like a rag doll after the man already went limp... then kicked him in the head. this happened saturday at the hilton grand suites on the strip. edwards was reportedly drunk and exchanged words with lacy before the beating. when police arrived he was bleeding profusely and screaming in agony. lacy is charged with attempted murder and battery./// ((dave courvoisier)) donald trump is trying to put media fodder of rifts within the republican party to rest tonight...
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(( donald trump/(r) presidential nominee: "i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> speaking in ryan's home state of wisconsin, trump also extended his endorsement to arizona senator john mccain. a new real clear politics poll average shows hillary clinton with a seven point lead over trump./// ((dave courvoisier)) both hillary clinton and donald trump are backing off public comments that raised a few eyebrows. clintot she made over the weekend that f-b-i director james comey said she was truthful when talking to investigators about her use of a private email server -- calling her statements a "short circuit". trump, meanwhile, claimed on the campaign trail that he saw video of 400-million dollars cash being transferred to iran in that deal cut by the white house. no such video is known to exist and trump has since said he was mistaken./// ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the political news that matter
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((christianne klein)) las vegas city hall hosted an ultra-realistic active shooter drill to train first responders. multiple local law enforcement agencies and fire departments participated in the drill inside the building. simulating a real-life scenario, police were told there were two active shooters inside with multiple victims. police went in first, followed by back-up and emt's to help the actors playing the victims. all participating agencies are reviewing the results to forme possible response./// ((dave courvoisier)) a valley man remains hospitalized after he was stung more than 200 times by bees yesterday morning in southwest las vegas. it's still unclear if the victim had a license to do the job... or what company he works for. we do know that he was not wearing safety gear. two others working with him did have protection. according to nevada law, pest companies who go out and kill bees must be licensed by the state. however, bee removal and rehabilitation companies do not: (( scott cichowlaz
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happens to be an emerging industry, we will be looking at the nevada revised statute to get them regulated cause obviously it is a health and safety issue.)) ((dave courvoisier)) >> bees remain in the neighborhood tonight. our crew saw a beekeeper come to try to take them away earlier. as for the victim, last update we got from clark county he's still in bad shape./// ((christianne klein)) gorman high school senior vashti cunningham will soon be competing on the world's biggest stage. coming up in sports, chris hu famous father, randall as the games roll into rio. ((dave courvoisier)) >> ten years after she lost her father to tragedy... this bride- to- be will still be by his side as she walks down the aisle. we'll explain this touching story... next.///
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a pennsylvania woman is getting married tomorrow... and even though her father has passed away...part of him is going to be beside her for her big day . when jeni stepien's father michael was killed in a robbery in 2006, his heart went to a man
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jeni and arthur met for the first time today... and arthur will play a big role in the wedding: (( jeni stepien, daughter: "we've been talking to him, writing letters and calling and receiving flowers and gifts for the past 10 years and he's finally here. i feel like my family's complete." )) ((christianne klein)) >> arthur will walk jeni down the aisle tomorrow./// ((dave courvoisier)) a new campaign rolling out this week wants you to get involved in making nevada greener. "rn 9 non-profits aimed at creating a grassroots effort that doesn't just talk about change. sharie johnson shows us:
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((sharie johnson)) the organization is made up of nine 9 profits including chispa nevada, to reach the minority community. ((rudy zamora, program director, chispa nevada our communities of color, latin, african american communities sometimes don't get the message because we're stuck working 2-3 jobs to make sure we're making ends meet and we're missing out on crucial information that's gonna help our kids not suffer from asthma )) ((sharie johnson)) healthier families, renewable jobs and energy solutions. sharie johnson, 8news now. >> ((dave courvoisier)) and look for this story to see who's involved and how you can help./// ((christianne klein)) we are just a few weeks away from back to school... and we asked the man in charge of clark county schools the questions you want answered. we sat down with superintendent pat skorkowsky.... and hit a lot of topics... including an update on the teacher shortages in the district and what they are looking for in trying to fill these open positions: (( we're able to go out and recruit especially in southern california. lausd is approx. 50 thousand for a starting teacher, but when you look at the cost of living in l.a. and here in las vegas... and we actually use this in our recruiting
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income tax and they could buy a home within the 1 or 2nd year of teaching as oppose to paying high rents in los angeles. )) ((christianne klein)) >> you can watch the entire 30 minute special... a parent's guide to the upcoming school year hosted by dave and denise this sunday at 4:30 p-m./// ((tedd florendo)) outside and it'll be like that through the remainder of the workweek as we have slight chances of t'storms until the weekend. still hot but not as hot as last week. temps have been around normal with more humidity. ............ ....................... ....... many neighborhoods still hot with temps in the 100's and
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the valley where we're hottest and lower in elevation. foothills not as hot but still remain very warm for the west and northwest sections of town. expecting temps to remain near of below normal for a few days even with the humidity. ........ ........................... ... regional temps also stayed hot today with hottest temps still in laughlin and over to death valley. more tolerable temps can be found up in the central great basin. but northeastern clark in mesquite still remained hot and sticky and still run the risk of more t'storms this evening. ................................ ... ..... shows many areas in the higher terrain seeing the better chance of t'storms even through this evening. still can't rule out a chance of some of those mountain storms to roll through the valley and give us wind and downpours again. the air is juiced up and saturatued enough for this to occur and likely with storms. ................................ ... ........ zooming out you can see the monsoon moisture still tapped in from out south and plenty to work with. with that flow still in place
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even when the sun goes down this evening. hrrr models depict chances for tonight even late night as well. ................................ ... .............. so here the forecast for this evening. temps still expected to drop to the 80's by morning. no records expected to be broken. we are still seeing slight chance of t'storms through the evening as the air is still unstable. tomorrow expect a high at or slightly below average with more sun than clouds. we're still looking at t'storm chances in the forecast for tomorrow as well and through the week until your weekend. ................................ ... .................... highs for tomorr many neighborhoods and a lot better than the 110+ we had last week with the big heatwave. ................................ ... ................ extended forecast shows temps near 100 or slightly above all week. we'll be just around average but not expecting extreme heat. we're also looking at slight chances of t'storms all week with maybe better chances as we start to wrap up the workweek.
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olympians from las vegas competing in rio. ((christianne klein)) >> the youngest from the silver state is vashti cunningham, chris. ((chris maathuis)) >> she really has a legitimate chance to make some noise. the lights will be bright on the she's just a teen, but has outjumped the gold medal favorite. plus... conor mcgregor has been preparing for his next fight and it could lead to a trilogy. more next here on channel 8./// ((chris maathuis))
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jim: i'm one of them. fermin: yo tambien. barbara: i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. fermin: social security helps us pay the bills. jim: and enjoy the retirement that we've earned. barbara: that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. fermin: his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street. barbara: risking retirement security on the stock market. fermin: what if it crashes again? jim: wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks. barbara: i wonder who he's working for. jim: because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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and there are a few athletes from las vegas in rio. and one of those is from gorman high... vashti cunningham will be competing in the women's high
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famous father randall cunningham in hopes to reaching olympic glory. vashti is one of the top five jumpers in the world... she's competed against the best and won... now can she do it on the world's biggest stage? randall: "and the girl who had the opportunity to compete against a few times, shante lowe, she beat shante once, and shante is the number one world leader outdoors and vashti is the number one indoors... she jumps on the 18th and then the finals on the 20th. they gave her an olympic shoe that she's wearing a beautiful brand new custom shoe that she's wearing, she had her name on a star like in hollywood it was in the room. first class treatment and we think she's going to do great." ((chris maathuis)) the next big ufc card takes place in 15 days. conor mcgregor is going to square off with nate diaz for a second time. this time conor will be prepared for the weight difference. on a conference call today he says you'll see a much different fight at t-mobile arena on august 20th...
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so would he want to set up a rematch? conor mcgregor/fighter: "100 percent, of course, most certainly this will be a trilogy fight.. me and the boy have something and it ain't finished yet." nate diaz/fighter: "who wouldn't want a rematch with somebody who beat em." conor: "know the don when you see the don and i'm the don here... i'm running the whole thing here so. that's where im at with the promotion.. he's preparing with the lighter , i'm preparing with the heavy slower man, who can take a smack and that's it." the last time you had see the new faces on the rebel football team was last spring over on campus with the rebel showcase. it was fun until the rains washed out most of the afternoon scrimmage. but nothing can dampen the mood of this year's team. excitement is running high for a team picked to finish near the bottom of the league. devonte boyd/receiver: "that's there opinion, i think we're going to finish one, i think we're going to finish first.. that's my opinion." ryan mcaleenan/linebacker: "one of the big things is finishing, we were in a lot of game, don't want to say could, would should but one of the big things that will help us get over the hump
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the games that we were in." the pro football hall of fame induction ceremonies this weekend following tonight's enshrinees dinner... then there's the hall of fame game sunday. brett favre headlines the group going into the hall. can you believe this guy is a grandpa already.. and now he's a hall of famer. brett favre/qb: 'i just find it hard that i'm equal to those guys, roger staubach sent me a real nice e-mail says that he won't be able to make it, he knows that i'm a huge roger f was going to be the next roger staubach." ((chris maathuis)) at the 51s roll down the home stretch of the season... these are big wins or losses at this time of the year. they're chasing el paso and tonight it's fresno at cashman field. it seems almost hard to only score a pair of runs in the pacific coast league. but the 51s managed that tonight... fresno jumps out to a 3-1 lead..
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double and solo home run. in front of 48-hundred fans on fireworks night, fresno tops the 51s 3-2. same two tomorrow. ((dave courvoisier)) our strange stories for friday right after this./// ((chris maathuis)) nevada is one of the worst places in america for the sex trafficking of teenage girls.
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as attorney general, she made sex trafficking a felony crime and increased sentences. she gave victims the right to sue their captors. and expanded the sex offender registry to protect kids. catherine's a problem-solver. that's what she's all about. isn't that something we need more of in washington?
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((christianne klein)) someone is setting booby traps along popular hiking trails in wayne, new jersey. hikers and bikers have discovered wooden boards with nails sticking out... broken bottles... even barbed wire and rope strung across a path. police have swept the area to remove materials. they have no idea who put them there or why. ((dave courvoisier)) maybe we should call george knapp for this one... a u-f-o spotted over pittsburgh,
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the shiny, silver object was seen floating over the sky. some people thought it was a weather balloon, but that's been debunked. the carnegie science center was called upon... and they say they have no clue./// ((chris maathuis)) and bringing it home with this one... a first of its kind invention on the campus of xavier university in cincinnati... a pizza a-t-m. seriously, gotta get your pizza fix 24/7? the campus pizza machine is always open -- and it's really fast. orders are completed within three minutes. the university partnered with a french company ta a reality./// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((christianne klein)) >> the late show with stephen colbert is next with diane kruger. have a great weekend!/// news
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diane kruger. ibtihaj muhammad. and comedian mark normand. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert!


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