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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  August 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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school's almost back in session for more than 300-thousand valley students. medical pro's are urging parents now to get your child immunized. 8 news now's mauricio marin is live with the warning from health pro's...who are working to make it easier to get kid's vaccinated. mauricio? ((mauricio marin)) >> southwest medical associates knows it can be difficult for some parents to get their kids fromme so they hosted a one stop shop health fair today to get kids that are about to start school the immunizations they need. ((tiffany mitchell/mother: "one stop shop. get em in and get them out." )) ((mauricio marin)) the clock is ticking... and tiffany mitchell has three kids she has to get ready for school....starting in just a few weeks. ((tiffany mitchell/mother: "so 9th, 5th and fourth." )) ((mauricio marin)) and they each have to get vaccinated before heading to class. her youngest one says his favorite thing about school is... ((brandon mitchell/ready for 4th grade: "that i get to learn everything that i can." )) ((mauricio marin)) with time running brought her kids to southwest
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((tiffany mitchell/mother: "it's great. because i'm new here and have only been here a year so i'm still trying to get them settled with finding a pediatricians and haven't found one that i like yet." )) ((mauricio marin)) where medical professionals offered up kids free sports physicals and immunizations. ((dr. anita henderson/southwest medical associates: "immunizations have been one of the greatest ways to prevent illness and death and disability in children and we want to be sure that all the kids are up to date on their shots.' )) ((mauricio marin)) doctor anita henderson says getting kids their shots at the right time is crucio serious infectious diseases. ((dr. anita henderson/southwest medical associates: "we've seen outbreaks of measles and whooping cough because kids are not getting their shots on time." )) ((mauricio marin)) she knows some parents worry about possible side efects from shots but says research has shown their benefits. ((dr. anita henderson/southwest medical associates: "they've been proven to be very safe and effective through multiple studies and all doctors agree this is the best thing for your child." )) ((mauricio marin)) as for tiffany...she's excited to get the kids back to school learning.... and to have a bit more time. ((tiffany
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washed and just time to myself." )) ((mauricio marin)) >> if you didn't get a chance to make it out today---the southern nevada health district also offers school immunizations. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) across town in henderson-- back to school season events sunset. this is the cox communications back to school fair. over 30 community agencies helped families start the year off on the right foot. parents got connected to resources they need ahead of the new school year. and students benefitted too: (( priya moerera )) "the benefit of it is that you can also you can also be prepared to meet a bunch of new people and you can also be prepared so you can know exactly what to do and you know exactly where to go and you're just ready")) ((sharie johnson)) >> today's events are the
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schools starts, august 29th. august 20th gallaria at sunset will host a back to school supply drive./// ((sharie johnson)) and don't forget 8 news now is partnering with smiths and silver state schools credit union.. to collect school supplies for more than 18 at- risk schools in clark county. the school supply drive runs through august 12th. for a list of locations where you can drop off supplies.. go to our website las vegas now dot com./// ((sharie johnson)) take a stept triple digits may be here today. but they're not here to stay, right katie? ((katie boer)) a gorgeous start to our weekend with drier conditions on the way for the second half of the weekend and into next week. ................ temps.
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............... looking at the evening forecast look for 90s after 7pm. ((sharie johnson)) christmas came early for parents behind on child support instead of getting arrested, the district attorney's office opened it's doors for them today. non-custodial parents with a suspended driver's license or bench warrant met with case managers. they had an opportunity to pay fifty percent of the bail or suspension amount to have their license reinstated or warrant wiped out: ((brian limke benifitialswise it's helping me with easy money istead of paying the full
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and now more after that and go back to my finds that i have to pay after that so kinda helps me out in the long run from having to pay a big lump sum")) ((sharie johnson)) this once a year opportunity is available every august, child support awareness month./// ((sharie johnson)) for most of the valley.. we are just a few weeks away from back to school.. and we asked the man in charge of clark county schools.. the questions you want answered. this sunday.. please watch the 8 news now special.. the parent's guide to the school year. we sat down with superintendent pat skorkowski.... we hit a lot of topics.. including an update on the teacher shortages in the district and what they were looking for in trying to fill these open positions (( we are looking for the movers. the people who are brand new teachers just coming out of college and those teachers in their first second and third years of teaching because they haven't been fully invested in the retirement system and they may be willing to make a transition at this time ))
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minute special... a parent's guide to the upcoming school year hosted by dave courvoisier and denise valdez... this sunday at 4:30 p-m.. on channel 8./// ((sharie johnson)) the celebrations for caesar's big weekend carry into the evening. the star studded affair bringing out some of the strips most famous headliners./// you're watching the valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon tritsch.
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((sharie johnson)) downtown residents get a chance back on track with home finances. nv energy held an expo to offer seniors a chance to catch up on their balances.
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from all over the county to be part of this iconic celebration: (( man: "anybody who's anybody has been here, everybody's been here. you know, all the stars, they come here. this is the most iconic place on the strip." woman: "it's tradition. caesars is like the hallmark for vegas." )) ((sharie johnson)) >> and the party isn't over yet. tonight---we're heading to a red carpet where some famous las vegas headliners are celebrating this milstone in style. full report tonight in our 11 o'clock newscast./// ((sharie johnson)) the olympics are underway in rio... and while the athletes are competing many spectators are checking out what's to eat. destination rio reporter andrew marden gives up the dish on some the local cuisine./// "now, live...this is 8
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nevada is one of the worst places in america for the sex trafficking of teenage girls. thankfully, catherine cortez masto went to work to help law enforcement fight back. as attorney general, she made sex trafficking a felony crime and increased sentences. she gave victims the right to sue their captors. and expanded the sex offender registry to protect kids. catherine's a problem-solver. that's what she's all about.
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((sharie johnson)) officials in northern california are warning residents about an an algae toxin found in a popular river. sonoma county officials say they found trace amounts of -- anatoxin it's responsible for the death of a dog last year. the toxin was found at four public beaches along the russian river. it can cause muscle tremors
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seizures and death. officials have posted warnings to keep dogs and children away from the blue-green blooms./// ((sharie johnson)) severe flooding in scottsdale, arizona left several drivers stranded friday. rescue crews pulled two men out of a u-haul truck that got stuck in the rushing waters. the wet weather prompted officials to shut down several roads - particularly in the northeast valley. at one point, thousands of customers were also left without power. three flights to sky harbor diverted during the storm's peak. scottsdale should see some relief over the weekend with a sunny forecast. ((sharie johnson)) ((katie boer)) good afternoon a beautiful start
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skies -- but hot temps. in the low 100s. ............... temperatures across the valley are near normal today with highs in the low 100s and current conditions about 103 out at mccarren. ................ looks like we're catching a moisture after a stormy past week. there is a slight chance of thunderstorms in far northeast mohave county through sunday. elsewhere, expect slightly above normal temperatures and afternoon breezes through monday. moisture surges northward up the colorado river
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an increase thunderstorms wednesday through friday mainly over northwest arizona. ............ tonight look for lows in the low 80s with mostly clear conditions. tomorrow look for another hot one! high temps sunday up to ............. your extended forecast shows we'll climb to 106 and 107 through monday.
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highs in the upper 90s on thursday. ((sharie johnson)) coming up in sports.. hockey and baseball collide see who was swinging for the fences at cashman field today and coming up tonight at
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ones with a criminal record start over. how long you have to sign-up for this groundbreaking event./// ((jon tritsch))
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the sports community comes together and embraces the opportunity to grow and share success.. that was on display and at bat at cashman field this afternoon gavin maloof.. prominent las vegas businessman and supporter of nhl hockey took his skates off and dug into the batter's box against 51's pitching coach frank viola.. maloof came out swinging against the foer series mvp viola.. but after spraying the ball all over the park.. maloof talked about his important role in bringing the nhl to vegas and the impact it will have on the community (( )) when the world competes for gold..we focus on the athletes
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performers..our nation's sons and daughters representing our country.. but what about the actual families who make rio their dream too randall cunningham is royalty when it comes to las vegas sports.. but he is supporting cast for year old daughter vashti is competing in the high jump...while randall accepts the role as proudest papa in the land.. he also has to sacrifice his day job....the former unlv quarterback is the head coach of the silverado football team..and practice has started without coach...randall says his family is his priority but he's also prepared his team to thrive without him (( ))
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brazil is known for a lot
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"destination rio" report andrew marden had a chance to sample some of the local cuisine. caution: this story will make you hungry! andrew as the cliche goes, when in rome, do as the romans do. when in brazil, eat as brazilians eat. felipe pinto "the most popular is the moqueca." andrew moqueca (pronounced moo-kek-a)...a signature brazilian dish, made with shrimp...and also... felipe pinto "i don't know, i have to ask the chef. (asks in portuguese) garlic, tom andrew it's popular throughout all of is... louis fernandez "churrasco. like barbecue. that's a popular food over here that people eat all the time." andrew what to order, what to order. you know, the food smells good, the kitchen is right behind me. but the menu's in portuguese. i don't read portuguese...luckily, my taste
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"rubalo. that's a good fish, too. nice to see that on the menu. and a bunch of stuff on here like a salad. calamari." felipe pinto "fresh ingredients and the flavor. it's delicious. you can taste it." andrew in rio, i'm andrew marden, now back to you./// ((sharie johnson))
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i'm one of them. yo tambien. i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. social security helps us pay the bills... ...and enjoy the retirement that we've earned. that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. his plan to privatize social security
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...risking retirement security on the stock market. what if it crashes again? wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks. i wonder who he's working for? because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a stay-at-home mom from flower mound, texas... rth-grade teacher from bloomfield hills, michigan... ...and our returning champion, an attorney from sacramento, california... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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